Dig or Die - Gaddy Games
Here is a small update I just released, mostly to fix a few issues. Thanks again to all of you for your support and appreciation of my game :-)
Now I go back to work on my new project!

v1.11 (Build 858)

- Added recipes for crafting Stone, Granite and Lightweight Rock
- Changed ingame discord links to the language-specific discord channels when appropriate
Bug Fix
- Fixed bug that prevented client to place a backwall over an item
- Fixed bug that paused the organic rock during 10s after a reload
- Fixed "/find" to avoid returning positions outside of the visible world
- Fixed <1% lava quantity that didn't burnt wall (but damaged player)
- Fixed lava plants that could burn when in fire
- /killme now works on clients
- Explosive screen shaking now on clients too
- Added flashlight in creative/epilogue mode
- Updated "/clearkills" help
Dig or Die - Valve
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Dig or Die - Gaddy Games
This update brings new arts and animations for all monsters, new items, various tools and commands for map edition, and a lot of bug fixes and improvements.

New edition tools are detailed in this wiki page: https://digordie.gamepedia.com/Modding_and_Mapping. Don't hesitate to complete it, or post a link to your own custom maps.

I'll now start working on a new game, and stop updating Dig or Die but for bug fixes or minor improvements. I'm not sure yet what I'll do next with Dig or Die as there are so much to do... hire a developer to work on it? find a partnership with another studio to continue it and port it to consoles (if you are one, contact me!)? Wait for some hypothetical Dig or Die 2 in order to change the game features in depth? I don't know yet.

As for my next game, it will be totally different from Dig or Die. I can't be sure if I'll manage to do something great, but I do think you'll find it very interesting, and really worth to work on it! I'll post something about it when it's time, but if you want to be sure not to miss it, register to my little mailing list (no spam, something like 1 mail per year): http://eepurl.com/cIQ0VD

Thanks again to all of you for your support during those last few years!

And here is the complete change log:

v1.1 (Build 854)


- New arts and anims for monsters and bosses (almost all, not yet complete)
- New item: Alarm. Flashing light with sound, when powered with a signal
- New item: Distance Sensor. Detect units around it (3 modes: green for players, red for monsters, blue for both). Added those 3 modes to the proximity sensor.
- New item: Composite Door
- New item: Mega Health Potion. Heal 100% of HP, cooldown 15s
- New item: Pheromones Potion. Attract monsters from further away
- New item: Invisibility Potion. Canceled if shoot or use item. Visually, player is almost invisible.
- New item: Ultimate Rebreather
- Item modification: Stealth Bracelet, changed from previous Invisibility Bracelet. Player is half-transparent. Monsters have more difficulty to find player (during the day): distance to detect, and to lose track, is reduced (half). Cancels only if shooting (player can dig). Usage 30s, cooldown 60s.
- Drone: it now stays in inventory, is called when you activate it. Recipe modified so they now are updates. Added transparency to AI speech bubble.
- Minimap: button to toggle a x2 zoom, and display the % of exploration
- Menu "CUSTOM GAMES" renamed into "OTHER WORLDS"
- Improve monthers pathfinding, to climb (especially platforms)
- Add localization in Traditional Chinese
- Update localization in Simplified Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Brazilian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese

Map edition tools

- Added an empty map in local files /DigOrDie_Data/SteamingAssets/Empty World. Work In Progress, various things left to do: manage monsters areas, bosses, strange rocks, minimap clearing.
- Clock day/night areas display now dynamic whatever the day/night durations, perfect precision now
- "Delete" key to remove items
- Made strange rock area dynamic, build those rocks anywhere with the Creative Brush.
- Organic rock heart is now dynamic too ; it regens a bit differently, player can "move" it. It can also be healed once killed with the Brush tool.
- If you spawn a boss with the Monster Gun, in Dev Mode (m_devMode=true in Creative Mode), it will set its lair/respawn area at this new position.
- Automatic character skin reset (open character window) if change of host (if map shared to someone else, even in solo)
- F4 debug : display the currently (daily) spawn monster
- Add basic rifle to recipes (useful for map edition)
- Added Scrap Metals recipe to ultimate autobuilder (useful for map edition)
- Adds an Auto-Builder Ultimate when activating the Dev Mode.
- New param: m_checkMinerals. Add some minerals (gold, etc.) at loading if not enough found (if players dug everything). True by default.
- New param: Dev Mode (m_devMode). Give invincibility, fast travel/fly/noclip with numeric keypad arrows, time change with PageUp/PageDown/Home/End keys.
- New param: m_dynamicSpawn. To make monsters spawn depending of the surrounding blocks & background (example: if crytals, spawn ants) like in Terraria (see wiki for more info).
- New param: m_rainY. Set rain/cloud altitude (880 in main world)
- New param: m_fastEvaporationYMax. Water evaporates very fast below (280 in main world).
- New params: m_sunLightYMin & m_sunLightYMax. Altitude where sky become caverns (no more sun light). Useful for map edition, as it changes some of the spawns. 600 & 665 in main world
- New param: m_lavaPressureBottomCycle. Lava altitude at the lowest point of its cycle. 2 in main world
- New command: /clearminimap. Clear Minimap (for map edition)
- New command: /clearbosses. To kill all bosses and delete their lair/respawn area
- New command: /clearminimapfog to clear the minimap fog (useful for map edition)
- New command: /clearkills to clear the killed monsters list (keep firefly & hounds) (useful for map edition)
- New command: /cleardaycounter to reset the day counter.

Bug Fix

- Prevent getting several similiar Hazardous Events following each other
- Fixed Meteor Shower and Earthquake for clients
- Fixed monsters spawning from altitude (and crashing stupidly)
- Ultimate Autobuilder don't consume items anymore when they are available
- Minimap : fixed bug when near map borders
- Fixed sync of blocks destroyed by grenade launcher
- Fixed other players name highlight (now only if item is beinbg dragged)
- Fixed bug that let projectiles go through walls when quick saving (+ other collisions issues when quick saving)
- Fixed some texts not updating when changing language (game creation & lobbies screen)
- Monster Gun: bosses spawn with right clic are now aggressive
- Monster Gun: Spawn monsters with Monster Gun are not killed anymore at loading.
- Fixed bug (at loading) with lava cycle skip & organic rock kill
- Fixed an issue with the input field while saving game
- Fixed bug that prevented infiltration when water pressure was > 83


- Potion regen: +150% instead of +200%
- Potion armor (-30% damages ) applied before armor (so more effective)
- Critics damage : x3 instead of x2
- Plasma Sniper: 35 damages instead of 45, but 25% of critics chance instead of 5%
- Armor Potion now reduce damage by 30%
- Precision Potion: 20% more chance instead of 30%
- Increased drowing monster damage (2+ 5% of max HP)
- Fishes damages in air are now the same as drowning monsters
- Under The Sea mode: modify shape of the bottom of the sea to let player go closer to the gas rock islands
- Under The Sea mode: MadCrab easier to find (bigger lair)
- Under the Sea: spawning zone for T3 monster a bit higher so players can reach the cavern ceiling more easily.
- Default mode: granit caverns a bit longer, more connected
- Base Defense mode: move all bosses (now better hidden)
- Demon aim better when player is running
- Regeneration Potion ticks duration changed. One tick every 1.6s (still 150% of hp healed over 60s - so heal ticks of 1/2/3/4 hp depending of difficulty)
- Grenade Launcher cannot damage T4 & T5 rocks
- All electric components recipes produce 2 instead of 1
- HP Regen Potion cost modified (3 blue flower instead of 4)
- Precision Potion cost modified (7 High Radioactive Blood instead of 10)
- Armor Potion cost modified (7 High Radioactive blood instead of 10, no more dead plants)
- Speed Potion cost modified (now 3 Deep Cave Tree Seeds and 7 Highly Radioactive Blood)
- Invisibility potion recipe change (deadly blood)
- Mega potion recipe change (build 1 instead of 3 - change for big potions too)
- Sapphire emit a bit of light


- New Command: /killme
- Crafting group: "minerals / materials" now together
- Add contrast & modify colors of steel platforms and composite walls
- AI: improve bubbles colors to be more readable at day & night
- AI message when near a rare mineral
- AI message to explain there is no normal loot at night
- Help: says we can place dirt but not rock; and that we can drag&drop items onto the other players names
- Update english localization
Nov 27, 2018
Dig or Die - Gaddy Games
Major v1.1 update will soon be ready!

Today I uploaded on the beta branch a version with two of the major v1.1 features:
- New arts and animations for all monsters and bosses! You can already see most of them in the beta version (still work in progress however)
- Tools to help players to create or customize a map: a "dev mode" param to get full invincibility, fast travel and no collision ; a param to make monsters spawn dynamically depending of the surrounding mineral backgrounds ; and various other commands and params (Here is the wiki page to explain them: https://digordie.gamepedia.com/Modding_and_Mapping ).

V1.1 will also have a lot of balance, some new items (not yet done), a minimap zoom, and various bug fixes

It will probably be the last major update of the game for some time, as after this one i'll start working on a new game.
I'll see if I can find some partnership, or hire a developer to continue major updates for Dig or Die. If not, I'll work only on bug fixes and minor improvements for Dig or Die, and focus mostly on my next game (which will not be Dig or Die 2, at all)

Dig or Die - Gaddy Games
This update should improve your experience in multiplayer: for late-joining clients (they will get same weapons & devices than host) and for better managing bad behaviors (easy kick & ban, and if banned host get its inventory). It should also improve low-framerate experience with the volcano lava cycle & eruption and jumping down platforms bug fix.
Also, Base Defense mode is now really (really) challenging in late game.

I'll now start working on the v1.1 update. More news about it soon.

And remember about the Eiffel Tower Building Contest, it ends tomorrow!

v1.03 (Build 814)

- Joining clients (first-time) automatically get the host devices & weapons (param m_clientGetHostItems)
- Banned players give all their item to host (param m_banGiveLootToHost)
- Kick & Ban buttons in the players list window, for host. Add a "players" button to open this window (Tab key shortcut).
- Volcano: skip a lava up/down cycle if lava didn't have time to go away when cycle should start. An "*" is then written next to the lava pressure in the F4 debug.
- Dynamic balance of the volcan eruption "lava volume", in order to avoid mass lava flooding & ocean drying, and lava not coming out:
* reduce the eruption duration (600s=>500s)
* extends its duration dynamically if lava didn't rich the top (up to 800s). Add two params for that.
* modification of the layout of the bottom-side chimneys, to make the lava coming out slowlier (on new worlds)
* modification of the layout of the top-side chimneys, to make less rain entering the boss lair (on new worlds)

Bug Fix
- Fix bug with teleporter UI (when removing an active teleporter)
- Fix "load" button in main menu locked in some situation (if no multi (or custom) save, and quitting a multi (or custom) game)
- Fixed bug that prevented to jump down from a platform when very low framerate

- Base Defense mode: after 33 nights, when there is no more monsters to spawn, monsters gain 10% of HP & damage every night
- particle turrets projectiles don't go through (that was never intended)
- Balance: Flame-thrower turrets more resistant (400 hp instead of 250)
- Plasma Sniper Rifle damage increased from 35 to 45
- ZF-0 gun unlocks target if fired with shift key pressed

- Update items description and help (no need for devices to be placed in the items bar)
- Add params m_speedSimu and m_speedSimuWorld to modify the simulation & world (liquids) simulation speeds
- Improve/fix fps debug: show framerate, then the ratio between the game time speed and the real time speed, and then the ratio between the world simulation (especially liquids) time speed and the game time speed. Add a param to lock the game/world ratio (if low framerate, the framerate will be even lower, but liquids will run at the normal speed compared to the player movement and day duration).
Dig or Die - Gaddy Games
Here is a little building contest for fun! You have one month, until September 26th, to build the highest possible tower.
Winner will get 3 keys of the game as a little reward, 2nd and 3rd one key, that you can offer to family or friends

Really bad example of a tower

Here are the rules:
- Use this map: http://gaddygames.com/games/DigOrDie/divers/Eiffel%20Tower%20Contest%20v4.save download it and copy it into your Dig or Die save directory, which should be something like that: C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Dig or Die\<steam_id>\Saves\Solo ).
- Use only the blocks you have in your inventory. Of course don't change the params or anything like that
- You can anchor your tower only to the 4 rock anchor poitns on each side, as you can see in my example above. Do not anchor on the 10/20/etc. marks in the sky!
- Post the screenshot of the top of your tower in the forum ( https://steamcommunity.com/app/315460/discussions/0/1734336452590368352/ ), and at the end the best one will send me their map so I can check it works well. I'll then put them public for everyone to download them and admire the Master Builder :-)

*** EDIT on 2018/08/27 ***
As you might have seen, I've modified the contest (the file changed): the walls to use are now low-tech walls (the concrete ones, iron support and wood walls).
The previous hi-tech contest is still valid, winners will get keys if they wish ; but the results were already far, far too high (130+), that wasn't very fun to build anymore. That's why I changed to low-tech walls, it will give much smaller towers but more fun and easy to build.
I'm very sorry for this change but I don't think it's really fun to play with the very special game physics that happens when you build at those huge heights

Good luck!

Dig or Die - Gaddy Games
This update is now live! Most interesting change is the hydroelectric generators: their power limit has been increased from 5kw to 50kw! If you can manage to get enough water pressure, you'll be able to produce much more electricity than before with one single generator.
Another thing is the Sun Lamp, which has a far greater range than before. So don't hesitate to use it to create large plants farms!

Here you an do a generator producing 14kW

I also did a lot of balancing. Most important is the weapon heating: your firerate will drop more now if you heat your weapons too much ; by firing constantly. The heating feedback on cursor is more visible now. This way player should be able to better understand the system and actually improve their DPS
Also some changes on Metal Detector (range x2 !), zf-0 (use it!), flamethrower (burn them all!), plasma gatling, and on various recipes.

If you like the building physics, be sure to check the next announcement (probably tomorrow) as I'll launch a little Eiffel Tower building contest :-)

v1.02 (Build 803)

- Hydroelectricity Generators: generate up to 50kW (with very high pressure of water). Generators start working with a lower delta pressure (2)
- Sun lamps: far, far greater range (1 lamp every 22 horizontal spaces if lamp is at a height of 5)
- Add traditional Chinese localization

Bug Fix
- Fixed respawn position bug
- Fixed pumps & generator, they don't transform lava into water anymore
- Fix non-go-through bullets that were hitting several monsters (if hit in same frame)
- Fixed passive items that were all toggle on at player respawn
- Fixed cheat on multiplayer with clients recipes
- Fixed chat that opened when pressing enter from pause menus

- Increase max heating of weapons from 1.2 to 2 (less efficient if player never let them cool off). Heating more visible in cursor (1 circle from 0 to 1 heating, 2nd circle from 1 to 2)
- Change Heating for weapons (no more maximum, but prevent shooting if heating > 1.6). Heating cursor reskin
- Metal detector: detector at a distance of 100 instead of 50
- ZF0: don't hit other monsters when a target is locked (don't change target)
- Plasma Machine Gun cooldown reduced from 1.2 to 1.1, priced reduced (3 => 2 light gems)
- Increase flame damages to monsters (10 instead of 6, every 0.7s). Lava damages too (30 if little lava, 50 if a lot)
- flamethrower damage from 10 to 12
- Death Pulse Turret range area narrower
- Electrified Spiked price reduced: Radioactive Blood x20 => x10
- Lighting mine price reduced: Aluminum x3 => x2, Coal x8 => x5, Radioactive Blood x20 => x10
- Effeil Glasses cost reduced: 3 aluminum and 3 light gems => 3 iron and 2 bat sonars, and in Tier 2 instead of Tier 3 (so it can be used to build the bridge)
- Minimapper cost slightly modified: Bat Sonar x3 and Rad. Blood x10 => Bat sonar x2 and Light Gem x1

- Mineral recipes : add Iron & Gas Rock ; all plants now used in recipes
- F4 now display the framerate, and a debug value about the world (liquids) simulation speed ratio
- Coral plant a bit more visible in water
- Show game visibility (public, friends, private) in F4 debug
Dig or Die - Gaddy Games
Here is a first minor update for the game since its launch. The most useful change is the toggeable items now active from inventory - it should give you a lot more useful space in the items bar. The vegetation process update should also help the plants to grow back easier and faster, and avoid getting the world slowly becoming all dead in the areas that were digged a lot.
Finally, a few weapons balance change should make the ZF-0 (and the Sniper & Storm guns) much more efficient.

v1.01 (Build 793)

- Toggeable items (armor, light, etc.) are active from the inventory, no need to put them in the items bar anymore. Green/red indicator visible in inventory ; right-click to activate/deactivate them.
- Add Italian localization
- Vegetation more dynamic and alive: dirt tiles infiltrated with water keep some of it. Plants drink less water. Dead plants & trees fall faster (so new plants can grow)
- Improve checks for missing minerals at map loading (some minerals are added if they are missing from the map, or have been all mined).

Bug Fix
- Fix random generator number in multiplayer (each player will get regular monster drops, instead of a regular average of drops for all players)
- Fix Delay Gate
- Fix Rare Metal Detector, doesn't detect metal just outside the word boundaries anymore
- Fix Storm Gun stopping making water in some situations
- Fix the post "Lucky Day" drop rate
- Fix crash if we load a solo game in multiplayer (by moving the save file - now ok)
- Fix freeze as multiplayer client if joining a game when the rocket countdown is alredy on ; or if client is far away from the rocket when built
- Fix water/lava huge pressure sync in multiplayer (when params are changed)
- Fix a water sync issue (especially when host remove water by placing/removing a wall)

- Sniper Rifle does more damage (30=>35), ZF-0 heats much more slowly (0.02=>0.01), Storm Gun does more damage (55=>65)

- 5 auto-save files in loop instead of 3
- Steam notification moved in the bottom left corner
- Update Fr, En localization
Jul 11, 2018
Dig or Die - Gaddy Games
The game was released yesterday, and it got an amazing reception! Even better than the Early Access launch, all records have been broken :-)

I'll try to be worthy of your trust, and to offer you someday something even better, a completely new experience - and that will be entirely thanks to all of you.

About the future of Dig or Die, as I explained in the forum I don't know yet how things will go. There is so much to add (modding !), and I have also this new game concept I really want to develop. So best solutions could be to hire someone to continue update the game (I work alone for now), or find a partnership with another studio... That might be also a way to port the game to console. I'll keep you updated!

But first step is to fix the game issues, so here is a first little hot fix about issues some people got with the the volcano eruption from the Hazardous Events. I've removed it temporary from those events, until I fix it properly - but the normal eruption you discover later in the game is still there!

I'll update this post if/when I have to do other hot fixes.

So of course don't hesitate to give feedback on the forum if you see any problem!

v1.0 (Build 785) HOT FIX
- Temporary remove the Volcano Eruption from the Hazardous Events in Solo/Multiplayer game modes
- Deactivate the volcano eruption (triggered by basalt destruction) in Base Defense mode that was destroying everything
- Reduce the Meteor Shower damages (but still high enough!)
Dig or Die - Gaddy Games
After 3 years of Early Access, the game is finally complete!

To all of the Early Access supporters, I'll never thank you enough. You made my Indie Dev dream come true ; thanks to you I was able to work full time on the game for those last years and to develop much more content than initially planned.
To all future players, I hope you'll enjoy the game and what I tried to do with it.

Too much emotion for me, so let's go straight to the v1.0 feature list:

v1.0 (Build 784):

3 new game modes:

- Under the Sea: Players start in a cave located under a huge ocean of 300 blocks high, with a huge water pressure. Ideal for exploring a new world full of surprises, and / or having fun with the water physics engine.
- Sky World: A world composed of hundreds of flying islands, procedurally generated, offering high replayability value.
- Base Defense: This is a tower defense inspired mode. No exploration here, players only build a base and defend it against the successive waves of attacks.

Creative Mode option with:

- All items free, cheated weapons and armour (those ones were already in "post game" mode).
- Dimensional Brush: to modify terrain & minerals as you wish (press shift for bigger area)
- Water / Lava / Sponge Pistol: to generate (or absorb) water and lava. Be careful! (press shift for more!)
- Monster Gun: spawn monsters and boss at will (press shift for them being aggressive)
- Plan Gun (that I like to call "Totoro gun"): anything that could grow in certain conditions will grow instantly (press shift for bigger area)

Hazardous Events option, to trigger random events about 1 time a day:

- Heat Wave: no rain, fast evaporation, some plants spontaneously burn.
- Rain Flood: massive rain flood.
- Meteor Shower: meteor falling from the sky and destroying everything... have fun!
- Volcano eruptions.
- Earthquake: increases all structures' weight.
- Restless Night: more monsters (occurs only at night).
- Quiet Night: no monsters (occurs only at night).
- Gravitational Waves: a very rare stars alignment lowers the gravity (jump higher, buildings stronger).
- Acidic Water: water and rain turns into acid (green color, and damage to players).
- Drowsiness: all monsters move slowly.
- Mating Season: monsters aggro distance is increased a lot, and they move fast.
- Lucky Day: monsters drop every time. Crital hit for players at every shot.
- Sun Eclipse: instant night during the day (with monsters attacks).
- Mist: lights range are reduced, day darker, screen is grayed out.
- Electromagnetic disturbances: electric system shuts down.
- Sharkstorm: combination of Flood + raining sharks :-)

Soundtrack: 9 new tracks


All previous saved games (since v0.3) are compatible. You can also activate Hazardous Events on a previous save by using console commands.

If you wish to discuss about those new features, best is to use this forum topic:

In addition to those major v1.0 features, there is also the v0.99 pre-release I published about a month ago in order to be tested as best as possible before release.

v0.99 most important features:
- New music dynamic system: musics change depending of the "tension" of the current situation and other various specificities
- New console commands: /event (to launch an event), /find (to find an item on the map), /music
- Picked up items displayed in console. Bosses loot now auto-picked.
- Players now respawn near the autobuilder (and never inside a block)
- Improved pathfinding for monsters and drone
- Heavy changes in plants life conditions
- Various balance on drone, shield, crush damage, water evaporation, etc.
- Various bug fixes and minor improvements

The full change log is in this announcement: https://steamcommunity.com/games/315460/announcements/detail/1653264230330850584

And here are the change that were released those last few weeks, since this v0.99:

Changes since v0.99 release:

- Full localization in: English, Dutch, French, German, Korean, Polish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Japanese
- New achievments (auto-builder progress)
- Drag & Drop items from your inventory directly to another player or its name (even if he is far away)
- Add a proximity sensor (detect monster or players in the cell)
- F4 mode to show a lot of information in creative mode: quantity of water, exact light, forces, content HP, achievement infos (and a few infos in normal mode)
- Improve & optimize the spawning repartition of monsters: better take into account stucked monsters in order to better spawn monsters (species and position that let monster reach the player)

Bug Fix
- Fixed various bugs within the Hazardous Events and the Creative Mode tools
- Hide UI fix: reactivate menu buttons, hide console texts
- Fix language of system texts, if the host/client has a different language than your one
- Fix bug that prevented monsters to go through platforms in some situations
- No Peaceful difficulty in Base Defense mode
- Fixed Fire & Miniaturizor input option modification (now works)
- Fix issues with AI sentences

- Rocket Launcher: reduced push force, increased cooldown and damage
- ZF-0: additional damages on time when locked on an ennemy (from 7 to 12, +1 every 5 hits)
- Drone: goes faster, do not attack species that player didn't kill yet, reduced cost (10=>2 gold for drone, 10=>6 gold for combat drone, 10=>6 gold and 5->4 thorium for war drone)
- Meteors do much more damage, less in water
- Water pump modification (no more Perpetual Motion)
- Sun lamps, teleport and Storm gun light emission slightly modified to prevent self-generating sun lamp + solar panel
- Base defense balance: start game earlier in the day, prices of MK2+ much higher (even more for repair turret, no increase for electricity items). More water, hydroelectric generation should be easier. Added the bosses (only for fun in Creative / Post game mode)
- A little more blood dropped in easy (0.6->0.8), a little less in hard/brutal (0.25->0.2)
- Water sensor, Proximity sensor and Wire Crossing doesn't burn (from lava) anymore

- Add build version warnings (if hosts and clients don't run the same game version), technical improvements
- Add Discord link in the main menu (instead of facebook) and the multiplayer window, add icons.
- Chat input closed by pressing Escape
- Multiplayer: minor improvements of player names display
- Volume option: more precise (+ left/right keys when mouse over button for max precision)
- Remove achievements in multiplayer (as it actually didn't work client)
- Various netcode improvements
- Multiplayer: a "host is reloading" message is displayed on client when host reloads
- Add some global stats on weapons to help me balance them

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