May 10, 2015
Terrorhedron Tower Defense - Deltars
Hi everyone!

We just added trading cards to Terrorhedron! Please enjoy, and let me know what you think.


Terrorhedron Tower Defense - Deltars
Hi all,

We just added Steam lobby support, meaning when a friend is in the lobby stage of a game, you can connect by using the "join game" option on the Steam friends interface.

Things to note:

You can only join games when they are in the lobby stage! Once a game starts it cannot be joined.

NAT traversal isn't complete yet, so if you are behind a router, you have to forward the port 26999. If you are having trouble getting people to connect to you as host, try with someone else as host.


Jan 9, 2015
Terrorhedron Tower Defense - Deltars
The latest update to Terrorhedron fixes some bugs kindly reported on the forums. Previous updates include adding support for Windows XP. Thanks to all who supported the game thus far, and if you are a Mac or Linux user, get onto the forums and have your voice heard!

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