May 21, 2015
Orbital Gear - Night Node Software
  • The black pause fadeout effect should now only be visible for the paused player in local multiplayer.
  • Issues with controller support on Mac has been resolved, they have been verified to work with a XBox 360 controller using the "Tattiebogle" drivers.
Mar 26, 2015
Orbital Gear - Night Node Software
    Dedicated Server
    • Dedicated servers should now be joinable again.
    • The dedicatedserver.cfg file is no longer case sensitive.
    • A dedicated server can select the best region automatically by setting region to "none" or "4".
    • A dedicated server can be hosted on the Australian servers by using region "au" or "5".
    • Game audio should now be muted when hosting a dedicated server.
    • The upper-left Deathmatch interface now always show your score in the second slot unless you are leading the game.
    • The filter options in the server selection screen is now working again
    • The Prism team should now have their stats updated in the score screen.
    • The hurt indicator should now show when taking lethal damage.

  • Phase Orb will no longer affect invulnerable players.
Mar 10, 2015
Orbital Gear - MowHammer
  • Re-enabled confine cursor option in the options menu, whoops! (Windows only)
  • Fixed an issue with the top friend leaderboard after completing an Orbital Trial attempt.
  • Mech Selection button should now be working properly.
  • Non-host players should no longer be able to shoot during the invulnerability period after spawning.
  • Pulse Rifles should no longer create an effect in the middle of the map when it shoots.
Mar 10, 2015
Orbital Gear - MowHammer
  • Completely redone all the menus and interface to make it less buggy and contain a few new features.
  • Added support for local multiplayer with split-screen where up to four local players can battle it out against each other.
  • Added full controller support.
    *You can play the game in its entirety with a controller, all menus are redesigned with a controller in mind without sacrificing the mouse input.
    *The controller can be used for both local and online multiplayer. When playing alone you can freely switch between the controller and keyboard/mouse input.
  • Added Australia as a new region.
  • Added four new mechs to choose between
  • Added a reconnect button in the main menu which you can use to reconnect to the Orbital Gear servers in case you temporarily lose internet connection.
    While offline you can still play local multiplayer and if you have connection to Steam you can also play Orbital Trials.
  • Added quick play buttons for both Deathmatch and Orbital Warfare. Quick play will attempt to connect to the best server, in case there is no server online you will host a game which other players can join.

  • Projectiles should now consider the player rotation when spawning.
  • Increased level change time to 15 seconds, up from 10.
  • Scoreboard is now localized depending on your set language.
  • Orbital Warfare matches will now not start until at least one player has chosen a team.
  • Added automatic region selection which selects your best play region depending on your ping to each of the regions.
    You can still change which region that should be connected to in the "Online Multiplayer" menu.
  • Some minor fixes on levels where asteroids could be stood upon in some cases.
Nov 25, 2014
Orbital Gear - Night Node Software
  • (Windows Only) Added an option to confine mouse cursor within the game window, the mouse confine is only active when in a game (not in the main menu).
  • Added frame limiter for Dedicated Server, set it in the "dedicatedserver.cfg" by writing "ServerUpdateRate = 60" (or any other number that you want). If you don't define the update rate, it will default to "as much as possible".

  • Discharger now shows its hit-effect when hitting buildings and targets.
  • Existing Satellite Turrets should now be visible for players who join after a Satellite Turret has been created.
  • Satellite Turrets should now use way less bandwidth than before.
  • Other player's Hornet Missiles should now look better (less "jaggy" trail and smoother movement) and use less bandwidth.
  • Hornet should now always play its death animation when it's destroyed.
  • Hornet trail should no longer instantly disappear when a Hornet is destroyed, it will now fade out over time (purely cosmetic).
  • Issues with some particles not playing upon a projectile's death should be fixed.
  • Netcode has been rebalanced which should mean less lag when there's a lot of players in a game.
Orbital Gear - Night Node Software
  • An object leak has been removed which should resolve the low frame rate during longer play sessions.
  • Some slight fixes in gravity has been done on some maps (to avoid players getting stuck in areas of no gravity and the like).
  • The map name "Killzon" has been corrected to "Killzone".
  • Players should no longer get stuck on the sides of platforms.
  • Players should no longer be able to stand on asteroids and rock formations.
  • The movement slow effect from the Chain Gun should no longer remain on the player if it's shooting with the Chain Gun when a game ends.
Oct 28, 2014
Orbital Gear - Night Node Software
  • Added host migrating!
  • The amount of data sent to a new player who's joining a server have been reduced.

Host migrating means that a match will now continue even after a host has left the game, during the migration you might see energy cores and main cannon charging stutter some. The increased bandwidth and CPU usage for being a host is minimal so if you are able to play the game you should also be able to play as a host.
Oct 20, 2014
Orbital Gear - Night Node Software
  • Fixed an issue with the Kasainami enemies in Orbital Trials.
  • Reworked how score is sent to connecting players as it seemed to frequently crash dedicated servers.
Oct 16, 2014
Orbital Gear - MowHammer
  • Fixed a gravity issue on the Death Match version of Open Battery.
  • Fixed issues regarding Turret and Hornets, reduced CPU usage and log errors.
Orbital Gear - Night Node Software
  • Added an explosion effect when turrets are destroyed.
  • Added 8 Deathmatch maps!
  • Added 2 Orbital Warfare maps!
  • Players will not fly through planets as easily.
  • When a match finishes, if you have the menu open, the menu will be closed correctly which prevents a soft-lock when a new level is loaded.
  • Hitting two or more players in one swing with the Gauntlet now correctly awards you with the Quantum Pusher achievement instead of Volt Bringer.
  • Assists will now be counted correctly when killing players other than the host.
  • Fixed bug that made players able to shoot while invulnerable.
  • Replaced spawn points on Aurora.
  • Fixed bug that would let you shoot with a weapon even if your other weapon is on cooldown.
  • Explosions (from Kasainami and Grenades) will now properly deal damage to buildings.

Weapon Changes
Note: Orbital Trials will use the weapons as they were in version 1.1.1 so existing leaderboards does not have to be cleared when changing weapon balance.

  • Reduced Gauntlet damage to 102 from 120.
  • Reduced Gauntlet attack length to 0.1 seconds from 0.4 seconds.
  • Reduced Gauntlet hit radius to 0.8 from 1.1.
  • Gauntlet has a new attack effect to match its new attack length and hit radius.
  • Shredders projectiles can no longer be shot down by other projectiles.

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