Sproggiwood - AlphaBeard
  • Added support for Steam Cloud.
  • We added more save slots: you now have three instead of one. Your existing game will be imported into save slot #1.
  • Music now plays continuously instead of fading in and out. You can still mute music in the options menu.
  • Added a warning when overwriting saved games.
  • Fixed some cases where classes didn't unlock properly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused fire slime bombs to explode a turn late. This fix also applies to a few other turn-sensitive events.
  • Fixed some cases where clicks or taps registered twice.
Sproggiwood - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Ben Barrett)

There is the roguelite, where the ideas of permadeath and difficult combat are played with to create something that has those same values but appeals to the less patient player. There’s the roguelike, which at this stage in gaming history is usually so far flung from its low-bit routes and ascii art to be almost unrecognisable. Then there’s something like Caves of Qud [official site], which is so sure of the old school appeal it’s got a CRT filter on its display. At least it uses colour, I suppose. Set long after the destruction of all civilisation, adventurers start to roam into the old territory of the long-dead races that ruled there, seeing it as a promised land.

In development for 10 years and counting, it promises to kill you, confuse you and wonder you in equal measure as it arrives on Steam Early Access.

… [visit site to read more]

Sproggiwood - Freehold Games
Rejoice! Rejoice!

The Savage Patch (1.2) is here, featuring Savage Mode, a brutal new difficulty level with all new monster behavior. Also included: 10 new achievements and 12 new class-specific items. Aaannnddd... the Sproggiwood Original Soundtrack is now available!

1.2 Update
  • New feature: Savage Mode, a brutal difficulty level featuring new monster behavior for all the monsters!
  • New feature: 10 new achievements!
  • New feature: 12 class-specific items!
  • New feature: The Sproggiwood Original Soundtrack is now available. A new edition, Sproggiwood Enlightened Edition, includes both the game and the soundtrack.
  • New feature: A "Phone" layout option for small screens is now available.
  • Fix: Surma is tougher on all difficulty levels.
  • Fix: The Merchant Quarter civic boost discount was reduced from 15% to 10% per level.
  • Fix: Rumakko's Urn now works as intended.
  • Fix: Performance and memory usage are better.
  • Fix: All target pickers now respect remapped key bindings.
  • Fix: The Dungeon Defeat and Death screens now respect remapped key bindings.
  • Fix: The compass no longer detaches from the UI.
  • Fix: Graphic artifacts no longer appear while resizing the screen.
  • Fix: The UI no longer occasionally corrupts while buying civic boosts.
  • Fix: Consumables display correctly in storage.
  • Fix: The text spacing on gold rewards is now correct.
  • Fix: Wizard hats fit even better.
Sproggiwood - Freehold Games
Happy holidays!

The Yuletide patch is here, featuring full controller support and a Yuletide quest from... the Horned One. So eat, drink, be merry, and civilize Sproggiwood!

1.1 Update
  • New feature: Sproggiwood now has full controller support!
  • New feature: Key and button bindings are fully remappable. Additionally, bindings appear in the UI based on your mapping and whether you're using a controller or keyboard and mouse.
  • New feature: It's Yuletide in Sproggiwood! A new villager has arrived with a limited-time quest from the Horned One.
  • New feature: The decorating UI has been greatly improved.
  • Fix: Monsters damaging each other doesn't disqualify you from earning the "Quasi-Pacifist" achievement.
  • Fix: The "Et Tu, Cloghead?" achievement now triggers properly.
  • Fix: Village monsters no longer roam into the river.
  • Fix: The vampire powers Feeeeeeed! and Drain Life proc weapon effects properly.
  • Fix: The minimap now updates when you're hasted.
  • Fix: Frostball no longer causes issues.
  • Fix: Sapius no longer occasionally gives too much stamina.
  • Fix: Player animations no longer play behind other animations.
  • Fix: Goatfolk under your control now charge enemies.
  • Fix: Consumables display correctly in storage.
  • Fix: The UI no longer occasionally disappears while you're decorating.
  • Fix: Decorations now appear exactly where you place them.
  • Fix: Building upgrade and downgrade options only appear when you can actually upgrade or downgrade a building.
  • Fix: Wizard hats fit better.
Sproggiwood - Freehold Games
Hi there!
We posted an update that includes a couple useful new usability features and some small bug fixes.

  • New feature: The "r" key now toggles between "Run" and "Walk" modes. Running lets you hold down movement keys to move repetitively.
  • New feature: A full screen mode option was added to the Settings menu.
  • Fix: Alt+Tab no longer freezes the game.
  • Fix: Unlocked accessories no longer apply their effects unless they are equipped.
  • Fix: Civilizer-in-Chief and Civilizer-in-Chiefest achievements are now unlockable.
  • Fix: Silence the Opposition achievement no longer gets improperly unlocked.
  • Fix: Summon yeti now always costs the appropriate amount of stamina.
  • Fix: Vampire's Drain Life now affects enthralled monsters.
  • Fix: "s" key now walks south.
  • Fix: VSync is no longer disabled in town. This was causing unnecessary power usage issues on laptops.
  • Fix: The Haunted Mansion's tile size was increased from 2x2 to 2x3.

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