Dec 23, 2014
Community Announcements - OliverAge24
We're giving all of you breads the opportunity to name the achievements!

Check out our latest Bread Diary for more details:
Dec 22, 2014
Community Announcements - OliverAge24
Iain Gillespie


3D Artist @bossastudios

As a 3D Artist for a game like I am Bread, you could be forgiven for thinking my job would entail simply making a long list of real world objects, one by one, until I was done.

You’d be wrong however!

I have to participate in every aspect of game development, from concepting, modelling, rigging, and animating, all the way to their implementation in the engine. It’s the later half of this experience that makes working on a game like this so much fun.

Using software such as Unity (the one we use) and Unreal is a great way to develop and both have free versions and great support for noobs. Having a team of coders at your disposal obviously makes it easier to get your work in game but for aspiring Artists it’s completely possible to implement artwork directly into the engines without the need for code support, a great way to get real-world experience.

Being able to come up with an idea for a fun item in the game and then quickly build it and implement it is such a satisfying thing.

The rocket for example came from a discussion with @Imrejele about how it’d be to fun to fly around the room on one and although it wasn't on my list of things to model originally I quickly built one and put it into the game. I used a few scripts from other assets to get it flying and we were away!

It was a nice little surprise for the team to see this new toy appear in the game and it is now a permanent fixture. It was especially fun for Imre to see himself in the ship :o)

Whether you are a Environment artist, UI artist, or Animator, I can’t express enough the joy and satisfaction that being able to get these this into a game gives me.

Other than making assets for the game, one of my other jobs is making the assets you've seen on Steam and the YouTube Thumbnails.

So it’s good times working on I AM BREAD. I'm looking forward to making more levels and more toys for you guys to play with and DESTROY!
Community Announcements - OliverAge24

This is what we're working on next!

*Contains a super secret and very hidden message*
Dec 12, 2014
Community Announcements - OliverAge24
Henrique Olifiers
Gamer-In-Chief @bossastudios

‘How does bread sound when it’s riding a rocket?’ -- That’s one of the many questions I’m now proudly able to answer, it seems, thanks to the chance to create the sound effects for I Am Bread. Not sure it will make me centre of attention at parties but, hey, it’s a skill nonetheless.

It all started with a small flaw at the studio: the lack of a dedicated SFX professional. All of our games to date had sound made by external professionals, and it worked pretty well. But unlike Surgeon Simulator, for instance, I Am Bread is very much work in progress, changing every day, so commissioning sounds was not an option as it would create too much back and forth.

So, I naively volunteered without really knowing what I was getting into, but nothing new here: this is what we do on a daily basis as game developers, after all.

We wanted something original for the game, with texture, realistic. The first step was rule out a soundproofed studio and use true environments, recording the sounds in similar conditions to those taking place in-game. It’s not as elegant, but the trade-off from purity to context seem to have worked. The side effect, of course, is a flat in a sorry state just like the one you end up with in the game.

Case in point, this is my kitchen during one of the recording sessions: “Images speak louder than words” taken to a new level.

Some SFX were trickier than others: how does a bowling bowl hitting a 80's TV set sound like? Here I fully admit the cheapest of improvisations with a crate of Nerf guns filling in until I'm able to source both a TV and a bowling ball next. Yep, we’ll do that shortly. For real. All in the name of Bread’s Toasted Greatness.

See the Vine:

The game still has huge sound gaps to fill, from the trivial such as the skateboard and hairdryer, to the absurdly mental in the new levels the team is brainstorming, but no challenge will be too great to face, and explosions are sure to be involved at some point.

The latest update made the sound in the early levels much better. If you try the game again you’ll surely notice the improvements, particularly on glass materials. We’ll keep at it with every update, making the game sound awesome and original, just like the main theme.

And speaking of originality, we've added a cowbell. Because as Bruce ‘ Walken’ Dickinson once said, ‘I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!’ So there you go.
Dec 11, 2014
Community Announcements - OliverAge24
Hello everyone!
Thank you for joining us through Early Access to help shape this game into the beautiful piece of toast we all know it will become!

We've really appreciated all of the feedback, suggestions, videos and artwork that you've been sharing with us so far and can't wait to see what else you come up with!

Today is good day to be Bread - We're excited to announce our first update!

New features and improvements:

  • Camera sensitivity slider added
  • More sound effects on objects
  • Music is no longer positional
  • Mouse pointer is now only displayed in menus when using controller
  • Lights now toast the bread
  • Rocket now toasts the bread
  • Oven now toasts the bread
  • Glasses and bottles are now breakable
  • The ants are faster (more obviously hazardous)
  • Keyboard is now configurable
  • Controller improved for UI
  • Improved toasting feedback
  • Grading rebalanced to be fairer
  • Jam less sticky, to avoid getting completely stuck
  • Jpg and GIF sharing now working
  • UI improvements
  • Improved lighting for high visual quality settings
  • Various bugs fixed
  • Adjusted the grip meter

If you want to join us on facebook, twitter or in the steam forums, we're always bready for a conversation and would love to hear your feedback and thoughts!

We're also pleased to announce the launch of Bread Dairies, our new video series discussing updates, community news and all things Bread.

Stay toasty,
I am Bread Team // Bossa Studios
Dec 8, 2014
Community Announcements - spankgrrrl
Vince Farquharson
COO @bossastudios (& Producer on I am Bread)

Welcome to the first dev. diary for I am Bread and thanks for supporting us through Steam Early Access!

Firstly, we’re so super-excited to see all of your crazy game-playing experiences via Steam Streams, Twitch and YouTube. You seem to be laughing and screaming just as much as the team here at Bossa Studios (especially during production) and, like us, you’ve probably never been so ecstatic to get an F grade before :o) Keep at it, that first A++ is just as sweet.

So, what can you expect from these dev. diaries and from future versions of I am Bread?

The dev. diaries are where the I am Bread team will give you the insider information on what we’re working on, so that we can get your initial feedback on whether we’re heading in the right direction or whether there are any ideas you can throw in to make the game even better.

We’re making this game for you guys, so the more you share with us the more we can do to fulfill your bread dreams!

Each week a different member of the team will write the diary, tell you what they’ve been up to and where the game in general is heading. This way you’ll get to know the people behind the game, a bit about what the different roles within the team mean and, of course, get a good overview of new features and enhancements that are on the way.

Week 1

Well, the big news this week of course was that we launched the game into Early Access. I spent large chunks of my week saying “Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Is it done yet?” until it was basically easier for everyone to finish their tasks rather than listening to me bugging them about it any more, which is basically my job in a nutshell (I’m paid to be really annoying).

It was many late nights and a few edge of the seat moments, before a collective intake of breath was taken as we pushed the version live and waited. We didn’t have to wait long before the first streams and reviews started to go live, and there has been a lot of time spent viewing your play sessions, reading your comments, frantically jotting down notes, laughing, and generally being quietly relieved by all the positive feedback we’ve had.

Off the back of this we’ve decided to focus our first update on refining what we’ve got so far before pushing on with the big content updates that we’re planning for later. So you can expect a polished version of the initial release with useful additional features, more balanced gameplay and enhanced environments. Later down the line you’ll get more levels, major new features and the epic story of our doughy hero unfold.

Thanks for tuning in and we look forward to hearing from you in the forums.

Next week; Henrique (plate smasher) Olifiers, CEO @bossastudios (& even more importantly; sound effects guy on I am Bread!)
Community Announcements - spankgrrrl
Hey there fans of bread!

We had a few requests - and you know how much we like giving you what you



Yes. No money.

To get it, after the update right click the game on your games list, go to 'properties', 'local files', 'browse local files'. There's a folder called OST - your music is in there.

Merry Kissmas.

Kiss because we love you. <3
Product Release - Valve
I am Bread is Now Available on Steam Early Access and is 15% off!*

The beautiful story of one slice of bread's epic and emotional journey as it embarks upon a quest to become toasted.

As you delve deeper and deeper into the story of 'I am Bread', you'll notice that things aren't quite what they seem....

“It may sound like a silly idea but playing as a slice of bread that desperately wants to be toasted is one of the best innovations of the year”

“The most surprising thing about I Am Bread is just how much of an actual 'game' it is”

*Offer ends December 10 at 10AM Pacific Time

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