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Xsyon: Prelude, the apocalyptic fantasy sandbox MMORPG no longer requires a monthly subscription!

Due to popular demand, Xsyon has switched to a one time buy-to-play price allowing for unlimited and unrestricted game play.

Past paid players are welcome to return for free to the world of Xsyon to rejoin and rebuild tribes or check out the latest features and improvements!

For those who haven't kept up to date on Xsyon:

Recent improvements include:
- Revised versatile architecture system with multi-story construction.
- Laying out and visualizing full constructions before finalizing your creations.
- Building of bridges, tree houses and fantastical structures with ease.
- Many new structural components including trusses, cantilevers and railings.
- Building uses including Infirmaries, Trading Posts and Welcome Stations.

Features now include:
- Extensive farming system allowing players to plant, water, tend and harvest a variety of useful crops.
- Innovative cooking system allowing players to combine ingredients and seasonings creating custom recipes. Players can save their recipes in a cookbook and create powerful signature dishes.

Currently in development:
- Revised creature systems, stats and path finding.
- Vanity and combat pets.

Steam keys are available to all past paid players for those that wish to rejoin Xsyon through Steam.
Xsyon - Prelude - Xsyon
Minor Update

- Steam Overlay support added
- Keyboard input system revised (from Raw Input to Win32 Input) in order to support Steam Overlay functions.
- Floor collision improved to prevent players falling through gaps (in particular with corner floors).
- Boulder system optimized.

Bug Fixes
- Containers can be dropped on boulders
- Collision revised to prevent situations on trusses
- Containers stuck open fixed
- Objects not loading crossing zones likely fixed

New Architecture Parts
- Corner Railings (16 parts)
- Mason Yak and Len Post (better stacking mason posts)
- 8x8 Corner Floors (8 parts)
- 8x8 Cantilever Trusses (8 parts)
- 8x8 Corner Cantilever Trusses (8 parts)

Revised Architecture Parts
- Mason roofs adjusted to prevent or reduce flickering when overlapped.
- Pioneer sheet roof adjusted in order to line up better with base posts.
Xsyon - Prelude - Xsyon
Hello Xsyon Citizens!

The Test Server is open for public testing. Please check out the feedback thread for full details.

I'm trying to close out as many bugs as possible this week and gather information on remaining, hard to reproduce issues. There aren't many bugs left on the official bug list and several issues should already be fixed on the Main Servers already due to recent optimizations.

One big change this week is revised keyboard input. Although this change should not be noticeable to players, it will allow for the use of the Steam Overlay functions for Steam players.

I hope to get things tested this weekend and patch the Main Servers on Monday. The next patch will include new architecture parts requested by players and further optimizations to improve game play on older systems.

Creature revisions in progress will also be back in testing this coming week!
Nov 24, 2015
Xsyon - Prelude - Xsyon
Optimization Patch

- Loading and zone crossing heavily optimized.
- Client side data structures optimized for better performance.
- Client side threads reorganized for better performance.
- Cause of occasional server lock ups identified and fixed.
- Minor potential crashes fixed.
Oct 28, 2015
Xsyon - Prelude - Xsyon
Welcome Station Patch

Welcome Stations
- The Welcome Station is a select-able starting point for new players.
- Any stand-alone ‘room’ building or ‘roof’ part can be set as Welcome Station.
- Can be placed by any tribe or homestead.
- One Welcome Station can be placed per tribe.
- A welcome message can be set by the tribe leader or players with ‘Set Messages’ permissions. This displays for new players during character creation.
- New players enter at the center of the Welcome Station.

Welcome Station Requirements
- Trade totem with at least 10 items for sale.
- Quest totem with at least 10 quests.
- Tribe must exist for 270 game days (1 real month).

Offline Tribe Joining
- Players can apply for tribe membership at the Welcome Station and leave a message.
- Players can apply to many tribes at the same time.
- A new ‘applicants’ tab has been add to the Town / Totem panel.
- The applicants tab lists all current tribe applications and displays messages from applicants.
- Tribe members with ‘invite’ permissions can accept or reject applicants through the Town panel.
- If online, the tribe leader receives a message that a player has applied.
- Players can view pending applications through their own Tribe Panel.
- Players can cancel pending applications through their own Tribe Panel.

Minor Improvements
- Global chat channel set as default.

Bug Fixes
- Player collision slightly revised to prevent players getting stuck running up ramps when frame rate is low.
- Issue with open container count not being reset when a player dies corrected.
Xsyon - Prelude - Xsyon
Xsyon's annual Halloween Event will run this coming weekend: Saturday, October 31st at 11 AM PST.

This year, the Xsyon Guide Team will be preparing a Trick or Treat event throughout the land. Collect treats and turn them in for prizes!

Come join the fun!
Xsyon - Prelude - Xsyon
Hello Xsyon Citizens!

The Test Server is open for final testing of the Welcome Station feature. The Welcome Station allows tribes to set up locations where new survivors can enter the world and apply to join the tribe. This allows tribe members to accept or reject new applicants even if they are not currently logged on.

For more details and to join in the final testing session please join our feedback thread

I decided to wrap up the Welcome Station as it was nearly complete feature and is something that can be publicly released while I continue to improve creatures and combat.

Revised creature AI also continues in testing. To join in on the latest tests, please follow the creature AI feedback thread

Xsyon - Prelude - Xsyon
Hello Xsyon Citizens!

The Test Server is open for the first round of public feedback on the revised creature AI system in progress.

The system has been heavily optimized with a lot of old, unnecessary code stripped out. This allows for more frequent updates which should result in better motion, synchronization and ultimately, combat. The revised system is much easier to tweak and adjust based on variables.

I will be enabling and disabling functions of the revised system over the course of the next week or two in order to obtain focused feedback. The current testing focus is on creature and player motion smoothness, accuracy and synch.

For more information please join the testing and feedback session on the official Xsyon site
Xsyon - Prelude - Xsyon
Hello Xsyon Citizens!

I don't have any especially important or interesting to report at the moment, but I'd like to keep you all updated on what's going on behind the scenes.

I'm still focused on the major revision to creatures and combat as detailed in last month's update. Things are coming along, but slowly. I've further revised and optimized some components that I had considered 'done' last month and I've updated the code so that I can switch between the current live server systems and the updated systems. This will allow me to patch out other fixes and improvements while I continue progress on creature AI.

This is a major update which is going to encompass many improvements.

- Heavily optimized server side creature update functions to allow for more frequent position and state updates per creatures and allow the game world to sustain an increased number of creatures. (Done and in daily testing)

- Revised creature health regeneration. (Done)

- Optimized and cleaned up creature AI system. (Done)

- Revised movement including the affect of slopes on creatures' speed. (Done)

- Revised server and client position update system to better synchronize positions between the server and all clients. (Done, needs testing)

- Revised creature aggro and target selection system. (Done)

- Revised basic path-finding 'blocking map' creation. (Done)

- Revised path-finding to allow for proper paths through buildings and around obstacles. (In progress - we will be trying various solutions for this)

- Mounts (bear and deer) (Coding done, animation and interface work needed)

- Pets (Coding done, interface work needed)

- Animal Taming

- Fully revised creature variables including ranges, hit boxes and health.

- Combat revisions (Will depend on synchronization tests)

- Ranged combat

To give an idea of the magnitude of this task, the systems being revised and replaced were originally coded (primarily) by four other programmers. This included a complete overhaul by two programmers to the AI, positioning and combat system several years ago. The current code consisted of over 10,000 which I've thoroughly reviewed, commented and separated for what is useful and what is trash.

By the time I'm finished with this update, most of the original code will be scrapped or replaced. The remaining useful code will be entirely cleaned up and optimized. It's getting there!

Some of you have probably noticed the Test Server up and open to the public. Primarily I have been running stress tests to compare the current live server AI and the updated AI. The new AI is greatly optimized and will allow for more updates per second on the server itself and between the servers and clients.

I will open the Test Server this weekend and request feedback on some of the changes in progress and will have more frequent updates here from now on as I start to wrap up and release these major changes!
Xsyon - Prelude - Xsyon
This Sunday, July 19th, Xsyon Guides will be running our popular basket hunt events throughout the day.

Events will commence at the following times:

Peace Server (PVE): 12 Noon PST
War Server (PVP): 1 PM PST

These events will continue until all baskets are found.

Come join for the fun and prizes!

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