Feb 11, 2017
Immortal Defense - RinkuHero
- Endless levels now are not quite as endless. It's now much more difficult to last a half hour, an hour, or more, because the difficulty in those levels now scales faster the longer a level lasts. For instance, HP, spawning rate, speed, etc. all scale slightly faster over time. More enemies can appear onscreen at once in Raberata levels, and the Fear Points don't slow enemies as much in those levels. It should still be possible to last 10 minutes (to get the achievement for doing so), but now much harder / impossible to last an hour in one.
- Made the "Love 3" medal campaign level easier. Not by doing anything to the level itself, but by increasing the cache reward for the "Love 2" level. Now instead of 160,000 bonus cache as a reward, the player gets 260,000 bonus cache instead. It's still a good idea to save up as much money in Love 2 as you can, but it should now be easier to beat Love 3 even if you come into it somewhat cache-starved.
- Likewise made the "Love 1" medal campaign level slightly easier, by increasing the number of lives from 17 to 20, and slightly reducing the enemy spawn rate.
- Graveship starting HP nerfed a bit in the sixth campaign.
- Pride Points were a bit overpowered. I did some extensive testing where I'd play several levels that had all the Points available, spend equal amounts of money upgrading all the Points, and then play through the level, giving each Point an equal amount of money on upgrades, and the Pride Point almost always did the most damage. I didn't like that, but I didn't want to nerf it too much, so I kept its growth rate and its starting damage rates intact, but simply lowered its firing rate a bit. Now the Pride Point fires about 2/3 as fast as it used to, across all levels.
- Did some more testing, and Pride Points were still too powerful; reduced their damage growth after 30 kills (it's the same as the old formula prior to that, but less after that).
- Three of the levels in the sixth campaign, which were three 'boss rush' stages (85, 86, and 87, using the game's roman numeral numbering system, or 90, 91, 92 using the absolute path level numbering system which includes raberata levels) were made easier, changing the number of lives from 1 to 3, to give people some margin for error.
- Reduced the number of lives for the first two levels from 20 to 10. This is because, before, on the default difficulty level, even if you just stand there, you can beat those levels (with a low percent success) without shooting or attacking anything. So the number of lives was too high -- it should at least be possible to lose the first two levels, even though it's still very difficult to lose them.
- The 'Defender' enemy sometimes randomly spawned with a 0 defense rating (there is a random element to what its starting defense value is). I don't think that quite makes sense because it's supposed to be distinguished from the Form enemy by having a higher defense rating. So now I made sure that enemy at least has 3 defense when spawning, at the minimum. That might not sound like a lot, but when your cursor is doing 8 damage in levels 1 or 2, having at least 3 defense is significant. I also made its maximum defense now vary based on campaign, instead of always being 140 as a hard cap, it now ranges from 125 to 150 (5 more for its cap for each of the campaigns).

- Added help description mouseovers for the four bottom option toggles: shaking the gui, backgrounds on/off, path width, and stage select music choice, just to clarify what those options do.
- Improved the visual contrast on the manuals (enemies list, towers list, game manual, and similar). The background that the white text appears on is now not as bright of a blue.
- Likewise, improved the visual contrast for the leaderboard display, file loading (to play custom levels), file saving (in the level editor) (which all used the same code anyway).
- Lastly, improved the visual contrast for the help window pop-ups for the enemies, points, and lives/time/cache displays.
- Updated a few of the achievement descriptions on Steam to match the in-game descriptions (for those achievements which have changed since release).

- Fixed a bug that caused the formatting of the leaderboards to be jumbled. Leaderboards should now be more legible and appear correctly. Longer Steam names are shortened for the leaderboard for this purpose. They're shortened more in Japanese due to font width issues.
- Fixed a bug that made hellspace hard to unlock, particularly for legacy save files (now it doesn't count the percent success of the second Brother Bavakh battle).
- Fixed (hopefully) a bug that caused the success % ratio to not correctly go down when you first beat a level with a higher success %, then go back again and beat that level again at a higher challenge but with a lower success %, and if you didn't score a new record score. Previously it would raise your challenge score but not lower your success score in that unique case, but now it should correctly lower your success score.
- Fixed a bug that caused Noyaties 19 to have zero HP and be unable to be killed in the 'Cold Immortal' custom campaign (and presumably any custom user-made level as well).
- Fixed a bug that allowed you to complete a level on 100% challenge, with any% success, then complete it on a lower difficulty with 100% success, and get 100%/100%. Now instead, the success% is not updated when you complete a level on a lower difficulty than your previous highest difficulty, only the challenge score is improved. I'm ashamed it took me this long to figure out the logical problem in how I had coded it, but it should work correctly now.

Here's an illustration of how that last bug fix works now:

1) let's say your first attempt at a level is: 0 challenge, 30% success
2) you then try again at 50% challenge, and get 10% success. both of those are updated, it doesn't keep the old higher success rate of 30% anymore.
3) then perhaps you tried again at 0 challenge, got 100% success, but neither value was updated, because it's a lower challenge level than the highest challenge level you completed the level on. previously, the success would have incorrectly been updated to 100%.
4) and then perhaps you tried the level yet again at 50 challenge, and got 15% success, 5% higher than before. then it'd be correctly updated with your success going to 15% instead of 10%.

So now you can't get 100/100 merely by beating a level once at 100% challenge at any success rate, and then playing it again at a lower challenge and getting a 100% success rate, giving you 100/100. This is *not* retroactive, your old scores will remain. It's just the new scores that will from now on be updated using this system, where the success rate will not update unless you are completing a level at or above your highest challenge setting that a level was previously completed on.
Immortal Defense - RinkuHero
v1.2.4 PATCH NOTES (December 8, 2015)

Summary: This patch adds a new system where you can only have a limited number of medals active at any one time; this is intended to add more strategy to the medals system. There are also some other miscellaneous changes, such as a button to restore default settings and a button to turn the visuals down, and some changes that hopefully will fix a problem some people have been having with running out of VRAM (vertex buffer errors). As always, please report any bugs you find in the forums.

[New: Active Medals Limitation]
- Imposed a limit on the number of Medals (achievements) that can be active at once; the base limit is now 4 plus 1 per completed campaign. This limit is displayed under the medals. Inactive medals are displayed in monochrome. When you get a new medal, it will start active, unless you are at the limit, in which case it'll start out inactive. To activate a medal, you must be under the active medal limit. If you attempt to activate a medal when you are at the limit, you'll get a sound indicating you can't activate it (so you'd need to deactivate some other medal first).
- Added a bonus medal bonus to some of the medals that had no bonuses previously: the two medals which only gave passwords, and the one medal which did nothing at all, now each increase the maximum number of active medals when activated.

- Reduced the amount of video card memory (VRAM) that the game uses, by using fewer draw primitive calls each step. There were a couple of people getting crashes connected to too much VRAM use. I am not sure if this will solve the issue for everyone, but it will probably help. If you ever get any type of error related to vertex buffers, please let me know on the forums (along with when it happened, such as what level or what enemies you were fighting, and what your video card is).
- In the process of doing that, I had to change the visual appearance of some of the effects in the game: the Nightmare's shield, the Zig Engine's speeding up effect, the healing effect of the Dark Armor / Dark Shield enemies, the Cut Point's shot graphic, and others. Hopefully they still look okay, even though they now use fewer primitive drawing function calls.
- Made the Squalid and Squalid Plus enemies use the healing graphical effect that the Dark Shield / Dark Armors use on themselves when healing instead of only turning green.
- Made the selected Point's portrait have a larger size than the unselected Points (in the bottom GUI bar), for easier distinction of which one is selected.
- Now it should be clearer, visually, from the effect of the charge attack prior to releasing it, which level the charge attack is on.
- Added two icons on the title and on the stage select screen: one to reduce the visuals to a minimum (for people sensitive to flashing light effects), and one to restore default settings.
- There is now an option, in the .ini file, for vertex rendering method -- fast (0), compatible (1), or most compatible (2). Fast is the default; but if it gives problems, try changing the "Rendering" value in idefense.ini file from 0 to 1 or 2. This is only for users having problems with vertex rendering crashes.

- Increased the number of Squalids the player has to kill to get the Squalid Medal from 100 to 200, this makes it less likely that the player will get it too early. Although with the new active medal limit this may not matter, because even if you do get it early, the effects of other medals are often preferable to it.
- Reduced the number of shots that have to exist at once to get the Upborne Medal from 400 to 350. It's still very challenging to get (because the bonus from that medal is significant), but shouldn't be almost impossible anymore.
- Equalized the time it takes to charge up charge attacks a bit; previously the progression was less regular and uneven. Overall, charge attacks take less time to charge up now, and the time between levels to charge them is more regular (although it still slowly increases in duration as the charge attacks get stronger).

- Put a maximum limit on the number of enemies that can exist at once in the final level, because, due tot he special nature of that level, sometimes the enemy count on screen at once got too enormous and slowed the game too much, and may be what is causing the vertex buffer crashes for some individuals. This limit should not affect the difficulty of that level all that much, it may make it slightly easier though.
- Added an alternative stage select song (a combination of Laaaament and Sweeeeden, by "digifish music", via the freesound project, Creative Commons attribution license) as the default; the old stage select song ("Song of the Wanderer (Where Shall I go?)", 1926 by Neil Moret, in the public domain) will be kept as an option. The option is in the third options tab, at the bottom, called "Stage Select BGM".
- Pressing escape will now make the intermission/story text appear all at once, the same as left-clicking, instead of doing nothing. Pressing escape after the intermission/story text has finished advancing or has been skipped forward through will now pause the game instead of doing nothing.
- Neglected to mention this in v1.2.2, but in that patch, added a "level x of x complete" message between medal campaign levels, to make it clearer to the player how many levels remain in that campaign to get that medal.
- Added a pause stat for the game's current difficulty level setting for non-custom levels.
- Added a pause stat for the total number of active medals and the number of medals that you have collected.
- Removed the pause stats for custom levels, because it was misleading to show you, for example, the number of :P's you've killed in a custom level if you were trying to earn the :P medal, because you couldn't actually earn that medal in that level.
- Made the "Path Lv." variable in custom campaigns and custom levels more accurately reflect the challenge-equivalent of the normal set of levels.

[Bug Fixes]
- Fixed a bug that made it so you always had 10,000 cache after losing to the second Brother Bavakh instead of the amount you had left over; this was changed so the carry-over from the campaign could be used in the final / Raberata endless level at the end of that campaign, just like all the other campaigns, instead of always losing the money without any carry-over.
- Sometimes Endless / Raberata levels would incorrectly count towards the medals that require you to get 100% success rate at 100 challenge, although sometimes they wouldn't; I made sure that they aren't counted in that calculation/check for purposes of the medals related to them and for the "perfect levels" stat that's shown on the pause screen.
- Fixed the disabling and re-enabling detection rectangle for the medals, it exactly on top of them before (it was off by 5 pixels).
- The "Play" button in the level editor, despite having been coded in long before release, wasn't actually drawing itself or showing up, and I didn't even notice until now; that's fixed now. Now there is a functional button to play the level you just created directly from the level editor interface (provided you saved the level first).
- Previously, you couldn't earn achievements in the *first* level of a medal's side campaign, but now that's fixed, you can now earn all achievements in the side campaigns (but not custom campaigns created in the level editor or downloaded through the Steam Workshop).
- Fixed the mouseover help in English for lives and time, which were switched.
- Fixed some typos in the English text, thanks to adtrav from the forums.
- Fix for text width for options tab in the Japanese translation; now they fit into their tabs better.
- Fixed a bug where nightmares were incorrectly drawing their shield graphic from too far a distance.
Sep 19, 2015
Immortal Defense - RinkuHero
Major balance changes in this patch, to the Points, to some of the medals, and especially to the Point's achievement campaigns. A lot of other changes too, this is a pretty big patch.

The patch changes are actually too big to fit in the text limit of an announcement, so here's a link to the discussions post that has the full patch notes: http://steamcommunity.com/app/298360/discussions/0/523897653308642078/

But a tl;dr version is:

- Rebalanced many of the points various ways.
- Made the Point Medal (Achievement) Campaigns easier.
- Added descriptions of hotkeys and some other stats on the pause screen.
- Made some changes to a few of the medal bonuses.
- Some balance changes to some of the enemies.
- Much more; read the full notes for the details.
Immortal Defense - RPGCreations
Here are some changes for v1.2.1 (Sept 8, 2015).


- improved visibility of the upgrade price when the player cannot afford that price

- improved visibility of Courage Point shots

- added a Strategist Point range re-direction information into the Points manual, it appears now as " *Range "; I'd like also to have a visual representation of that range in the future

- added hotkeys for game speeds: QWER for slow, normal, fast, fastest

- fixed a bug that caused Panopticon's medal to be awarded when you killed a different type of enemy at 100% difficulty instead of just the Panopticon

- fixed a bug that prevented Blaggenthorg's Skull medal from being registered with Steam. Unfortunately if you had this bug happen, for now, you will need to re-acquire this achievement in a new save file for it to be registered with Steam; I may make this easier in a future patch.

- fixed a bug that caused the Big Medal to not change the displayed damage of the mouse cursor in the mouse cursor information tab (although the actual damage it did was correct)

- fixed a bug that caused Gutei's Finger enemy to move much faster in the Ortho achievement campaign than it should have; this should make that level much more possible

- fixed a bug that caused the cache you had when playing a custom level / campaign or achievement campaign to sometimes be wrong when restarting a level

- slightly reduced the Zig Engine's range for speeding up allies, and the amount that it speeds them up

- made the Gutei's Finger enemies get pushed back more in the ortho custom level than they did previously

- updated the achievement description on Steam for the Limited point's achievement to accurately reflect the conditions of acquiring it

- made Turning Point's shots last a little longer (before some of them could vanish as soon as they appeared, now they each last at least half a second at minimum)

- fixed a bug where the victory display information at the end of a level (e.g. the bonus cache information and so on) wouldn't show show up for custom levels/campaigns and achievement campaigns

- fixed a bug that caused the shots to still bounce off the debris / Aa's will even if you had the Dukis II medal


There are still some more bugs to fix, and there are many more changes and improvements to the game that are on the wishlist, but these should be most of the major bugs that have been reported so far during the first week of release.

Please let me know if there are any new bugs created by this patch, or if any of the bugs listed above aren't actually fixed for you.

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