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Today we're happy to anounce version 3.0 beta is available for everyone!

Castaway Paradise v3 adds a new user interface, lots of bug fixes, controller support and more. When you start the game you now have the option to play either v2 or v3.

At this moment v3 only supports controllers. So if you do not have a controller you can continue to play v2. If you do have a controller, please enjoy the new experience!

[Update] We have fixed a bug that prevented people from accessing Version 3.0 You can now all play version 3.0!
Castaway Paradise - Town Building Sim - Eric
We know you’ve been asking for it….

Console Release
Castaway Paradise is soon going to be released on Xbox One and Playstation™4 – that’s great news if you have one of those consoles, but what if you only play on PC? We’ll tell you: it’s still good news because it means that full controller support is going to be added to the PC version of Castaway Paradise! Expect the console release and Steam update on July 31.

Celebration Discount
But wait, there’s more! To celebrate the console release, we will also be putting the Steam version of Castaway Paradise on sale. If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get a holiday bargain, now’s your chance!

It’s summer and time to relax… hit the beach in Castaway Paradise!
Castaway Paradise - Town Building Sim - Stolen Couch Games
We have updated the game to solve some of the version 3.0 beta issues. If you want to play with a controller, please download Version 3.0 beta via the link below.

Right now you cannot play version 3.0 beta with anything other than a controller.

Please note that once you have installed version 3.0 beta you can still continue to play version 2 with mouse and or keyboard. Save files work on both versions.
Castaway Paradise - Town Building Sim - Stolen Couch Games
The beta for version 3.0 is now available to play! Get the free DLC and grab your controller, it's time to start testing!

If you encounter bugs or glitches please let us know. We'll be working hard on fixing all of them.
Castaway Paradise - Town Building Sim - Stolen Couch Games
Good news! You can now put Castaway Home Designer on your wishlist. If you do so you will be notified when it launches later this month. Check out the game page here:
Castaway Paradise - Town Building Sim - Stolen Couch Games
As we are getting ready for the Castaway Paradise Version 3.0 beta, we would like to let you all know we have a little surprise for you. July will be a very special month for Castaway fans, as we are going to release the first companion Castaway game: Castaway Home Designer.

Castaway Home Designer is the ultimate home decorating simulation. You get to decorate dozens of homes with more than 1000+ pieces of furniture. Each house will be rated on your design skills, so you should definitely bring your A game.

Castaway Home Designer will launch in July. Castaway Paradise Version 3.0 beta will launch around the same time, and adds many features you requested like Controller support and a better interface.
Mar 2, 2017
Castaway Paradise - Town Building Sim - Stolen Couch Games

Hello Castaway players,

A few months ago we announced Castaway Paradise 3.0 a complete overhaul of the game's controls, user interface and presentation. We estimated it would be live at the end of 2016, we failed to deliver on that estimation. Here is why.

The reason we are developing Castaway Paradise version 3.0 is to make the game enjoyable for a lot of players. Some users have been complaining about control issues and the sometimes touch screen-esque nature of the interface.

Version 3.0 fixes this by making the controls work with standard Xbox-layout controllers. Instead of the player following your mouse they will now be directly controlled by the analogue stick. A bigger change has happened to the user interface. It's been completely rewritten and redesigned. With version 3.0 you can comfortably play the game on a touch screen, with a controller or with a mouse and keyboard.

These changes weren't just made for you steam players. Version 3.0 will mean Castaway Paradise will be a console game as well. A Xbox One and PS4 version are on their way.

The reason for the delay of version 3.0 is that we want to unify the experience on all platforms. This is taking longer than we expected, but will have massive benefits to you steam users. As version 3.0 will be a multi platform release you can expect a much more polished experience than before. Instead of making a separate console release and abandoning the steam version we choose to make version 3.0.

Castaway Paradise version 3.0 is still in development. It will be awesome.

Check out this new screenshot of the dialogue system in version 3.0
Nov 30, 2016
Castaway Paradise - Town Building Sim - Stolen Couch Games
With Castaway Paradise Version 3.0 we want to introduce the game to many more people. Therefore we're working on translations, but we need your help.

If you would like to help us translate the game please take a look here:
Nov 24, 2016
Castaway Paradise - Town Building Sim - Stolen Couch Games

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving on Castaway Paradise!

It's time to thank everyone around you for being nice. Yes, even Angus. We've made a lot of cool things for you to play with! Go check it out in the game!

What do you think of this new update? Let us know in a comment. Also don't forget to post screenshots of all the cool Thanksgiving stuff in Castaway Paradise!
Oct 21, 2016
Castaway Paradise - Town Building Sim - Stolen Couch Games

Mwahahahaha! Halloween is here. Dress up like a vampire and have a cemetery party. How deliciously spooky!

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