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First we told you that a new game mode was coming.

Then we told you that the game mode was called Rounds.

Today we can tell you that the BETA version of the Rounds game mode is LIVE!

For a full break down of what you can expect from this new exciting game mode read on...
  • Maximum team sizes are set to 6 a side, if there are fewer players new
  • players can join but they will have to wait until the next round begins.
  • There are no team shields in this game mode.
  • There is a cap of no more than 2 of the same class per team.
  • When a player dies, they will enter Spectator Mode (there is no free view camera; players will only able to spectate players from their team).
  • Once all players on a team have been eliminated the opposing team will win the round.
  • If a round ends without all players dying, the team with the most players alive wins.
    The first team to (win?) 4 rounds wins.
  • Each round has a maximum duration of 90 seconds.
  • If the same amount of players are alive on each team when the round ends, the round will result in a draw with neither team secure a round win point.
  • Balance changes - The Grenadier's life was dropped from 250 to 200.
This is a BETA version of the Rounds mode, we'll monitor feedback from the community in the next weeks and then launch the game mode officially.

It's intense, it's full on and it's NEW!

Stay safe on the battlefield!
Ballistic Overkill - GMGMarketing
Hey Soldiers!

Standby for deployment! Your all new Ballistic Overkill game mode is set for imminent launch.

Sick and tired of Battle Royale style games? Don’t worry you will not find a “Ballistic Battlegrounds” here! We know that you would much rather run and gun than hide in a corner.

We will be launching the Beta version of the 'Rounds' game mode on Thursday evening (EST). This will be a game mode with up to 6 players on each team. Each round will last 90 seconds and if you are eliminated you will only be able to spectate your own team members. The winning team is either the team with the last member alive or the most living players at the end of the round. The overall winner is the first team to win 4 rounds.

We will announce further details on this game mode when the Beta version goes live on Thursday 2 August 2018
Ballistic Overkill - GMGMarketing
Hey soldiers!

It's time to muster the troops -  Ballistic Overkill is gearing up for a major new update. Are you ready for an all new game mode? That's right soldiers, a totally new gameplay mode. Add in more new skins and a slew of gameplay enhancements and this will become our biggest and most exciting update yet.

Stay tuned for further announcements!
Ballistic Overkill - GMGMarketing

Hey soldiers!

Update 1.4.6 is now live!

With the Steam Summer Sale starting today, it is time to freshen up the game! Not only will you
enjoy a great sale discount, but you will also get 2 new character skins.
New Characters Skins: Female Grenadier and Female Vanguard
More choice always means a different gameplay experience and that's what these two new character skins bring. As with our last update back in April, these two new skins are totally free.
Also included in this update are a number of small, but important bug fixes:

* Fixed create match and callbacks
* Optimized custom maps loading time
* Fixed custom maps pink areas (Shader not found)
* Upgraded Steam API version (should increase performance at CPU side)
* Fixed not being able to vote for Blackfield map appearing on the next match

Stay safe on the battlefield!
Ballistic Overkill - GMGMarketing
We are pleased to announce the development team have been working very hard on Ballistic Overkill and the next update will be launching Thursday the 21st of June, stay tuned for further information.

we hope to see you then.
Ballistic Overkill - Valve
Play Ballistic Overkill for FREE starting now through Sunday at 1PM Pacific Time. You can also pickup Ballistic Overkill at 50% off the regular price!*

If you already have Steam installed, click here to install or play Ballistic Overkill. If you don't have Steam, you can download it here.

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time
Ballistic Overkill - KarmaJunkie
Hey soldiers!

Ballistic Overkill is 1 year old!

12 months ago, Ballistic Overkill launched on Steam and to celebrate we are back with a huge Anniversary Update!

The Anniversary Update introduces 2 new female characters, Wraith and Tank. Both of these new skins are available for free! Read on for all the information you need on Wraith and Tank, plus all the other goodness included in the Anniversary Update.

New Characters Skins: Female Wraith and Female Tank
We are proud to launch 2 new female versions of the classes Tank and Wraith. You can select these skins in the Soldier Selection Screen of each class. These awesome new characters are available for free for all players!

More amazing female characters will be introduced in our next update.

Now you can equip multiple accessories at the same time!
Moving on to the accessories collectors, we have updated the loadout screen. Now players can equip multiple accessories at same time, as well as different body parts: head, arms, legs, torso and waist/hip.

New Weapon Skins
238 shiny new weapons skins for all 7 classes!

Off Season Crates
We are bringing back all the weapons skins from the first 3 seasons in a standard crate that will be permanently available to drop for all players! In future updates we will be launching smaller but more frequent special event crates. This will allow us to deliver future updates and content more frequently.

”Create match” is temporarily unavailable
Due to an issue introduced by a change in Steam’s servers, the “Create Match” feature is not working correctly and is temporarily unavailable. We’re looking into this and will make our best effort to bring it back as soon as possible, so don’t worry! Meanwhile, “Play Now” and “Community Servers” are still working as usual, so you can keep playing in any of the dedicated game servers (or run your own) and rack up leaderboard points.

Ballistic Overkill - Jay

Hey everyone! A new patch is available for you to download and it’s a big one!

This patch adds significant improvements to the game, so read on and learn more…

Team Deathmatch Rework (BETA)

Team DeathMatch is receiving some large balance and game play changes focused on improving the gameplay experience for all players. There will no longer be dedicated spawn areas as this was in some cases causing issues with spawn camping and other negative gameplay experiences. You will now spawn in dynamic locations around the map similar to the Free For All mode. You will always respawn away from enemy locations and, when possible, close to your teammates.

Given just how big this change is, you will have the option of either playing Team Deathmatch in a beta game mode or the previous Team Deathmatch option. Your Team Deathmatch score for the leaderboard will be calculated using both of the Deathmatch game modes. If you wish to provide feedback on the beta game mode please do so as this will impact the development of this game mode. If it gains enough popularity this will in time phase out the current Team Deathmatch game mode and ultimately replace it.

Workshop Integration (BETA)

As you may have already seen, we’ve been working on integrating Steam Workshop support for Ballistic Overkill, enabling players to create their own maps. This feature is NOW LIVE and there are some community members working on their maps already. If you want to participate and create your own map, please join us on our Discord server. and visit the #map-editors channel where you can find more information on how to get started.

Whenever you attempt to join a match the uses a custom map, a screen prompt will appear asking you to download the community created maps. Once you download them you can play and experience some great community made content!

Balance Changes

  • Weapons
    • Anakonda: increased the number of pellets per shot

  • Weapons
    • Strife: damage reduced and clip size increased
    • Agent: damage increased

  • Weapons
    • Demon: clip size increased and now has “infinite” range (sniper range)
    • Firebrand: damage slightly increased and now has sniper range

  • Skills
    • Assassin: bonus damage increased to 20% but it’s now only applied when attacking from the back

  • Skills
    • Strategist: damage reduction reduced from 10% to 6%
    • Opportunist: now also applies a +15% explosive radius buff for 8 seconds after a kill
  • Weapons
    • Viper: range and headshot damage slightly reduced

  • Skills
    • Special Supplies: now also applies a +10% mobility buff for 6 seconds after picking a health pack up

Bugfixes & Changes
  • On TDM and FFA game modes the “deaths” stats have been replaced with “assists” on the scoreboards.
  • Fixed Reinstate background image.
  • Fixed Gold Hunter’s icon.
  • Inventory search function is now working (and some other UI improvements/fixes for the inventory screen).
  • Fixed wrong ranking tier name being displayed in-game.
  • Leaderboards median calculation consistency improved. Because of this, the number of matches required for placements have increased.

PS: If you haven't heard the news, your amazing community manager Jay is leaving the party! Thank you guys for being such a nice community. I hope you stick with this game and have fun with the upcoming updates! If you want to stay in touch, I'm active on Discord and you can find my profile through the Ballistic Overkill server. Take care!
Ballistic Overkill - ハンザール君

Hey people!

This patch is about some relevant balance changes and bug fixes for recent issues. We’d just like to thank you all for your support during 2017, the year Ballistic Overkill was officially launched on Steam! It was a great year for the game. However a lot still awaits us on 2018! We’re still working on the female variant of all classes, working on the Workshop so you guys can start creating your own maps, on the fourth season and a lot more. Hope you stick with us. We wish you happy holidays!

Balance Changes

  • Weapons
    • Ironveil, Curator, Magistrate and Deadeye: mobility, draw speed and fire rate increased

  • Weapons
    • Destructor: fire rate reduced and time before explosion increased
    • One Shot: explosion radius slightly increased (affects only splash damage)
    • Rhino: range reduced
    • Hammer: adjusted damage and increased the number of pellets per shot for more consistent damage

  • Weapons
    • Chainsaw and Mammoth: range reduced
  • Skills
    • Blitzkrieg: ammo recovery after kill reduced to 20%

  • Weapons
    • Anakonda: damage greatly reduced and reload speed greatly increased

  • Weapons
    • Slayer: fire rate increased and headshot damage reduced
    • Executioner: headshot damage increased
    • Stalker: damage slightly increased
    • Blackguard: recoil improved
  • Skills
    • Trait change: now recovers 6% of Vanguard’s maximum HP and 10% of maximum ammo on kill
    • Barrage change: killing an enemy now adds a stack that enhances Vanguard's trait. Each stack adds an extra +3% of HP recovery and +20% of ammo recovery after killing an enemy. This skill stacks up to 3 times. After fully stacked and summed up with Vanguard's base trait attributes, killing an enemy will recover +15% of Vanguard's maximum HP and +70% ammo
    • Courage Under Fire: duration increased to 3 seconds


  • Wraith and Shadow no longer have thicc legs with the Burning Feet accessory equipped
  • Reinstate ambient sounds can now be lowered with in-game sound options
Ballistic Overkill - Jay
Hey everyone!

Today’s update highlights are the Discord Rich Presence integration, leaderboards, balance changes, netcode improvements and more. Check full details below!

Attention: due to Leaderboards changes and other technical problems, Leaderboards were reset. We're really sorry about that. Rewards will be distributed by the end of november regardless.

Discord Rich Presence

Now you can join your friend’s matches through Discord! Simply click on any member on our Discord server who’s online & playing Ballistic and you’ll be taken to his/her match! You can also invite a friend to your match through Discord the same way.

If you don’t participate of our official Discord server yet, please join us! Our community is very active and welcoming:

Balance Changes

  • Weapons
    • Constrictor: damage reduced.
  • Skills
    • Swiftness: now Shadow gains 3% passive mobility and an extra 3% for every second he’s running (caps at 3 stacks for a total of 12% mobility).

  • Weapons
    • One Shot reworked: now has faster fire rate, but smaller explosion radius to compensate it.
    • Destructor reworked: now has faster fire rate, but grenades explode on mid range (before hitting anything). We’ll watch closely how these reworks play and apply further changes to these weapons on the next update, if it’s necessary.
  • Skills
    • Trait: grenade recovery cooldown increased to 10 seconds.
    • Restraint reworked: now instantly recovers a grenade after a kill. Name and icons changed.

  • Weapons
    • Whirlwind and Quickfix: range reduced.

  • Skills
    • Trait: no longer detects invisible enemies (now only the Awareness ability does).

  • Skills
    • Critical Hit reworked: Wraith's guns do the same damage over the entire body. Headshot multipliers are retained.

  • Weapons
    • Chainsaw: headshot multiplier reduced.
  • Skills
    • Last Stand: now lasts 4 seconds (instead of 5).

Leaderboards Changes
  • Now you get 10 extra skill points per match win and lose no points with a loss (before it was +10 per win and -5 per loss). Caps with 100 wins (1000 points).
  • Skill points from wins are no longer applied to classes leaderboards.
  • Capture Point game mode weight was increased (now it’s 100% like TDM and FFA).
  • Kill streaks, multi kills and long headshots now rewards more skill points.

Fixes and Changes
  • Increased player position update rate from 15 to 30 per second.
  • New blood particles for the zombie and elite skins.
  • Fixed Forge Warden texture missing.
  • Fixed Shadow Ninja skin not going invisible on low settings.
  • Fixed LMG Master achievement being awarded without actually completing the requirements.


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