SUPERHOT - (Dominic Tarason)

E3 is over, and we’ve got all that mega-budget fluff out of our system, so let’s get weird again. There’s a big summer sale on over on Itch, which has rapidly become my favourite games store. While the bulk of the discounts run until July 1st, there’s also the Summer Selects Bundle available for one week only. It contains six hand-picked games for $9, which, all but one, I can vouch for the excellence of. While SUPERHOT may be the headliner, it also includes low-fi unsettler Paratopic and anti-fascist gay disaster road trip adventure EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER, which has to be written in all caps. Below, some videos, thoughts and other picks.


SUPERHOT - SyntheticJackalope
The following is a weekly devlog for MIND CONTROL DELETE, the Early Access standalone expansion to the original SUPERHOT. Check it out HERE

Hi there!

Last Friday we've shown you a bunch of hefty changes coming to MIND CONTROL DELETE in an upcoming update. Guess what – it was closer than you expected.

The update is live now!

If you wish to read more about what’s changed while it’s downloading, or if you just like devlogs, head here:
If you need a TL;DR, it’s right here. Do let us know what you think about MCD in its current form!

- over 20 new RUNs added, making the game thrice as big as it used to be,
- changed background sounds and SFX,
- improved gameflow,
- simplified UI (menus),
- more balanced difficulty level,
- changed abilities' and hacks' unlocking system,
- tweaked abilities' power balance,
- buffed Charge,
- nerfed Endurance,
- added infinite run,
- new replay system,
- various story – related changes (you thought I'd spoil it here?),
- heaps upon tons of bugfixes.

SUPERHOT - SzymonSuperhot
Hi there

How about that? Another day, another patch.
This time we showed a bit more love towards Linux players.
Let's see what bugs had to say night-night this time:

  • Fixed game crashing on Linux.
    Some Linux players couldn't run the game. Now they can. Yay.

  • Spread the system achievement available for Linux players.
    Linux achievement hunters will be finally able to max out.

  • Rebaked lightmaps on some levels for Linux version.

  • Fixed Pumpkin Spiced achievement not working for some players.

  • Fixed font size and typos in piOS menu

  • Removed minor bugs on both Linux and Windows version.

That is all beautiful people. Have a good day.

Szymon form SUPERHOT Team
SUPERHOT - SzymonSuperhot
SUPERHOT과 SUPERHOT VR을 이제 한국어로 즐겨보십시오!
독특하고 스타일리시한 그래픽과 함께, SUPERHOT은 FPS 장르에 혁신적인 새로운 요소를 추가했습니다. SUPERHOT의 정제되고 간결한 그래픽은 게임의 가장 중요한 요소인 물 흐르듯 부드러운 플레이에 집중할 수 있게 해줍니다. 한 편의 영화 같은 액션을 즐겨보십시오. 시간은 여러분이 움직일 때만 흐릅니다. 날아오는 총알을 셀 수 있을 정도니, 완벽한 플레이가 가능합니다. 전략과 직감에 의지해 승리하십시오. 게임을 클리어하면, 다양한 챌린지와 엔들리스 모드를 통해 자신의 한계를 시험할 수 있습니다. SUPERHOT, 그 이상을 더 원하십니까?
다수의 VR 게임상을 수상한 SUPERHOT VR은 여러분을 이제껏 경험해본 적 없는 액션 한가운데로 초대할 것입니다. 시간을 조종하십시오. 그 어떤 것도 여러분을 막을 순 없습니다. 싸우고, 훈련하고, 모든 스테이지를 정복하십시오. SUPERHOT을 발전시키십시오.
자신의 한계를 시험하며 혼란 속에서 적들을 제거할 땐, 명심하십시오. 싸워야 할 때와 피할 때를 정확히 파악하는 자가 승리한다는 사실을 말입니다.
우리와 함께하십시오. SUPERHOT 네트워크가 성장하는 걸 도우십시오. 우리의 일원이 되십시오.
지금 한국어로 만나보실 수 있습니다!

언어 설정은 기본적으로 시스템의 언어를 따릅니다. 하지만 언어를 직접 변경해야한다면, 아래의 설명을 따르십시오:
- SUPERHOT: 게임 런처, 또는 게임 내 설정에서 언어를 선택할 수 있습니다.
- SUPERHOT VR: Steam에서 언어를 변경할 수 있습니다.
1) Steam 라이브러리에서 SUPERHOT VR을 우클릭한 후, "속성"을 클릭합니다.
2) "언어 설정"을 클릭하십시오.
3) 원하는 언어 코드를 입력하십시오. 한국어의 경우 "ko-KR"입니다.

SUPERHOT and SUPERHOT VR are now available in Korean!
With its unique, stylized graphics SUPERHOT finally adds something new and innovative to the FPS genre. SUPERHOT’s polished, minimalist visuals help you focus on what's most important – the fluidity of gameplay and cinematic beauty of the fight. Time moves only when you move, every bullet counts, there is no place for mistakes. Strategy and instincts bring victory. Once you finish the game, you'll get to prove yourself in various challenges and endless mode that will test your limits. Want to submerge deeper?
The critically acclaimed winner of dozens of VR games awards, SUPERHOT VR puts you right in the middle of action set in brand new levels ensuring immersion you've never felt before. Take your time. Nothing will hold you back. Fight, train, get better every stage. Let SUPERHOT develop.
Test your limits, wreck mayhem on your enemies, but be careful. He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.
Join us now. Help the SUPERHOT network grow. Be ONE OF US.
Now in Korean!

Your language version should match your system's language, but if you need or want to change the language manually, please follow these instructions:
– SUPERHOT: you can choose your language in the game launcher or via in-game settings,
– SUPERHOT VR: you can change the language in Steam.
1) Right-click on SUPERHOT VR in your Steam library, click "Properties".
3) Enter your desired language code: "ko-KR" for Korean.

SUPERHOT - SzymonSuperhot
Hi there

There were few nagging issues that we had to fix.
So let's see what's in this patch:

  • Key bindings
    So that you can finally play SUPERHOT on dance pad.

  • Rebaked lightmaps on levels
    Basically to make levels prettier. It is a slight visual change.

  • Minor bug fixes

That's it! Let us know what you think about the changes.

Szymon form SUPERHOT Team
SUPERHOT - SzymonSuperhot
The following is a weekly devlog for MIND CONTROL DELETE, the Early Access standalone expansion to the original SUPERHOT. Check it out HERE

Happy New Year! How are your winter holidays so far? We prepared a special surprise for y'all to celebrate 2019!

New year! New you! New me!
New update for MCD!

A lot has changed and I want to tell you everything about the progress and improvements that we’ve made.
How SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE has been shaping up up to this point. How we had to remove chunks of unnecessary fluff from the game to improve the flow. Or show you all of the new and weird gameplay elements that we’ve implemented.

But I won’t.

I consider this a surprise present so I can’t unwrap it for you. ;) Where is the fun in that?

In that previous update I told you about some of the things we're working on, so you probably have an idea of what's waiting for you now. It's six months of progress from the build that you've played here before though. I am super interested in your thoughts and reactions without me spoiling you anything.

I hope you'll enjoy all the new stuff in SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE as much as I did.

PS. This version MIGHT explode in your face, crash your computer and set your gpu on fire. We originally thought to ship it on Christmas Day but then we realized we'd still be stuffing our faces with leftover pierogis for a week instead of helping you out with whatever goes kaboom. We expect a fair bit of kabooms.

Happy New Year!
Szymon from SUPERHOT Team
Dec 20, 2018
SUPERHOT - SzymonSuperhot
and a couple of updates before I go make x-mas pierogis.. 🎄

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Hope you’re all staying warm and cozy, looking forward to nice big glasses of hot cocoa and some loving, relaxing time with your loved ones next week. We’ve been having crackling fireplace videos on repeat christmassing up our office for the last few days, so I thought I’d give you all a virtual hug and wish you all the best before we all disperse to spend time with our family and friends tomorrow.

I hope you had a good year this year. To me, all of you have been awesome and amazing exactly the way you are. Couldn’t have hoped for a nicer, more loving and more positive community than you guys. I hope Santa’s good for you this year. You only deserve the best. <3

It’s been a pretty cool year for us too and we’ve been keeping ourselves pretty busy working on some cool new stuff for you guys. While you’re here, before I sign off and go bake gingerbreads, let me catch you up quickly on what we’re doing over the holidays.

Where’s MCD at right now?

As I wrote up a week ago, we’ve been reworking big chunks of the game over the last few months to make it great and fun to play. We just got a new build with the last few months of updates and we're playtesting it internally. I don’t want to spoil details, but it plays really really fun now. All of it is shaping up pretty cool and it's quite a bit closer to being finished.
I'll let you know more about it very soon.
Keep being patient for a few more days. It’ll be worth it.

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Soo how is your present checklist going? Missing some items?
Yeah same here. After all, we both know the Holidays are really more about shameless consumerism than anything else. :)

You probably won’t be able to avoid the Steam Winter Sale. Valve’s really good at making you super happy to buy more fun stuff to unwind during for the Holiday break. Just in case though - if Santa gets you or your loved one a fancy VR kit to unwrap next week, the Winter Sale will probably be a pretty great time to jump in and grab SUPERHOT VR (totally different game than SUPERHOT), or even splurge a bit and get the whole collection of VR Essentials that we forged with our indie gamedev buddies. It's a pretty sweet set of some of the best award-winning, best-selling, genre-defining VR must-plays and it’ll probably run a super good deal over the holidays.

Steam Awards VR Game of the Year

And while we’re in VR - we have been super spoiled with this community. Seriously.
Thank you guys for being such a supportive bunch. We are not worthy.
Thanks to you SUPERHOT VR has been nominated for best Steam Awards VR Game of the Year!
This is humbling stuff.
Voting has just started so there’s a button here on the Awards voting page that you can press to support us even more. Totally cool if not, I love you unconditionally anyway. <3

Happy holidays ya’ll
Szymon from SUPERHOT Team
SUPERHOT - SzymonSuperhot
The following is a weekly devlog for MIND CONTROL DELETE, the Early Access standalone expansion to the original SUPERHOT. Check it out HERE

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

Alan Watts

Hey you.

I will drop a rather lengthy one on you so grab your jasmine green tea, sit down and let’s chat.

I postponed writing devlogs until I have something substantial to show but keeping you in the dark for so long is unfair so let’s not do that anymore.
SUPERHOT MIND CONTROL DELETE hasn’t been updated for like hmm...forever.
It’s something like a half a year already. I wrote in few other places what were the reasons but it is worth repeating.
  • We managed to do regular updates with new features but didn't have time to fight bugs and do a streamlined gameplay.
  • MCD was getting new content but there was no time to think whether it's good content.
  • We were fixated on hitting regular deadlines and didn't look if people actually "get" the game. If they enjoy it at all. Or if there is a game at all.
So there came this moment when we tested MCD with less dedicated players than you lot. Folks that haven’t touched SUPERHOT or MCD.
Then we cried blood when we looked how they played.

The game was confusing for them, had quite a few annoying bugs and cluttered UI.
We had to make a really hard decision to stop working for updates sake and start working for the game itself.
That was brutal since it IS Early Access.
But we really don't want to release unpolished shit.
We want our shit to be shiny and sexy or not have it at all.

Barefoot Build Testing.

Right now SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE is far better though.
I will try to give you a fast run through the changes so far so that you can get a general sense of current development direction.

Sense of Progression

Up to this point SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE was a set of runs nicely packed within ASCII pyramid with growing difficulty curve. But something was lacking. It felt like a gameplay without an actual game. You unlocked some parts within the pyramid, completed runs but you still had a small void during your playthroughs.
What we lacked was the mythical sense of progression. This sexy feeling that you get when you unlock a stage, see something new, explore the game and it rewards you with new content. It is a very elusive feeling but once you tap into it, whole game improves.
We decided that we need an introduction in MCD. A beginning that will be partially a tutorial but also an intriguing plot hook for the player to keep on playing and exploring.

Tom and his sexy sweater working hard on assets.

Without spoiling much, we came back to designing levels in a more linear approach so that we can have more control on events within the game. Now those early MCD levels are more SUPERHOT-like in a sense that there is a beginning and an end. It gives us more freedom to manipulate what we show you and when you see it. The “core” gameplay levels stay the same. They are still designed like an arena with small procedural touches.

Speaking of Levels at this moment we've reached over 30. I think we overdid it a bit but hopefully you won’t mind ;).
The level of detail has been stepped up a notch. Since we have stopped regular updates, our 3d artists gained some breathing room. Now they have enough time to go crazy with assets. Trust me it was worth it. SUPERHOT levels look pretty basic now compared to MCD.

Konrad making levels pretty. Not watching Mtg matches.


While they gave some gratification for the player they created even more confusion. They had to be explained, needed additional UI solutions and constantly were redesigned.
We tried out some builds without them and to our painful surprise nothing was really missing from actual gameplay.
If you can remove parts of the game and it works fine, why should it be there in the first place?

Pyramid UI

UI for runs was all fine and dandy lore-wise. It was a nice wink towards previous SUPERHOT players but sometimes a problem to work with. We were either running out of space or ideas how to fill it with content. Forcing design process around something that just looks nice is never a good idea. Right now we are testing a few others solutions.
Trimmed down to basic choices current UI starts to look like a simplified branch or root. It works far better, there is no confusion but it’s not a pyramid. This one I will actually miss but I completely agree with the decision.


We’ve ditched the whole approach towards plot in MCD. Story previously could be explored through the main Norton Commander inspired GUI. It has been hidden somewhere in between obscure messages and snippets of information. Almost completely separated from the gameplay and optional, story felt like a second thought rather than an integral part of the game.

Matthias doing...erm something with code.

In current builds player takes part in the story by simply playing the game. It’s an element of the game not an option as it was previously.
Obviously you can ignore all the weirdness around you and just keep on killing red dudes. That’s all up to you.
We are not planning on giving you an exact explanation of what is going on. We've always prefered to leave some room left for interpretation. No one wants to give you a definite meaning of events in MCD.
What is happening in your head is always far more interesting from whatever we might think of.

Release date

“Part of the journey is the end.” Right?
Obviously we won't be able to do a release this year.
We are gunning for Q1 2019.
Trust me we really don’t want to move it any further.

Thank you for being patient with all of this.

Change socks daily.
Szymon from SUPERHOT Team

SUPERHOT - (Dominic Tarason)

The store formerly known as Good Old Games is ten years old, and GOG is celebrating by slashing prices on a bunch of games, as you do. The site has also been revamped with a new, wider and roomier design, and there’s a vote happening now to decide what game they’ll be giving away on October 4th – Shadow Warrior 2, Superhot or Firewatch? Take your pick.

GOG invited RPS’s crew to pick a few showcase games. While not all of them are discounted, we think that our list of Good Games For Better People is a nice look at the softer side of videogames. Romance and relationships get top billing, although if you like to mix in a little violence, half of Dragon Age: Origins’s best dialogue happens while everyone’s dripping with fresh demon blood.


SUPERHOT - SzymonSuperhot
[An announcement for China! English version below.]




- piOS画面における日本語フォントを正しいデータに差し替えました。
- 正しくない漢字が表示されてしまう不具合を修正しました。


SUPERHOT TeamのSzymonより


Some of the players had encountered some issues with japanese language translation in SUPERHOT.
Well fear no more those pesky bugs shall die along with this patch update.

A short summary of issues fixed in this patch:

  • Rolled back the previous japanese font in place (it's prettier).
  • Fixed Kanji incorrections.
  • We hid a bit more white between the greys.

If you still find any problems with SUPERHOT please contact us at:

Eat ice cream and hug people.
Szymon from SUPERHOT Team

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