Aug 19, 2015
The Dungeoning - nickd3000
Hi folks, this is a smaller update than the last time, here are the changes:

Fixes to trophy system (Non-steam based trophies I'm afraid - still working on it)
New trophies for a few levels of NG+
Player now starts off with a basic magic wand!

Thanks for playing!

Jun 8, 2015
The Dungeoning - nickd3000
The long overdue update is finally here, this is a list of the changes included in this build:

Added Trophies (These are in-game only, not steam achievements unfortunately :-/ )
Increase player run speed and jump height slightly.
Falling blocks are now more visible.
First level has been made a little brighter.
Trophy list on main menu.
Tweaked jumping logic, increased "late jump" threshold.
Improved wall jumps
Made wall grind slow player more.
Added some room variations
Some graphical improvements
The Dungeoning - nickd3000
The new build of The Dungeoning is now available. Version 1.04 adds some bug fixes and a new Quit & Resume feature.


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