Apr 3
Arctico - Claudio Norori

-Added fps view to the glider
-Added fps view to the kayak
-improved plants watering system
-improved greenhouse design
-platforms and greenhouses now inherit the color of the closest structure
-new misc. builder UI and design
-Added new misc. builder decorative objects
-New plant incubators design
-Added a terrace upgrade option to the heated facility
-Added a balcony upgrade option to the advanced heated facility
-You can now call your dogs from any sled garage
-Lights will stay on when placed underground
-New anti-aliasing system
-General optimization, we upgraded the project from Unity 5.0 to Unity 2019, this took a lot of time and effort but it was 100% worth it, unity 2019 has massive improvements, the game is running much better and it’s more stable.
-New and optimized sled physics system.
-New input system (we are aiming to have 100% controller support in the coming weeks)
-New map locations
-Added old slower glider version (you will find it on the map)

Fixed janky kayak anim on co-op
Fixed kayak keeps moving while fishing
Fixed coop player loosing connection causes the game to crash
Fixed structures colors not properly synching on co-op
Feb 26
Arctico - Claudio Norori
-Player 2 can now collect blueprints on co-op mode
-fixed dogs not filling their energy bars enough after giving them fish
-Added two now new songs to the soundtrack
-Adjusted the sfx volume of sled/footsteps/
-new sfxs blueprints/stove/dogs menu
Feb 24
Arctico - Claudio Norori
-Fixed falling through the caves when saving your game on some locations
-Fixed wind turbine not showing the amount of energy to be collected
-Fixed mining drill for P2 on coop not working properly
-Fixed data collectors (sonar, terrain sat) not synching collected data on coop
-Added mini game to some collectors
-Optimized energy generators, labs, misc. fabricators and plants
-Optimized some map locations
Feb 19
Arctico - Claudio Norori

-Added upper room upgrade to the heated facility, this will allow you to build a vertical base by placing platforms/structures while on the upper room.
-Added coffee machine to the misc. builder (will increase your speed for the day)
-Added placeable bed to the misc. builder
-A new device that will call your dogs can be found around the map
Feb 13
Arctico - Claudio Norori

-Added large cave system (allows you to fast travel between the corners of the map)
-Using a drill inside the cave will also give you data
-Fishing inside the cave will give you more fish
-Added mushrooms
-Blueprints are now required to upgrade your kayak, parachute, fishing rod
Feb 7
Arctico - Claudio Norori

-5 new locations added
-Kayak autosail mode now increases speed
-8 new decorations added to the misc. builder (you must first find them on the map)
-Improved fireplace decoration design
-new plants incubator design
-new greenhouse design
-Adjusted plants seed production
-Adjusted data sell price
-Map objects optimization
-Base building objects optimization
Jan 29
Arctico - Claudio Norori

-Completely revamped inventory UI and visuals
-Improved main base interior
-The advanced heated facility is now bigger
-Added “misc. fabricator” this object will deploy furniture and tools that allow you to decorate your base (9 new objects )
-Added “rocket platform” this platform will launch you high in the air so you can use your parachute anywhere
-New solar panels design, removed annoying top corner UI
-Added rewards system, packages will be delivered to your base when you collect blueprints, logs, and expand your base
-Added optional small tutorial and tips at the start of a new game
-New main menu design

-Added a ton of new locations
-Added “radio telescope”
-Improved abandoned sonars visuals
-Improved most of the actual points of interest
-New Dr. Garcia’s logs design

Fixed whales getting stuck bug
Fixed using the compass on the kayak displays the inventory
Fixed blueprints saving bug when creating new save slots
Improved anti-aliasing performance
Jan 5
Arctico - Claudio Norori

-Added whales
-Added narwhals
-Increased fishing buoy interaction distance
-Added autosail mode to the kayak (press shift to activate)
-It's now easier to collect energy from solar panes (improved hitbox)
-Increased hardware loot reward
-New abandoned dr. Garcia's facilites color way
Dec 20, 2019
Arctico - Claudio Norori

COOP: You can now give fish to the other player
Improved heated facility visuals
Improved greenhouse visuals
Seeds and potatoes selling price now varies depending on the day
Added blueprint finder
Fixed penguins animations bug
Fixed missing stew eating animation
Fixed eating cooked fish anim time
Dec 14, 2019
Arctico - Claudio Norori

-Fixed player’s backpack disappearing when fishing
-Stew recipe no longer requires fish
-Amount of stars in the sky vary depending on the time of day
-Improved trading UI
-Improved change structure color UI
-Improved room upgrades UI
-You can now buy hardware

Data collectors (sonar/telescope/satellite/dark matter detector)
-Added loading bar to the data collection process
-Drastically reduced energy cost

Coop bugs fixed:
Sled physics synch issues fixed
P2 static duck bug
P2 can see gliders glitching bug
Player radius collision issues
Trading not synching
Penguins and walrus animation issues in coop

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