May 15, 2018
Magicmaker - Whoa Constrictor
A minor bugfix patch has been pushed to Steam, and should begin automatically downloading soon. Thanks to our players for helping us find and diagnose these issues.

May 15 2018 - Patch Notes

  • The alchemy menu’s material description now describes effects based off the shape of your first spell slot (laser or projectile)
  • Fixed an oversight that would allow the player get permanently stuck in the tutorial by setting their wand to an enchantment and exiting the game before the tutorial was completed
  • Fixed a graphical issue that would cause the background to flicker on some hardware configurations
Magicmaker - Whoa Constrictor
Greetings! We've deployed another update to Magicmaker. The detailed changelist can be found below.

Aug 30 2017 - Patch Notes

  • Bosses have been adjusted to make fighting them more challenging and interactive. The most noticeable change is significantly reduced idle times inbetween attacks, and an increases in the damage that some bosses' secondary attacks deal. These changes primarily affect New Game+ difficulty, and less so on the first playthrough.

  • Fixed a bug where the player could escape from the training course without all of the required items
  • Tweaked one of the finale maps so that the portal doesn't clip through the ceiling
  • Fixed an issue where a faint colored box appeared around the forest boss seed core
  • Fixed a freeze caused by lighting wisps on fire
  • Fixed a bug where cauldrons would not spawn in the castle during goblin revolution
  • Fixed a bug where fairy enemies may still appear during goblin revolution in the forest
  • You can no longer pause during the ending sequence
  • Fixed a bug where the background during the final battle would display incorrectly on wide resolutions
  • Fixed a bug where goblin wizards with necrom-nomicon didn't spawn minions
  • Fixed an issue where the quest line in the level portal menu wasn't centering properly
  • Fixed a bug where enemies would not be properly destroyed in the finale
  • Fixed a bug where the player wasn't silenced when they entered certain portals
  • Fixed a bug where activating the boss room of the temple, then going to a shrine and staying there, would result in a bunch of temple boss warning effects going off constantly
  • Fixed a bug where left over vfx from the previous level would show up on the title screen
  • Grammatical fixes on a handful of tooltips

  • Fixed an issue that caused certain bosses to throw projectiles outside of the boss arena, or get stuck in attack animations
Mar 6, 2017
Magicmaker - Whoa Constrictor
Greetings! We've deployed another update to Magicmaker. Read on for the details!

In addition to bugfixes, for the next Magicmaker update we will be looking to adjust the difficulty of bosses in New Game+. We've created a discussion thread for the matter on the forums (LINK) for you to share your thoughts on boss balance, and are looking forward to your feedback!

Now, onto the changelist.

Mar 06 2017 - Patch Notes

  • Increased drop rate of alchemy components (essences and stones)
  • Stones and essences now drop at an even ratio, instead of all alchemy drops having an equal drop rate (causing stones to appear less often)
  • Training dummies now display your damage per second (DPS) after receiving damage
  • Added a stone dummy to the training area. It is knockback immune.
  • Siren's Seafoam projectiles now begin oscillating upwards regardless of the direction they are fired (left vs right)
  • Siren's Seafoam lasers now undulate in a wave pattern instead of being a static shape
  • Adjusted tooltips to clarify their effects on spellpower.
  • Adjusted particle effects on the Pranksgiving Cornucopia artifact
  • Added some more loading screen tips
  • Allowed the player to modify their spells if they die to the final boss
  • Adjusted tutorial text to better explain spellpower and clarify controls

  • Fixed an issue that caused keys to vanish
  • Significantly improved the performance of wind gusts in the Forest Zone
  • Fixed a bug where Crystal Ball-Diamond-Laser spells would only hit once
  • Fixed a bug that caused Trick Bullet-Turret spells to deal less damage than intended
  • Fixed an interaction with Trick Bullet and Diamond that would cause projectiles to double hit an enemy
  • Fixed a bug where very large Diamond Lasers would hit more times than intended on targets very close together
  • Fixed a bug where Crystal Ball-Diamond-Laser spells would repeatedly hit the same target
  • Fixed a bug where the turret robe would occasionally not appear or attack
  • Arrow drops from Quiver spells no longer prevent treasure room portals from opening
  • Fixed several instances of incompletable levels, especially in the forest
  • Fixed a rare bug that would cause floating standing stones in the forest
  • Fixed an issue where fire wisps and salamanders would get stuck in a corner of the desert sandpit trap room
  • Significantly reduced instances of giant snowball enemies vibrating violently in tiny corridors
  • Removed a phantom hitbox on the Desert Boss
  • Fixed several typos. Now there aren't any spelling errors left in the game, as always. Was there ever a spelling error in Magicmaker? It's impossible to say at this point. We're looking into forming a panel of experts to thoroughly investigate rumors of spelling errors in the game, but if we're being totally honest it seems like a wasted effort, seeing as the notion of a spelling mistake in our game is downright absurd. I mean, come on.
Magicmaker - Whoa Constrictor
Happy Holidays! We've rolled out another Magicmaker update to address some bugs and other issues with the game. Read on for the full notes!

Dec 06 2016 - Patch Notes

  • You can now warp between the boss-repelling giant gems in the Temple Zone (allowing you to return to the start of the level)
  • Crystal Ball spells have again updated behavior for multi-hit effects. If there are no nearby enemies, they will loop back to the same target.
  • Adjusted Beehives to be slightly more difficult to knock down, especially in New Game+
  • Agitated bees stay around for less time in New Game+, but deal more damage.
  • Leaf piles now have health

  • Poison and Fire status effects no longer do 100x their intended damage on the Super Murderfest challenge
  • Salamanders now take knockback damage
  • The title screen now displays on extremely large resolutions
  • Fixed additional typos and adjusted some quest text. There are now absolutely no spelling errors at all within the entire game. Every single word of every line of text is spelled correctly.
Magicmaker - Laddo D
Greetings and Happy Halloween! We've pushed an update for Magicmaker containing bug fixes. This update also includes steam cloud save functionality, allowing your save files to go anywhere you do! Read on for the full notes.

Oct 25 2016 - Patch Notes

  • Target Dummies can now be raised to 100,000 health in New Game+
  • Crystal Ball spells have updated behavior for multi-hit effects- the projectile will choose a new homing target each time it hits an enemy.
  • Adjusted how knockback is processed, preventing the rapid accumulation of gravity-related momentum
  • Adjusted the spread pattern of Illusion Dust projectiles
  • Necrom-nomicon minion HP and damage is now calculated on projectile expiration instead of on-cast, allowing them to benefit from Chaos Butterfly and Extract of Monday materials properly
  • You can no longer finish the tutorial on New Game+ mode without collecting all your equipment
  • Goblin wizards are no longer immune to knockback
  • Improved clarity of some material tooltips

  • Illusion Dust no longer stacks into negative damage or spellpower values in New Game+
  • Fixed a bug where Owlbear Trap/Siren Seafoam/Chaos Butterfly/Tonna Brick spells would have a life of their own and move in illogical ways
  • Fixed a bug where Illusion Dust robe projectiles could sometimes damage the player
  • Disabled the = debug key (it made a bunch of numbers appear)
  • Fixed a bug where goblin wizards would have some materials incorrectly set on the Goblin Revolution challenge
  • Fixed a bug where the gem ghost could get knocked out of the level bounds in the castle, preventing it from being collectable
  • Fixed a rare crash in the final battle
  • Fixed a bug where Fairy Wing/Optic Lens spells would hit an incorrect number of times.
  • Fixed a typo in the Halloween Quest

  • Magicmaker saves now use Steam Cloud Saving
Magicmaker - Whoa Constrictor
Greetings, wizards and witches! We've just pushed a small update to Magicmaker which should be available immediately. If you are having issues receiving the update, exit steam and relaunch. A big thanks to our community for helping us identify these issues!

Aug 20 2016 - Patch Notes

  • Adjusted material tooltips for clarity and consistency
  • One-Sided Coin's explosion radius now scales with material grade and multiple copies of it.
  • One-Sided Coin's explosion damage now scales stronger with spellpower
  • Added options to adjust screen shake
  • When loading recipes containing an unavailable material grade, the next highest available grade will be slotted
  • Added secrets

  • Fixed a bug where Explosive Powder laser spells were doing 10x their intended damage
  • Fixed an issue where the Forest Boss's Pollen Laser would scale into negative values in NG+
  • Magic Boomerang robe effect will no longer knock back objects that are intended to be knockback immune
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Final Boss to despawn if is knocked off screen
  • Bazel's Hourglass of Regret no longer warps the player through anti-teleport walls
  • Fixed a crash caused by charming goblin wizards using Illusion Dust
  • Fixed a bug where Extract of Monday's robe effect's damage was being multiplied in the Super Murderfest challenge
  • Fixed a crash on WINE on OS X
  • Fixed a typo in the Halloween Quest
Apr 10, 2016
Magicmaker - Whoa Constrictor
Greetings, wizards and witches! We've just pushed a small update to Magicmaker which should be available immediately. If you are having issues receiving the update, exit steam and relaunch.

Apr 10 2016 - Patch Notes

  • Added screen shake intensity options
  • Expanded level seed diagnostic information on pause menu

  • Fixed an issue with lock keys getting stuck and/or not working in Azazel's Academy
Magicmaker - Laddo D
The new game + save wipe bug has been fixed. You may have to restart steam to prompt the update. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Magicmaker - Whoa Constrictor
Due to a bug, beginning a NewGame+ file will completely reset progress on that save file. We are working to fix this as soon as possible and will keep you all updated on the matter. Please avoid NewGame+ mode until this issue is resolved!

UPDATE DEC 21 2015 8:03PM PST: We've created a bundle of save files for each of the main NG+ tiers. You can download this bundle here:

Magicmaker - Whoa Constrictor
Greetings, wizards and witches! An update for Magicmaker is now available, which fixes several bugs. We hope you have a magical holiday season!

Read on for the full details.

Dec 17 2015 - Patch Notes

  • Added left-handed mouse options
  • Giant Cobra miniboss is now completely immune to knockback
  • Turret Flowers are now affected by knockback
  • Midnight desert and sunset jungle backgrounds have been added to Temple Zone difficulties 3 and 4 respectively

  • Re-added Windows XP support
  • Actually fixed the green crystal chest bug this time
  • Lightning Rod's robe effect now works properly when walking on walls with Sticky Slime.
  • Fixed a bug where trying to bind the arrow keys would work, but the keys would be improperly labeled as "INVALID KEYBIND"
  • Fixed a bug where Fairy Wing laser spells were doing less damage than intended
  • Fixed a bug where you would have zero ammo available if you picked up a quiver in the plug and play challenge
  • Tonna bricks + Sticky Slime projectiles now obey gravity until they begin follow walls
  • Fixed an issue where spell names would become miscolored through renaming
  • Fixed an issue where the temple vault in the bachelors difficulty mission was unlocked at the start of the mission
  • Adjusted spacing issues in the UI options menu
  • Fixed a music loop stutter in the associates difficulty Desert Zone
  • Fixed a case where you could no longer progress if you enchanted your wand in the tutorial and then quit out
  • Fixed a bug where the screen would occasionally just go all white during the finale sequence
  • Fixed a bug where rock lasers would sometimes make the screen go all white

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