Sep 19, 2017
TOXIKK™ - Sharkster

Everybody celebrate our 4th year in pre-alpha! Yaaay!!! ... Ah, j/k

Okay, September 2017,... it's now ONE YEAR (and over 20 live updates) since the launch of TOXIKK 1.0

The game has fully become the pure hearted Arena FPS we wanted it to be, when we first announced the project in 2014. ~700,000 people have the game installed all over the world... Being a small indie studio, that's a number we never dreamt of. Thanks for your support! May hardcore AFPS never die!

BUILD 1.1.9

And what better way to celebrate our first year of ravishingly fragging than with a fresh live update. TOXIKK 1.1.9 hasn't lost its youth and brings yet another feature requested by core AFPS fans: You can now change your weapon hand preference to in the weapon options menu. Available options are: right, left, center and hidden. This also changes the spawn of projectiles on non-hitscan weapons like e.g. the rocket launcher of course.

The patch also comes with other minor fixes such as e.g. disabling the "change team" and "spectator" buttons while playing Contracts.

Stay tuned for more updates (and some more One Year Anniversary actions next week).


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Aug 9, 2017
TOXIKK™ - Sharkster

Summer is slowly coming to an end, but TOXIKK patches never will. Build 1.1.8 is here, sporting plenty of community inspired changes and features. Let's make hardcore Arena FPS great again...

01 - FEATURE - Instant Global Ban List

We are introducing a live global ban list that bans reported hackers right after they've been convicted on all official and private servers.

How to report a hacker:
Alternatively, you can reach out to us on our Discord server at - Please provide evidence (e.g. video captures recorded in first person view).

Please allow a few days, before we ban a hacker, so we can take our time to evaluate your evidence.

If admins want to allow banned players on their servers, thy can disable the download of the global ban list with the "?UseGlobalBanlist=false" launch parameter

02 - FEATURE - New Mutators

  • New experimantal QUICK VOTING mutator which allows you to call 7 different vote polls. If the mutator is enabled just enter in the console: "callvote < AddTime, EndTimer, EndMatch, Kick <ID>, KillBots, AddBots, Shuffle >

  • SPAWN PROTECTION TIME mutator allows you to adjust the time you're invulnerable after a spawn.

03 - FIXES & CHANGES - Mutator improvements

  • Some official mutators do not save SC anymore, as they have too much of an impact on the gameplay. The following mutators are not saving SC any more: ConfirmCam, FastForward, Slomo, InstaGib, NoHoverbike, NoMagic, NoobAid, OneGun, SpeedShot

  • Modders can now enable/disable MXP and SkillClass saving (ranking) for their own mutators. To enable the ranking for modded servers the mutator-mod package needs to be whitelisted by Reakktor first.

  • If Mutators are whitelisted they potentially will show up in quickmatch.
    Free Players can join via quickmatch servers with whitelisted server-side-only mutators and Full Players can additionly join all whitelisted modded servers which might cause a download.

  • Mutator list occasionally disappeared in the score board. This was fixed.

04 - FIXES & CHANGES - Quick Join

The NO MUTATORS checkbox is now defaultwise disabled since people can reject servers

The server preview messagebox now shows...
  • if a server is an official server (hostet by Reakktor) or a private community server

  • if a server is "unmodded", "server modded" or "client modded". the last will trigger a download and is not available for free players

  • displays the list of active mutators

05 - FEATURE - Kill Confirm Sounds

Experimental implementation: You can now assign a sound that confirms your kills. Edit UDKWeaponHitIndicator.ini and pick a sound from the list.

06 - FIX - Squad Survival

If bots are added during an active round in an offline match, they spawned immediately instead of waiting until round.

07 - FIX - Team Auto Balancing

If you joined a running team game and haven't completed a match before, you were occasionally thrown on the wrong team. This should no longer happen.

08 - FIX - Non-Alpha-Numeric Characters Bug

if you typed a non-alpha-numeric character in a slider edit field, the whole UI vanished. This was fixed.


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Jun 24, 2017
TOXIKK™ - Sharkster


...and how could you possibly enjoy summer better than with a fresh bottle of TOXIKK at a 40% Summer discount? Have a sip of our new and delicious build 1.1.7 for only 8.99 now!

Build 1.1.7 brings yet again many features, changes and fixes: For example FREE EDITION players get the chance to unlock the game's maps significantly faster (i.e. with less MXP) than in previous builds. How fast you ask? Hop over to for a table of how much MXP is required to unlock stuff. If you already played a good portion of the FREE EDITION, chances are you'll find NEW MAPS to play right now.

Let's take a look at what build 1.1.7 introduces in detail:

FREE EDITION players have access to the first 2 Contract missions as "tutorial" missions now.

The first tutorial mission (First Impact) now comes with some neat improvements to make it even more accessible for new players:

Videos on the wall demonstrate how a move is done

The big help signs on the walls were improved to make the tutorial less difficult for new players.

In the area, where enemies appear (First Impact) a sign was added that explains the use of dodging and how it's done to avoid enemy fire. The enemy soldiers appearing now fire at you (rather than being just blind targets).

We added a Player's Guide to our website that should help new players find their way around easier. Check it out at If you have any suggestions for new videos to add to that section, please let us know in our Steam forum.

Free players can unlock new maps significantly faster now. Check out the details at:

The main menu now has a button that directly leads you to the tables of available unlocks, to make the reward system more transparent.

We did some changes and improvements to the matchmaking system that primarily benefit FREE EDITION players (as they don't have access to an in-game server browser)

Players who join matches via QuickJoin (e.g. all FREE EDITION players) now have the option to reject suggested matches, if they don't like a suggested server. They will then be offered another server.

There are two SC1-2 servers per region to provide better puppy protection for new players.

Most relevant interaction info is now blinking in the lower-left of the screen.

The onscreen directional damage indicators are now only shown if the damage is actually coming from a specific direction. So, environment-damage (e.g. a bath in acid) is no longer indicated as directional damage. However, the bloodscreen effect is still in effect... (sooooo reeeeeaaaalll!).

If a server has no spectator slots configured (or spectator slots are all occupied) you couldn't leave a match. This was fixed.

The in-game music stopped after a round was played in multi-player mode. This was fixed.

UnSetup.exe now shows a valid CERTIFICATE to avoid a the "A REFERRRAL WAS RETURNED FROM THE SERVER” error that appeared under certain conditions.


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TOXIKK™ - Sharkster

Yet another update for our pure blood Arena FPS:

01 - CHANGES - Server-Launcher Changes

  • On some win7 machines the launched game server instance did not get launched properly and left a zombie process. This was fixed.

  • Now deletes all subdirectory configuration files first on every launch to avoid compatibility issues with older versions.

  • Now supports SS "shortcut" for launching SquadSurvival

  • Is now on version 1.7

02 - CHANGE - Map & Game Mode Voting:

  • Servers are now configured with an auto map rotation in case nobody voted for another game. It's adaptive now.

  • Game tries to pick a different map compared to the last (if the following rules are met)

    it keeps the gamemode

    it only picks maps which are available to ALL currently connected players

    you can now vote for the next "rotating" map/game --> maprotation is now generally more like a next-map-suggestion
    --> so Admins you may want to update your MapList.ini files

03 - Map Voting Fixes:

  • Map Voting now supports more than 255 entries

  • Spectator fixes, features:
    the decission if you want to use 1p or 3p spectating mode is now persistant. If you close the game with 1p-spec, it will be 1p-spec next time you boot the game
  • If you join as spectator between SquadSurvival rounds...

    --your firstperson spectator-view wasn't updated correctly
    AND --you occasionally got the DOF effect until next round...fixed
    If you joined as regular player between SquadSurvival rounds, you weren't able to see your stats if the game ended..fixed

Morel UI changes/fixes:

  • Total "HealthPower/Points" in the hudplayerlist didn't get updated if the players health increased. This was fixed.

  • Spectated enemy armor was still not correctly displayed in all game modes. Fixed

  • The total SC display bar in the Endgame reward screen wasn't handeling the case when you reached the SC maximum and displayed an empty bar. Fixed.

  • The player list of the server browser's server details, the SC of new joining players was occasionally displayed with "255" until the browser gets refreshed. It now displays a "?" instead.

  • Matchmaking: now tries a bit longer searching for populated servers in your region. If there are currently no players in your region matching your search criteria, you are now getting asked you if you want to expand your search to all regions (or preferably to all Skill Classes in your region)
    MXP reward balancing: -Flawless Victory from 500 to 300mxp
    SC calculation has been tweaked again. Players reached too fast high SCs so they were more likely matched with too good players

  • LAN support: joining lan games for Freeplayers is currently only working with the "open ip+port" command.

  • This patch we give you at least the abillity to join lan games via steam-serverbrowser..BUT note you have to host an "internet" game to let the sever appear in the steambrowser...even if you are in a lan

  • if you are joining late a game which already has same teamsizes, you now going to join the stronger team if the "balancing-bot" has a better "SkillClass" then you. If bot-autobalance-teams is disabled, you will join the weaker team.

  • You now stay with your team during map travels. BUT that just means it's now only more likely that you actually keep your team if the initial auto-balancing is done. This depends on how many other players are joined/left/switched teams
TOXIKK™ - Sharkster

Build 1.1.5 brings a bunch of features, fixes and changes. Here's what we did in detail:


  • Some stats for the rounds (e.g. best player per category) were falsely greyed out. Fixed.

  • Player list in the HUD didn't show more than 10 players. Fixed.

  • HP in the player list sometimes weren't correctly updated if a player died instantly. Fixed.

  • Bots are no longer being pushed out of matches if a human player joins late, but will leave the next round.

  • Spectators got a ROUND DAMAGE REWARD +0 message at the end of each round. This was fixed.

  • The InstaGib mutator wasn't working for SquadSurvival (players spawned without any weapons). This was fixed.

  • No more Raven initial load animation in SquadSurvival.

  • Players sometimes got a blurry spectator screen if joined during an active round. This was fixed.

  • "Last survivor of your team" sometimes played if other players left during pre-match/warm-up. This was fixed.

  • OVERTIME message got occasionally played between rounds. This was fixed.

  • Enemy HUD location beacons (displayed during match overtime) are now hidden if the enemy is in stealth mode.

  • After pre-match lobby, auto balanced players aren't able to switch teams until another player spawned

  • Auto balance now uses the team combinations which lets players switch teams

  • Late joining players are now automatically put on the team with less SC (if team sizes already equal)

  • Now about 33% higher (Hint: jump right before you shoot the rocket on the ground)

  • Jumps from tossed/lobbed grenades were pushing you down instead of up. This was fixed.


FIX - HUD armor display was corrupted since the last patch (always showed "0"). This was fixed.

FIX - The "next view LMB" key bind info of the "between rounds view" was removed.

CHANGE - HP at spawn was reduced from 125 to 120 (except for Squad Survival). It now takes effectively one Violator hit less to kill the player.

FIX - Team hits are not counted as "successful hits" in terms of your hitratio anymore

CHANGE - If Retaliation damage is enabled (e.g. in SS) the team damage instigator will receive a message in the logs so he can see why he got damage

FIX - If admins cofigured voting lists with too many different options, the list showed up empty. This was fixed.

FIX - Some players reported crashes on Windows 10 systems. This should no longer happen.


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TOXIKK™ - Sharkster


Toxikk - Detroit Build 1.1.4 brings lots of new stuff like Squad Survival, a team-based game mode, plus lots of new features and improvements. Here's what we did in detail:


SQUAD SURVIVAL is the star of this update. In case you didn't already read the rules of this new game mode in one of our previous announcements, here's a quick outline:

Two opposing squads get cut off from their battalions and face each other fully armed, but without the chance to call reinforcements (no respawns, no one can join a running round) or fresh ammo (no pick-ups whatsoever in the maps).

Each squad member has all weapons right from the spawn, fully loaded, but only one life to lose.

The surviving squad wins.

The challenge is to play strategically with a focus on good team-play and to keep an eye on your resources, as you can't restock anything.


01 - FEATURE: Mutator improvements
  • The game's speed of the FastForward and the slug mode mutator can now be configured.

  • Buddy Kill: The percentual damage team mates receive can now be configured. You can now also configure a retaliation factor, i.e. the player who causes the damage gets hurt too (penalty)

  • Teamkills: XP reward messages were falsely displayed on teamkills. This was fixed.

02 - FIX: If free team switching is disabled, the "player is requesting a team swap"-message is now displayed as "system message" in the gamelog.

03 - FEATURE: Teams are now getting auto-balanced during the prematch stage based on Skill Class. This can be disabled by server admins with the "AutoReBalanceTeams=false" launchparameter.

04 - FIX: If your killer gets killed while you are watching him, your cam switched over to the killer of the killer. This was fixed.

05 - FIX: Health bars of team mates weren't correctly displayed on clients. This was fixed.

06 - CHANGE: Servers with unofficial maps are now ranked. I.e. official matchmaking for full game players can potentially send you to servers with custom maps from now on.

07 - CHANGE: The "Friends Only" Quick Join option was removed. Please use "Join friends" to join your friends' games via the Steam-overlay.

08 - CHANGE: If SC-Restrictions is set to "ON" in the Quick Join menu, it will now be more straight-forward, as it will preferably always let you join on SC restricted server, even if there are no players yet. Turn it OFF to play on servers open to all Skill Classes.

09 - CHANGE: SC calculations were adjusted to better reflect play performance in all gamemodes... and is now again in testing phase.

10 - CHANGE: Players now spawn with 125HP to avoid instant rocket-kills after spawning.

11 - FIX: Ravager wasn't able to deal teamdamage. This was fixed.

12 - CHANGE: Flamethrower's alt fire now deals max 200dmg instead of 250 and its primary fire "projectiles" are now faster (from 1200 to 1600 units).

13 - FIX: Hidden hint messages in the main menu were occasionally appearing and covering other UI-elements. This was fixed.

14 - FIX: Scoreboards of all objective based team gamemodes are getting sorted for MXP (column is also highlighted).

15 - FIX: Blood screen effect was pointing in the wrong direction. This was fixed (...and is now: "Sooooo reeeaaalll!!!")

16 - FIX: Timer in info views (lower left) weren't correctly displayed if gamespeed was changed with Slug Mode / Fast Forward mutators. This was fixed.

17 - DREDD: Reported & convicted cheaters were banned from official servers.


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Mar 27, 2017
TOXIKK™ - Sharkster


Two opposing squads get cut off from their battalions and face each other fully armed, but without the chance to call reinforcements (no respawns, no one can join a running round) or fresh ammo (no pick-ups whatsoever in the maps).

Each squad member has all weapons right from the spawn, fully loaded, but only one life to lose.

The surviving squad wins.

The challenge is to play strategically with a focus on good team-play and to keep an eye on your resources, as you can't restock anything.

In other news:


Today we released 1.1.2 which is basically just a quick, little patchy to fix some minor things of 1.1.1. E.g.: All free players will have the first three maps instantly unlocked again (map unlock progression starts with the 4th map), some tweaks to the damage plumes and other minor adjustments.


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TOXIKK™ - Sharkster

Yup, here comes another patchy day of your favorite Arena FPS.

01 - FEATURE: New "Join Friends" button in the main menu for Free Edition players (and also invite friends buttons in multiplayer menus for Full Game players) to make opening the Steam UI and playing with friends even easier.

02 - FEATURE: New visual hitmarker "Damage Plumes" that display the amount of damage a hit caused. Can be disabled in Options -> Weapons -> Hitmarker. The plumes display the net damage, i.e. how much damage actually got applied to an enemy.

03 - FEATURE: The next match/map voting menu now displays for how many players a map is available. This way you can see if free edition players get kicked if they do not have unlocked a certain map

04 - FEATURE: Live Team Switches - The pause menu now has a switch team option to change teams on the fly, i.e. you are now able to switch teams at any time. This also allows easier "Players vs. Bots" matches (to play cooperatively against bots with your friends).
NOTE FOR ADMINS: Auto balance can be reactivated using the server launch parameter "?BalanceTeams=true"

05 - CHANGE: Unlock Maps Faster: We adjusted the map unlock thresholds so Free Edition players will unlock the original free maps a bit faster

06 - CHANGE: Custom map preview images are now only downloaded if the Server has setup a separate fast HTTP download for those packages

07 - CHANGE: Quick Join function now has "No Mutators" set to true, to avoid being thrown onto e.g. Instagib servers unwanted. The "No Mutators" setting can be deactivated in the Quick Join menu.

08 - FEATURE: Improved Quick Join - Quick Join now searches a bit longer to make better i.e. more suitable matches.

09 - FIX: The "default" button in the controls menu did not correctly reset the console key binding. Strangely enough, there were actually multiple bugs on this thing. Should be fixed now.

10 - IMPROVED: Loading the pause menu was optimized. It now opens a lot quicker than before.

11 - CHANGE: Automatic map rotation was removed from the official servers to not accidentally kick Free Edition players who don't have all basic maps unlocked yet. Though 16 players servers still have map rotation enabled.
Mar 16, 2017
TOXIKK™ - Sharkster

Build 1.1 is here and brings quite a revolution for Free Edition players. From this build on, we'll let Free Edition players unlock ALL maps of the game through XP. If you already played a bit with your Free Edition of Toxikk, chances are you already unlocked some maps.

We now also offer voting for next maps after each match for Free Edition players. 1.1 Detroit also holds lots of other fresh stuff. Here's the complete list:

01 - FEATURE: Free players can now unlock all official maps with XP

02 - FEATURE: Free players can now vote to replay matches (maps) or vote for next map after each match.

03 - FIX: The hint & unlock messages in the main menu are now displayed correctly, depending on whether you're a Free Edition or Full Game player.

04 - FIX: Voting list and options caused occasional client crashes if they became too big. This was fixed.

05 - FEATURE: If players join servers that run Steam Workshop maps (only available to Full Game players), the map preview images get downloaded automatically and will be shown in the voting list.

06 - FEATURE: The voting process was modified in a way that it now allows easier voting for maps that already have the most votes. Also, a "VOTE MAP" call to action flashes, if you haven't already voted, to speed up the process.

07 - MISC: The menu now shows "STEAM SYNC FAILED" if the connection to the steam master server couldn't be established or failed. If you're not connected to the Steam master server, you cannot earn MXP, as it can't be synce'd.

08 - MISC: The ame mode Squad Assault is now available on the map Cube.

09 - OPTIMIZATION: The RAM usage of custom dedicated servers was drastically reduced. Patching the server to the new build should now also be a lot faster.

10 - FIX: The ArchRival ESL setup (max 2 players instead of 8 ) did immediately start a match as soon as the second player joined (instead of waiting 15 seconds). This was fixed.

11 - FEATURE: if the max players slots change during travel (e.g. switching from an 8 players match to a 2 players ESL setup), the less "relevant" players (high queue position or spectators) become spectators after travel instead of being kicked.

12 - FIX: Some server information (like server name or the mutator list) did not get updated after travelling from one match to another

13 - FIX: The Time Trial scoreboard (Caliber tutorial) had visual glitches. This was fixed.

14 - MISC: The names of our GODLIKE founders were added to the Credits list.




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Mar 3, 2017
TOXIKK™ - Sharkster

TOXIKK 1.0.99 has landed and it's the last release of the Vanilla build generation, preparing the road for the upcoming "Detroit" generation of builds, starting with build 1.1.

The Detroit generation will bring many changes, mostly for the Free Edition players and 1.0.99 is paving the way to it, bringing the following changes today:

01 - Change: Free Edition Players (FEPs) can now vote for the next map in the the post match menu. However, this is limited to the maps that are included in the Free Edition. 1.1 will bring more changes to this system.

02 - Feature - Everyone can now host ranked dedicated servers (MXP, SC, ELO support).

03 - Feature - Every newly hosted server will automatically be ranked, if it uses default official maps, gamemodes, mutators. It will no longer be ranked, if it diverts from that.

04 - Feature - Admins can manually disable the server from being ranked by using the "?Ranked=false" launch parameter.

05 - Feature - Quickjoin has a new gametype filter system which supports searching for games per game mode.

06 - Feature - Launching the game with Quickmatch (in the steam launcher) is now using your quickjoin settings

07 - Feature - Login XP rewards - Every new login to Toxikk will be rewarded with at least 500 MXP per day. Every subsequent login will receive 10 MXP more per day.

08 - Change - Free Edition players can now directly access QuickJoin and the Tutorial from the main menu.

09 - Change - Free players CAN'T play Boot Camp and Contract offiline matches anymore (except for the Tutorial mission of course).

10 - Change - New rotating mainmenu hint messages which also display your item unlocking progress

11 - Change - Free Edition players are now notified that customization options are not available in the customization menu upon entering the menu. (They were only informed when they tried to apply customizations before)

12 - Feature - The Scoreboard now displays the active SC setup of the server you're on (important for players who join "any" server via QuickJoin and didn't know what kind of SC setup was valid for the server they were playing on).

13 - Feature - From the pause menu (the menu that opens up when you press ESC during a match), you'll now be able to directly be able to open the Steam friends invite.

14 - Change - A bunch of changes were applied to the tutorial, to make it a bit easier for people new to the genre. E.g. the final dodge ramp now has an alternative path, where you can reach the exit via double-jump, the Phantom vehicle has a faster respawn if it gets destroyed...

15 - Tweaks - Equip and put down times were shortened: All weapons but the Hellraiser now have 0.2s put down time. All weapons but the Hellraiser now have .33s equip time

16 - Cerberus (rocket launcher) changes: The damage radius was reduced from 190 to 180. Travelspeed was increased from 1800 to 1900

That's it for the last patch of the Vanilla generation (which was active since the game's initial release in last year's September). The Detroit generation will bring a lot of changes and will be available shortly.


Questions about the update?
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