The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt

Great moments in PC gaming are short, bite-sized celebrations of some of our favorite gaming memories.    

Geralt's bath-time is iconic and not just because it became a meme. It's an important scene in The Witcher 3 and the first statement of one of its significant themes. Before we ever see Geralt fight a griffin, follow clues to catch a killer, or haggle over a payment we see him relaxing, at ease in a way few videogame protagonists ever are. It's a scene that's echoed later when Ciri hangs out in a sauna, and turned on its head when Yennefer convinces Geralt to have his beard shaved. These scenes are moments of peace being enjoyed by characters who don't know enough of it.

Once you notice them, they're everywhere. The dinner with Keira Metz, Geralt getting drunk with his Witcher buddies, the snowball fight. Like the Hobbiton scenes in The Lord of the Rings or all the conversations about food, they contrast the ordinary with the epic, but not to belittle it—to show that these small comforts are things worth fighting for.

And the fact Tub Geralt's a meme now makes it even better. At first it was fun attaching the picture to Witcher stories because it's always fun to enrage the kind of dudes who get mad online because they were shown some male flesh yet never have anything to say about videogame art overflowing with women's skin. But then the complaints changed. People stopped being mad at Tub Geralt—they started being mad whenever we published a Witcher-related story without Tub Geralt. And that's why he's here to stay. (Even if we do sometimes go with Big Geralt for variety.)

Long may he bathe. 

Grand Theft Auto V - (John Walker)

The game you like isn’t as good as the game I like. When you like the game you like, you are made to look a fool!

Find out why in this week’s Steam Charts.


The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt - (Giada Zavarise)

I worry about Geralt. The Witcher series may be over for now, but this hasn’t stopped Geralt from taking odd jobs here and there, slaying beasts in Monster Hunter: World, or stabbing folks in Soul Calibur VI. Is Geralt getting adequate retirement benefits? Have witchers unionized yet? I hope he can get some rest, or at least find more contract work that doesn’t involve exterminating monsters all the time. Freelancing is tiring.

Here are seven games that need to be blessed by Geralt s presence.


Grand Theft Auto V - (John Walker)

I took it for granted. I knew I shouldn’t, I think I even knew I was doing it at the time. But last week, when the charts were filled with new and interesting games, pushing out the tired and bloated titles, I didn’t take the time to recognise what we had. And now, as can only be the direct responsibility of my careless credulity, everything has fallen apart.

This week’s charts are the worst I’ve ever seen. And I’m sorry. I’m… look, I’m just sorry.


The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt - Vattier

Remember those times when you were supposed to save Ciri but stopped by the sea to admire the views? Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Turns out you really liked these sights because The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt won in the Best Environment category of Steam Awards 2018! On this occasion Lucjan Więcek, our Environment Art Director, wanted to thank everyone who voted for our game!

We’re humbled and honored at the same time — you named CD PROJEKT RED the Best Developer in the latest edition of Steam Awards! Thank you and stay awesome!
The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt

Earlier today, I drove to a place in North Dublin called Tower Bay, which is about five minutes from my house in Donabate - a small seaside town in Ireland.

Breathtaking cliffs leave you mesmerised as you walk down the path that has been carved into the cliff-face. It terminates at a gorgeous sandy beach. Along the way, you can view thundering waves lapping and locking, crashing together and falling apart, over and over again. Rocks jut upwards from unseeable depths, around which white foam shimmers. This is the landscape the archipelago of The Witcher 3's Skellige was based upon.

Skellige, named after real-life Irish islands Sceilg Mhic l and Sceilg Bheag - collectively known as the Skellig Islands - depicts a wild beauty that is truly Irish. From the familial clans to the rain-soaked hills painted a striking green, the rugged and treacherous landscape recalls the otherworldly presence of places like Connemara, the Cliffs of Moher and of course, the Skellig Islands themselves. In fact, Skellige has its own pair of Skellig Islands in The Witcher 3: Ard Skellig and An Skellig. The former means High Skellig in Irish, whereas the latter simply means The Skellig, resembling the Greater and Lesser Skelligs in reality.

Read more…

The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt - (Alice O'Connor)

In a monster-sized newsblast, Capcom have announced that Monster Hunter: World will next year receive a full expansion named Iceborne, a crossover bring Geralt from The Witcher to Monster Hunter with new quests, and new mega-tough versions of some nasty raid beasties. A demo is coming this week too. Busy times in Monsterland. Mostly I’m excited to see Geralt encounter Palico catpals. Please give Geralt a Palico.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - (The Dealer)

Is… is it over yet? Are the Black Friday and Cyber Monday PC gaming deals finally finished? Just a couple more hours to go now, you can do it deals herald, you can get through this. You’ve got a week and a half holiday coming up soon, just get through the afternoon and then you can go and lie in a dark room and not dream about Cyber Monday graphics card deals you might have missed for the seventh night running.

Ahem. Sorry, I don’t know what came over me there. Probably the Cyber Monday PC gaming deals fatigue settling in, or the Black Friday fever dream I seem to have been living this past fortnight. But your deals herald is stronger than that. Nay, THE DEALER is stronger than that, and with a renewed sense of vigor that may in fact be frenzied despair, I thus present to you the final monolithic installment of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday PC deals bonanza. Gone are the deals swept away by the ever-grabbing hands of internet shoppers. All that’s left is the best of the best that are still up for grabs, from graphics cards and monitors to SSDs, gaming headsets, CPUs and mice and keyboards and more. If you’ve yet to do your Cyber Monday shopping, act fast, as these PC gaming deals won’t be around for long.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - (B0Th3r3r)

Beep boop. I am the SteamChartBot, and welcome to the CYBERCHARTS. They’re like the regular charts, but they have the word “CYBER” shouted at the start, and that makes them really bloody cool.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - (Katharine Castle)

I’m sure everyone’s feeling a bit of Black Friday fatigue by now (trust me, I want this all to be over just as much as you do), but in the interests of those after that one, last, final deal to end all deals, I present to you our newly refreshed Black Friday and Cyber Monday PC gaming deals hub. I’ve cleared away all the deals that have been swept into oblivion by the almighty wave of discount-grabbers, leaving you with the best of the best PC gaming deals that are still available. Whether you’re after a new graphics card, monitor, SSD, gaming headset or even a new CPU, mouse and keyboard, your deals herald will provide. Here are all the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday PC gaming deals you can grab right now.



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