Starship Corporation - KevWatch

Hi everyone,

Thank you, again, for all of your feedback and reports. We're continuing to support the game and we're happy to announce that version 2.7.8 is now available. This update includes numerous fixes and improvements, such as allowing you to move message windows around the screen, as well as pathfinding improvements.

Check out the full changelog, below:

• Brighter red text in galaxy map, which improves readability
• Message windows are movable throughout the screen
• Fixed an error when starting a new sandbox game from the tutorial
• Fixed a language reset error
• Fixed some English grammar issues
• Fixed "research vessel" requirements
• Fixed "transport vessel" requirements
• Fixed negative values for crew when removing rooms
• Fixed an error with malfunctions when loading a new ship
• Fixed an elevator path-finding issue


Starship Corporation - [ICE] Surtur

Hello everyone,

Thank you for all your feedback and reports. We are working hard to bring you new patches and improve the game post release. To kick this off, we have just released version 2.7.4, this version brings a number of fixes and quality of life improvements. One of these is a new colour coding scheme for the contracts, which should help you identify the type of contracts much quicker.

A full list can be found below.

- Surtur

  • fixed: missing check for technology level of armory
  • fixed: rallypoint error in crew management
  • fixed: selection of units after changing from ship design to crew management
  • fixed: message window minimized at mission start
  • added warning message when changing from ship design to another department
  • fixed: luk_milL error
  • fixed: missing sprite error for units
  • fixed: another letter gets added when pressing a arrow key in the text box
  • fixed some typos
  • fixed overlapping text in russian version, topmenu dropdown and message window
  • added color coding and additional icon to distinguish between contract types
  • fixed error when "editing blueprint" on ships with 4 decks
  • fixed armory requirement for "Troop Transport"
  • fixed budget for "Automated Tanker"
  • added missing russian tutorial text
Starship Corporation - [ICE] Kojiman

Publisher Iceberg Interactive, well known for their comprehensive library of 4X Strategy titles, is today proudly releasing their first ‘4D’ title – Starship Corporation, developed by Coronado Games, where players are able to Develop, Design, Deal and Deliver their very own intergalactic Starships! Starship Corporation is a complex and in-depth starship-builder simulation game, in which players must design, assemble and test spaceships, in a bid to build a supreme Galactic mega-corporation. Gain your reputation by engineering and selling your own spacecraft, testing them to the limit in RTS simulated emergency and combat situations.

A new ‘Features’ trailer has been released which can be seen through YouTube here:
Starship Corporation‘s full release adds a campaign mode with 99 different business contracts and two different endings based the player’s business relationships, as well as a ship database and two new rooms. Additionally, Russian language support is now available, as well as improved loading/saving times, Steam achievements, and bug and performance fixes.

Key Features:
  • Campaign mode with 99 different contracts and two different endings, based on your business dealings.
  • Sandbox Mode with access to all known human settlements in the galaxy, business opportunities for your ships in areas like transport, mining, route-maintenance, security, military and research and racing.
  • 177 unlockable rooms and facilities for ship design.
  • 22 unlockable fuselages.
  • 24 Missions for standard operation, emergencies and hostile encounters to test your ship in Crew Management.

“The development process of Starship Corporation was a long journey that the team at Coronado Games has embraced all along, to deliver what we feel is a unique spaceship business simulation and management game. We are very proud to see how the game has evolved and are very thankful for the players who have been logging in countless hours during the early access to master the intricacy of the gameplay and provide precious feedback”, says David Murent, lead developer at Coronado Games.
Starship Corporation - [ICE] Surtur

Hello everyone,

While the official release is still a couple of hours away, we decided to give you access to the update a little early. This updates brings the game up to the release version, adding the new campaign mode, Russian language support, new contracts as well as many, tweaks, changes and fixes.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the Early Access program, and who provided valuable feedback throughout development. We could not have done it without your support.

We also hope that you will continue to share your thoughts, because while we are releasing the game in full today, this does not mean that we will drop support. We will continue to provide updates and patches along the way, so keep that feedback coming.

And now, enjoy the game!

- Surtur


  • added campaign
  • added ship database interface
  • added russian language support
  • added steam achievements
  • added function key for finances
  • added 1 degree maneuverability for every main engine
  • added reputation dropdown
  • updated game manual

  • adapted crew count for several contracts
  • changed election cycle length
  • added SKIP button for crew management tutorial
  • HEP requirement/combat success dependent on combat zone size
  • fixed and reduced boarding events
  • added ship delivery deadline
  • changed payment for some contracts|
  • changed rating requirements for some contracts
  • added pirate hunting contracts
  • changed projectile weapon damage on enemy ship
  • fixed long range cannon damage
  • reduced minefield mission time to 5 minutes

  • ending screen for success/failure of sandbox game and campaign|
  • fixed CYO maintenance in rooms
  • improved ship file loading/saving time
  • added/changed voice for tutorials
  • fixed error for shipyard activity in the galaxy map
  • fixed errors for campaign conversations
  • fixed combat zone error for ship activity
  • fixed room sealed error
  • fixed wrong fuselage cost
  • fixed Llebre and Hiuz preview sprites
  • fixed messages overlaying the main menu
  • fixed error disbanding shipyards
  • fixed error when not enough outer hatches in crew management
  • fixed unlocking of rooms after return from technology interface
  • fixed grid numbers in crew management
  • fixed errors with electrical malfunctions
  • fixed number format
  • fixed malfunctions in “Tech Drill”
  • fixed typos in campaign messages
  • increased size of “rules of engagement” buttons
  • fixed tutorial voice starting correctly
  • fixed arrow positioning in tutorial
  • corrected some routework zones
  • fixed: core shield taking damage
  • fixed: ship destroyed on collision event
  • fixed sound volume of ON/OFF button
  • fixed mining laser functionality with asteroids
  • fixed missing sprites for some unit types
  • fixed computer revolt winning condition (CYO only)
  • fixed mutiny mission error (if no lifesupport present)
  • fixed military boarding unit sprites
  • fixed CYOs not welding
  • fixed enemy units getting stuck in lift
  • fixed boarding vessel direction on deck 3
  • fixed crew count after auto-resolve
  • fixed missile sounds
  • changed first start music sound level
  • fixed: stairs not connecting to power
  • fixed error when using undo after deleting deck connections
  • removed misplaced trade routes
  • removed “wrap around” in tutorial overview
  • fixed tutorial numbering in main menu
  • fixed: zones in galaxy map overlapping other menu items
  • fixed: ships moving after quarter ended
  • fixed: not enough space for text in keymapping
  • removed empty categories in build menu and research interface
  • removed empty categories in message panel
  • fixed action menu text transparency
  • removed obsolete missions from auto-resolve mission list
  • fixed: auto-resolve window overlaying the main menu
  • fixed: access error for deck connections
Starship Corporation - [ICE] Kojiman

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Coronado Games announce that their spaceship-building game Starship Corporation is releasing out of Steam’s Early Access Program on May 3, 2018.

Having spent 2 years in Early Access Starship Corporation has seen massive improvements. The game has been shaped extensively with help from the community, from their feedback and constructive criticism, for which the Developer has expressed their gratitude. During Early Access, cybernetic organisms were introduced, as were mining and military features. The galaxy map was also redesigned to its current state.

A trailer emphasizing the updated graphics as well as the full feature set can be seen here:
Starship Corporation's launch update will add a campaign mode with 99 different business contracts and two different endings based the player’s business relationships, as well as a ship database and two new rooms. Additionally, Russian language support will be added at launch, as well as improved loading/saving times, Steam achievements, and bug and performance fixes.
Starship Corporation - [ICE] Surtur

We are happy to tell you today that a new update is now available for Starship Corporation. This update makes major changes to the ship designer, and brings further improvements and optimization.

The Power Update removes the fuel, cooling, power and other grids and replaces them with a clever new system. You now are able to select one of 3 grid numbers to connect rooms to specific power generators. This offers interesting choices for advanced players to group together different ship systems (shields, engines, life support, etc.) or connect the most important modules to emergency generators. Not only does this allow for more meaningful choices, it also allows for better optimization.

For a full breakdown of the update, check the video below.

  • removed grid system for power, cooling, fuel air and water for better performance
  • added automatic connection between supplier and room on the same deck or between deck connections
  • added grid number selection for power (to be able to create separate circuits)
  • improved ship requirement message system for better performance
  • added "Edit Blueprint" button for selected ships in map
  • added mining vessel "Mary Celeste" at game start

  • fixed building wrong ships or contracts
  • fixed accidental removal of "own ship" building option
  • added character check for text fields
  • fixed department switch problem
  • fixed the performance issue in financial overview
  • changed 'Auto Explorer' contract values
  • changed incorrect requirements for 'Missile Cruiser'
  • fixed update after placing/deleting armor plates
  • fixed issues with fuselages 'Hiuz-5' and 'Katyr'
  • waterconnection variable error fixes
  • fixed start budget issue
  • error when pressing load button without selection
  • error after cancelling sandbox creation
Starship Corporation - Ratakari
Thank you for the feedback about the new branch!
I understand the sentiments of some players who really like the complexity of the game - so I rediscovered and improved an old feature, that was removed very early during development:

You now are able to select one of 3 grid numbers to connect rooms to specific power generators. This offers interesting choices for advanced players to group together different ship systems (shields, engines, lifesupport, etc.) or connect the most important modules to emergency generators.

Hope you like it! Unlock the new branch by tying betterwithoutgrid in betas.

Version 1.8.0:


- added grid number selection for power grid


- changed 'Auto Explorer' contract values
- changed incorrect requirements for 'Missile Cruiser'
- fixed update after placing/deleting armor plates
- fixed issues with fuselages 'Hiuz-5' and 'Katyr'
Starship Corporation - Ratakari
Version 1.7.9 (separate branch)

It took me a while to accept it, but I now I finally took a very good suggestion from the forum to heart and modified the game to radically improve it's performance and gameplay.
It took out the "feature" of drawing connections for power, cooling, fuel, air and water - so that now you only have to place generators on the same deck as another room to supply it, or build deck connections to supply other decks.

I had a lot of plans to make the power lines, cooling, fuel, air and water tubes a more significant gameplay element - but there was simply not enough time to do all of that, while at the same time the system was dragging down performance on bigger ships.

I kind of got used to drawing the power lines and I think it looks nice - but ultimately I think it is a much better (and certainly smoother) game without it.
I am open to hear your experiences with it this version. Do you like it or want to keep the grid system?

Please try out the new version in the separate branch and give me feedback here. If you are new to the game, I do not recommend it, because the tutorial is not updated yet.

To test the new branch enter betterwithoutgrid in betas.
Dec 20, 2017
Starship Corporation - Ratakari
Thanks to some quality feedback I was able to adress some issues with the artificial humans right away:

Version 1.7.8:


- yellow and red alert autoresolve values for cyo crew have been improved
- Cyos can now reload weapons and mining lasers
- Cyos can sterilize rooms (infestation mission)
- room placement outside the hull has been removed
- requirements for all automated contracts have been updated
- general tweak of autoresolve values

Happy Holidays!
Starship Corporation - [ICE] Surtur

Hey everyone,

We are happy to be able to say that the Artificial Human update is finally out! In addition to the usual bugfixes and balances, Starship Corporation now features an additional type of crew member: Artificial Humans, also called Cybernetic Organisms (CyO).

CyO do not require air, water, food, healthcare or life support, they can replace any profession and are tough built. If they are damaged, all the need to do is to return to their pod. Crew Management has now an additional mission, to prepare the ship to handle malfunctioning CyOs. Decide for yourself if you want to strengthen your crew by adding an artificial human, or if you want to get rid of human error completely.

The market will feature 10 additional contracts for completely automated ships, and they current 60 contracts in all different areas of space travel can be approached in a new way.

We also prepared a little video, explaining the new features:
The full changelog can be found below.

  • added Cyo Chambers (Ship Design, Research)
  • added Cyo Units (Crew Management)
  • added new ERS mission "Cyo Malfunction"
  • added additional contracts (Galaxy Map):
  • Automated Explorer
  • Automated Routeworker
  • Automated Cargoship
  • Automated Border Patrol
  • Automated Tanker
  • Automated Service Craft
  • Auto Builder
  • Robot-Racer
  • Automated Mining Vessel
  • Auto-Assassin
  • tax cuts are based on contribution level
  • research budget is set to 0 when category is complete
  • changed LRM Scout vessel objectives

  • improved performance in ship design
  • fixed off_counter error
  • fixed room access error for deck connections
  • fixed missing captain sprite
  • fixed LRM Scout vessel requirements
  • fixed Kartikeya fuselage grid
  • fixed: check if fuselage is researched
  • fixed: not all save files are listed
  • file deletion confirmation for ship files

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