Nov 24, 2018
Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon - kanda of Normandy
Hello happy adventurers!

A little update on our schedule: we are planning to release the three last chapters progressively during the Christmas holidays. Then, during one or two months we will work on a global balancing and improving ergonomy and feedbacks and then we’ll exit the early access (we expect it to happen during this winter).

May 8, 2018
Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon - kanda of Normandy
Hello Everyone!

A new update has been uploaded. It has mainly fixes but not only: a small but important feature was added:

-You can now drink directly by clicking on lakes.
-You can also fill water containers in the same way.

This is useful in "Storage" chapter and will probably make the life of some adventurers a bit easier :-)

Some of the fixes:
- Fixed a lot of collisions and “Walk through” issues were fixed, especially in Storage chapter.
- Fixed an important issue when firing a fireball when looking inside a pit in Storage chapter. The issue could prevent players from solving the Rat’s riddle.
- Fix of portrait riddle in the temple that could sometimes not work as intended.
- Fixed zoom buttons that were not working anymore in fullscreen automap.
- Improved and Fixed some translations (especially Italian one that was buggy. Thanks to my translator angels :-) ).
- Fixed missing textures in the city after a recent 3d engine upgrade (thanks to Hexaae)
- Fixed “black eyes” issue in the intro.
- Fixed SSAO filter that was darkening 3D view too strongly. It happened after a recent engine upgrade as well.
- More PostFX tweaking options in the settings menu.
- Minor adjustment to Stamina auto-recovering.

...and many more others :-)

The next update will probably include the chapter following the "Storage" one: "Black Mages Quarter". So stay tuned :)

Mar 30, 2018
Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon - kanda of Normandy
Warm Hearts dear Adventurers!

After a long wait (too long!), we are very happy to be back with regular updates! And there’s nothing better to celebrate it than with a new chapter: "Storage".

During the long wait we have fixed lot of issues and tweaked a lot of areas, although there is still a lot to update.

We have also changed the end of the game a bit, including the content of the remaining chapters. The next chapter (required to leave "Storage" in the final version) is almost complete and will be uploaded in a few weeks: we have to reflect a few changes regarding the story and the modifications we decided for the end of the game.

Until then, enjoy the new update! And, as usual, feel free to report any issues. More updates are coming shortly (including improvements to the AI system), so stay tuned, and have a great time exploring!

P.S. Please note that Mac and Linux versions will be uploaded during the weekend.

P.P.S. Note that we have updated only the English and French languages texts. We will be working on other translations for the final release as this is quite time-consuming. We prefer focusing on content right now.

P.P.P.S. We need you help to gather information related to the new chapter, please check:
Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon - kanda of Normandy
Dear adventurers,

After a long and very busy period (and we are sorry for letting you wait so much), and a lot of hard work, the next update is ready!!! It will be available to the public this Friday 30th.

The new chapter is complex and very different from previous ones. Get ready for more Dungeon Exploration :-)

The builds for the three platforms are ready and are going to be uploaded and will be activated on Friday!

Oct 22, 2017
Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon - kanda of Normandy
Hello everyone,

It has been a while since the last big update. We have been very busy working on the next two chapters. We cannot publish them separately as they are totally linked together to progress further in the game. We still have a bit of work before we publish them, but their release is not far from now. "The Storage" and the "Black Mage Quarter" are the biggest chapters of the whole game. After those two ones, we'll be close to a complete game release.

Here are a few screenies (trying to now spoil too much) :

I also spent some of the time fixing issues reported by some players since the last build. We'll publish a complete list in the next build's post.

Keep an eye on the next build, it will be worth :-)
Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon - kanda of Normandy
Hello, dear Adventurers!

A new game update is available!

Among some bug fixes and other things, here is a list of improvements:

- City visuals have been improved (especially the cave).
- Temple wall set has been reworked and is now final.
- Many new statuses (more than 10) have been added to characters (such as "poisoned", "magic shield protection"...) and are displayed on the portraits (like the hunger/overweight/thirst ones were already).
- A lot of new Items, weapons (both some long-range ones and melee kind), new armors and others various items.
- New Spells (Magic Shield is now working and we added other ones).
- The fireball spell was reworked and now looks visually different according to the level of the caster.

But that's not all, and that's probably even more awaited: YES, finally, you can now play a NEW Chapter!

Welcome to the Jail !!! Explore a totally new environment with a new level architecture, meet some new creatures, try to unlock 18 new secrets, and try to solve some new kind of puzzles!

Thanks for your patience, and thanks again so much for your bug reports and support, guys!

Enjoy! :)

Apr 28, 2017
Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon - Alie
Hello adventurers!

The release of the next chapter draws ever nearer: the final touches are being added by our 3D artist, Julien. The Temple has also been reworked to fix rendering issues caused by shaders from the previous version of the engine (incorrect reflections in the lower parts of the temple, for example). We’ve also added several items and spells into the game.

Although the update won’t be released this month, it will be very soon and we promise it will be worth the wait! In the meantime, here’s a screenshot from the Black Mage's Quarters later in the game:

Happy dungeon crawling!
Mar 30, 2017
Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon - kanda of Normandy
Hello adventurers!

Just a short development update before the next build: On the development side we’ve fine-tuned the previously added core ruleset. From the feedback we received, it seems as though it was already fairly well balanced, so the changes are minor. We have finished the new and improved AI system and have implemented a new set of creature behaviours. You’ll see these in action in the next update, which will also contain the next chapter levels. Old creatures (with the old AI) are going to be replaced soon as well.

On the artwork side of things: beyond working on the new chapters, our 3D artist, Julien, has reworked some key areas of the temple, city and the caves. These changes will also be included in the next update.

Stay tuned, as we expect to put the next chapter into your hands around end of April. We are currently doing the finishing touches!

Happy dungeon crawling :)

Feb 24, 2017
Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon - kanda of Normandy

Dear adventurers,

Version 0.9.934 is now live.

This build includes the new RPG rule system. For those of you starting a new game, we’ll be very interested to have a look at your saved game when you reach the end of the Temple. This will allow us to fine-tune the new system and make sure there aren’t too many differences between players when they finish the Temple. So if possible, please send your saved game to

The new system is better balanced, and allows us to more easily change combat and character progression. The new system also uses an external file to fully control all parameters, opening up the possibility for custom rules and even modding. We’ll be able to talk much more about this in the future.

We’ve made a lot of fixes and adjustments for this build, but here are the most important ones:

-You can now drop an item on a portrait to add it to the hero’s backpack, a feature that was requested by many players. There’s no longer any need to manually open the inventory and then click on a slot to put it there. Just left click on the portrait to drop the item, without opening the inventory. If the hero has an empty slot in their backpack, the item will be placed there. Note that, the right mouse button will still open the inventory. This will also work for ammo and stackable items, stacking them automatically.
-Stamina is now fully implemented.
-A cooldown is now applied to a hero after she casts a spell, just like when using items.

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed an issue with the white moon symbol when changing hero’s position.
-Fixed an issue with the adventure book not opening after using esc key.
-Fixed an issue with reading books after they were thrown, leading to some empty text.
-Fixed an issue with the cursor remaining visible when opening in-game quick menu.
-Fixed some jumps when using ladders in the Temple and Jail.
-Improved adventure book’s scrollview behaviour, useful when you have read a lot of books/scrolls.
-Improved auto pickup of ammo, it now by default adds the collected items to the non-casting hand.

Beyond all the changes above, we’ve made improvements to the engine. As a reminder, Dungeon Kingdom’s engine is designed to be used for several games. To make development faster, we need the engine of the first game to be powerful. That’s why we’ve improved it in several ways.

We recently added inverse kinematics to creatures. This allows, for example, the feet of a creature to perfectly touch the steps of stairs, or perfectly follow a slope, all computed in real time. We were not satisfied with the creatures navigation until now, especially in the next areas of the game where there are a lot of stairs and height variations (much more than in the Temple). This is now working great! Also, inverse kinematics gives us the opportunity to make realtime procedurally generated animations: I’ll give you a simple example: when a creature switches a lever on a wall, from any position, the arm moves perfectly with the lever, without any pre computation or any work from an human animator.

The last major feature and improvement is about the artificial intelligence of creatures. The previous navigation module was designed very early on in the project. Since that time, the game has changed and we decided to go deeper with regards to the design of levels, with potentially any shape, lots of floors etc. This game is far from simple 2D grids, as found in most classic dungeon crawlers. So we needed a better system, more robust and more flexible, and it has been developed on these last few weeks. We also improved the decision making module to make smarter AI, and more importantly, to allow mixing it with some specific behaviours when necessary. You’ll understand what we mean in the Jail and the other levels!

Please note that the current creatures in the Temple and City still use the old system and the old navigation module, but they are likely to be replaced over time.

Now I have some great news. In the next build, you’ll explore a new area in Dungeon Kingdom, you will be able to leave the cellar and we’ll open more of the levels to everyone! Finally!

Thanks so much for your patience and support, and thanks a lot to all those who help us fix issues and balancing in the game. To finish the post, check out a few new screenshots…

Jan 26, 2017
Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon - Alie

First of all, we want to wish you all a Happy New Year and best wishes for 2017! Hopefully this year will be full of exciting dungeon crawling experiences!

This is the first of our new monthly updates, occurring on the last Thursday of each month. We’ve stealthily updated the game from 0.9.930 to 0.9.932. Included in this update are two core rule sets: the classic one that most of you are playing when launching Dungeon Kingdom, and the second one, which will eventually replace the current one (which is currently only accessible to a few beta tester players). We’ve rewritten all the core rules (damage computation, character progression, etc.). Once testing is complete, we’ll switch everyone over to the new rule set. This should happen within the next few days. This rule set change should make the game more balanced and more enjoyable. It also means we will finally be able to publish the new levels, as the proper balancing was a prerequisite for us before we could allow you to advance further in the adventure.

Beyond the core rules, here are a few new features that have been added:

-Ammo for bows, crossbows, slingshot, etc. don’t need to be in-hand any more. The game is able to get and count all the ammo items in your inventory. This leaves one more hand free (useful for casters).
-Ammo is automatically picked up when walking over it (after being launched for example).
-‘M’ key now both shows and hides the map.
-Reduced some console spamming when hovering over items.
-You can now rebind the strafe keys (check input tab in the launch dialogue).
-Added a few items (dard, etc.).
-Fixed issues with torch holder in the temple.

And of course, a lot of other fixes (spelling, portraits puzzle, pools puzzle, wrong UI elements positions, etc.).

Big thanks to our testers, especially to Miceldars for the precious help on core rules. And thanks so much for those who left us a positive review.

To end the post, here's a look at the new Black Mages Quarters:


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