May 18
Arctico - Claudio Norori

-Water sample taking machines are now spread around the map (they are interactive and show a microscopic view of the water)
-You now require one water sample a day to use water filters (water tank)
-Improved antenna gameplay
-Improved the design of the following elements
Solar panels
Ice and mining drill
-You can now get closer to animals.
May 12
Arctico - Claudio Norori

Floating bases!
The following structures can now be placed on water
Heated room
Mini base
Potatoes parcel
May 5
Arctico - Claudio Norori

-Big improvements to the night’s sky (added moon and more stars colors, stars no longer fade and then reappear)
-Added parachute jumping structures
-Added abandoned bases that can be fixed (unlike the safe house they have a med kit dispenser)
-Improved ice drill model
-Improved dogs menu UI
-Improved food menu UI

-Reusing the ice and mining drill immediately would break it
-You were able to gain altitude while using the parachute
Apr 27
Arctico - Claudio Norori

Added parachute
Adjusted mid-day color palette
Added more details to the sled
Improved standing fishing system
Added pull anim to the kayak fishing system
Changed telescope location
Hands disappearing bug
Kayak floating a little when hitting the ground
Apr 9
Arctico - Claudio Norori

-You now require ore to produce hardware
-Hardware welding machines no longer require for you to stay there
-You now require a nearby battery to collect energy
-Batteries now cost hardware instead of money
-You now require energy to produce water outside your base
-Added small animation and bubbles to water tanks
-New “original” structures color
-New drill location icon design
-Improved inventory build icons design
-Improved object reposition system
-Adjusted trading prices
-New “Lab” design
-New potatoes parcel design
-New safe house design
-New ice drills design
-New mining drills design
-New seals design
-Seals are now better distributed across the map
Mar 17
Arctico - Claudio Norori

Added “Observatory” location to the map (contains a repairable telescope)
Added “lava rocks” you can retrieve samples from them and get data in your lab
Improved Antenna gameplay and visuals.
Improved loot crates system
Penguins now respawn everyday
Plant watering system improved
Fishing system improved
Adjusted trading system sell prices

Improved aesthetics on the following place able objects:
Solar panels
Wind turbine
Empty heated room
Water tank
Mar 8
Arctico - Claudio Norori

You can now pet your dogs (this will give them a very small ammount of health back)
New bed design
New Lab light deco set up
New starting game tips UI design
Mar 6
Arctico - Claudio Norori

-Ice drilling locations now have multiple spots to place a drill
-Using both drills is now easier and faster
-Plants now require hardware and seeds instead of money to be placed
-New structure: Potatoes Parcel
-Improved Batteries design
-Paint structures system now has more varied color palettes
-You can now collect samples from bacteria colonies floating on water
-Adjusted trading prices
Feb 26
Arctico - Claudio Norori

-New structure: empty heated room (plants placed inside will produce more crops)
-more interactive fishing mini game
-Improved objects placing system
-Added protective cristal to plants
-Experiment P1 plant now gives more data
-Experiment P1 plant design

-dogs on low health would not increase their nutrition bar after fed.
-Getting stuck when walkin out of the main base (door issue)
Feb 24
Arctico - Claudio Norori

-New structure:
MINI BASE: you can sleep (save your game), cook and grab med kits from this new structure. You can also use a map inside which will allow you to fast travel to your main base.

Ice and mining drills have been redesigned, mining locations are now more concentrated (more spots to place mining drills but less mining zones)

New locations! We also added a little fog, this makes the map's landscapes more interesting.

removed "cinematic" black stripes
improved binoculars design

-UI / inventory
your food, health and water needs will now only show when you open your inventory
improved resources UI design

-Main base
improved interior design


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