Unturned - SDGNelson
  • Added resource drops multiplier to config.
  • Added *_Origin crafting output flag which can be set to World, Admin, Craft or Nature overriding default item origin type.
  • Added sendSalvageTimeOverride RPC for plugins.
  • Added sendRelayToServer RPC for plugins to move player to another server.
  • Added Foliage_Cut_Radius setting to floor structure types.
  • Added Kills_Object condition type which takes an _Object GUID, and an optional _Nav area. Requires destroying certain number of objects.
  • Improved inventory search to be useable while filtering stat counters.
  • Improved kill counter visibility to respect skin visibility toggle.
  • Tweaked quicksave button to take the place of favourite button in singleplayer.
  • Tweaked spec ops helmet to exist.
  • Fixed stuck loading assets when master bundle failed to load.
  • Fixed blimp center of mass.
  • Fixed colliders on Greece Backlash gun.
  • Fixed unable to lean over waist-height walls.
  • Fixed forcing camera into walls by leaning while running sideways.
  • Fixed LOD issues with apple juice and canned beef.
  • Fixed potential causes of some workshop download failures.
Unturned - SDGNelson
Update Notes:

  • Added Zero Kelvin Weapon Kit craftable with 50 salvaged materials.
  • Tweaked farms to be plantable anywhere when Ignore_Soil_Restrictions is flagged.
  • Tweaked XZ border movement restrictions to only apply within terrain bounds.
  • Tweaked vehicle entry to check line-of-sight between player and their seat.
  • Tweaked vanilla teleport command to prevent teleporting to a player inside a vehicle.
  • Tweaked teleport helper functions to check for available space.
  • Fixed makeshift vehicles disrespecting the buildable request event.
  • Fixed a particular tree on Hawaii using incorrect shader.
  • Fixed France Heavy Crossbow rope shader.
  • Fixed highlight outlines on Mac.
  • Fixed running devkit upgrade tool on devkit objects.
  • Fixed farm updateState if asset type was changed.
  • Fixed setting terrain textures on headless Linux server.
Misc Info:

Was surprised at the number of questions about using the ragdoll effects following the last update (particularly for freezing), so I implemented the Zero Kelvin kit right away. The bronze, silver and gold effects will still be used for contests, and if you're planning on running an Unturned community contest let me know and maybe we can use them as rewards too!
Unturned - SDGNelson
  • Added LOD_Bias to Preferences.json.
  • Added plugin events for buildable deploy requests.
  • Added Kills_Player condition by popular request.
  • Added support for clothes that replace your body mesh for mods.
  • Added support for weapon skins that turn corpse into metal. Will be used as rewards for future contests.
  • Updated to .NET 4.6, this time hopefully without floating water.
  • Tweaked recoil recovery to be more consistent.
  • Disabled legacy objects position clamp.
  • Tweaked incompatible content to show warning but still allow downloading.
  • Tweaked claim flags to prevent building on nearby vehicles.
  • Fixed calculating structure bounds now that transforms are synced at end of tick.
  • Fixed stance change overlap test.
  • Fixed suspected cause of surfing along wall edge issue.
  • Fixed abusing clip plane corner with log walls.
  • Fixed the magical floating decal that existed on all maps.
  • Fixed potential cause preventing building structures related to pending build check.
  • Fixed using water to cancel reloads.
Unturned - SDGNelson
Welcome to Canyon Arena! | NEW Curated Map:

Update Details:

The latest and greatest arena map from Danaby2, Renaxon and SirAdy Unleashed, Canyon Arena, is now available in-game! It features an entirely new setting with era-appropriate items and weapons.

Watch Gameplay Trailer

If you'd like to support this team in their creation of future maps you can check out the new bundles on the Stockpile here:
Cowboy Bundle
Bounty-Hunter Bundle

Update Notes:

  • Added Canyon Arena map.
  • Added support for guns jamming. More details below.
  • Added support for battery-only vehicles. [Battery_Powered flag]
  • Added config options to disable individual UI elements. See Destruction map for an example.
  • Added ability for serverside plugins to set visibility of UI elements. [sendUIEffectVisibility]
  • Added ability for serverside plugins to assign workzone and spectator overlay permissions.
  • Improved vehicle exit logic to fallback to a safe spawnpoint when the vehicle's doors and roof are obstructed, rather than trying to find a nearby empty location which was often abused to teleport through walls.
  • Improved cosmetics/skins menu to show how many crafting materials you get from scrapping an item.
  • Tweaked Matamorez scoped recoil to require more skill hitting repeated shots.
  • Renamed "Can" to "Metal Can" to make it easier to search for.
  • Tweaked plate glass to be unsalvageable.
  • Fixed majority of physics-overlap-pushing-player issues.
  • Fixed loading multiple root *.content files with the same name.
  • Fixed handling unexpected number of terrain textures when loading.
  • Fixed an edge case when writing large savedata files.
  • Fixed loading options file after disabling gold upgrade.
  • Fixed a few cases where ammo was not deleted during crafting.
  • Fixed accessing storage after being teleported away.
  • Fixed Ace bullets not aligned with barrel.
  • Fixed small number of France objects using incorrect shaders.
  • Fixed incorrect anti-aliasing in menu inspect camera.
  • Fixed devkit viewport in forward rendering mode.
  • Fixed minor details on RULA Maplestrike and Mime's Knife.
  • Fixed reassociating barricades mounted to vehicles after vehicle asset is deleted.
Gun Jamming:

Gun assets can include the "Can_Ever_Jam" flag to enable jamming. Guns start to have a chance of jamming once their quality % drops below "Jam_Quality_Threshold" which is a value between zero and one. Once they reach 0% quality they will have a "Jam_Max_Chance" chance of jamming on each shot. Chances of jamming are blended between 0% and "Jam_Max_Chance" based on the gun's quality percentage. The "ChamberJammed" AudioClip is played when a jam occurs, as well as the animation "UnjamChamber" if present. Cobra_Jam [1521] is included as an example.
Unturned - SDGNelson
TL;DR Workshop items will need some time to update, but the game should be more stable.


For a while Unturned has been using version 5.5 of the Unity engine (from 2016), but it's come time to upgrade. In recent years Unity has made stability a higher priority, and have been updating a "long term support" LTS version. The game is now upgraded to this 2017.4 LTS version.

While not particularly glamorous, some of the primary motivations are:
  • Taking advantage of newer optimizations in the engine.
  • Removing workarounds for old unity bugs which will help improve performance.
  • Supporting the Metal graphics API for Macs now that Apple has deprecated OpenGL.
  • Fixing many longstanding issues and crashes, and continuing to get the LTS fixes going forward.
The downside is that workshop content will need to be upgraded to this new Unity version as well. I don't take this lightly, this engine transition has been in the works on and off since early 2018 and I don't want it to be painful for devs, so I've worked to make is as easy as possible detailed below.

If you want to continue playing some workshop mods that haven't been updated yet, you can opt-into the previous version ( from Unturned > Properties > Betas > unity-5.5. This older version will remain available indefinitely similar to the antique and classic branches.

Workshop Devs:

For mappers:

Maps with a /Bundles folder will be detected by the game as requiring an engine update, but other maps without custom content are unaffected.

For translators:

Translations and localization are not affected by the engine update.

For content creators:

Good news: there's a new tool to make bulk-exporting the .unity3d asset bundles much faster. I've updated all of the vanilla content to use this new system so I had to go through it as well, and Vilespring was kind enough to update all of the France bundles.

I've written up a guide which explains in-depth how to transition your content from 5.5 to 2017.4 LTS. Feel free to post questions and I'll update it accordingly!

Unity Upgrade Guide

For programmers:

The LTS version experimentally supports .NET 4.6 which seems to be working correctly in vanilla and rocketmod plugins, but this may be rolled back if unfixable issues related to it pop up. Patch:

Incredibly, the majority of issues in the initial update were caused by the use of decimal points vs commas. Due to a change in how .NET read fractional numbers, all of them were set to 0 for players in cultures that use commas! Reverting this should have fixed the water, icons, gun stats, etc.
Dec 14, 2018
Unturned - SDGNelson
2018 Festivities:

Holiday cheer is in the air! Everyone aboard the Liberator has dressed up for the occasion and put up their decorations. Snow has built up in a few locations were you can now make snowballs.

Across PEI, Washington and Russia, someone (maybe the zombies?) has put up ornamental trees with presents underneath. They may have gifted you some high-tier weaponry! Holiday gift presents are now dropping as well, so you may find yourself with a few festive outfits in your inbox soon.

Raiding Balance Pass:

There may be subsequent passes based on your feedback to these changes, but the goals for this update were:
  • Horde beacons were an incredibly effective source of endgame items for large groups, but now have diminishing returns. By requiring a detonator, detonators now have an economy sink.
  • Machine guns that damaged bases with low caliber ammunition were too powerful, and in general damage against bases is lower.
  • Metal elements are significantly more worthwhile to build, while charges still feel effective against wooden bases. Requiring multiple charges to destroy a single wooden wall felt frustrating, but that may be adjusted later.
  • By reducing the availability of raiding equipment the default base armor multipliers hopefully can stay similar, but if needed the default values will be further tuned.
Patch Notes:

  • Accepted several new time-limited skins to the stockpile from the curated workshop.
  • Added separate low and high-tier armor multipliers for buildables. Metal and bricks qualify as high-tier, and now have 2x effective health.
  • Added freeform glass plates craftable from glass windows. [IDs 892-894]
  • Added support for explanation message to server shutdown notice.
  • Added compatibility warnings for future workshop items using 2017.4 LTS.
  • Added weak grenade throw to secondary attack, and Strong_Throw_Force [1100], Weak_Throw_Force [600] and Boost_Throw_Force_Multiplier [1.4] to per-throwable configs. Previous throw force was 750 with a 2x boost multiplier.
  • Tweaked Nykorev, Hell's Fury and Dragonfang to only take highcal ammo, and their buildable damage slightly lower.
  • Tweaked Ekho, Matamorez, Grizzly and Timberwolf buildable damage slightly lower.
  • Tweaked horde beacon drops to scale by the square root of number of participants, rather than linearly. For example 2 players get ~1.41x, 3 players get ~1.73x.
  • Tweaked horde beacon blueprint to require sacrificing a detonator.
  • Tweaked to require text confirmation when salvaging items unless CTRL is held. Previously only Mythical items required confirmation.
  • Tweaked rich text chat to not fade out.
  • Disabled movement clamps in editor.
  • Defaulted workshop server filter to on.
  • Fixed checking buildables you were already overlapping when mounting ladder.
  • Fixed climbing on explosive charges.
  • Fixed one-sided cliffs in PEI pirate caves.
  • Fixed snowdrift collision desync.
  • Fixed placing multiple structures at the same location at the same time.
Edit: BattlEye released an update shortly after, so Unturned included it in an 8mb patch for 64-bit Windows. This patch is optional and did not increase the version number.
Nov 23, 2018
Unturned - SDGNelson
Welcome to France! | NEW Curated Map

Paris is lovely this time of year.

Come explore the warm countryside!

Relax in a cozy private villa... after clearing it of infected.

Climb the snowy alps!

Remember to bring warm clothes for the blizzarding weather.

Enjoy the local culture!

This oughta warm you up again!

Update Details:

Now available in-game, France is a curated map that's been under development for over a year now by the talented team of long-term modders Vilespring, SluggedCascade, Renaxon and paper_walls84. This has been a labor of love for them, a passion project that they continued polishing until they felt it was perfect - originally slated for the end of August, they delayed it to continue adding that extra touch.

France is also the first map to take advantage of several features added for it during its early development. For example, having both snow and temperate climates in different regions across the map.

If you would like to support this team's work consider checking out the France bundles on the Stockpile here: View NEW France Items

They've also put together a quick teaser overview of the map here: View France Map Trailer

Update Notes:

  • Added MasterBundleTool.cs to Sources/Tools/ and converted Hawaii + Greece to use it.
  • Added Only_Critical_Stuns mode config option which only stuns zombies when back-stabbing or power-attacking.
  • Added per-magazine Ballistic_Damage_Multiplier option.
  • Added Infinite_Ammo: true/false option for turrets.
  • Added Tire_ID option for cars to require specific tire item.
  • Tweaked zombie stun overrides to work for guns.
  • Tweaked crafting button placement and disabled label.
  • Tweaked vanilla maps to enforce object hash.
  • Tweaked umbrellas to only take effect after fully equipping.
  • Fixed out-of-bounds check in rounded level corners.
  • Fixed kill volumes when player armor multiplier is < 1, and for vehicle passengers.
  • Fixed out-of-level zombies.
  • Fixed stuck getting back into menu when featured workshop description was misformatted.
  • Fixed logging into server at the same time as dying.
Important news for workshop creators:

Sometime before the end of January 2019 I will need to update Unturned to Unity 2017.4 LTS. When that happens, the new version will be available on a beta branch for a couple weeks before transition to the default release branch.

Unfortunately this will have the side effect of requiring workshop content to be re-bundled using the new version of Unity, so to make that a less painful process as well as for performance improvements I've introduced a new feature: Master Bundles

Master Bundles allow content (textures, meshes, audio, etc) for multiple game assets to be bundled at the same time, rather than into individual .unity3d files. (This is probably how it should have been in the first place, but anyway...) While slower to build, they have the benefit of updating many bundles at once, and are more RAM-efficient because any common files between the bundles are shared rather than duplicated.

When Unturned finds a MasterBundle.dat file it will assume all child folders are using this bundle with paths relative to the .dat file, unless Exclude_From_Master_Bundle is specified in the individual asset .dat file. For an example of this, check out the Greece/Bundles and Hawaii/Bundles folders.

Another effect of this change is that it will be easier to separate some maps from the game to free up space for more future maps. Specifically, I'm planning to move Hawaii + Germany and then Greece + Cyprus, to the workshop rather than in the main download in a future update. All Germany assets will continue to be bundled with the game, only the map itself will be moved. Hawaii and Greece assets will be available as a separate download on the workshop for maps which would like to add them as a dependency.

Trying out this feature at least for the performance benefits is definitely encouraged. Simply copy MasterBundleTool.cs and MasterBundleHelper.cs to your Assets/Editor folder. Let me know if you run into any issues! Note that per-platform bundles (multiplatform checkbox) are supported in-case of special shaders, but generally shouldn't be needed.
Oct 27, 2018
Unturned - SDGNelson

Halloween gift presents are dropping, decorations are up and costumes are on - the annual Halloween event is back from the grave! This year also sees the addition of several holiday-related tools for creators. For example you can add Halloween decorations to the main version of your map and they'll be automatically updated, setup timed costumes for NPCs and use holiday conditions for quests/items/etc currently added for items like the Festive Barbed Wire.

Update Notes:

  • Added Instakill_Headshots True option to Timberwolf, Grizzly and Ekho which will pass through helmet armor when Allow_Instakill_Headshots is enabled on servers.
  • Added Drops_Table_ID, Drops_Min and Drops_Max options for vehicle asset scrap/explosion rewards.
  • Added Holiday condition type with Halloween value used for main menu decorations, NPC costumes and some craftable items.
  • Added Holiday_Restriction for objects and Halloween versions of some, now used for annual Liberator festivities.
  • Added SpotLight_Range, SpotLight_Angle, SpotLight_Intensity and SpotLight_Color options for all light items.
  • Added Allow_Flesh_Fx to disable blood effects per melee weapon.
  • Added Allow_Crafting option to level's Config.json.
  • Tweaked arena mode to pick random players in-case map has less spawns than clients.
  • Fixed guns to verify item asset hash when attaching them. [Thanks MoNTiN]
  • Fixed some mistakes in the foundation placement overlap test. [Thanks Kylie]
  • Fixed taking fall damage after accidentally dequiping parachute slightly above ground.
  • Fixed hits against falling players sometimes getting rejected.
  • Fixed sanity check that player isn't already seated in vehicle. [Thanks Leitt]
  • Fixed replicating newly respawned items. [Thanks lvlbgn]
Sep 22, 2018
Unturned - SDGNelson
Update Notes

  • Added Weapons_Use_Player_Damage config options which causes weapons to cause the same damage to zombies and animals as they would to players. This raises the difficulty a bit on hard mode.
  • Added onServerSpawningItemDrop and onDropItemRequested events for plugins to prevent certain items from being dropped.
  • Added zombie backstab damage multiplier config option.
  • Tweaked space requirements when logging in.
  • Tweaked to log which item caused a useable exception.
  • Tweaked workshop item allowed IPs list to treat IPs after '-' as blacklist.
  • Fixed a rare disconnect when exiting or dying in a vehicle partway through input tick.
  • Fixed unplayable roof intersection in House #01.
  • Fixed replanting dead trees between arena rounds.
  • Fixed claim flags on vehicles not doing anything.
  • Fixed misconfigured serverside version of jail door.

If you have any Razer Chroma enabled devices, try adding -RazerChroma to the command line options to test out game integration! A few days ago they asked if I'd be interested in adding support, and sent over a couple test devices. It was quick and fun to do, and features stuff like the reload key fading from green to red or everything flashing white when you're flashbanged. I'm curious to hear if you have any suggestions/ideas on this.
Sep 7, 2018
Unturned - SDGNelson
Update Notes:

  • Added timer and alerts when someone is leaving a group.
  • Added several timed curated workshop skins.
  • Added vehicle damaged event, item equip/dequip request event and player speed multiplier for plugins.
  • Added ability for server to respond to custom UI button clicks. [onEffectButtonClicked, serversideSetPluginModal]
  • Added vehicle options Battery_Burn_Rate and Battery_Charge_Rate, both measured in battery per second.
  • Added ability for server plugins to bind to a few client hotkeys. [Defaults , . / ; ']
  • Improved memory usage of custom maps using asset bundles by consolidating shaders during loading. Currently this is opt-in for mod authors by adding Enable_Shader_Consolidation to the .dat files and double-checking that it works correctly, but in the future might become opt-out with Disable_Shader_Consolidation.
  • Tweaked to allow third person for freecam on first person servers.
  • Tweaked to require a reason for refuse garbage connection call.
  • Fixed using primary weapons from inside vehicles while underwater.
  • Fixed plugins unable to cancel hallucinations.

Carpat has now retired from the official map pool, but you can still play it by clicking the link under the in-game curated maps list, or by visiting the workshop page here:

View on Steam Workshop

Apologies for the late news. This was originally scheduled for the end of August. Right now the finishing touches are going into the next curated map.

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