The Weaponographist - Noname1122
The Witch's grimoire full of spells has been found in Hellside!
What secrets and magic might it hold..?

A lot of secrets, actually!
Today represents The Weaponographist's first official content patch!
We're calling it "Survivalation", but it includes even more than that!

Survival Mode is Here!
Complete the game on Normal once to unlock the endless Survival Mode.

An infinite dungeon full of increasingly harder enemies, Survival Mode is the ultimate test of your skills at combat.
Keep up your speed at all possible times!! The longer you spend underground, the more aggressive your curse will become.
With every moment that ticks by, your combo meter is getting faster and faster!

Including New Leaderboards for greater challenges!

Magical Jinxes To Change the Way You Play!
Strewn throughout this new play mode are a number of the Witch's mysterious Grimoire Pages.

With every Survival room completed, you'll earn more of these powerful grimoire pages, in larger and larger numbers. Venture as deep as you possibly can to complete the witch's spell book!

Pages can be used to unlock Jinxes - mysterious game modifiers that affect all modes of play to completely change the way combat is done.
  • What if... Your weapon changed out of your control..?
  • What if... Every time you grab a same weapon, your damage starts to stack..?
  • What if... A bunch of other fun and silly things!!
Some Jinxes help, and some Jinxes hurt -- But, you can mix and match them all!!

And Thanks for Feedback!
Of course, every patch in history has always included a list of ninja fixes.
Most of these, from player feedback!

Here's a small sample:
  • Lessened the "ice skating on the moon". Ya bullies! :)
  • Satyrs are a little less confused. Thanks, Jupiter!
  • Smartened up a few behaviors and hitboxes.
  • Slime Storms rebalanced to be a little bit shorter.
  • Some enemy layouts improved a bit for fun.
  • Prevented some cheating we saw happening.
  • New Achievements!

May 26, 2015
The Weaponographist - Noname1122
Hey all!

Just a quick little news drop today.
Curse was kind enough to reach out to us over at PAX East and offer us our own little wiki, on the illustrious Gamepedia.
Sounds like fun, me thoughted!

And so!
The Weaponographist Wiki is Now Live!!

Please feel more than free to hop in and add or edit anything you think might help people dig in. Or, if you're shy... what do you think ought to be added? We all know I can ramble on and on all day. :)

And remember!
Match Two of the Weaponographist Tournament is today, in just a couple hours!! Match One was tons of fun, and I expect no less today.

Today at 7PST!


The Weaponographist - Noname1122
Do you like going fast, seeing people go fast, and general all-around fastness..?

Then, good news!
We're having a little Weaponographist Tournament, and it starts this coming week.
A handful of people, going head-to-head, to see who can complete Normal Mode of the game the fastest.
We count to three, we start at the same time, and one bloody winner emerges.
Most of the top of the leaderboard will be there, so I'm betting we'll see some new records being set.

Records, right? Exciting, right?!

Check Out The Brackets Here
And You Can Watch the Action Live Here!!

And Secrets Abound...
Did I mention there might be some new things to play coming soon?
Like.... now might be a good time to max a save file, you know?
I'm just saying... being strong is being ready and all, right..?
Hope you survive the experience! X-Men reference unrelated...

You know waddai mean....


The Weaponographist - Noname1122
This just in! Hellside is under attack!!!

If you live in the town of Hellside, you need to get indoors and you need to take cover! The demons have returned, and they seem to be upset.
(Did you remember to feed the demons, Dave? You know they get upset when you don't feed them...)

Five sprint-ful depths of hellish minions, thirty-odd weapons, and a Lot of running around like a goon.

Your weapons are going to break. Don't get too attached.
You'll need to go fast. Sloth is how the curse takes hold.
You need to stay alive, too. Dying is... just plain bad, I guess.

Also, A Launch Week Dealio!!
This week only, we're also offering an early-adopter 20% discount.
Plus! If you own our previous game, Concursion, you get an even deeper discount! 33% (dat's a thurd) Off a dungeon filled with various, ridiculous horrors.

So, you know... more vidja games to play, amirite?

The Launch Trailer is here and Dope!!

Loooove youuuu,

The Weaponographist - Valve
The Weaponographist is Now Available on Steam and is 20% off!*

Play as Doug McGrave, famous demon hunter for hire. Highest level, bestest gear, ruggedly handsome, and unrepentant jerk. For refusing to aid one stinking demon-infested town, you are immediately – and deservedly – cursed. Your powers, your wealth, and your weapons Poof! Gone. To overcome the curse, you’ll need to make use of whatever weapons you can find.

*Offer ends May 6 at 10AM Pacific Time
The Weaponographist - Noname1122
Oh em geez. Oh em geez. Oh em geez!!!11one!

The time has finally come, and the demo is released!
Two furious depths of demonic carnage, served fresh from the dungeon at Hellside!
Our (super meaty) demo is out today, and contains all manner of demons, powerups, and weapons to explore.
(My personal favorite is probably shooting a tuba at a monkey man. But, that's just me...)

But, Also And This!
Beyond that, we're running a Contest All Week!!
The Top Three times (Each Day!) in the last depth of this demo (Depth 2) can win a full-length free copy of the game when it comes out (Wednesday, the 29th!).
Just kill them demons, buy your upgrades, and smash through Depth 2 as fast as you can!

To Enter:
Just post a screengrab of your Victory Screen with your awesome time to either:
1) Here, in our Steam Forums
2) Dem Twitters (Make sure to use #Weaponographist)

The top three times of each day will be picked, and get a copy on release day!

Polish your chainsaws! Sharpen your tubas!
Get in there and kill!!

The Weaponographist - Noname1122
Git Down and Dance!

In preparation for our upcoming demo release (Monday!!!!), we've been making lots of... things. Lots of videos and things!

Do you want a sneak peek at some of the denizens of Hellside's dungeon? Some of the ghouls you'll have to spank for Monday's treasure? How about a quick meet and greet at the demon dance party first??
A Music Video... of Sorts.

Or, if you're more inclined to watch the devs perform... (/blush) , we've got that too. Didn't make it to PAX East this year?? We did! And we finally have a video for it!
PAX East Attack!
(It's like being there in person! It's like we can Touch you!)

I dunno about you, but I cannot Waiiiit for Monday.
Games! Video Games! We'll get to play them!!

The Weaponographist - Noname1122
Oh why hello there!

We're finally nearing the end of "proper" development on this sucker, and we are racing around all over the place, here inside the giant mechanized gigant of Puuba. (Think Giant of Babil, but with more nerds inside...)

Every day is a series of proudly exclaiming "We're Done!", followed by Danny giddily proclaiming, "But, let's add something!".
So, you know... secret feature adds. Not that you know what was or wasn't in before this week, I guess. But, trust me.
Feature adds.

But, Big News!! As opposed to "big butt news".
Our Demo is coming out on April 20th!!
That's so soon! It's practically right-now!

Our demo will include the full first two environments of the dungeon at Hellside. Tons of weapons, lots of upgrades, and mountains of demons to smash.

So, hooray! I cannot Wait to share this game with the big ol' universe!
In the immortal words of the internet... GET HYPE!!

The Weaponographist - (Alice O'Connor)

One of my favourite parts of Kane & Lynch 2, I’ll yell over your boos and jeers, is how you start with rubbish guns and must forever scramble to find new weapons as they chew through ammo. It felt desperate and suddenly switching from a punchy revolver to a spraying machine pistol brought a fun challenge. This is going somewhere: The Weaponographist [official site] is a game all about that constant switching, a new trailer shows.

It’s a top-down arena brawling roguelikelike with a knight who’s cursed to have weapons crumble in seconds, so he’ll forever switch from swords to bows to pogo sticks to wizard sticks. Come see.

… [visit site to read more]

The Weaponographist - Noname1122
Hey all,

Fresh off the back of what I would call a very successful PAX East, Team Weaponographist is now immediately turning around and hitting TWO more shows this week.

Sleep is for the weak!!!

If you want to meet Danny (that's me! Our friendly dev nerd), I'll be heading out to London for Rezzed today. We'll have our special Convention-only demo, and be running CONTESTS for the whole show. Three whole days of swords and spears and chainsaws and tubas and.. goop.

On the other hand, if you want to meet Dave (our QC masta' of disasta'), you gotta head out to Austin, Texas for South by Southwest. He'll be part of The MIX, sponsored by Humble Bundle. He'll be lonely, and loves hugs (hates them), so be sure to say hello.

PAX was an amazing, super-fun success, and we can't wait to share this combat-only war fest with everyone who wants to play. Six whole rooms of carnage and T-Rex.

If you're in the area, drops us a line, or please swing by!

Looooove youuuu,

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