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StarCrawlers v1.1 - Hotwire Update

The Hotwire Update is live and it’s FREE. Originally intended as DLC, we’ve reworked and integrated all of the content from Hotwire into the base StarCrawlers game as a free update for all players. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Hacking is now a fully developed and separate system that works alongside the base game.
  • Datajacks will now spawn on randomized missions allowing access to the virtual Wire network which connects all of the systems of the map you’re on.
  • Using your Deck, jack in and ride the Wire to encounter 35+ new enemies and discover 25+ new abilities exclusive to hacking.
  • The Hackshop in STIX sells Programs and Utilities to beef up your Deck and tackle the toughest denizens of the Wire.
  • Enemy programs guard the Wire and change depending on the type of network, security rating of their nodes, and other factors to give a different feel to each network you hack.
  • New hacking element types (Security, Corruption, and Deception) each have their own enemies and program types for you to unlock and use both in hacking combat and when interacting with nodes.
  • Nodes in the network control security doors, alert levels, contain loot data, and more. Hack your way to the Core and crash it to bring the system down and stick to the megacorps.
  • Now that hacking is live, more hacking specific content is in the works (and will arrive Sooner™)!

Additional Patch Notes for v1.0.4

Tip Jar
  • We’ll be supporting ongoing development of StarCrawlers with free updates and content patches by adding a Tip Jar button to the title screen. If you enjoy the Hotwire Update and want to see more of it (and new stuff!), please consider showing your support with a $1 tip!
  • Tipping confers no in-game advantage and never will (but we’ll think you’re really cool) and amount may vary in your local currency as determined by Steam.
  • If the Tip Jar bothers you, simply click the Hide Tip Jar button and you’ll never see it again.

  • Fixed a plot hole that could allow a certain character to randomly appear on the final mission (despite your refusal to work with them earlier in the story).
  • Firing the Prototype allows it to be rehired from the STIX bar - possibly. It may wander off and do its own thing if it feels like it.

  • Sped up animation of Showdown crosses on target when stacks are greater than 3.

  • Unsupported resolutions checks are no longer ignored on Linux as a workaround - as such, you may need to adjust your resolution and reset your preferences if you are playing on Linux with a non-3:4 display.
  • If you encounter issues with your resolution on Linux - please let me know your distro and native resolution in the forums so I can support as many as possible.
  • Double typing on text entry is still a known issue - Unity has not patched it. Investigation continues!

Other notes
  • Fixed additional elusive typos.
  • Minor bug fixes and QOL improvements.
  • Known issue (non fatal) with event entering hackshop for the first time that can cause a sentence be skipped.
StarCrawlers - Thunderflux
Great new everyone! With the recent update to Unity 2017.3.0f3, players on the beta branch are reporting no crashes from the annoying memory access violation of the previous build.

Big thank you to all the players who braved the horrors of the beta branch to bring us this information.

Now, back to work on those other bugs and updates...
StarCrawlers - Thunderflux
If you've been experiencing a memory leak (and so crashing randomly during missions) with the latest version, the beta branch has been updated with a build in Unity 2017.3 for all platforms!

If you are experiencing this issue, please consider trying the beta branch version of StarCrawlers - this build is in Debug Mode and can provide more detailed crash info to help determine the cause.

To access the beta branch :
Right-click StarCrawlers in your Library > Properties > Betas > select beta from the dropdown menu

Early player feeback from the PC x64 beta seems to show the memory leak is fixed for players using the beta branch. If you do experience a crash or were previously an do not with the beta branch - let me know!
StarCrawlers - Thunderflux
If you've been experiencing a memory leak (and so crashing randomly during missions) with the latest version, the beta branch has been updated with a Windows x64 build in Unity 2017.3

If you are experiencing this issue and are using Windows x64, please consider trying the beta branch version of StarCrawlers - this build is in Debug Mode and can provide more detailed crash info to help determine the cause.

To access the beta branch :
Right-click StarCrawlers in your Library > Properties > Betas > select beta from the dropdown menu

Thanks for bearing with me as I dig through (yet another) Unity engine bug!

UPDATE : 20 Feb
Early player feeback seems to show the memory leak is fixed for players on the beta branch, so I'll be putting builds live today for all platforms on beta branch. Thank you everyone who has been sending feedback on the beta build!

StarCrawlers - Thunderflux
Hello all!

This build contains a possible workaround for That Bug (crashing when returning from mission) based on code contributed by a fellow developer that was having a similar issue with their game.
  • If you are currently experiencing a crash when returning from a mission, please try updating and let me know if the situation seems fixed. If you do crash, send me those logs!

  • I've also update the Unity engine to version 2017.2.0p2 to address stability issues.
If we have indeed slain That Bug, we'll have more news about what's coming next Soon(TM)...
Dec 5, 2017
StarCrawlers - Thunderflux
UPDATED: 12/8/2017
A new version of StarCrawlers for Windows x64 users is live on the beta branch using the just released Unity 2017.3 Beta. Please note this is a beta of the next Unity engine update, so may a) be unstable and b) not solve That Bug.

Local tests of builds continue to NOT reproduce That Bug, but this does not mean it is solved. If while playing the beta branch you do encounter a crash when endning a missiom, please let me know.

The fight continues!


Hi all! With the start of December I wanted to post an update to let everyone know what's going on.

Winter Event
I had hoped to set the Winter Event live this week, but due to That Bug having a crushing effect on the game for a majority of players, I've decided not to introduce further chances at instability until the bug is resolved. If the situation changes before the end of the month, I'll revisit the event.

That Bug
It really sucks. Players returning from a mission to STIX encounter a hard crash. Sometimes it happens on every mission, sometimes only rarely, but it happens to a lot of players. Here's all the information to date:

  • Why is this crash happening?
    The Unity player is attempting to clean up the Mission scene after you load the STIX scene. While this is happening, a crash occurs when attempting to destroy *something* in the scene.

  • Why don't you just fix it?
    Because the bug is not with my code, but the underlying Unity engine that runs StarCrawlers, so there is nothing I can change in the code to address the bug. I can identify where the crash happens and what triggers it, but there is no fix I can apply other than forwarding this information to Unity and waiting for a release that addresses the bug.

  • When will a fix come?
    Unity has a roadmap of releases that indicates a similar issue (though not specifically this bug) will be fixed with the release of Unity 2017.3, which is expected mid-December. If the release does fix the bug and doesn't introduce new engine bugs (something I'm afraid feels more common with each release) - the crash will stop happening.

  • What happens now?
    We're continuing to test workarounds while we wait for a fix from Unity, but until the bug is resolved, further patches and dev on the expansion will be on hold until I'm sure that we've reached a point of stability with the base game. My hope is the next Unity update will resolve the issue!

  • I have more questions!
    Post away in the forums or the comments below - I'm always listening :)
StarCrawlers - Thunderflux

UPDATED : 1 Nov 2017

It looks like the Cursed Mun brought with it a nasty bug! If you are experiencing a crash when returning to STIX, please see
this thread.

The Cursed Mun has risen once again! A mysterious figure has been spotted skulking in the shadows, promising rich rewards to those who satiate his craving for Skull Candy…

Halloween Event
It's our favorite time of year and the Cursed Mun Halloween event is live and brings with it new content! Here's what's happening :
  • Skull Candies can be looted on randomized missions and traded to Baron von Ominous on STIX for festive rewards.

  • For 10 Skull Candies, a ticket can be purchased that gives access to a repeatable Special Event mission : The Ghost Ship.

  • The Ghost Ship has 3 unique bosses and also drops festive loot. Be warned - the Ghost Ship will present a challenging mission for even the most battlehardened crawlers.

  • There (:D) may be more holiday events in the future!

Patch Notes for v1.0.3
Updated StarCrawlers engine to Unity 2017 and made a variety of delightful bug fixes - some highlights below :

  • Linux StarCrawlers is working once again on distro Ubuntu LTS 14.0.

Beta Branch Active
  • A testing branch with the latest unstable build in now available through Steam.

  • Fixed a bug where Stealth applied by certain items would halt combat if a Cyberninja then applied another Stealth effect.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Constructs to deal reduced or 0 damage if attacking on the same turn as deconstructing.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Bolty from gaining regen at Rank 3 Built Real Good when automatically deploying at the start of combat.

Force Psyker
  • Interacting with certain crystal formations in Mines will now only target negative syndromes.

  • Combat Log has gained additional details about events.
  • Fixed issues with optional objectives on random missions not saving their state correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with mobs dying in the process of summoning reinforcements and causing combat to behave strangely.
  • Fixed an issue when calculating Fear resistance.
  • Fixed an issue with certain events that could cause null items to appear in inventory and appear to take up extra slots.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Loose Crystals to drop an incorrect item.
  • Minor text fixes.
StarCrawlers - Thunderflux

An ominous moon is coming into orbit and bringing something new to STIX...
StarCrawlers - Thunderflux

Hack Mode is Coming

We're excited to announce work has begun on the first DLC for StarCrawlers, and it's all about Hacking! Here's how it will work :

1. When Hack Mode launches, a free update will activate the hacking system for all players.

2. Hack Mode will connect things in the meat world (security doors, terminals, objectives, etc) with nodes in the local Wire network of your mission location. Locating a datajack will allow you to hack into the network, explore, control nodes, and fight new enemy types that exist only in the Wire.

3. To fight enemies and navigate the Wire, you’ll need specialized gear. All players will start with a basic Deck to upgrade and equip with programs and utilities to boost your hacking power. Hacking gear can be found within the Wire, from corporate contacts, and a shady new storefront opening in STIX…

4. A Hack Mode DLC will be available for purchase that adds a new story campaign, new deck programs and utilities, and meat world rewards, but owning the Hack Mode DLC won’t be required to enjoy hacking in StarCrawlers.

We’ll have more information about Hack Mode soon!
StarCrawlers - Thunderflux
A variety of improvements and fixes - boosted stash storage, blueprint chip / crafting component management, combat UI, and more - dig in!

UPDATE : 7/5/2017
I'm actively looking into issues OSX & Linux users are experiencing with this patch - updated the engine to Unity 5.6.2 and it's causing the usual pains. More info as it develops!

  • The Stash in the Saloon now has 3 tabs worth of storage, with 32 items each.
  • Talrie has added an AutoCraft Bench to her shop. If y’all have Blueprint Chips, this’d be the place to use them.
  • Blueprint Chips and crafting components are now unique. If a unique item is rolled to drop and is already present in your inventory or stash, another loot drop will replace it.
  • Removed AutoCraft Benches from spawning in facility maps as you can now craft in the comfort of your home station.
  • New crafting opportunities are on the way soon!

Force Psyker
  • Fixed a bug with Purity Prism that could fail to clear Stun.

  • Artifacts created with Bag of Wonders will clean up correctly if destroyed before activating.

  • Fixed an issue preventing FoxKin being recognized when using the Custom Armor passive.

  • Hitting the Tab key will now toggle display of health bars over mobs in combat.
  • Added a option for Sticky Ability Wheel in combat. This will cause the Ability Wheel to persist after an enemy is clicked instead of fading when the mouse button is released.
  • Attack results are now logged first in Combat Log, followed by factors that affected the final damage.
  • Attacks that miss because the target dodged are now called out in the Combat Log.
  • Crit resistance successes are now shown in the Combat Log.
  • The Combat Log, Crew Monitor and Timeline now all scroll independently, based on mouse cursor location.
  • The Combat Log will now also show event messages.

Mobs & Combat
  • All characters now correctly have 0% Dodge chance while affected by Stun (though attacks against them can still miss).
  • Slight reduction in base damage and critical chance for CorpSec Heavy’s Power shot.
  • CorpSec Heavy’s Battle Scan no longer stacks.
  • Fixed certain Void-tainted mobs from having an outsized shield effect.

  • Fixed Lungquake syndrome boosting damage resistance incorrectly.
  • Fixed a stacking crit buff upgrade when dealing elemental damage from failing at 20 stacks.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an Autosave to be unrecognized in the Title Screen if preferences had been reset.
  • Fixed an issue with forced player movement that could cause strange behaviour.
  • Minor text fixes.

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