Dec 3, 2017
ThunderWheels - dukkenuken1
New build is ready :)

Thank you all of you for giving us feedback to make the game better !

Build 2336172:
  • Clearer track selection, number of tracks are selected, race number in "end race" GUI, etc.
  • Joystick keys editing
  • Up to 8 local players
  • Nitros, cooldown in 20 seconds

Plus some fixes in sound effects, game logic and game play.
ThunderWheels - luis.fornero
It wasn't easy since there is a lot of logic in the game affected but we do agreed with the players that it has to be changed and here is !

Build 2273324 changelog:

  • Last lap: "Hurry Up!" message
  • When there is a winner: "Race ended" message
  • When there is a winner: 20 seconds time out to finish the race or all racers reach the finish line.
  • When there is a winner: Each racer have a checker flag in the HUD
  • Added best lap time and current lap time (lower right corner) visible only in single-player mode
  • Improved sound cycling, fade-in, fade-out and performance hit on End Season screen.

We love to improve and add features requested by users :)
Nov 2, 2017
ThunderWheels - luis.fornero
We've been polishing gameplay, car handling, physics, AI difficulty, etc. For a long time... and now it is time to release !

We're currently working on 'challenges' and making lots of small fixes that will be released in the game as soon as possible, since we are in Early Access please be patient, there are lots of features to be implemented and probably some bugs here and there.
Enjoy and please give us some feedback ;)
Oct 16, 2017
ThunderWheels - luis.fornero
This morning we've submitted our first version (v0.8) for revision, once it is approved we're going to release the game.
Please take in account this game will be in continuos development, and that we are here to listen the community. Opinions and feedback is really important to us since we'd like to implement first what the community ask.

Last thing to say: Our track editor is included in the game but no shortcut is included yet, if you want to use it go to the installation folder and run GBEditor.exe but make a backup first if you edit an official track! We will publish guides on how to create them.

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