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Colony simulators can be overwhelming. Games like Dwarf Fortress and RimWorld use migration as both a fuel and a pressure valve, delivering caravan after caravan of fresh colonists at regular intervals to ensure the centre of balance of your community is always tipping forwards. Space Haven, which is set not on the filthy ground but in that big empty boob we call space>, flip-turns the usual template upside down. You command a ship that quite literally is always moving forwards, resources are scavenged from passing derelict hulls, and fresh crew pilfered from other ships.


RimWorld - Tynan
This is a follow-on update to last week's major content additions with some refinements and fixes.

This update should be fully compatible with all savegames and mods. If you want to continue on an old version for any reason, they're available using Steam's betas feature.

Since Royalty content is less mature (3 months vs 6 years), most of these refinements are focused on it, but there are things for the base game as well.

Thanks to everyone who helped test!

- You can now configure a desired psyfocus level on your psycasters and they will meditate enough to maintain it, without needing to use the schedule.
- Reworked how destroyed buildings generate slag so small buildings don't generate giant slag blooms; they'll leave steel behind instead.
- Implemented toggle for anima trees that toggles whether building ghosts are showing connections to meditation foci or not.
- All Empire pawns have at least the title of Freeholder.
- Player-created names update.

Training and feedback
- Implemented warning message for pawns with psychically dull or deaf traits when becoming a royal or trying to gain a psylink by anima tree.
- Rename difficulty: "The price of survival is blood" to "Blood and dust".
- Rename esquire to acolyte. Adjust some title descriptions.
- Added warning message when designating an anima tree for cutting.
- Clarify undignified thronerooms reason text.
- Anima tree now sends a letter when enough anima grass is available for linking.
- We now prompt the user to confirm using a psytrainer if the pawn's psylink level is too low to use the psycast.
- Add "Meditation desired psyfocus" learning helper lesson.
- Add "Meditation schedule" learning helper lesson.
- Show base and max value for MeditationFocusStrength stats with offsets.
- Improved organization of drug stats listing.
- Various text adjustments.

- Increase rewards per points for quests game-wide.
- Reduce the threat points for fights generated off the home map, and increase bandit camp quest rewards.
- Double the rate of nuzzling by animals to buff mood-oriented pets.
- Extend the thought for when you buried someone in a sarcophagus.
- Reduce monument sizes about 15%.
- Reduce psyfocus decay rates 0.5% at each level.
- Increase psyfocus gain of wall from 11 to 22.
- Increase psyfocus gain range of grave from 4~20 to 6~26.
- Increase psyfocus gain range of sarcophagus from 8~24 to 10~30.
- Increase psyfocus gain of animus stone from 25 to 34.
- Increase psyfocus gain of sculptures by 2, up to a max of 28 at legendary quality.
- Increase psyfocus gain of small nature shrine from 15 to 22.
- Increase psyfocus gain of large nature shrine from 22 to 30.
- Remove psylink neuroformer from traders (but most still buy it).
- Reduce nature shrine build times by 40%.
- Reduced yayo new addiction chance from 10% to 1%, and removed the min tolerance to addict.
- Reduce flake new addition chance from 20% to 5%. Reduce flake tolerance gain from 4.5% to 4% (matches yayo).
- Increase toxic fallout earliestDay from 20 to 60. Reduce base chance from 0.14 to 0.12. Increase volcanic winter earliest day from 30 to 60.
- Reduce anima tree regrowth check cycle from 40 days to 30 days.
- Ship chunks now leave a component if killed, even if not deconstructed.
- Reduce blood rot severity per day gain from 60% to 40%.
- Reduce chance for diseases in caravans by 4x.
- Min market value for neuroformer quest rewards reduced from 720 to 600. Neuroformer market value increased from 1200 to 2600.
- Reduced the selection weight of hostile factions as quest askers to 15%.
- Disabled paralysis in hospitality quests.
- Anima grass glows less brightly.
- Various internal tunings in quests.

- Moved Abasia and BloodRot to Royalty XML files.
- Rename CompWarnInBuildingRadius -> ToggleDrawAffectedMeditationFoci.

- Fix: Psyfocus meditation effect shown for psychically deaf pawns.
- Fix: Wake-up meditation focus gain is overtuned, should be 20% not 40%. Also it needs to be expressed in the right format of % per day.
- Fix: Lodgers with blood rot and abasia spawn with equipment that immediately gets dropped.
- Fix: Tree sowing research project lists anima tree as hyperlink.
- Fix: Incorrect pluralisation in goodwill letter text and removed reference to asker in success/failure letter to match quest text.
- Fix: Item stash quest uses asker's short name instead of full name.
- Fix: Typo in deserter quest description.
- Fix: Unstable power cell can be rotated.
- Fix: Accidentally referencing MeditationFocusStrength directly in StatWorker_PossibleCompOffsets.
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The Dune-esque psychic warriors of RimWorld‘s Royalty expansion are great, but what if you want your spacewizards to not be dukes and lords but rather monks, hippies, or goths? The latest update has you covered. It revamps psychics by making them mediate to charge their wizardbrains, and different types of character will use different focuses. Sure, lords will still love their thrones and that, but maybe you’ll have a tribal lot who love a big psychic Avatar tree, a spooky wizard who mediates around graves, or other weird wizzes.


RimWorld - Tynan
We've released the May 2020 update for RimWorld!

This update is still on version 1.1, because it should be compatible with savegames and mods. If for any reason you have trouble, you can set your Steam beta branch to 'version-1.1.2624' to keep playing on the previous version.

This update has improvements affecting the base game and the Royalty expansion, though since Royalty is much less mature (3 months vs 6 years), it's what got major focus on the content side. This update is the add-on we promised back on March 2.

The big theme of this update was opening up new play paths so you can take on the game's world in whatever way you like, and the game will respond in a way that's sensible. This means you can be tribal, outlander, pro-Empire, anti-Empire, neutral Empire, use psycasters or not, use drugs or not, use ranching or not, and so on. See below for the writeup on major changes, and the change log.

Beyond this, there's more stuff in progress, and I'm looking forward to letting you all know about it when the time is right.

Thanks to everyone that helped test and give feedback! Please keep it coming.


Psyfocus and meditation
Psyfocus is a new long-term resource on psycasters. Fictionally, it's a sort of mental structuring that a psycaster can build up. Each psycast consumes a bit of it. It also very slowly ticks down over time. Higher levels of psyfocus allow you to use higher level psycasts, but the psyfocus also ticks down a bit faster at higher levels. This means that you can easily maintain your lower-level psycasters at low levels, but high-level psycasts will need a bit more investment to maintain their power.

There's no downside to letting psyfocus exhaust, aside from losing the ability to use psycasts. So if you have a psycaster whose powers you don't want to invest in any more, you can just stop any time and reactivate them later.

Psyfocus is primarily built up by meditation. You can place meditation spots on the ground and assign them to colonists, though if you don't they'll try to find an optimal spot themselves anyway. There's a new entry in the scheduling tab which allows assigning them to meditation time.

The most basic kind of meditation is simply to meditate without any kind of aid at all. Pawns will do this in caravans, in prison, or in hospital, but in normal situations they'll meditate using meditation focus objects to gain psyfocus faster. With a focus object, the psycaster meditates near the object and focuses on it to gain extra psyfocus during meditation.

Where it gets interesting is that not anyone can use any focus object. They can only use an object if it matches one of their focus types. A person's focus types are specific to them, based on their childhood backstory, traits, and titles. Psychic meditation is a personal/cultural activity which is done differently in different traditions, and people do it according to their own tradition and preferences. It means that different people will act differently, which centers their characterization - it's always a goal with RimWorld's design to make characterization matter.

There are currently five focus types:

Dignified: This can be used by psycasters with Empire royal titles. They meditate on meditation thrones, and gain more focus for more grand and dignified thronerooms. This is part of a shift in emphasis for the Empire, somewhat away from the pampered noble image, and more towards the quasi-religious psychic order aspect that they've always had. You'll note that this kind of meditation is a direct replacement for the old 'authority' need that your titled pawns would have. Now, instead of sitting on the throne to boost their own ego, they do it to meditate and regain psyfocus. The throneroom is a social gathering place, but it is also a meditation temple expressing deep traditions of an honor-bound culture.

Natural: This focus type is used by those with tribal childhood backstories - whether you started as a tribal faction, or simply recruited someone with a tribal backstory. Natural meditation foci all need to be in nature - they lose their power if there are artifical structures too close by. The concept here is that they want to go away from people and do a psychic practice by communing with the stillness and eternity of the natural world.

The most important meditation focus for the natural focus is the anima tree. One of these unique trees spawns on every map with a biome where it's at all feasible. The tree glows with bioluminescent micro-organisms and has a connection with the surrounding psychic field. Anima trees are powerful foci for building up psyfocus, but also serve another purpose - they can actually upgrade your psycasters. When meditated to, the anima tree slowly develops anima grass around its base. Once enough is grown, you can send someone to link with the tree through a tribal ritual and gain a new level of psylink. This gives a reason to have lots of people meditate to the tree sometimes - possibly even the whole tribe - to grow the grass faster. Anima trees are not vulnerable to toxic fallout and animal will respect them and not eat them (except the jerk alphabeavers). If it's destroyed, a new one will spawn some time later.

Besides anima trees, you can also build nature shrines or acquire ancient animus stones and place them in nature to meditate to them. These won't give new psylink levels like the tree, but it can be useful if you're on an ice sheet and there is no tree, or you feel you want a meditation focus in a specific spot (though they still lose power if too close to artificial buildings). Raiders won't see or attack the hidden nature shrines and animus stone.

Morbid: This focus type is used by those with certain traits like psychopath, cannibal, or blood lust. They draw psyfocus by meditating on death. To that end, graves and sarcophagi are a meditation focus for them. This kind of meditation is more powerful with a corpse inside the grave, and even more powerful if the corpse is related to the meditator.

Minimal: This focus type is used by ascetics. They want the absolute minimum, so they meditate to blank walls. It's a powerful type of meditation, but only ascetics can use it, and they can't use some other types.

Artistic: This type of meditation is usable by most people. The psycaster will meditate to art. Higher-quality art builds psyfocus faster. This kind of focus object is very accessible, but not quite as powerful as other methods.

The above all means that the Empire no longer needs to have laws against psychic powers - so they don't. If you want to be tribal psychics drawing power from the anima tree, while being friendly with the Empire, you can. The Empire also no longer tries to prevent anyone from using bladelink weapons (renamed to persona weapons), again, simply because it wasn't worth restricting players this way. Such weapons are still very hard to get, so if you get one, use it.

Gaining psylink
The way psycasts become usable has changed slightly. Previously it was from the psychic amplifier. You would collect these little items and stick them on your head. Having more of them unlocked higher levels of psycasts. This was somewhat limiting since it locked the progression of psychic powers to this one specific object.

Now the psychic amplifier is changed to an object called a psylink neuroformer. It upgrades a property on the brain called psylink. Psylink is an organic property of the brain which can be built in other ways too, like the anima tree linking described above.

Psylink neuroformers are still given for new royal titles, but we also did some work tightening how often they'll be seen as quest rewards to ensure that it's possible to develop psycasters consistently even if you're not doing royal title progression. This is connected to the new reward choices (described below).

With different meditation types and different ways of gaining psylink, the overall goal is that players should have distinct but co-equal pathways to develop psycasters depending on which play path they want to go down - whether they want to climb the royal title progression, play as neutral tribals, or fight as outlanders against the empire.

Other changes
The rest of the changes can be expressed more concisely in the below change log.

- Quests now offer three reward options for the player to choose between. These three reward options are always distinct from each other. They are displayed in a condensed pictorial layout instead of text, making for easy reading and selection. Player can still set reward preferences to prevent rewards like goodwill or royal favor from being offered, if desired.
- We condensed and focused a ton of quest texts for better readability.
- Texts for Empire quests have been adjusted to de-emphasize the pampered aspect somewhat. The nobles should be a lot more straightforward to match the new dignified meditation. They're more honor-bound than pampered.
- All quests have been deeply reviewed and tuned to give good reward and challenge balances at all stages of the game in all situations.

Psychic mechanics
- Psychic entropy was renamed to neural heat. This distinguishes it from psyfocus better, and expresses the context of a short-term measure that quickly dissipates, but can 'burn' you if pushed too high. It doesn't represent physical heat of the brain; it's an expression reflecting the same psychic phenomenon as before.
- Psychic hangover removed. Since we now have psyfocus as a long-term cost for psycasts, there's no need for psychic hangover. (Its original purpose was to remove from the player the micromanagement burden of casting psycasts like Focus over and over on workers, which would have been a good strategy without it).
- Neural heat overload is no longer dangerous and can often be a good strategy. It won't burn anyone's brain, though it may still knock your psycaster into a coma for a few days and in some cases can burn out a psylink level. It's a good strategy in difficult situations. I'd like to see more players pushing the boundaries of neural heat limits. Overall this powers up psycasters by making it much more viable to push out a lot of psycasts at once.

New psycasts
- New psycast - Neural heat dump: Reduces caster neural heat to zero instantly, but puts the allied target into a psychic shock coma for a day. This replaces entropy link.
- New psycast - Waterskip: Drops some water at the target point, extinguishing nearby fires.
- New psycast - Flashstorm: Generates a small flashstorm at the target point, which will drop lighting bolts from time to time.
- New psycast - Bullet shield: Creates a circular skipgate field which will absorb shots in or out around a targeted point, for a short time. Great for retreats or advances.

Hosting quest improvements
- You can now sometimes gain goodwill sometimes by keeping the guests' mood extra high.
- Threats configuration totally redesigned. There are new fewer individual threats, with more variation in their pacing and scale. For example, rather than four normal mech clusters in a row, which gets monotonous, you might get two double cluster or one triple-size cluster, providing challenges outside what normal play offers.
- Lodgers now generally have lodger conditions like being unwilling to work, or requiring mood to be kept up, or a disease. This reduces the cases where the lodger is rewarding you for the chance to work for you. More difficult conditions offer bigger rewards.
- Helpers brought to fight for you now start with an 'on duty' mood bonus thought.
- Added blood rot disease to support hosting quests.
- Added paralytic abasia disease to support hosting quests.

- Drugs output a lot more stats on their info card, including high gain per dose, high fall per day, high duration per dose, psyfocus gain per dose, tolerance gain per dose, tolerance fall per day, random overdose chance, minimum tolerance for addiction, addiction chance per dose, addiction recovery time, addict need fill per dose, addict need fall rate, addict need cost per day, addict need dose interval, safe dose interval. This should help make drugs my viable by giving players information to reason about costs and benefits.
- You can now make pawns keep drugs in inventory even if they're not scheduled to take it. Good for combat drugs.
- Drug taking is faster and the pawn won't move when they do it. Good for combat drugs.
- Wake-up and go-juice rebalanced. Now instead of being safe for some interval but then absolutely suicidal to take, the risk and consequences of addiction are lower but the safe dose interval is removed.
- Go-juice instantly gives psyfocus when taken by psycasters.
- Wake-up speeds psyfocus gain from meditation when taken by psycasters.
- Addiction is now rolled before tolerance build-up, making more drugs like yayo more viable and making the drug stats output easier to understand.
- Addicts now take their drug automatically at 10% need instead of 30% (which is too early and wasteful). Chemicals restore 90% to their need instead of 100% for more consistent math.
- Drug tolerances are visible at all severity levels instead of being hidden at low tolerance.

Miscellaneous content
- Added new sound effects for: Mech serums, neurotrainers, psytrainers, condition causers, quest accepted, succeded, failed, concluded, techprint applied, shuttle idle, shuttle board and disembark.
- Added prestige recon armor, prestige marine armor, and prestige cataphract armor. These gold-enhanced power armors enhance psychic abilities and are needed to satisfy noble apparel requirements.
- Psyfocus gear renamed to eltex.
- Cleanly slaughtering your tame animals now gives 50% bonus meat. This powers up the previously-underused ranching.
- When manhunters attack the colony en masse, they now come with the rabies-like scaria disease. Fictionally, this gives a reason why manhunters are attacking, but its design purpose is to flatten out the reward level for manhunter attacks between different difficulty levels. At each difficulty level, a percentage of animals killed with scaria will become unbutcherable on death; this percentage is tuned inversely from the animal count at each difficulty such that higher difficulties now get the same resource reward as lower difficulties. Scaria can also be cured quite easily if you down an animal with it, which makes it possible to make them into pets or meat for slaughter if you are ready to trade medicine for food.
- Smelting slag is much faster to reduce clutter.
- Random decrees for nobles are removed.
- Mech clusters drop less slag and more steel to compensate.
- Mech cluster central problem causer buildings drop some special reward resources when destroyed.
- Filth like blood, dirt, rubble, etc now expires after a long time. This should reduce clutter buildup in long games.
- Added new smoke shells and smoke IED.
- Royal aid can now be targeted on a position instead of just dropping on the caller. So you can tell them to drop on top of a mech cluster, into enemies, etc - anywhere in line of sight of the caller, within a certain radius.
- Monuments can now be rotated while placing.
- Monument generation was reworked to prevent monuments from having big empty spaces inside and increase the value density. This should make monuments more compact and easier to place.
- UI: Follow the master while drafted/hunting now appears on the animal's training tab as well as the main animals tab.
- Renamed bladelink to persona weapons.
- Added colorblind-friendly point labels for history charts, visible on mouseover.
- Difficulty settings were renamed with more flavor and to better indicate what they really mean. Descriptions were condensed and clarified, and coded to appear instantly on mouseover so they can't be missed.
- Updated player-created names.

Small miscellaneous
- Increased eltex staff market value from 1000 to 2000.
- Quest rewards now give more goodwill if the faction is hostile.
- Tuned various trees' harvest work and yield towards a standard of about 30 harvest work per yield.
- Renamed and rewrote difficulty settings (tuning was not changed).
- Mortars now have a visible progress bar while cooling down.
- Removed psychic silencer implant since it no longer has any purpose. The deserter quest now gives an additional psylink neuroformer.
- Cleaned up how pawn hunger rate is fed back through stats. Gourmand trait now directly affects hunger rate. Hunger rate multiplier stat is not used anywhere anymore (but was not removed for compatibility).
- Increase range of manhunter pulse psycast by 10.
- Stripping neutral or allied pawns now causes goodwill loss.
- Now only quest asker lodger can issue decrees.
- Improved melee DPS and armor penetration stat texts.
- Shuttles now avoid landing near mechanoid cluster proximity activators.
- Added various loading tips.
- Reduce call cataphracts royal favor cost if used before cooldown from 12 to 8 favor.
- Psycasts tuning: Painblock entropy cost reduced from 10 to 8. Stun range increased from 20 to 25. Blinding pulse range increased from 20 to 25. Entropy dump range increased from 15 to 25. Vertigo pulse range increased from 20 to 25. Skip range and radius increased from 25 to 28. Wallraise range increased from 20 to 25. Smokepop range increased from 20 to 25. Focus range increased from 25 to 28. Berserk range increased from 15 to 20. Invisibility range increased from 15 to 20. Waterskip range increased from 20 to 25. Bullet shield range increased from 20 to 25.
- Reduce work for cremating a corpse from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
- Relabel the 'restrict' main tab to 'schedule' since that's its main function.
- Only allow stone floor (tiles and flagstone) in monuments.
- Made sure empire never gives royal favor reward if hostile.
- Change psychic entropy fall rate to be measured per second instead of per 30 seconds.
- Rebalance bandit camp quest to have better rewards and less challenge, and add more name content to it.
- Removed the self-destruct outcome from the journey ship endgame. Quest now only ends if reactor is destroyed or tile is deliberately abandoned.
- High tooltip displays severity percentage in tooltip.
- High label displays hours remaining. Addiction label displays severity percent. Addiction tooltip displays the need it creates.

- Implemented quest rewards debug output table which helps analyze maximum, minimum, and average quest rewards for quests at different points levels.
- Implemented TKey system. This is a system which will allow us to tag XML text with TKeys, which translators can then use to address the text. This saves translators from having to work with long, overly-complex paths to modify text, and allows us to restructure our XML without breaking translations. We have added TKeys to QuestScriptDefs and TipSetDefs so far.
- Create full debug output for tuning drugs.
- Swapped XML-like format for colored text tags to use different symbols.
- Hospitality quests now fail if asker faction becomes hostile.

- Fix: Manhunter animals don't leave properly after 1-2 days.
- Fix: Can't use gender symbols in "FinalStraw" translation.
- Fix: Persona core request text incorrect grammar.
- Fix: Pawn lend quest always uses plural form of 'have', regardless of pawn count.
- Fix: Reduce resistance job report string shows 'attempting to recruit xy' instead of reducing resistance.
- Fix: Ingredient radius slider handle becoming invisible at unlimited radius.
- Fix: Penoxycyline blocks diseases longer than it should.
- Fix: DeepDrill optimization breaks map seeds (regression).
- Fix: When deep resources are exhausted, the message notifying the player states incorrect next base resource.
- Fix: Sometimes when deep resource is exhausted the drill is not properly forbidden.
- Fix: Colonist who is away on a quest formed bond with animal.
- Fix: Mechanoids assembled by a mech assembler have high ages. Pawns created by Spawners now have their age set to minimum age for last life stage, so it works correctly for insects as well.
- Fix: You can teleport pawns onto unwalkable terrain.
- Fix: Wedding guests sometimes don't stay for ceremony after party and don't get "Attended wedding" bonus.
- Fix: Able to remove implants on pawns without repercussions.
- Fix: Monument construction quests from permanent enemies sometimes talk about goodwill change on destruction, even though goodwill can't change.
- Fix: Potential null ref for pawns with no Rest need.
- Fix: Bad grammar on hospitality letter with single lodger.
- Fix: Gray UI color from 'none' label when there are no traits affects first skill items in CharacterCard.
- Fix: Improperly colored time strings in some cases.
- Fix: Translation key CannotGiveToPackAnimal missing 'cannot'.
- Fix: Can build stone doors on bridges.
- Fix: CataphractArmor research project in the base game; should be in Royalty.
- Fix: GetStatValue overload causing patching issues in some mods.
- Fix: Lag when sapping raiders are being hit by bullets.
- Fix: Hosted quest prisoners can be placed in cryptosleep caskets.
- Fix: Error if PatchOperationConditional didn't match and doesn't have nomatch path.
- Fix: Translation files cleaner stripped away (*Name)(/Name) tags on keyed translations.
- Fix: Dormant mech assemblers not reporting next mech they're gonna assemble.
- Fix: PsychicHarmonizer description typo.
- Fix: If the pawn goes from safe to brain roasting entropy in 1 psycast, I think he will skip over the overloaded Message.
- Fix: Wallraise can be cast to invalid positions by queuing cast commands.
- Fix: berserk/berserk pulse abilities can be cast on pawn in mental state to interrupt it.
- Fix: Quests that end before they are accepted because of faction hostility display "This quest was completed"
- Fix: Spelling error in psychic insanity lance sound folder name.
- Fix: Psychic effects on dead bodies don't disappear.
- Fix: Pawns with chemical interest/fascination adhere to drug policy allowForJoy when they should not.
- Fix: Shooting skill disabled by hunting work type.
- Fix: Incapable of violent shows shooting skill.
- Many other smaller fixes and typo fixes.
RimWorld - Tynan
This is a refinements and fixes update with improvements for the base game and Royalty expansion. It should be compatible with all savegames and mods. This biggest changes will be tunings designed to move deep drilling from the lategame towards the midgame and make them more viable for marginal drilling projects. As always, everything is on the table for further adjustment as we go forward.

If you have a mod compatibility problem, you can use the Steam beta branch called 'previous' to go back to the previous build until issues get worked out. It would be great if you could tell us or the mod developer about the issue as well!

We're also working on some deeper gameplay improvements and content additions - look forward to those! However, for stability reasons those are being held back for now.

Thanks to all those who helped test on the official testing Discord server. Come join to test future releases!

- Defeating a mech cluster now gives a mood boost to all player pawns on the same map.
- Reduce work cost of smelting metal from slag from 1600 to 800 (to help reduce clutter).
- Reduce uranium slug turret cost per shot from 4 to 3 and increase its damage from 45 to 50.
- Butchered cenitpedes now yield 10 plasteel when shredded, modified by difficulty and pawn skill.
- Crashed ship parts now drop an advanced component.
- Plasteel no longer burns.
- Reduced commonality of mechanoid raids at high points levels.
- Reduced deep drilling research cost from 4000 to 1000 and moved from multi-analyzer tier to microelectronics tier.
- Reduced cost of deep drill from 200 steel and 4 components to 100 steel and 2 components.
- Reduced cost of ground-penetrating scanner from 2 advanced components, 6 components, and 200 steel to 1 advanced component, 4 components, and 150 steel.
- Increased deep drill yield for steel, plasteel, uranium, silver, and jade. Reduced yield for gold.
- Reduced max deep lump size for gold, and jade, and steel.
- Reduced deep drill power consumption from 300W to 200W.
- Deep drill can now extract from the 21 closest cells instead of only the 9 closest.
- Imperial settlements offer more psytrainers.
- Mechs created by the mech assembler mechs now defend the cluster instead of attacking.
- Mech assembler now shuts down after spawning 4 mechs.
- Double the effect of pain focus.
- Seperated deep drilling speed from mining speed. Drill arm now affects deep drilling speed less than normal mining speed.
- Tune monument size and construction time.
- Monument damage consequence size is no longer affected by challenge rating.
- Removed extra selection weight for mech cluster as monument damage consequence.
- Adjusted monument protection duration based on challenge rating.
- Colonists with bloodlust no longer suffer a mood debuff when harvesting organs.
- Adjust Alzheimer's to nullify fewer conditional thoughts, otherwise it can be impossible to keep guests happy with Alzheimer's and it's a bit weird that their mood ends up locked at default.

- Reworked how monuments are generated to produce more compact structures without weird large gaps.
- Optimized deep drilling for modded games with more rock types.
- Explicitly mark some more things as part of Royalty in code for clarity: Shuttle, bladelink weapons, musical instruments, thrones, projectile interceptors (shields).
- Refactor royal title warning texts in order to do the formatting programatically.
- Removed unnecessary 'You must keep [guestName] at colony' from hospitality quests as lodgers should not be able to be transferred.
- Removed 'showCreatedAt' on recipe def and used existing IsSurgery property instead.
- Removed unnecessary check on text height for architect category tab.
- Changed psychic amplifier graphic to match archotech artstyle, since it's an archotech item.
- Moved IncomingDamageFactor damage mitigation to ApplyDamageToPart.
- Optimization: Make GridsUtility.GetDoor use GetEdifice instead of checking every thing in the cell.
- Adjusted apparel debug outputs.

- Monument quest descriptions now better handle multiple allowed floor types.
- Added more quest name content for PawnLend quests.
- Adjusted monument resource readout to include all possible floor type required resources.
- Added a warning popup about conceited colonists when a royal favor quest is about to be accepted (similar to anti-social colonists).
- Combine warnings when attempting to accept a royal favor quest for someone who is both conceited and anti-social.
- Made it clearer why a Praetor cannot call an orbital imperial trader.
- Reduced the tooltip delay on storyteller difficulty selections to zero
- Rewrote natural goodwill rise/fall tooltip to display yearly change. Removed redundant text.
- Pain focus readout now rounds to the nearest whole number.
- Adjust text and fully define mining stat order.
- Added an explanation to the psycast 'Target' stat entry.

- Fix: You cannot shoot over unstable power cells.
- Fix: Sometimes the wrong people can be ordered to enter shuttles.
- Fix: Quests sometimes generate manhunting packs with > 100 animals.
- Fix: Spawning sketch that wipes doors with no adjacent regions causes an error.
- Fix: The translation files cleaner tool uses LF in the end of the first line (xml root).
- Fix: Cocoa trees are marked as unlocked for both 'Tree sowing' and 'Cocoa' research projects.
- Fix: Quest lodgers being attacked by colonists (temporary or permanent) during murderous rage and other aggro mental states cause relations loss.
- Fix: Typo in peaceful difficulty description.
- Fix: Some custom backstories with gender set to "either" have a default gendered body type.
- Fix: Manhunter incident can fail for very high points.
- Fix: Padding for mod requirement box is uneven.
- Fix: QuestPart_RequirementsToAcceptBedroom causes errors for pawns with royal titles which don't have bedroom requirements.
- Fix: Tough trait incoming damage multiplier doesn't work properly.
- Fix: Item hitpoint slider precision - unequal values shown as same.
- Fix: NPCs incabable of doctoring can self tend.
- Fix: In the info card for a psycast, all entries in the lists of Target are capitalized.
- Fix: Formatter tool adds and deletes same values because cyclic reference prevention would skip value types falsely.
- Fix: Luciferium not healing chronic conditions but the message says it did.
- Fix: Ship parts sometimes land on walls and skip upon spawning inner thing.
- Fix: TryFindSafeLandingSpotCloseToColony only checks single cell instead of occupied rect for blocking things.
- Fix: Accepting two shuttle-based quests one after another causes one to land on top of the other.
- Fix: Siegers receive extra supplies they don't need.
- Fix: Various StockGenerator_Tag missing countRanges which made some settlements not carry items they should have.
RimWorld - Tynan
This is a relatively minor update focused on fixes and balance. The major content we're working on is still being held back for release as the content add-on later.

This update should be compatible with all savegames and mods. If for any reason you want to play the previous version, please use the Steam beta branch called 'previous'.

Thanks to everyone who has given feedback at the unstable testing Discord server. Come join to test future releases!

- Monuments can now be sastisfied with any floor type instead of requiring specific floor types.
- Monument generation has been adjusted to make monuments more dense and consistent.
- Reworked how quests decide whether to appear based on player progress to solve an issue that would cause quests not to appear for a long time at lower populations on certain difficulty settings.
- "Choose rewards" window renamed to "Reward preferences". Added explanation at the top of the window. Increased height of reward prefs window.
- Man in black is now always capable of violent and caring work.
- Quests will no longer offer rewards with unreasonably small numbers of items (e.g. 5x hyperweave).
- Improved clarity of monument marker placement feedback. Added messages for incompatible terrain or blocking buildings.
- Prices now only display decimals when under $10.
- Now, only esquire and higher titles will be inherited.
- Hospitality threats with mech clusters now display more accurate sizing in generated text.

- Praetors can now give speeches.
- Lodger minimum mood now only applies to the asker, not any others who accompany him.
- Mech clusters now have more chance of using walls at low points levels, but less chance at high points levels.
- Mech clusters are more likely to have mechanoid guards instead of just turrets.
- Mech clusters at low points are more likely to have unstable power cells.
- Reduce duration of berserk pulse from 15 seconds to 11 seconds.
- Increase cost of mortars.
- Siegers now recieve 6 replenish shells at a time instead of 10.
- Decrease joywire brain efficiency impact from 30% to 20% (reverts previous change).
- Increased human turrets damage and fuel consumption.
- Increased uranium slug turret range.
- Reduce steel from smelting steel chunks from 20 to 15. Reduce resource yield from destroying/disassembing mechs and their buildings. This should reduce late-game clutter, reduce weird economic imbalances between difficulty levels, make it more relevant to actually have an economy besides killing things, and improve challenge spread between difficulties.
- Quest ThreatReward_Manhunters_Joiner: Manhunter arrival is much sooner, and comes not too long after the joiner arrives.

- Removed null asker possibility from hospitality quests.
- Added try/catch to StaticConstructorOnStartupUtility.CallAll() so 1 broken mod doesn't break all other mods.
- DesignatorFor -> FindAllowedDesignatorRoot
- Monument placement now checks overlap before adjacency.
- Minimum mech cluster points can be set for mech cluster buildings.
- Rename "ludeon" constant in ModContentPack to LudeonPackageIdAuthor Fix typos in a related check.
- Reward from lodgersMoodThreshold in hospitality quests is now factored based on lodgersMoodThreshold value.
- QuestNode_IsInList now uses previously unused function.
- Removed redundant checks from IsSpawningBlocked. IsSpawningBlockedPermanently checks proper location.
- Moved TerrainDef.genericLabel to DesignatorDropdownGroupDef label.
- Move the delegate inside ModContentPack.ReloadContent into a class function to prevent future issues with mods.
- Added null check for QuestGenUtility method IsInList.
- lodgersMoodThreshold is now selected from 4 discrete random values.
- Renamed allowedThreats to threatType in hospitality quests; a back-compatibility rule for the old name remains.

- Fix: Can't target caster or pawns of the same faction with psycasts if they're invisible.
- Fix: Text overlap for some items on architect tab description.
- Fix: Kind label is not gender-aware in RulesForPawn
- Fix: Pawns can stand on drapes are standable.
- Fix: Some hospitality quest fields report missing translations even though they shouldn't
- Fix: Alerts throwing errors after choosing "Load mod list from save" while in-game.
- Fix: Smoke spewer does nothing.
- Fix: Psycasts don't check cooldown in CanCast method.
- Fix: Tribute collector doesn't arrive unless you have a knight.
- Fix: Black screen on startup if a workshop mod folder was deleted without unsubbing from the mod.
- Fix: Force loading animals into a shuttle while forming a caravan and then sending the shuttle causes errors.
- Fix: Asker potentially not being set when setting lodgersHaveMoodThreshold.
- Fix: Monuments can be placed over non-edifice buildings without warning.
- Fix: Languages listed as seperate even if they share the same legacy folder name.
- Fix: Manhunter pack quests and incidents fail to generate for higher points.
RimWorld - Tynan
In addition to a ton of general improvements for the base game and Royalty, this update focuses on tightening quest generation and making nobles more flexible. Full change log is below.

If for any reason you want to play the previous version, please use the Steam beta branch called 'previous'.

RimWorld is a very flexible game with many different game states, and our quest generation system uses some pretty complex scripting to generate quests appropriate at different difficulties, diplomatic configurations, and colony sizes. Since releasing 1.1, we've been seeing some cases where quests would generate that weren't rewarded appropriately or had the wrong difficulty and complexity level for the stage of the game they were appearing in. All this should be a lot tighter in this build, and there are further plans for refining and enriching quest content in the future. All the feedback we've gotten about this has been invaluable - thank you!

This update also works on making nobles more flexible. Players have indicated that they want to use royal colonists in more different ways, and it's always been a goal with RimWorld to support players choosing their own path as much as possible, exploring different strategies and role-playing different stories. The original nobility design focused on advancing a single character up the noble ranks, but if players want to have 6 knights and they're willing to do the quests to earn that royal favor, the game should reward that gracefully. Shared throne rooms and controllable speeches are a step in that direction. As always, we'll be watching how this plays and seeking more ways to enable players' goals.

This update should be compatible with all vanilla savegames. We also tested with a wide variety of mods and found it compatible (though it's hard to guarantee this since mods can change any time and do anything). We'll be watching carefully and working to fix anything that comes up. Whether you're a modder or a player who has discovered a problem, please don't hesitate to come chat with us about technical issues on the public testing Discord server!

The content add-on discussed some weeks ago is still coming. These updates represent the more urgent and straightforward improvements I want to get out quickly, while we work on the deeper changes separately. I'm excited to show you what's coming but, as always, it's better to keep it under wraps because the design is still changing as we iterate on it.

Thanks again to everyone who is playing and offering feedback.


EDIT: Updated with a very small fix to stop a bug that broke manhunter pack-related incidents in extreme late-game or modded scenarios when there were over 30 of the most powerful animals in the game.

- Multiple thrones can now share one throneroom.
- Allow non-noble pawns to play music. High culture recreation type is re-labeled to music recreation. Allow non-conceited nobles use dexterity play.
- Make speech from the throne an ability player can control. High-level royals gain the ability to do a speech from the throne. It has a cooldown (so the speaker can think of ideas for the next speech). The feedback for throne speeches now tells the player the chances of different outcomes, along with the relevant social stat.
- Removed minimum expectations for non-conceited titles (that is, titles of pawns who were not born royalty and are not greedy or jealous).
- Implemented category-based melee verb selection. Previously, pawns would select which melee verb to use simply by a weighted random selection according to the power of their different verbs. However, this created an incoherency where adding, for example, a knee spike to a pawn with a longsword would actually make him worse, since the knee spike is less powerful than the longsword but now he is more likely to choose a verb besides the longsword. The new verb category system places each verb in one of three categories - best, mid, and worst. It then chooses randomly between best (75% of the time) and mid (25% of the time). So adding a knee spike to a longsword wielder will not make him use the longsword less often; rather it will replace his fists as the mid-tier verb and improve his damage per second.
- Colonists can now be set as master to any animal they are bonded with regardless of skill. This prevents situations where starting animals begin bonded to colonists who cannot become their master, leading to a permanent negative thought for the colonist not being master of the bonded animal.
- "New quest" letters now link directly to the relevant quest instead of requiring an extra click.
- Shuttles that don't land on landing pads will now avoid crushing buildings, items, and trees.

- Redesigned how hosting quests generate threats. Instead of always generating points-based threats on a 24-hour cycle with the same timing in all cases, the system now chooses from a designed menu of different duration ranges, threat counts, and threat intensities. Each challenge rating (star level) has a different menu of threats. These are all modified by the possibility of adding helpers, different guests with different conditions, and so on.
- Quests' reward value is now always at least 250 silver, no matter how small the quest.
- Quest guests can now only be downed or sick if quest points are over 300.
- Non-royal guests can now have mood threshold set only if quest points are over 400.
- Helpers can no longer generate for 1-star hospitality quests (since these quests have no violent threats).
- Reworked how the guest count for quests is generated, taking points into account better, and adjusted the rate to have fewer guests at really low points levels.
- Hosting quests can only use 2 or 3 challenge stars above specific points thresholds.
- Random quests no longer generate at all under 100 points, and lerp to generating as normal at 200 points.
- Tune random quest selection weights for more variation.
- You can no longer get quests about fighting mech clusters at unreasonably low points levels.
- You can no longer get infestation quests at unreasonably low points levels. Change the code that determines the hive count to round normally without randomness, for greater accuracy.
- Increase monument protection times from 10~30 days to 20~50 days, and increased reward factor to match.
- We no longer generate as many cheap items at high reward values, in order to focus on a few big juicy rewards.
- Adjusted the rewards for various game conditions in condition-for-pay quests (this means quests where e.g. you get a toxic fallout but also get a reward). Also linked specific conditions to specific star ratings.
- Balance down the reward you get just for keeping a hospitality guest without threats (since often this can even be advantageous).
- Deny choosing Empire as asker for a hospitality joiners quest if points are under 240, to avoid sending nobles when a colony can't realistically support them and they wouldn't want to visit.
- Adjust how hospitality quests determine the royal title of royal guests so early-mid-game guests don't have unsupportably high titles.
- Tune the default relationship between quest points and reward value to make it scale better lower and higher points levels.
- Slightly increase chance of population-gaining quests.
- Quest threat sites will no longer generate with 'possibly unknown threats' all the time, and especially not at lower challenge levels.
- Quest threat sites will now limit the number of threats at the site according to the quest points.
- Extended hive spawning delay the 14 seconds to 28 seconds.
- Reduced luciferium market value from 120 to 70.
- Increased joywire consciousness impact from 20% to 30%.
- Increased spike trap build cost from 35 to 45.
- Reduced wood sharp damage multiplier from 0.45 to 0.40.
- Colored lights research project no longer requires high tech research bench.
- Difficulty settings now modify butcher yield similarly to crop yield.
- Moisture pumps now leave resources behind when destroyed.
- Fine floors now give 75% of resources back upon deconstruction, similar to other floors.
- Changed research prerequisite for ship landing beacon from microelectronics to electricity.
- Greatbow can now be made at crafting spot.
- Health conditions can now have negative pawn price offsets. Mindscrew now has a negative price offset.

- Improve grammar resolution trace format by putting the trace first, then variables, then custom rules.
- Make mech capsules avoid placing multiple mechs on the same cell.
- Suppress "dependency needs to have downloadUrl" warning for dependencies on official content.
- Moved 'Copy debug to clipboard' button to above debug text. Made the signal text box button narrower and changed the '...' button label to 'Send defined signal'.
- Shuttles can now take off when under roofs to prevent breaking quests if it moves under a thick roof after landing.
- Added a new quest node for creating multiple incident quest parts periodically or randomly.
- Moved quest part debug window contents to a virtual method. Added a debug button to complete Pawn Lend return shuttle delay.
- Improve 'write storyteller' debug output.
- Special thing filters are now always shown based on the root category of the filter listing.
- ThingFilter now resolves the display root category lazily.

- Adjust description of ArrestSuccessChance stat.
- Replace obsolete loading tip about noble foods.
- Removed some nouns that don't pluralize well by adding "s" to the end.
- Name generator now always uses GenText.CapitalizeAsTitle.
- Bladelink weapons now report the minimum title required to legally use them in their info card.
- Re-arranged some parts of "title gained" letter to put important stuff near the top.
- Adjust feedback for when protected monument is destroyed.
- Adjust some repetitive text in game condition quest descriptions.
- Refine description text for the infestation/joiner quest generation script.
- "Caused by title" trait tooltip text is now white to match other "caused by" text.
- Display quest info on monument marker inspect pane. Don't show "Complete"
- Add tooltip about allies sending random traders and military aid.
- Recreation type stat report now describes what it is and lists all recreation types.
- Removed some redundant text from animal hospitality quests.
- Display quest info on monument marker inspect pane. Don't show "Complete"
- Recreation type stat report now describes what it is and lists all recreation types.
- Changed the "royal incapable of social" warning dialog to prompt the user to confirm before accepting the quest, instead of simply closing and requring the user to accept the quest again.
- Updated player-created backstories and names.
- Fix: Typo in duck description.
- Fix: Trap hit letter label for friendly pawns not capitalized.
- Fix: Incorrect tooltip about surgically upgrading psychic amplifier (it doesn't actually require surgery).
- Fix: Quest guests not being unhealthy even though quest description says they are.
- Fix: Pawn lend quest specifies how colonists will be returned, when it could be either shuttle or drop pods depending on asking faction.
- Fix: World inspect pane showing always the label of the first selected object instead of '(various)'.
- Fix: Incorrect capitalization in plant attributes.
- Fix: Site threat quests sometimes mention a faction which is not even used for the site threats.

- Fix: Error spam if a herd of boomalopes explodes.
- Fix: If a shuttle drops off downed pawns, they're dropped on top of each other.
- fix: On dismissing a quest, a seemingly-random one is selected.
- Fix: Can get pyromaniac trait for medical assistant backstory where it doesn't make any sense.
- Fix: Pawns being carried don't show up on the social tab.
- Fix: Debug text overlapping with hyperlinks.
- Fix: Old methods not calling _NewTemp versions.
- Fix: Recreating cantTakeReasons List<string> recreated every time in Selector. Resurrection utility now checks for artificial body parts using hediffSet.PartOrAnyAncestorHasDirectlyAddedParts.
- Fix: Exception in pawn creation panel.
- Fix: Resurrection blindness affecting unnatural body parts.
- Fix: Ordering more than 1 drafted pawn to move somewhere they cannot go does not show a 'no path' hint.
- Fix: Listing_TreeThingFilter.Visible having new parameter but no _NewTemp appended. Old method with same signature now always returns true and is not called anywhere.
- Fix: Armor prevents damage from surgery failures.
- Fix: Mech cluster lord not receiving wake up signal if there are no spawned mechs initially.
- Fix: Threat response icon color doesn't match icons beside it.
- Fix: Wild decree mental break can happen to prisoners.
- Fix: Modded factions that have no color set for their icon break the 'choose rewards' window.
- Fix: Wick not being rendered on defoliator when it's about to explode.
- Fix: Attacking infestation hives causes nearby ancient danger hives to aggro.
- Fix: Replacement body parts not affecting pawn price. HediffDef priceImpact now defaults to false, and we explicitly state which hediffs have price impact.
- Fix: Architect tab looks darker than other tabs in bright snow.
- Fix: Some shelves have 'Allow fresh' whereas others do not. Display root category in ThingFilter is now updated properly.
- Fix: ListsEqualIgnoreOrder is incorrect.
- Fix: Asymmetric faction relations caused by permanentEnemyToEveryoneExceptPlayer FactionDef flag.
- Fix: Piano uses stuffed unfinished thing.
- Fix: Wild men/women suffer from naked moodlet.
- Fix: Affordance grid doesn't update when edifices are built or removed.
- Fix: 'Choose rewards' button is cut off at the bottom.
- Fix: Loading an old scenario file can break the UI if it references a stuff that isn't in the game any more.
- Fix: Hediff combatLogEntry is referenced but not deep-saved.
- Fix: Selecting a minified ship landing beacon causes errors.
- Fix: QuestNode_GetRandomPawnKindForFaction sometimes makes the quest description unresolvable (fallback is a string).
- Fix: Outlander combat suppliers don't buy drugs.
- Fix: Errors with melee verbs when drafting pawns carrying ranged weapons.
- Fix: Ship landing area alert text displays improper dimensions.
- Fix: 'Prisoner released' thoughts remain after recapturing the pawn.
- Fix: Psychopath has a negative social opinion after another colonist sells slaves.
- Fix: Language worker not capitalizing words in quotes properly.
- Fix: Name generator capitalizing letters after apostrophes.
- Fix: White fringes on harpsichord art. Note that harpsichord also needs HQ tex compression because of the dark low-contrast gradients.
- Fix: Text uncapitalized after colon.
- Fix: Error on using quest script defs debug table.
- Fix: Capacities aren't updated when equipping gear that affects stats.
- Fix: Stats show all gear if any one piece affects it.
- Fix: Red interface button has no right border.
- Fix: Noble given a speech walks to a throne really slowly.
- Fix: TranslateWithBackup didn't work.
- Fix: Missing 'shuttle arrived' signal that disables hospitality threats after shuttle delay.
- Fix: Thought reporting incorrect start / finish expiration date.
- Fix: GetPawn not filtering by excluded factions on existing pawns.
- Fix: Stone blocks (and other recipe products without hitpoints) not counted properly by recipe.
- Fix: Tribute collector arriving when there's another caravan hostile to empire on the map.
- Fix: Dismiss quest icon is asymmetrical.
- Fix: Incorrectly rotated monument marker thing not detected properly as part of monument.
- Fix: "Sequence contains no matching element" in BuildDifferenceExplanationText for some mods.
- Fix: Secondary guests don't use faction name rulepacks.
- Fix: SketchThing detecting incorrect things as part of the monument.
RimWorld - Tynan
This update covers a lot of different ground including a large number of refinements and smaller fixes. It improves both the base game and Royalty expansion content.

EDIT April 14: I've just pushed micro-update 1.1.2604. It does nothing but fix a tiny text bug with apostrophes.

The most obvious feature is that you can now choose whether you want to recieve faction goodwill rewards from each faction, the same way you can choose to accept or reject royal favor. I'd like to reach a nice balance between creating varying experiences through randomized quest rewards, while also avoiding offering players rewards they're not interested in at all. So I'll be watching to see how this works and considering how to improve reward generation even more.

This update should be compatible with savegames and mods. If any further issues come up please let us know on the unstable testing Discord channel.

Big thanks to everyone who helped test this update! Changelist below.

If for any reason you want to continue on the previous version 1.1.2589, you can access it using the Steam beta branch called 'previous'.

- Expand reward selection config to include options for opting out of goodwill rewards.
- Shuttles now try to find a landing spot near the colony no shuttle landing areas are free, instead of landing in random places.
- Colonists lent to the empire now return in a drop-off shuttle.
- Crashed ship parts now only disallow punching through natural roofs.
- Skip intro wimp quest if the player has a Yeoman or above.
- Royalty intro quests won't trigger on extreme biomes because it made no sense.
- Standardize red text to a more readable color.
- Reduce the chance of selecting decrees that have recently happened.
- Hosting quests now pick lodgers Pawnkinds relevant to their original faction, so royals' court allies will make more sense.
- Rewrite chemical interest thoughs to not mismatch situations where drugs were consumed, but in insufficient quantities.
- Make speech attendees prioritize position in front of the throne, if available.
- Sleeping prisoners show "Not while asleep" for their prison break interval, if asleep.
- Empire is permanent enemy to every faction except player, to solve issues where your royal aid doesn't fight your enemies.

- Buff toughskin gland, armorskin gland, and stoneskin gland.
- Rebalance knee spike, hand talon, elbow blade, venom fangs, and venom talon power and price (mostly increased). Increased the toxicity gain per venom attack (also applies to cobra bite).
- Power claw does more damage, but slows down the user like a field hand/drill arm.
- Endgame quest raids (royal ascent and escape ship) raids now also always have at least 500 threat points so they can't be trivialized.
- Reduce flesh pawn flammability 100% -> 75%. This makes them extinguish easier, fire grows slower, and rain puts them out now.
- Destroying the arrival shuttle now gives a -50 relations penalty.
- Royalty intro quest now starts on day 8 instead of day 3.
- Intro quest timer now does not start until the player has at least 3 colonists.
- Manhunter pack now always consists of at least 2 animals.
- Manhunters will now leave after 1-2 days like the letter says.

- Added def info to biocoded string so translators can use the weapon's gender.
- Merged StorytellerComp_IntroRoyaltyQuest into StorytellerComp_SingleOnceFixed. Changed allowRoyaltyIntroQuests to isExtremeBiome.
- Added a fallback for QuestNode_GetRandomPawnKindForFaction
- Add default values with GetStatValueAbstract when requesting MeleeAverageDPS with ThingDef and stuff.
- Implemented missing Scribe call on ThreatsGeneratorParams for minThreatPoints.
- Implemented attach fire debug tool.
- Made CompDeepDrill.WorkPerPortionCurrentDifficulty obsolete and replaced usages. Moved hardcoded mining yield factor from StatWorker to StatPart_Difficulty_MiningYield.
- ThreatReward_MechPods_MiscReward: If helpers are generated, the quest ends a day after all mech buildings are destroyed.
- Cleaned up hospitality quests pawns lists.
- Improve duplicate quest name warning message, added more naming content to ThreatReward_Raid_MiscReward.
- Quest names now use GenText.CapitalizeAsTitle instead of ToTitleCaseSmart. This makes customizing capitalization behaviour easier to modify for individual languages.

- Fix: Some implants don't add to pawn market value.
- Fix: Hyperlink for "Human" displays on OpportunitySite_PrisonerWillingToJoin quest.
- Fix: 15 day wait period for monument decrees starts before monument has been completed.
- Fix: Empire pawns generate with implants and the body purist trait together.
- Fix: Helpers leaving letter arrived even if there were no alive helpers left.
- Fix: Quest lodgers arriving with carcinoma. This made it pretty darn hard to keep them alive sometimes.
- Fix: Product hyperlinks from recipe info cards omit several stats if product is stuffed.
- Fix: GetWidthCached calls TryGetValue for string before stripping tags, as a result caching doesn't work for tagged strings.
- Fix: Bill config UI shows ingredient filter for recipes with all fixed ingredients; it was pointless.
- Fix: Nullref exception when trying to abandon colony with bonded animals left in it.
- Fix: Trade inspiration removed after accepting on trade window, even if nothing was traded.
- Fix: Psychic harmonizer thought not removed until out of range after having a harmonizer installed.
- Fix: Occasional duplicate items in quest rewards.
- Fix: Some possible cases where the starting items spawned in fogged areas.
- Fix: Crashed ship parts spawning partially inside of mountains, causing the roof to collapse and destroying them right after spawning.
- Fix: Friendly raids go starving even if they got food.
- Fix: "Expert fighter" pawns generating incapable of violence.
- Fix: Destroying the arriving shuttle displays incorrect Stellarch name.
- Fix: Shuttles can land through roofs if there is a pad.
- Fix: Skills bars visuals scaled incorrectly (maxed at level 19).
- Fix: Can't return to main research tab if modded research tabs are added.
- Fix: Unconscious pawns force-dropping their guns after loading savegame.
- Fix: Hyperlinked info card melee DPS and melee AP readouts don't seem to change if you select different materials.
- Fix: Quests incorrectly capitalize words inside curly brackets.
- Fix: Huge FPS drop when multiple explosions overlap.
- Fix: "Art Student" backstory typos.
- Fix: Some cases where the starting items may spawn in fogged areas.
- Fix: No faction name color on corpse inspect strings.
- Fix: Food poisoning resetting to initial when poisoned again.
- Fix: Using skip, some areas are painted as if you can teleport there, but there are walls.
- Fix: Can't use skip psycast on top of power conduits.
- Fix: Cannibals don't automatically choose to wear human leather apparel.
- Fix: Roof grid sometimes overlapping fertility grid.
- Fix: Flickering on overlapping CellBoolDrawers.
- Fix: World map doesn't show names composed from non-Latin symbols.
- Fix: Unresolvable shuttle destruction letter with imperial helpers but no lodgers.
- Fix: Only return hyperlink if defsToExcludeFromHyperlinks is not empty.
RimWorld - Tynan
The main feature of this update is the ship landing beacon. Placing four of these on the corners of an open rectangle forms a shuttle landing pad. When shuttles land at the colony, they will land here if they can. In addition, Imperial guests (including the High Stellarch) now land using the shuttle.

This update should be compatible with savegames and mods (except ModSwitch, see below). We did extensive testing for mod compatibility, but if any further issues come up please let us know on the unstable testing Discord channel here.

Big thanks to everyone who helped test this update! Changelist below.

Note: The shuttle will only be used for newly-generated quests, so if you have a royal endgame quest on your savegame already, expect the stellarch to arrive in a drop pod as in the previous version.

- Add ship landing beacon, which can be used to create landing pad for shuttles. Shuttles will land there if possible for dropoff and pickup of characters during quests. It requires microelectronics research.
- Historical quests can now be deleted.
- We now calculate the best UI scale when the game is first started.
- Reworked royal title inheritance rules so they will avoid designating unknown pawns as heirs.
- Add creepy sound to psychic droner and make it a bit quieter.
- Optimized research tab.
- We no longer show mood thought bubbles for unimportant pawn (e.g. spamming them on raiders during battles).
- FireFoam graphic improved.
- Hostility mode dropdown now displays icon.
- Add custom art and name for the light charge blaster used by mech turrets.
- "Select monument marker" now only selects the monument instead of moving the camera.
- Implemented QuestNode_AddRangeToList.
- Improve debug output for future incidents.
- Updated player-created names and backstories from those who bought Name in Game access.

- Change label for downgrade psychic amplifier to extract psychic amplifier and clarify the description.
- Added decree expiry info to quest tab.
- Prisoner ITab displays prison break interval as "Never" if incapable of breaking out.
- Add a paragraph to pain focus tooltip, showing relation between pain level and current entropy recovery bonus.
- Mining yield difficulty factor factored into the readable stat. Added difficulty calculation explanation for stat description in info cars on mining and crop yield.
- Royal Title info tab now shows the list of title privileges.
- Fix: Miscapitalized symbol BodyPart in grammar system.
- Fix: Bad 'worldtribal' symbol in tribal faction name generator.
- Fix: Bio mentions "Squirrel Boy" even if the pawn is female.
- Improve debug and player-visible output when grammar system can't resolve something.
- Added some missing translation symbols to BattleLogEntry_MeleeCombat.
- Misc other text fixes.

- Monument quests now let the player choose which material to use for building the structures (Note: floor materials are still fixed).
- Adjusted the frequency of various misc incidents. Easy on the cargo pods.
- Make extracting psychic amplifiers more difficult.
- Increase chance random mech clusters a bit and reduce the min points.
- Inferno turret fires slower and costs more for the storyteller to use.
- Significantly reduce health of large mech turrets.
- Remove minRefireDays from ManhunterPack incident.
- Reduce explosive mortar radius from 3.5 to 2.9.
- Royal ascent quest now is sent after 35 days instead of 18, at the earliest.
- Royal aid soldiers now arrive with biocoded armor.
- Quest giving factions get annoyed if you destroy their monument within 15 days after building it.
- Build monument decree quest now causes a minor negative mood if the player if the monument is destroyed within 15 days.
- Increase health of mech problem causers.
- Firefoam filth cleaningWorkToReduceThickness increased to 100.

- Fix: Steles generate over ancient danger walls, opening up the ancient danger.
- Fix: Allies punch through roof unnecessarily when arriving in drop pods.
- Fix: Decree unmet thought not disappearing after a monument was built.
- Fix: Dragging while scrolling doesn't work in the mod menu. Remove remaining performance bottlenecks, should be substantially faster on large mod counts.
- Fix: Rat attacking door by biting fails resolving grammar.
- Fix: Scars getting a random painCategory on loading save if their existing value matched the random defaultValue.
- Fix: Pain focus/psychic entropy limit tooltips appearing above main entropy tracker tooltip.
- Fix: Mech clusters not waking up from grenades/melee in some cases.
- Fix: Erroneous warning on downgrading royal implants.
- Fix: Food poisoning ignoring pawn hediffs that modify food poisoning chance.
- Fix: Language worker not being passed correct gender information for _titleDef and _titleIndef pawn rules.
- Fix: Assemblies loading in reverse order, which makes dependency management awkward.
- Fix: Missing cataphract armor graphic.
- Fix: Mech clusters don't attack wild men.
- Fix: Blocky shadow on countdown activator.
- Fix: WorkGiver_Merge not using CanStackWith, which makes pawns not merge some stacks of modded items.
- Fix: Bugs caused if a pawn's apparel wore out to nothing.
- Fix: Alert_CannotBeUsedRoofed checking non-player buildings.
- Fix: Death letters are sent by change heir quest when title holder or heir died even after monument constructed.
- Fix: Pawn flee and attack motes showing in the corner of the map instead of on the pawn.
- Fix: Can place monument blueprints outside buildable area.
- Fix: Royal ascent quest did not fail when Empire became hostile and could actually be accepted in this state.
- Fix: Missing ambient sound from fallen psychic drone ship part.
- Fix: Fog is generated incorrectly on maps with condition causers
- Fix: Can't use the Esc key to leave the mod screen.
- Fix: Pawns inheriting title having their heir sometimes set to a pawn that will die in the same tick.
- Fix: Incorrect description on foor poisoning chance factor for artificial stomachs.
- Fix: Recruitment chance shows values beyond 100%.
- Fix: Combat suppliers don't buy or sell certain kinds of armor.
- Fix: Temporary faction members can't equip their biocoded weapons if they have a weapon equipped.
- Fix: DrawMouseAttachments corrupts things of def list.
- Fix: Some quests can't generate because of an error in QuestNode_GetFaction.
- Fix: Trade request quest is not ended when the faction becomes hostile.
- Fix: Title inheritance letter paragraphs not correctly capitalized.
- Fix: Psychic harmonizer doesn't work in caravans.
- Fix: Able to load quest helpers onto drop pods.
- Fix: Downed refugee and prisoner willing to join quests don't add description constants
- Fix: Sites with no map generated not included into ThoughtWorker_PsychicDrone check.
- Fix: Game is stuttering heavily with psychic ship event.
- Fix: Psychic droner ship part not affecting caravans nearby the player map.
- Fix: Factionless quest shuttles don't show gizmos.
- Fix: Redressed pawns arrive starving or exhausted.
- Fix: Incorrect rounding when purchasing royal favor from tribute collector.
- Fix: 'Could not find player faction' random error.
- Fix: UI root exception on using rotate gesture on Mac touchpad.
- Fix: Downed pawns can start mental breaks initiated by traits.
- Fix: Factionless pawns with a harmonizer causes an error.
- Fix: One internal variable name in QuestNode_GetRandomPawnKindForFaction marked for translation.
- Fix: CameraJumper.TrySelect always moves the camera because TryHideWorld returns incorrect values.
- Fix: Colonist left unburied thought appears for quest lodgers and helpers.
- Fix: Mech cluster can wake up undiscovered hive.
- Fix: Monument quest description sometimes needlessly splits stuff into two entries, even though they're the same but in a different order.
- Fix: Comms console keeps saying 'already in progress' forever when trying to change heir for pawn that already had its heir changed once.
- Fix: Change heir quest part not saving some data.
- Fix: Factionless leaving lodgers can be assigned hostile factions and they'll fight each other
- Fix: Misalignment in recon armor north/south views.
- Fix: Quest helpers can make decrees.
- Fix: Female Imperial traders show up with wrongly gendered headgear.
RimWorld - Tynan
Here's another polishing update for RimWorld!

The most notable change is in how titles interact with work types. Now, only certain characters will actually not do worktypes disallowed by their titles. Royals from the Empire, as well as colonists with the greedy or jealous traits will refuse to do any formally-prohibited work type, while others will take the titles less seriously and continue to work as normal, ignore formal restrictions on food, and not issue decrees.

We're still looking at different ways of adjusting the royal system to allow for nobles to be powerful without destroying challenges or constraining storytelling.

This update should be compatible with all savegames and mods.

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the unstable version in the unstable test Discord server

- Added conceited titles system. Titles can be conceited or not. NPC titles are usually conceited, player-earned titles usually not. Non-conceited titles don't incur work restrictions or some other restrictions. Increased reigning time to balance this.
- Many more implants are now removable.
- Single-use targeters, artifacts, and antigrain shells are now high frequency quest rewards.
- Reduce faction goodwill rewards at higher reward values.
- Psyfocus gear has much better cold insulation.
- Royal favor reward per prisoner reverted from 4 to 3. Royal favor reward for gold 0.02 -> 0.015.
- Royal vest no longer covers arms, shoulders and neck. Ruffle tie shirt now also covers arms and neck.
- Hunting decrees no longer target any animal with a faction.
- Added "Select monument marker" command to monument-related buildings and blueprints.
- Monument markers now allow placing only matching blueprints.
- Pawns now have their apparel unlocked when they are recruited.
- Added an alert to tell players when a monument marker is missing blueprints.
- Stellarch title is now replaced with Consul when recruited. Replaced royal pawn resistance factor with an offset.
- Reworked how monument quests choose monument sizes to better avoid choosing unreasonable sizes.
- Renouncing title, dying or being kidnapped now ends ongoing decrees.
- Silver and gold tiles are now merged on the architect menu.
- Add a note about being conceited/non-conceited to the Title gained letter. Move back compatibility measures to BackCompatibilityConverter_Universal.
- Added 'Show Materials' button to info card if def is buildable and has stuff.
- Hyperlinks to things with any default stuff open the info card with the default stuff, instead of null stuff.
- Can no longer request imperial traders with pawns who do not have the required title.
- Adjust bulk cooking recipes work time to be in line with single meal cooking work times.
- Deep mineral scanner now takes into account terrain affordance required to place a deep drill.
- Disable relations gain from recent quest helpers.
- Optimize mod screen to better handle large mod lists.
- Buildings which are exactly what we need no longer prevent placing a monument marker. So it's possible to continue building a previously canceled monument.
- Workaround for a bug which places a door and a wall in the same cell (most likely caused by mods) and makes the monument impossible to finish.
- When generating monuments, we now explicitly remove colliding walls, just to be sure.
- Forced weather in quests will no longer be dry thunderstorm because it's too difficult.
- Change wild man to be tameable in prison, instead of being recruited. Don't allow hunting imprisoned wild men. Remove "Ate without a table" thought for them.
- Added missing translation keys for goodwill change reason military aid and trade caravan.
- Wild man now shows wildness in info card, tweaked wild man to be equally hard to tame as gazelles.
- Added gender constant to RulesForPawn to make translating quests easier.
- Quests generally try to avoid generating duplicate names now.
- Psychic hangover now reapplies on psycast use, opposed to when entropy reaches zero.
- Cleaned up alignment and coloring of many pieces of character art.
- Added OTHERPAWN symbol to Thought to make translating some thought descriptions possible.
- Various internal technical improvements.

- Fix: Too few traders, and some other incidents not appearing correctly.
- Fix: Deep drill infestation happening on peaceful difficulty.
- Fix: Game not ending if last pawn is kidnapped immediately (it sometimes ended due to other events happening that cause the game ender to check again, but sometimes it just didnt ever end).
- Fix: Royals appearing with no amplifier, but having abilities. Reworked debug spawning to select an appropriate title. Added a debug check for abilities/amplifiers.
- Fix: Prisoner listed twice in prison break letter.
- Fix: Slow learner and too smart traits can appear together.
- Fix: Quest raids act weird if you become neutral during the quest.
- Fix: Harvest decree miscounts harvested plants if they are placed in an existing pile.
- Fix: Raiders attack sleeping mechanoids
- Fix: Danger music not playing during raid.
- Fix: Hospitality quest fails to generate a description if Empire is hostile and a royal pawn is still spawned on the map
- Fix: Royal can try to initiate speech when downed. Also fix starting a speech when there's noone to attend.
- Fix: SlateRefs not properly translated.
- Fix: Rounded numbers make nonsense comparisons in room requirements alert, like 120/120 impressiveness being insufficient.
- Fix: ModContentPack using incorrect packageId when there are both steam and non-steam versions of the same mode.
- Fix: Renounce title float menu and confirmation dialog text using incorrect title label.
- Fix: Mod languages don't count towards AnyContentLoaded check.
- Fix: Patch operations iterate on the same collection they remove elements from.
- Fix: psycasters can use psytrainers for ablities they already have
- Fix: Mech Cluster Buildings deconstruct instantly.
- Fix: "No acceptable food" alert doesn't count chocolate as acceptable.
- Fix: AvailableForGoodwillReward only returns true if a pawn has ever been a helper.
- Fix: Shoot tooltip lists manhunter chance for humans who cannot go manhunter.
- Fix: Renounce title confirmation dialog saying 'He lost these permissions...' instead of 'He will lose these permissions...'
- Fix: Item stash quest not showing hyperlinks to reward items.
- Fix: Duplicate errors in debug log on startup.
- Fix: Goodwill impact when applying non-aggressive pyscasts like Skip to quest lodgers.
- Fix: Some logs using lower-case mod packageIds.
- Fix: Text rendering issues with UI scaling.
- Fix: Mod reordering not working if scrolled down.
- Fix: Active quest not completed after objectives met (mech clusters).
- Fix: Titled pawns don't rest if they can't reach their throne to reign.
- Fix: Solar panel showing in the unlocks for electricity.
- Fix: Exception when dead pawn receives new rank from royal favor quest reward.
- Fix: Horseshoe pins and hoopstone rings showing watching spots not when selected.
- Fix: Setting pawns title above Count results in exception.
- Fix: Various typos.

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