Community Announcements - blackmoondev
Hey guys.
We've been a bit quiet for some time - that's because we've been working hard on the game.
And so it is - the version of the game that has a big, shiny "ONE" as the first digit.

Version 1.000.02 changes include:
- Steam achievements (yay!)
- Descriptions for the planes are all fixed
- Reported typos are fixed
- Some minor bugs reported here on the forum are fixed

This was an incredible journey so far and we are super happy we got to the point we had envisioned when we were starting creating the game two years ago.

There are hundreds new ideas we had along the way (also from our community) and thanks to your support we are able to work on making those ideas happen.

Here's a sneak of the new engine we are developing, that will bring the strategic gameplay to a whole new level.

The air fights will also be heavily updated - with lots of new planes and pilots skills.

It's not only the Battle of Britain we're after now - we plan to include campaigns from different theatres as well (Pacific battles, Eastern front or bombing runs over Germany for example).
This needs quite a lot of work and we won't have it ready soon, but thanks to you we're going to make it!
At this point it's hard to tell if all of those "new" stuff will be released as an update, free or paid DLC or as a separate game/sequel.
Which ever way we'll choose, we would like to somehow reward the players who bought the game in the past and supported us from the beginning.
Community Announcements - Celavra
Mac version update to 0.980.12
Community Announcements - Celavra
  • Added possibility to edit pilots names.
  • Media files are moved outside main binary file (to have smaller file sizes of future updates).
  • Bug fixes.


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