Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front - Alberto
Amazing news!

We are happy to announce that Slitherine lands on Bundle Stars!

Starting from today a number of our games will be sold on the Bundle Stars store at a very special discount price!

If you are of a mind to save don’t miss this amazing offer. A whole Slitherine bundle comprising of three different tiers with so many titles at an incredibly cheap price. Three games for 1.99$, seven for 3.99$ and eight for 7.99$!

The details of the bundle are as follow:

Tier 1: $1.99

- Battle of the Bulge
- Time of Fury
- Pride of Nations

Tier 2: $3.99 (including Tier 1!)

- Vietnam ‘65
- Ravenmark
- Legions of Steel
- Close Combat Panthers in the Fog

Tier 3: $7.99 (Including Tier 1 and Tier 2!)

- Pandora First Contact

The Bundle offer is valid until May 14th!

But it’s not all, folks. Be sure not to miss these amazing discounts on some of our other titles:

Battle Academy – 75% off!
Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front – 75% off!
Battle of the Bulge – 33% off!
Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager – 50% off!
Distant Worlds: Universe – 50% off!
Last Days of Old Earth – 15% off!
Order of Battle: Pacific – 40% off!
Vietnam ’65 – 50% off!
Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon – 35% off!

All the discounts will be valid for 72 hours.

By buying these titles on Bundle Stars you will receive Steam keys and you will need to activate the products on Steam.

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss this unique opportunity and visit the Bundle Stars store now!
Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front - SlithFox
Take control of the armoured German formations or establish stubborn defence lines playing as the Soviets in this extraordinary strategy game!

Experience the brutal campaign from both sides as you play across 4 campaigns as partisan, Tiger, T-34 dozens of accurately modelled units - and more! – 33% discounted!

Battle Academy 2 will be on sale for the duration of the weekend starting Friday 25th until Monday 28th at midnight Pacific Daylight Time (9am CEST/ 3am EDT)!

Do you want to see more action? Watch our stream Saturday at 20:00 CEST / 18:00 UTC / 2:00 PM EDT on our official Twitch Channel!

On Steam the discount will be available from the 1PM EDT / 7PM CEST of September 25th
Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front - SlithFox
Today we are very excited to announce the release of Battle of Kursk - the first expansion of Battle Academy 2 – on PC, Mac and iPad!

Driven by two new challenging campaigns, this expansion includes a carryover system that invites you to have the wider strategic picture in mind when they plan their next turn.
As the head of both armies, you will also have to quickly identify the strengths of the new units available to bring out the best of them.

Grab the game here!
Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front - Sukhoi
There are news from the Ostfront!

Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front base game is updated to Version 1.0.4!

Here's the changelog:

Version 1.0.4
• Full Spanish translation
• Skirmish map generation scripts are now in DATA/BATTLE/SCRIPTS. This allows them to be over-ridden in a campaign for custom skirmish map generation.
• Displays MP comments in accept popup.
• Quick load last saved game from main menu with L key.
• Fixed sniper animation bug.
• New support for custom campaign screens and logic (see wiki for details).

Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front - Surtur from Slitherine
As of today, Battle Academy 2 is also available on for your Mac! Now more people than ever will be able to jump into this clever and challenging strategy game, as they play one of the four campaigns or challenge their rivals in cross platform online multiplayer skirmishes!

Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front - Sukhoi
Switching to version 1.01, Battle Academy 2 gets rid off minor bugs for a smoother solo and multiplayer experience!

Thanks to the crucial community feedback during the Early Access period, the game benefited from a very stable and polished version at release. However, some minor issues have been reported since then so the developers quickly prepared an update to fix these problems.

Here is the list of the key changes introduced by the 1.01 patch:
  • Fixes for mission and achievement logic
  • Missing texture bugs fixed
  • Additional scripting and other features
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Your game will be updated automatically when you restart your Steam client.

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