Out of Reach - ins
Changelog 1.0.2:
  • Wind affects boats - speed is multiplied by direction and wind force, helmsman operating the boat sees wind indicators on HUD.
  • Killing NPC pirates gives experience to the Assassin skill now
  • Fixed regression with torch and lantern repairing directly from the inventory
  • Added option to rename character by chat command once a month (to avoid abuses)
  • Fixed teleportation issue when climbing on boats in certain situations
  • Fixed animation issues when shooting in TPP mode after opening inventory and other windows
  • Hovering mouse over map tiles shows tile number
  • Server name is displayed on client's console
  • Increased waiting time to start Local server to avoid autokicks on low-end machines
  • Updated IT and UA translations to 100% from our crowdin project: https://crowdin.com/project/out-of-reach
Jul 17, 2018
Out of Reach - Space Boat Studios
Hi guys!
after months of early access development, we've finally reached the version that we would like to call 'Full'. This means that Out of Reach looks like a game that we wanted to create when we started and now it's time to make a list of new ideas, features and give the direction in which OoR will continue to develop. Since the full release, we've already pushed 2 packs of fixes that you can read about below, but firstly let's see how the game core features have evolved since the initial EA release:

Base building
The whole system had many iterations, optimization rounds, models redesigns, scale changes and UI reworks. As we write this comparison, there are almost 100 building components divided into 3 tiers available to build from 5 different materials. We've started with wooden and straw huts:

When the steampunkish theme finally ended in Out of Reach, we had to rework also the rafts. Todays OoR lets pirates sail their ships and fire their cannons at each other or at pirate NPCs:

The Archipelago
Firstly, the main island got widely extended and divided into several biomes and caves. Other islands came next. Today players are able to explore both land and underwater, look for shipwrecks and treasures under the ocean surface or even warm up on the volcano. Nevertheless, we still have some open space between the islands that we want to populate in the upcoming patches!

The Dark Age is over, Out of Reach provides players with materials and tools to create all the weapons from stone axes to flintlock pistols and cannons. There's also a dozen ores and plants to gather. Item list is roughly 4 times bigger than at the beginning.

Single player
If you prefer to sail alone, we've prepared a pack of things to do also on the deserted islands. Starting from 24 passive skills to max out, 19 quests (with 3 subquests each) and ending on private server settings that allow players to focus on activities they like the most, for example base building without limitations.

Multi player
Last but not least, the pack of features improving multiplayer includes expanded clans, possibility to choose its name, tag, emblem, colors, chat channel, get ranks, cede bases to it, list rules, conquer territories and fight together against other clans or NPC packs on land and the ocean, what lone wolves would rather avoid.

Changelog 1.0.1:
  • Fixed animals and pirates getting frozen in certain situations
  • Fixed FPS drops related to boat destruction
  • Fixed another bunch of bugs related to boat climbing that could cause unexpected change of player's position (another pack of fixes will be available soon)
  • Fixed missing materials when destroying furnaces
  • Fixed too big mouse cursors on Mac
  • Fixed Steel gate that couldn't be repaired
  • Fixed container opening issue for bags that fell down from big heights
  • Fixed inventory bags dropped underwater to slowly reach the surface
  • Fixed rain collision effects causing FPS drops when next to buildings on slower machines
  • Fixed skill progressions when reaching the highest level
  • Assets transfer from Early Access to Full release, updated logos, text lines and graphics
  • Optimized boats synchronization - less transfer, better performance

Changelog 1.0.1-1:
  • Fixed cannon and mooring issues
  • Fixed rare player teleportation issue related to anticheat system after boat destruction
  • Fixed bow shooting that waited till the end of previous animation before starting the next one
  • Fixed FPP jumping that could stuck on jump animation when going up the hills
  • Fixed Quickslots not refreshing after player's death
  • Fixed top HUD notification blocking other buttons, closing Inventory for instance
  • Updated translations - big thanks to all of you who helped us translate Out of Reach, this time especially to Ad Astaná and his Spanish skills
May 28, 2018
Out of Reach - Space Boat Studios

Hi guys!
The 1.0.0 patch has finally arrived and the 'Full release' stage will follow as soon as we receive your feedback and test everything we've prepared for this month! Quick thank-you to everyone who stayed with us during the Early Access period, supported us, gave (constructive) criticism and a good word:)

Of course the full release in June means leaving Early Access and will get its proper announcement and extras, but already today, we are happy to release the following list of fixes, add-ons and changes, according to your ideas and feedback:

  • Added underwater ragdoll death for those who die in the ocean
  • Fixed issues with weapon changing in certain situations
  • Updated sails animation
  • Fixed issue with NPC pirate attack animations

  • Updated main menu to the new pirate theme, added music and graphical assets
  • Finally refreshed old logos, splash-screens and backgrounds
  • Fixed water rendering issues regarding render queue
  • Fixed items made of metal that used to glow too much in bad weather and at night
  • Fixed rain ambient lights and rain for better overall experience
  • Updated ocean wave collisions to better correspond with boats
  • Pitched roofs match and fit their place in the building better

  • Fixed deadlocks that occurred in specific situations on Hathon server when players killed each other at the same time
  • Fixed wrong HUD and UI text lines including Reputation status and tooltips
  • Fixed local server issues connected with both initialization and logout
  • Fixed skills max level issue - it couldn't be achieved
  • It's possible to rebind the 'Use' and 'Repair' key now

  • Added volcanic tier to building elements
  • Added bronze and steel castle-like gates as a new building element
  • Added bronze window shuttle as a new building element
  • Added number of owned Builder's desks info on player's map
  • All doors can be opened both ways, if there's room for that and can be put also in lower level door jambs
  • Updated NPC pirate AI. They still get all alarmed whenever one of them sees enemy but they act and shoot separately
  • Fixed climbing issues and wrong ceiling recognition
  • Blocked possibility to build closer than 5m from building in which player doesn't have Building Rights (rights can be added in building's Builder's Desk)
  • Updated boat physics so that it shouldn't get stuck in certain situations on shallow water and near cliffs anymore. Full speed sailing animation is less repetitious

Updated translations. Another thank-you to everyone who took part in our Crowdin project and helped us translate Out of reach. If anybody would like to write some more lines to Out of Reach, there is a chance to do so here: Link

Out of Reach - ins
Another patch for this week, covering most needed fixes from your recent feedback! Thanks for your input and have a nice evening building your new bases:)

Changelog 0.34.2:
- Fixed problems with standing and getting up from crouch on a boat
- Fixed fire spread causing neighboring buildings to catch fire (only visual effects)
- Fixed fracture and destruction of 15 building components having wrong rotation
- Added door to the rounded walls - entrance to the rounded tower
- Added rounded floors with a ladder - necessary for multi-floor towers
- Added option to downgrade building components from higher to lower tiers
- Fixed wrong 'required skill level' tip when upgrading Builder's desk
- Fixed foundation destruction letting players divide one building into two separated in certain situations
- Fixed iron island collisions so that NPC pirate boats won't shoot players that are in caves
- Fixed shadow flickering on big terrains
Out of Reach - ins
Here it is - the first huge patch of 2018 has just arrived! As said in an announcement before, we'd taken our time to release the most requested ideas of the core Out of Reach's features.

Base-building reworked
starting from the UI to each of the Build component - everything got renewed according to your feedback and today's standards.

UI managing
From now on you can compose your own quick slot tabs with standard or upgraded building elements just to have everything sorted as you prefer. To do so just drag&drop, to check the costs and build tips - check the tooltip.

The building panel on the other hand, is simplified as much as possible. Together with more precise component snapping and placeholder spread, the base-building should become much more intuitive and easy to use.

Graphic improvements
Each of the wood and stone tier components have been redesigned to meet expectations of the this year's survival game. Along with the new models all of the elements:
- are 2 to 4 times bigger which lets players build a suitable structure by placing less amount of objects on the island
- are fully optimized with proper Level of Detail groups, downgrading textures, shader drawcall saving and GPU instancing
- are occlusion-culled and packed into per-island clusters which make them disappear or unload if they are not visible on player's screen
- have shadow dynamic maintenance system to adapt main camera's options to the number of players' constructions on each server.

All of the features mentioned above are meant to increase average FPS especially on servers with large, 30+ thousand building elements, while keeping decent overall graphics.

New components
The new building system comes also with a pack of new components including pitched roofs, round floors or much easier to build staircases. Another pack of items will be ready for the next patch, including the strongest volcanic tier buildings,castle-style gates, window shutters and gear for round towers (rounded doors and ladders). Let us know what else we can add to the list of building components!

Changelog 0.34:
- Simplified and refreshed crafting with the use of the new block UI
Reworked building system
- Redesigned components of the wood and stone tier
- 2 to 4 times bigger components to increase space under the floors and lower overall building components amount on the server
- optimized models from textures, LOD levels to CPU maintaining and GPU instancing
- Build system ready to be broaden by the new packs of completely new building elements
- Easier foundation destruction (not only the last built component)
- Easier staircase construction (no need for U-frame beams, just lean the stairs against the wall and build the 'landing floor' over it)
- Plantations can be now placed on floors and foundations
- Builder's desk is now placed in the middle of the floor and can not be surrounded by other furniture
- Roof pack including 10 elements
- "Diagonal walls" changed to rounded ones including proper floors and foundations. Necessary "rounded" doors and suitable ladders coming soon!
- Climbing - from now player characters can climb some cliffs and walls that are within their arms reach. To try - come against the barrier and press Space
- Improved sailing - added necessary sounds, boat moves and particles. Also the boat climbing got drastically improved
- Increased costs of building - but the size of elements is accordingly bigger
- Decreased costs of cannons
- Fixed jumping with a bow
- Fixed trebuchet projectile roof collision in certain situations

Coming soon in the next update which will also be the full 1.0 version release:
- Another tier of buildings
- Another pack of build-able components
- Underwater fighting
- Some of the community best new ideas
- Standard pack of fixes and not-yet-announced new features

Please note that the "version 1.0 release" does not mean that we stop making updates and releasing new features
Out of Reach - Banan
Hi guys,
we are glad to announce that the next patch is scheduled to be released on Monday. We've spent the last month working on the core features of the game. Some of them have been given the last touches, some of them got reworked. From the gathered feedback and ideas we've decided to make the base-building system much more friendly for player to use and for us to develop in the future. As a result all the previous building components have been redesigned, many new are ready to be released and even more is scheduled to come along with the next patches.

As the patch will be very close to the ver1.0 release, it includes tones of the new code and completely new building elements - we will have to perform the last building-wipe of the Early Access. That's why we would like to ask you to get all your loot from chests and prepare to start over. The wipe won't affect your character, inventory, skills or stats, you will be able to re-customize your appearance though.

The update will come as soon as we finish its testing and will be available to download for everybody on Monday!

Help us in testing the new improvements! Come and join the "Out of Reach[ALPHA-1]" server. It will be only possible after downloading the patch using "beta-0.34.0" branch on Steam.

1. Right click on Out of Reach in your Steam Library
2. Choose Properties
3. Choose BETA tab
4. Choose "beta-0.34.0", accept and restart Steam if needed
Out of Reach - ins
Hello guys! Here's the last patch of the 2017 containing fixes and community's requests. The whole list is down below as usual and main fixes-to-come are listed in our Trello. From the beginning of 2018, we are going to put our main efforts in improving the core features of Out of Reach. We've already received lots of feedback from you, but still, if you have new ideas for any changes needed to the upcoming new building system, overall movement/climbing or item crafting let us know in the Discussions tab or here in the comments below!

  • Updated weather and daytime cycle to support the new engine's features
  • Updated fog
  • Updated metal items reflections
  • Updated male starting clothes
  • Updated object fractures - treasures should get destroyed easier, cave ores shouldn't block players
  • Fixed ballista and trebuchet reloads
  • Fixed missing HUD messages
  • Fixed underwater caustics
  • Slightly improved sails not to block player's visibility
  • Improved objects materials and shaders to get ready for the new lights
  • Foundation building is now limited to an area of 200m from the first built foundation
  • Builder's desks are now limited to 10 pieces per player on PvE and Standard servers (desks from the previous patches remain)
  • Updated render distances for for the most important objects like ship wrecks
  • Improved boat usage: wheel, cannons and ballista are now easier to reach
  • Fixed cannons that couldn't be used in TPP properly
  • Updated game translations
Out of Reach - ins

The Pirates came with their Black(flag) Friday early this year, but brought some new features to test, cargo to fight for and 50% sale!

In this patch your sailor skills will be put to the test as the NPC pirates came to the islands with cannons and evil intentions. The ocean is no longer safe and it's for you to decide whether to flee or to fight.

Pirate Ship's features:
  • Ship can be damaged by siege weapons including ballista and cannons
  • Ship may explode due to its cargo - black powder barrels
  • All the damages are visible on the ship's skin, including flying planks and burning barrels
  • Sunk ship drops chest with random high level loot

Pirate Ship's AI:
  • There are several ships near archipelago, in most cases they won't enter each others territory
  • In patrolling mode, they would look for an easy win just by sailing around
  • When other ship approaches and the angle is good, pirates would fire first two cannons to scare off the intruder
  • If you don't leave them alone or you just happen to be on the colliding course pirates will engage
  • During the fight, pirates will try to keep aiming at their enemy's ship while avoiding cannon balls at the same time

Pirate Ship's crew
  • The crew consists of 3 pirates and the captain
  • Besides cannons, they will fire guns and swing swords whenever possible
  • When the captain loses the fight, he will try to blow the ship up so that no one gets his precious treasure

Other changes:
  • Another round of server optimization concerning animals' movement and behavior
  • Fixed autojump not working properly in certain situations
  • Loot bags from players should float on water now
  • Possible fix for infinite loading screen


Out of Reach - ins
Changelog 0.31.1-4: Hotfixes
  • Fixed general connection issues

Changelog 0.31.1-3: Hotfixes
  • Fixed floating containers around the shipwrecks
  • Fixed obsolete quest tips - boat descriptions
  • Fixed rock materials and LODs, added scaling of rock fractured parts
  • Fixed resource smelting bugs in a furnace
  • Fixed missing schemes for gathering tools: pickaxes
  • Fixed loot treasure on an old shipwreck - now it's lootable
  • Fixed client setting wrong type of connection to server in certain situations
  • Updated boat colliders

Changelog 0.31.1-2
Hi guys,
This time we are ready to release an update containing the most recent version of the game's engine that we were able to run Out of Reach on. The reason why we don't do such updates very often is mainly to keep the stable version as long as it works and wait for engine developers to deploy the most bugfree patch possible. Another reason, probably more relevant to the community, is to put every man power to work on things that could make the gameplay better instead of getting stuck in adjusting the whole code to the weekly engine changes.
This time though, we took our time and walked through all the necessary steps to upgrade Out of Reach's code and make it run as good as possible.

Better overall performance
After running multiple performance tests and profiler rounds, we were able to find scripts that needed additional tweaks to take less resources without an impact on the gameplay. As a result of these actions and the engine updates, we finally got a decent boost on test machines while playing on the most built-up servers.

Other changes
  • Fixed Builder's desks that could appear as invisible in certain situations
  • Fixed quests to match the new boats and cannons features
  • Increased session idle time on loading screen to give low-end machines additional time to load before server shutdowns connection
  • Fixed serverside issues connected with item durability

The next updates
Now, when we are back to the new features, we will be pushing forward the promised NPC pirates that can actually sail on boats and fire cannons - that's our main goal for the next patch. Then we're going to make cave and island bases for NPCs that could be invaded only by the bravest players:)
Out of Reach - ins

Another patch this week, which was possible thanks to you and your feedback! We are truly happy that you liked the new features of the 0.31 update and we will continue adding your suggestions as fast as we can:) Here are the most requested changes to the sailboats:
  • Added possibility to disassemble or reassemble cannons on moored boats
  • Added lantern in front of a boat (use fat to switch it on for 30min)
  • Added storage on the right side of a boat (use it like normal, everyday chests)
  • Fixed blocked ship's wheel after death of a player who was using it
  • Fixed possibility to build 2 boats in the same place in certain situations
  • Fixed missing projectiles that hit a boat
  • Fixed issues when trying to repair the front part of a boat
  • Fixed notifications that didn't close properly in certain situations
  • Added Level of Details groups and another pack of visual improvements to boat and sails
  • Added Auto-reloading of ballistae and trebuchets and proper sounds to them
  • Added collision effects of cannonballs hitting terrain
  • Added sounds for burning boats (so that you don't miss it)
  • Fixed players getting stuck under stairs on shipwrecks

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