May 26, 2016
CaesarIA - dalerank
Hi, All.

This is not fully update, but added textures for big temples and much bugfixes.

- moved rating advisors window logic to javascript
- fixed missing prefecture in Capua mission
- improved chief advisor advices
- improved roman translation (Lars Gusowski)
- fixed available buildings in Tarentum and Caesarea
- fixed smk viewer (Bianca van Schaik)
- added textures for land merchant and stable horse
- entertainment advisor window logic moved to javascript
- fixed build for android
- improved healtcare advisor window logic
- much small fixes

Other textures you may look here

CaesarIA team.

May 8, 2016
CaesarIA - dalerank
This has been our next update, so we hope you enjoy it!

+ Some new houses
+ Added textures for barracks and military academy
+ Improved information window for market
+ Fixed crash when education window show
+ Fixed market lady stuck closed to warehouse
+ Farms infobox now show correct information about effectivity/productivity
+ Religion advisor window logic moved to js
+ Indigene not stucks on find fields now
+ Now tower builds correct from saved data
+ Now player salary correct from mission config
+ Now correct check condition when builds dock
+ Dlc viewer now works correct
+ Fixed displaying current game date in menu
+ Improved buildmenu that hide unused mission buildings
+ Now openplay correct set building options for city
+ Improved tooltip behavior for gui elements
+ Fixed crash on game restart/reloading
+ Fixed crash on tutorial missions window update
+ Festival planning window logic moved to js
+ Add further military buildings to caesarea mission and add missing buildings
+ Improved emperor gift/city gift windows logic
+ Reddraw dust textures
+ Rebalancing gods behaviour
+ much code changes

We find animator that draw citizens (about 10 models), if you want to help us please contact with

Thanks all that support us.
Ave Caesar !!!
Apr 21, 2016
CaesarIA - dalerank
Hello, we continues polishing game.

Gameplay, Tuning & User Interface:
+ gui textures improved
+ construction textures added
+ some crashes fixed
+ redesigned buiding's and overlays's menu
+ much technical changes in game engine and javascript logic

Have a nice day,
Ave Caesar !!!
CaesarIA - dalerank

our volunteer artist Pietro Chiovaro add some new textures for houses. In this update small/big villa was added.

Also we continues our work for moving game logic to javascript. Sorry for broken mac build, now it work.

+ fixes for OSX build
+ fixed crahes/stack overflow in js engine
+ amphitheater/theater/colosseum and other infobox logic moved to js
+ fixed factory stupid on empty cart unload
+ GandjX added some localizations for missions with French
+ city settings now correct change option for clay piy flooding
+ fixed crash on loading custom mission/open play
+ Lars Gusowski improved german localization and rework help files
+ fixed saved game with custom name
+ added information for roads and walls
+ fixed background for Oracle building
+ improves textures for wine workshop and Oracle
+ steam api now available in js

Thank you for your patience and support,
CaesarIA team
Mar 24, 2016
CaesarIA - dalerank
Hi, all.
Seems like most of problems are solved. We are starting to work on b77 again, so stay tuned :)

+ mac build now work
+ temple infoboxes now works correct
+ mission dialogs correct position on screen
+ steam achievements correct sets from missions
+ fix some errors in javascript-engine

CaesarIA team
Mar 18, 2016
CaesarIA - dalerank
Hello, big tech update here.

Javascript API
We continues our work for share game API, because c++ is good, but javascript easy for development

Nightly builds:
+ available in betas section with pass: "scorpionsforever"

+ New textures for gladiator school.
+ Partically user interface logic and actions moved to javascript: hotkeys, topmenu and debug actions, player salary settings window, save/load dialogs, emperor gift window and more settings
+ Sound theme player now work in javascript
+ More action in debug menu now work in javascript
+ Script files available in game/resources/script
+ Lars Gusowsky added translations for german language
+ Start menu scene fully work in javascripts, except steam hadler

Have a nice day,
CaesarIA team
Feb 21, 2016
CaesarIA - dalerank
Hey fellas!

Another important February update is here. And it is important because of this:

+ Added JavaScript engine which enables scripting support. Which in its turn means from now on you can create your own mods for Caesaria. It's even more interesting if you keep in mind that you can change your scripts in real-time and observe made changes in the game right that moment.

But that's not all. Other news:

+ Added textures for big wheat carts;
+ Added Massalia and Syracusae maps;
+ Added last soundtracks from Markus Strübbe, now we have all tracks for game
+ Added factory storage textures, and it shows when a factory has a material for fuctioning;

- Fixed Empire's prices incorrect display in trade advisor window;
- Stockpile state is now shown correctly in the same window;

* Video settings window, language dialog, change player name gialog moved to Scripts folder, you can find it there: game folder/resources/script.

Also now we got a chat:

More updates to come in March.
Stay tuned and thank you!

- Team Caesaria
Feb 7, 2016
CaesarIA - dalerank
Hey folks!

This minor update brings some fixes for textures and global map as well as a couple of other tweaks.

- Fixed hints on the global map;
- Fixed dialog windows textures;
- Fixed desert and nothern territories loading;
- Fixed cities coordinates on the global map;
- Fixed game crash after you build a mine near rocks on the coast;
- Map edges are now filled with textures on all ends to prevent black tiles showing where the map ends;

+ Added furniture factory textures;
+ Added new global map icons for barbarians and merchants;

* Farm productivity now depens on location.

Spring is near. Stay tuned for more.
Jan 27, 2016
CaesarIA - Sulaco

Here we are with yet another update with some huge internal improvements which won't be seen on the surface, but they will affect the gameplay greatly.

More work put into the game renderer, now it can show the spaces outside the city map. That's the main change, other changes are:

- Fixed game crashing if you switch to the entertainment layer while not having any workers in the theater;
- Fixed positions of cities in story missions;
- Fixed objects colors on the minimap;
- Fixed .sav maps reading;
- Restored descriptions for the rocks and the water;

+ Lots and lots additions to German, Czech and Russian localizations as well as others;
+ Game is now compilled for Ubuntu 64bit.

Development continues, Caesaria lives! :)
See you soon.

- Team Caesaria
Jan 15, 2016
CaesarIA - Sulaco
Hi everyone!

Hope you've survived the holidays. Today we're back with a big update which brings new content and more fixes. Let's not keep you waiting.

First of all, city renderer is completely re-written - city objects are now drawn layer by layer (ground, grass, trees, objects, people, etc.). This allows to create a more beautiful picture and leaves some creative space for shadow play which we will explore in future.

Other stuff:

- Fixed armory building animation;
- Fixed water tank animation;
- Fixed a glitch when you could not see tiles suitable/not suitable for dock placement, now they are highlighed as any other construction-suitable tiles;
- Fixed city debt being displayed incorrectly in the Senate information window;
- Fixed a game crash when a user randomly selected an invisible object on the map of Empire;
- Fixed market merchant freezing if a barn or a warehouse was destroyed before her arrival;
- Fixed rendering of text that does not fit in the interface elements;
- Fixed rare crash when a well could not service nearby houses for a long time (that was happening when you place wells far away from houses);
- Tuned scrollbar movement to be smoother;
- Some ground textures are redrawn;
- Cities flags are redrawn for the map of Empire;

+ Added shipyard textures;
+ Added global map editor (activated via debug menu);
+ Added more mountains/rocks textures, they are now more diverse;
+ Added meadows tiles to the Map Editor;
+ Added detailed information on religious buildings in the city as well as educational and healthcare buildings;
+ Added an option to choose which side of the screen to place the game menu on;
+ Added textures of the ground around small temples;
+ Added a window to view the history of the Emperor requests;
+ Added a confirmation when you turn off the industry in the city asking if you also would like to dismiss all the workers from selected factories;
+ Added an option to market information window to chose which merchant's goods can sold in that market;
+ Added tips on religion in the main adviser window;
+ Mountains now can be placed on the global map - merchants can avoid them;
+ Development project is now available for MSVC 2013.

New update is already being prepared, but we've decided that it would be nice to push these fixes beforehand. Most of them are based on your feedback and bug reports - please, keep them comming and thank you!

Stay tuned for more of Caesaria!

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