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Hey everyone!

Today’s a big day for Don’t Starve Together. We have quite a few things to talk about today, from Winona’s character refresh, to some lore content, to a drastic increase in drop rates.

Here we go!

Next of Kin

Every character has their story, and with each refresh, we will be revealing a bit more of their past. See what memories Winona has to share with you here:
Winona Refresh
Winona has been hard at work since landing in the Constant, and she’s invented a couple new ingenious tools! She can now construct a catapult to keep enemies at bay, as well as a spotlight to keep her and her friends safe from Charlie. Both of these gadgets are powered by her new portable generators.

Unfortunately, her hardworking nature may the better of her and she may work up an appetite without proper planning.

We’re also launching the new Industrious skin for Winona, an Industrial-themed item set, and the classic Guest of Honor, Triumphant, Survivor and Rose skins are now all available for purchase. All owners of these classic skins prior to today are now upgraded to an “Heirloom” rarity, with full unraveling value (that is, an Heirloom Elegant can be unraveled for 1350 spool).

New Drop System
In addition to these new skins, we are announcing drastically improved drop rates for everyone.

We want to make sure that players are able to earn skins and new characters in a reasonable amount of time. They previously could not so we felt the drop rate needed to be revised to reflect that. We are starting this new drop system before the first new character to give everybody a nice head start to earn spool before it’s release.

The first thing we are doing is providing a daily item bonus. Each day you play, you will receive a drop simply by logging in. Secondly, we are doubling the amount of timed drops that are given per week to 8, up from the previous 4. Along with the daily item bonus, players can now receive a total of 15 items per week, nearly 4 times the previous amount.

And finally, we have increased the frequency of elegants and other rare items in the drop table.

Our previous drop rates were as follows:
  • Common: 68%
  • Classy: 23.00%
  • Spiffy: 6.00%
  • Distinguished: 2.50%
  • Elegant: 0.50%
Today, the drop rates are:
  • Common: 52.7%
  • Classy: 26.0%
  • Spiffy: 13.0%
  • Distinguished: 6.0%
  • Elegant: 2.3%
We have lots more in store! Our first new character is launching later this month, new Twitch items are coming next week, and the first pass of our new content is coming in April.


HOTFIX - 314319
  • Fixed crash sometimes when Winona’s Catapult is burnt.
  • Fixed crash in Shop screen when Steam Overlay is disabled.
  • Fixed issue causing certain mods (like Geometric Placement) to stop working.
HOTFIX - 314835
  • Deploying plants will no longer trigger range indicators on Winona’s structures.
  • Fixed bug where Winona’s Generator and G.E.M.erator stop behaving properly after being set on fire and then extinguished.
  • Fixed bug causing Fire Staff not to light creatures on fire.
  • Fixed bug where Heal action did not fail properly if the target has already died.
  • Fixed bug where some assets may not be loaded properly when overriding the special event in world options.
  • Fixed bug where Year of the Pig King minigame can sometimes cause Hound waves to stop indefinitely.
  • Fixed bug where Werebeaver becomes invisible when smashed by a sign during the Pig King minigame.
  • Fixed crash when inspecting old skeletons.
  • Volt Goat herds no longer merge.
[Game Update] - 315579
  • Winona’s speed crafting ability will now only cost hunger if she hasn’t crafted anything within the last minute. (Everytime she crafts, the timer is extended back to a minute.)
  • Reduced Winona’s crafting speed penalty when she is hungry.
  • Winona’s Catapult no longer damages Maxwell’s Shadow Minions.
  • Winona’s Spotlights will now prioritize having different targets from each other.
  • Increased maximum range of Winona’s Spotlight.
  • Koelefant burning to death will now drop Koalefant Trunk Steak instead of Ash.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed audio bug where Catapult sounds sometimes continued after they became burnt.
  • Fixed bug with Night Light not consuming fuel properly.
  • Fixed bug where Clay Hounds did not spawn from hunts when Year of the Varg event is enabled.
  • Fixed layering bug where Winona’s Voxola Work Uniform was failing to hide skirts.
Don't Starve Together - Klei-JoeW

Hey Everybody,

The first Character Update for Don't Starve Together is coming next week on March 7th!

Winona has been hard at work since landing in the Constant, and she’s invented a couple new ingenious tools! Always ready to roll up her sleeves and lend a helping hand, her new Catapult and Spotlight inventions will be sure to keep her new pals safe, no matter what dangers head their way.

Winona’s Catapult
  • Requires a rechargeable Generator to power
  • AOE damage to the nearest enemy
Winona’s Spotlight
  • Requires a rechargeable Generator to power
  • Illuminates the nearest ally
Rechargeable Generators
    Winona’s Generator
    • Provides about a day’s worth of power
    • Requires nitre as fuel
    Winona’s G.E.M.erator
    • Provides 6 day’s worth of power
    • Requires gems as fuel
However, Winona’s can-do attitude comes at a cost:
  • Winona now consumes hunger when speed-crafting
  • Winona now crafts slowly when hungry (with no hunger cost)
With the update we will also have a new animated short and some huge changes to the drop system.

You won't want to miss this.

See you Thursday!
Don't Starve Together - Klei-JoeW

There's a spring in the step of our survivors this season as the world of Don't Starve says goodbye to the Year of the Varg, and hello to the Year of the Pig King! Bring in the new year by testing your mettle against the King's elite warriors in the most honourable wrestling ring, then collect festive prizes with your lucky winnings.

We have some special new skins available for everybody: the Year of the Pig King Collection. As always, you can either find them as drops in the game, weave them from spools, buy them directly ingame for yourself or head over to the steam store page to purchase them as gifts for friends!

The Year of the Pig King Collection can be purchased for $5.99USD per playable character and contains 2 unique item skins based on that character, or $12.99USD for the entire collection.

Players who log in before the end of the event will a special gift themed on this years event, so come check it out and get your Pig King Hat!

In case you missed it, check out our recent announcement about upcoming content for DST!:

HOTFIX - 305472
  • Fixed animation bug with Wigfrid’s Ultimate Spear skin turning invisible when dropped on the ground.
  • Fixed crash in Shop Screen for some users with Steam Overlay disabled.
  • Fixed some string issues.
Don't Starve Together - Klei-JoeW

Originally posted on the official forums by Bigfoot:

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post here, I’d like to share with you our plans for 2019, which are extensive!

First, I’d like to recap what happened in 2017/2018:
In 2017 we launched the Forge, and followed it up in 2018 with the Gorge. The idea was that we could offer a new way of playing Don’t Starve Together, in a limited-time format. We were a bit burned out on creating DST core game content and this format allowed us to try something a bit different, so we made these crazy game modes and provided them to the community for free.

Every time we launched these events, tons of players came to play, and in every instance we hit our highest ever DST concurrency. We’re super thrilled that so many people came to play the our weird game events!

While we enjoyed the events and are happy with the result, there were some drawbacks:
  • They took WAY longer to make than we expected, so we weren’t able to make as much content as we wanted, and it left little time to do things like bug fixes and Quality of Life updates for the base game.
  • Because we run the servers for these events, we also incurred the cost of these servers. Those of you who have been here a while know that Don’t Starve was not architected to be a multiplayer game, so running them on our servers was extremely inefficient. In short, even though we loved that everyone came to play, the item sales were only barely covering the costs of the servers.
  • We found that it was exceedingly difficult for us to run these events on console and as such underserved our console players.
It has been a valuable experience and we think the game is better for it, however we feel that it’s time that we turn our attention back to the core Don’t Starve Together experience: surviving together.

Here’s what we’re doing for 2019:

Brand New Content
The team is now working on brand new content for Don’t Starve Together. Survivors will be able to travel to new lands with new biomes, creatures, and more.

The first drop of this new content will come in mid-April, and we will continually be adding to the content every couple months afterward. As we said before, we think it’s important that everyone can play together and we don’t segregate our audience, so all of this content will be available for free to everyone!

Character Refreshes
The team also felt it was high time we gave our core cast some love (yes, we heard you). Over the course of the next year, we will be bestowing every character with revamped abilities, and give a glimpse into their backstory. Our goals here are to make each character unique, interesting and valuable in their own right and we expect this to be game changing in many ways.

Starting in March with Winona, we will be releasing a character refresh once a month.

These character refreshes will again be free to all players, and we will be selling new skins for these characters on the month they are refreshed.

In addition, the Triumphant, Guest of Honor and Survivor skin packs will be available to purchase for the character on that date. All owners of these skins prior to that date will be upgraded to an “Heirloom” rarity, with a higher unraveling value.

New Characters Enter the Fray
A fresh batch of four characters have been unwittingly ensnared and brought into the world. These new survivors will be released into the wild starting in Mid-March, and a new one will be released every 2 months

We are still deciding the final price of these characters, but we currently think they will be $6.99 USD each, which includes a full character skin set. You will also be able to weave the characters with spool.

Since we do not want to charge players for the new world content, these new characters will be our main way to fund development of this new content.

Console Development
We are working hard on keeping the console versions of the game up to date. Specifically, we are investing in technology to allow us to more quickly update the game without going through lengthy certification on every small change, and we've also added more staff to work exclusively on updating the console versions.

We're happy to say that the next update for the Year of the Pig King event will launch within 2 days of the PC version.

Quality of Life, Twitch Drops, Etc.
We will also be continually updating the game with bug fixes, QoL updates, new skins for Twitch drops, and more things that we’re not quite ready to announce yet.

Speaking of which, the Year of the Pig King update is going live on Thursday! Long Live the (Pig) King!

And that’s it folks!

In short, we are significantly increasing our support of Don’t Starve Together in 2019 with new game content, character refreshes, new stories to be told, new characters, and new skins.

Thanks so much for playing this crazy game, once again. I’m still amazed at how it’s evolved over the years. Please give us your feedback and thoughts!
Dec 6, 2018
Don't Starve Together - Klei-JoeW

The nights are growing colder, and a distinctive holiday cheer has permeated the air. That can only mean one thing - Winter’s Feast is upon us! Take a break from enduring a hostile world to spread some holiday cheer. You could enjoy a tasty sugar cookie and decorate a tree or two… or three. Be wary though… something terrible lurks nearby, watching our survivors' every move with laser-like focus.

An Uncommon Holiday
Winter skins have appeared to get our survivors into the winter spirit, and for a limited time, the chances of receiving a rare gift have been substantially increased!

Everyone will also get a small set of skins to enjoy, including a festive Gingerbread Chest skin. These skins can be accessed in players’ item collections, but will only be around for the duration of the Winter’s Feast seasonal event - so enjoy them while you can!

We also have a special gift for all players that play online during the Winter's Feast event, so make sure you check that out.

Happy Winter’s Feast, everyone!

Full post on the official forum:
Don't Starve Together - Klei-JoeW
Hey Everybody.

We have some things coming up in DST and I thought now would be a good time to give you all a quick update on what we have planned to finish out the year and where we are going in 2019. I am not going to get into a lot of detail here but there is definitely some cool stuff here, we'll post more info as we get closer to the release of these updates.

Winter's Feast:

Winter's Feast is coming back this year however we haven't made any substantial changes this time around and we won't be offering new skins.

However, we do have a special gift for all players that play online during the Winter's Feast event, so make sure you check that out.

Winter's Feast begins this Thursday morning December 6th (Pacific time).

Winter's Feast on console is being submitted right now and will come out as soon as it is approved - We expect Thursday for PS4 and Xbox One should be shortly after that. Please note that this is subject to change depending on console approval processes.


We had a great time with The Forge and The Gorge, but we're ready to move on to new things for a while. Beginning with Lunar New Year we will return to concentrating on more new game content for Don't Starve Together.

This doesn't mean that The Gorge and The Forge will never return, it's just not where we are going to be focusing for a while.

Year of the Pig King (Lunar New Year):

Similar to the Year of the Gobbler and Year of the Varg, We have an update planned for Lunar New Year with a small set of new skins. This update will remain in the base game and will continue to be playable beyond the holiday. More details will be coming just before that update.

You can expect this late January or early February, just shortly after Winter's Feast ends.

And then...

Similar to "A New Reign" Don't Starve Together will once again receive new content updates primarily centered around a elements that progress the world of Don't Starve and the Survivors that find themselves within it. We aren't ready to discuss details at this time about the content in these updates, but we know many of you want to see new game content updates and with the end of The Forge we thought we should let you know that it's coming.
Don't Starve Together - Klei-JoeW
Hey Everybody,

Once again, The Forge has officially come to a close.

Thanks to everybody who played. We tried some new things that we think turned out pretty well, and some other things, maybe not quite so much. But we hope you had fun all the same.

We have decided to not bring down the The Forge Collections this time. So if you didn't have a chance to pick them up when the event was live, you still have a chance. We'll let you all know if we decide to bring them down again in the future.

We have plans for things coming up that we're not quite ready to talk about just yet. But look forward to more information about that coming up very soon. We think you're gonna be pretty happy about it.
Nov 8, 2018
Don't Starve Together - Klei-JoeW

The Forge is now LIVE!

With the Ancient Gateway activated our survivors find themselves trapped in a hostile world of fire and battle. They’ll need to team up to defeat the Battlemaster’s army and his champions if they have any hopes of returning home.

The Forge is a free limited time 6-player co-op challenge, where the goal is to try and defeat the Grand Forge Boarrior in an arena. The only way to survive will be to work together.

The Forge is played on official Klei servers that are available only during the event. There are no community hosted servers during this event.

What else is in The Forge?
  • This year's Forge has had many balance, content and progression changes.
  • Character skins, emotes, item skins and more. Including skins from last season with hundreds of items.
  • Free on-demand dedicated event servers (Forge Only).
  • Simple Matchmaking with friends / community groups.
  • Event drop system (Forge only).
  • And more!
  • And new for Season 2 we have added community and personal goals replacing last years achievements. Complete matches to help the community unlock new bosses and items!

For more details about The Forge, check out our post on the official forums.
Don't Starve Together - Klei-JoeW

The Hallowed Nights are upon us once again!

Something special lies in wait for you. Everyone on can once again discover tricks and treats around the world of Don't Starve. Fill your candy bag to the brim and satisfy your sweet tooth with all sorts of sugary seasonal treats!

Spooky costumes are available for a limited time, so be sure to enjoy them before the event ends and they go back from whence they came!

New for 2018, Mix potions in the Mad Science Lab and find new Hallowed Nights Decorations to totally decorate Totally Normal Trees.

Also available are special disguises and new item skins for 2018 that will stick around, but they’ll only drop during the season of Hallowed Nights, so be on the look-out for these rare items and snag them all while you can!

Good luck, have fun, and brace yourself for a scare!

For more details see the offical forums at:

HOTFIX - 291481
  • Fixed crash when digging up Graves in the Caves.
  • Fixed crash sometimes if crafting station is destroyed right before you finish prototyping a recipe.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when giving Trinkets to the Pig King while using a modded character.
  • Fixed crash during Meteor Showers for some modded worlds.
  • Fixed a rare World Gen crash.
  • Fixed Webber and Wes’ Hallowed Nights portrait backdrops.
  • Fixed The Supernatural’s hair during certain emotes.
HOTFIX - 291700
  • Fixed bug where burning eyes on Totally Normal Trees sometimes do not appear while Hallowed Nights is active.
  • Fixed typo in Haunted Forest Portrait.
Don't Starve Together - Klei_Jan
Hey Everybody,

Things have been a bit quiet around here after The Gorge so that we can regroup, prioritize and start on upcoming content for Don't Starve Together. A big thanks to our community for your patience while we worked everything out. We saw posts for those wondering what we're up to next, suggestions and feedback as well as those of you who ensured others that we would update you all when we had more info.

Some games are calling their yearly content schedule "Seasons" - if we were doing so, we're officially kicking off "Season 3". We haven't put a cool marketing name on events yet because we're still building upon what that even means.

Just like last year, this next year will build upon existing content even more than the year before.

I have a lot of information for you today about a lot of different things - so let's get to it.

Klei Accounts:

We have created a new page where players can view their Klei Account information. Right now the functionality is limited to a few things such as changing your email or server setup, but we'll be adding more functionality to allow you greater control over your Klei Account. This is available today, check it out.

Twitch Drops:

Beginning today all players who have their Twitch Account linked to their Klei Account will be able to get drops when watching a DST stream on Twitch. These items are exclusive loyal items exclusive to These items will drop on any DST stream where the streamer has linked their Twitch account to their Klei Account. This is available today. Go check out more info here.

We wanted to get this going as soon as possible so we can make use of Twitch drops and Klei Accounts in future content plans.

The Holiday Events Return

Speaking of future content plans,With a few new Tricks and Treats, Hallowed nights returns in October. We'll post more info about the details and an exact date soon. Hallowed Nights is coming October 25th!

With that, we kick off the holiday season event schedule. Returning this year with all holiday events including Winter's Feast and Lunar New Year.

The Return of The Forge

Coming later this year, The Forge Returns bigger and better than ever with new items, creatures and community driven goals. You can look forward to more information about the return of The Forge as we get closer to release, but we wanted to let you know that it's coming.

Today's update.

Today's update is entirely a Quality of Life update. We wanted to get in some changes and fixes for some issues we want corrected before we focus entirely on this coming round of event content.

We're adding in some server filtering options to allow players to hide bad server names, we now have special flagging for servers that are official Klei Servers. We've also made a big change to the main menu that now includes important news and announcements about DST.

We found that during recent events that not as many players were aware of announced content as we would to have liked. In an effort to make sure more people see this information we will be showing it in the main menu area. We'll make sure that all important news that players should be aware of is posted in there so you know what's coming up for the game. Check out the update notes here:

And Beyond:

I am sure many of you have question about what's really next for DST. We're not ready to announce that juuust yet. But suffice it to say - things are happening.

[Game Hotfix] - 287366
  • Search for a unique Moon Rock Boulder that falls during Meteor showers to discover new Celestial crafting.
  • Twitch item drops will be available to streamers and viewers.
  • Character clothing selection screens updated to use new collection UI.
  • Profile icons now used in chat and player status screen.
  • Sort functionality added to item collection screens.
  • Improved server listing performance.
  • Server names and descriptions can now be hidden locally.
  • Klei dedicated servers now have their own icon in the Browse Games screen.
  • Added folder_name to modinfo environment, to allow for easier modder debugging.
  • Long running dedicated servers will now properly backup logs periodically.
[Game Hotfix] - 287805
  • Celestial Portal in the Caves can no longer be activated.
  • Celestial Orb will always show up on the Minimap, even if it is held or inside
  • a container.
    Fixed animation bugs with Celestial Portal.
  • Fixed animation bug with Werebeaver becoming invisible.
  • Fixed bug where digging up an occupied Burrow did not release a Moleworm.
  • Fixed bug where chat messages did not fade out.
  • Fixed “Thingamabob” names in player inspect screen.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when unravelling items.
[Game Hotfix] - 288118
  • Despawning at the Celestial Portal will now save your crafting, map, and pet data, as well as your survived day count.
  • Crafting description for On Tentacles now correctly indicates that it requires an Alchemy Engine.
  • Fixed issue with some users being unable to start a server with Caves enabled.
  • Fixed black box around the Marble Portrait.
[Game Hotfix] - 288768
  • Sorting mode in Server Browser screen is now remembered.
  • Fixed issue with some dedicated servers running on Windows failing SteamGameServer_Init if Steam client was not installed.
[Game Hotfix] - 289257
  • Details will now load for all servers listed in the Server Browser.
  • Lucy will no longer act like she was just equipped everytime you travel to and from Caves.
  • Fixed bug where some recipes crafted as Wickerbottom are not remembered after changing characters at the Celestial Portal.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when inspecting players with certain translations enabled.
  • Fixed minor text sizing issue with Player Avatar Popup.
  • Cornucopia portrait glow fixed.
  • Music volume setting will now apply to Intro Cinematic.

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