Mortal Kombat X

"I wasn't born blind," Ross explains. Ross Minor is a 19-year-old from Colorado Springs, USA. "When I was eight-years-old, I was shot in my sleep by my father, who then shot and killed my brother, and then committed suicide. The bullet entered through my right temple and exited out my left, into my left palm. As a result, I lost my left eye, the optic nerve and retina of my right eye were severed, and I lost my sense of smell."

As a child, Ross would play video games to help him feel normal, to help him fit in with others. After his family tragedy, that was no longer possible.

"I've been a gamer my entire life really," Ross tells me. "Before I went blind, I would play games like Pokemon and Smash Bros. After I went blind, gaming was still a part of me. I wanted so badly to be able to play my favorite games again."

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Mortal Kombat X - (Dave Irwin)

With Mortal Kombat 11 lurking around the corner, there’s no better time to look back at the previous game: Mortal Kombat X. It came just a few years after the rebooted timeline shook the series in more ways than one, the events of Mortal Kombat (9) setting a whole new future in stone.


Ori and the Blind Forest

Microsoft has announced more games coming to Xbox Game Pass in December.

Out now is Mortal Kombat X (a well-timed addition in the context of NetherRealm's recent announcement of Mortal Kombat 11). On 13th December Konami's PES 2019 hits Xbox Game Pass. And then, on 17th December, Ninja Theory's Hellblade launches on Game Pass.

Also hitting the subscription service are first-person melee combat game Shadow Warrior 2 and enchanting adventure Ori and the Blind Forest, both on 20th December. Spintires Mudrunner goes live 13th December.

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Mortal Kombat X - (Alice O'Connor)

The spine-ripping, heart-stabbing, tooth-smashing, face-eating supernatural superkillers of Mortal Kombat will return next year in Mortal Kombat 11, announced today. The main new features in this next fighting game, as far as I can tell, are ultraviolence that’s even more wince-inducing and dressing up your murderers like pretty dolls. Observe, a cinematic announcement trailer follows.


Mortal Kombat X - Valve
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Mortal Kombat X - Valve
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Oct 27, 2016
Mortal Kombat X - WB_Alicia
Integrated 10/10/16 console hotfix:

Additional Fixes:
• Fatality audio cue is now correctly synchronized when performing a Fatality in regular 1v1 modes.
• The title will now properly recognize and notify the user if it detects that the keyboard has been disconnected, and properly recognize the device when reconnected to the PC.
• Fixed an issue in which on systems with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update the title would crash and disappear from the Windows taskbar, but remain running in the background.
• Fixed an issue in which creating or linking an existing WBPlay account would crash the title.
• Fixed an issue in which Premier towers were missing preview art for the unlockable background.
• Fixed an issue in which when the Steam overlay is disabled, the player would be unable to back away from the Main Menu screen.
Mortal Kombat X - (Alice O'Connor)

When the konsole versions of Mortal Kombat X [official site] got fancied-up earlier this year with new netcode and more (silly) DLC characters, we sat like lemons. Publishers Warner Bros. stepped away from the game, murmuring incoherently as they left.

Well, better late than never. Improved netcode, bug fixes, balance tweaks, and other technical improvements are now here, as MKX’s big overhaul patch launched yesterday. Also out is the Kombat Pack 2 paid DLC, adding new characters like, uh, a Xenomorph. You may now resume crushing skulls and whipping out spines.

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Mortal Kombat X - WB_Alicia
Today we are posting a patch that will address the following for all users. The patch will also grant all users access to the Medieval Skin Pack, The Pit environment and the enhanced net code.

• Parity with console patches up to the 10/4/2016 update:
• Enhanced net code implemented
• Resolved blockers that could occur if the user disabled the Steam overlay
• Resolved issue which was causing sizable FPS drops in certain environments
• Resolved various cases where wrong resolution was being set
• Improved Widescreen support
• Improved DSR support
• Improved game warning messaging
• Improved auto-configuration- feature now sets v-sync to variable across all set ups to reduce/remove screen tearing and optimize performance
• Improved High and Very High Shadow quality
• Improved black crush
• Fixed King of the Hill spectator view brightness
• Fixed various occurrences that led to an incorrect FPS lock
• Added proper button prompt support for various devices
• Added tool tips to PC Video options menu
• Added Borderless Window Mode
• Removed half-rate adaptive V-sync
• Removed Frame Smoothing option from PC graphics menu
• Removed incorrect and duplicated resolutions
• Fixed various online desyncs
• Fixed various crashes
Mortal Kombat X - (Alice O'Connor)

Mortal Kombat X [official site] sat bolt upright with a gasp last week, coughing up old pixels and bytes. After the spin-ripping fighting game had seemingly been abandoned in January, suddenly it had an open beta test of a big ole update. Quite how that would translated into updates or new releases was unclear, but now we know the plan. Come October, things will be better around here.

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