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Reading your feedback regarding the shop updates we have noticed one thing you really wanted us to implement into the store, and here it is: the direct sale of Golden Steyr Scout.

[Direct Sale] Golden Steyr Scout

Steyr Scout weapon is truly a pro player’s pick — a bolt-action sniper rifle that provides you with mobility and utility to hunt outside the standard boundaries. That is why you can often see eSports players using it in battles. Many sniper rifles have been created and implemented in Warface since then, yet for many Steyr Scout remains unmatched.

The golden version of the sniper rifle, apart from having slightly better stats, can give you a nice achievement for 999 kills. Tak a look at it:

You can purchase the Golden Scout directly for Kredits until Monday, May 20, 09:59 UTC. Hurry up!

[Boxes] Steyr Scout & Uzkon UNG-12

Alternatively, you can try your luck and get Scout from boxes, as well as a famous Uzkon shotgun, in store till May, 20.

[Discount] Superior Body Skins

And to top this all up, a 50% on superior body skins for all classes.

See you in game!

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For all of you who longed for a great top up deal - we would like to introduce a special offer active from today to 19.05 20:59 UTC (22:59 CEST).


Upon purchasing certain Kredit packs you will receive 50% bonus Kredits on your accounts! Each package bonus can only be only applied once. Please see the table below for more information

Activate the touch of Midas!

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Warning! Urgent: check your equipment and choose your favourite guns best fitting the challenging task at hand. The new Battle Pass "Armageddon" is upon us!

The new Battle Pass is part of the global update "MARS" that will bring Warface squads to the Red Planet. Fight for brand new unique items, mind-blowing weapons and other valuable rewards!

You can pre-order it now. The date of the event launch will be announced later.


About "Armageddon"

"Armageddon" forms part of the global "MARS" update and its setting and plot are connected with the new Special Operation.

The new Battle Pass conserves the most popular "Syndicate" mechanics while featuring absolutely unique ones. For example, following your suggestions we have added to the web site a Mars base and a research centre where you will be able to obtain items and complete missions! It will be up to you to choose rewards for your efforts. You are hooked, aren't you?

The weekly mission system of different difficulty levels, "Armageddon" set rewards, experience gain and personal progress remain the same except for minor changes. Mission objectives have been slightly modified to mitigate possible negative effects due to massive completion.

The Battle Pass participants will get access to hundreds of temporary and permanent rewards including "Phobos" and "Deimos" weapons, new craftable gun - the shotgun Typhoon F12, and the "Armageddon" equipment set (exclusive event items).

You will learn more about all this in future dedicated articles. You can check out the equipment set characteristics on the promo page.

Promo Page

Typhoon F12 Shotgun

Access types

The full Battle Pass access can be purchased. You can pre-order it now: there are two versions available - a simple one and an extended one

What does the extended version include?
  • Full access to the Battle Pass
  • 20 personal progress levels.
  • 5 personal crates.
  • 500 "Armageddon" smoke grenades
Please note that now experience points are distributed differently in the personal progress. This time all levels require the same XP quantity (in the previous BP the number of XP increased with every level unlocked - from level 1 to 50, the first levels being the easiest ones).

You do not need a key to open unique personal crates. They cannot be sold, only unlocked by the holder. The crates contain various rewards including awesome permanent guns.

Those who are still dubious about whether to take part in the event can get a trial version. It has certain limitations and does not grant access to heaps of prizes.

Pre-order bonuses

Only till the end of May you'll get bonuses for the pre-order!


We will provide more info about "Armageddon" in the near future. Feel free to check the web site and social networks to stay tuned!

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The new global update "MARS" is coming bringing along a Special Operation under the same codename. This time Warface squads will face enemy troops on the Red Planet. Many of you have appreciated the unpredictable plot twists, unique gameplay and breath-taking settings of "Sunrise". Want more? The new Special Operation will not disappoint you!



Mars colonists discover the bacterium "Sedrium" whose waste products were recently found on Earth and are used by Blackwood in experiments aimed to create new super-soldiers. They also employ them to transmit nerve impulses at a distance which could boost the development of the SED. However, the "Sedrium" reserves have almost run dry. To keep up the production the corporation needs living samples of the bacteria which the colonists happen to so timely discover on the Red Planet.

Oberon White sends landing SED capsules to Mars to capture the colonists’ base. Warface squad is to derail his plans and fight Blackwood forces outside Earth using enemy cyborgs.


The "Mars" SpecOp is the first of its kind: its unparalleled gameplay will grant you fresh impressions and exclusive experience.
  • Remote SED control. The unique technology of Blackwood will allow players to find themselves on Mars by connecting to the enemy’s cyborgs and controlling them from a distance.
  • Energy weapon ARCUS. This modular weapon was specifically developed for the Martian mission. It offers several modes of fire which can be used no matter what class you opt for: automatic assault, tactical semi-automatic and special designed to face particularly dangerous enemies. You do not have to reload it provided it does not overheat.
  • Modified gravity. Gravity on Mars is much weaker than on Earth. So movement will feel different: it will be slower while jumps - higher and longer.
  • Solo stages. To successfully defeat the boss, players will require special modules for ARCUS weapons, which obtainable only by completing individual missions in special zones.
  • Space defibrillator. It can be employed by all the classes but cannot deal damage to the enemy. It has only one charge restored at control points.


You will encounter extremely dangerous opponents never met before.
  • Spider mines. Homing explosive devices that, upon detecting an enemy, move in their direction and go off after reaching the target. Only energy weapons are able to destroy them.
  • Martian SED-2. Blackwood’s main offensive force. They are equipped with energy guns and play different roles on the battlefield: snipers and riflemen. The elite SED-2 painted in black are the most dangerous ones since they are designed for frontal attacks and have a large safety margin.
  • Antaeus-6. Heavy mining droid firing a machine gun. Blackwood overtook control over it and now uses the droid as a fighting machine. When trapped in a vulnerable position, Antey-6 launches homing missiles and uses protective EMP field.
  • And a unique boss larger than anuthing you have fought against so far. Maximum cooperation will be required to destroy it.

Upon completing the Special Operation "Mars" you can get your hands on a unique weapon of the "Ares" series delivered straight from the Martian laboratories! The set includes one gun for each class. Mind that "Ares" is not a camo but a tactical kit that changes the weapon's geometry and improves its performance.

"Ares" 9 mm

"Ares" Saiga-12C

Ares M60E4

Ares MK14 EBR

Don’t forget that landing kills with the "Ares" weapons will grant you custom stripes!

We will tell you about the "Ares" series in future articles.


Upon completing the Special Operation "Mars" the most outstanding soldiers will be rewarded with 20 thematic achievements. To collect all badges, marks and stripes you will have to win the enemies and demonstrate good teamwork.

The recent stream has announced the "Armageddon" Battle Pass. You can learn more about it in the dedicated articles on the game’s website.

Implementation of Blackwood’s plans will entail deaths of the colonists and other terrifying consequences. Stop the enemy at any cost!

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The assortment of guns for direct purchase has been expanded with two big additions: Golden FN SCAR-H and Golden Tavor CTAR-21. Get them till the 20th of May!


Tavor CTAR-21 strikes not only with its performance, but its looks. The bullpup configuration mentioned above brings it to the point of looking legit, whether wielded against futuristic robotic defences of the “Earth Shaker” or in plain contemporary combat against other – more human – foes.

The golden Tavor CTAR-21 carries more rounds in the mag (+5, up to a total of 35), and thus more total ammo (+30, up to a total of 210).
Don't forget about a special achievement you can get by disposing of 999 foes with it.


FN SCAR-H lives up to its reputation of carrying a full-powered cartridge with a high damage value accompanied by an excellent effective range, and yet it carries on the legacy of the renowned Belgian arms manufacturer, providing superb accuracy and a competitive rate of fire.

Don't forget about a special achievement you can get by disposing of 999 foes with it.

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Reveal the whole picture on May 16 12:00 UTC. Watch the stream on Warface channel on Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/warface

Warface - Pask_CM_Warface


Looking forward to getting your hands on some top-notch weapons in the game? Or would you rather opt for a cool look? Well, why don't we have both!


In terms of combat specs, LWRC SMG-45 is a hulkier version of the UMP. It can dish out the highest damage of all Engineer primaries and is capable of killing with a single shot to the head. To offset this strength, we’ve given it a lower rate of fire, harsher recoil and restricted its effective range. SMG-45 also comes with two unique attachments:
  • LWRC SMG-45 1.3x collimator sight
  • LWRC SMG-45 angle grip: increases accuracy, substantially reduces recoil, increases weapon selection / deselection speed
The golden version of this SMG features gorgeous looks and higher stats.

Landing killing blows with LWRC SMG-45 will unlock custom achievements.


Though in Warface the assault rifle HArms CQR offers an average rate of fire and range, it has high damage and incredibly low recoil; that’s why the weapon remains comfortable to control even after long bursts. The high-capacity Magpul drum mag only additionally contributes to it.

Its golden version boasts a cool visual design, decreased spread and a high-capacity 60-round magazine. Besides, it can be equipped with a Platinum Skin! Please note that the skin can be applied only to the golden version and does not affect the specs of the weapon.

The skin will be available only in Random Kredit Boxes. Please note that the drop of the Platinum Skin guarantees the golden version of the gun.

The assault rifle HArms CQR comes specially equipped with a muzzle that slightly increases accuracy, improves its piercing capability, as well as reduces muzzle flash and damage drop.


Full body suit representing Riflemen, Snipers, Engineers and Medics of Chinese special operations forces. Equipped in a state of the art outfit for combat operations on the modern battlefield.

Now with a 50% discount.

The offer is available till May, 15th!

Locked and loaded!

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May 10
Warface - E.D.Warface_CM
Dear players!

We have a special offer for you to gear up for fierce battles ahead.

  • When you purchase from 100 to 500 Kredits, you get a 10% bonus to the amount of Kredits you bought.
  • When you purchase from 501 to 2500 Kredits, you get a 20% bonus to the amount of Kredits you bought.
  • When you buy 2501 Kredits or more, you get an amazing 30% bonus to the amount of Kredits you purchased.
Buy Kredits

The offer is available from now to May the 12th 20:59 UTC (22:59 CEST).

Please note that external payment systems may charge additional fees and in that case the bonus applies only to the amount of Kredits purchased without taking any extra fees into account. The bonus does not apply to the name change or other services.

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A new recording has appeared. We have some clues, but we'll need your help. The truth is out there, yet it is far away.

Warface - E.D.Warface_CM
Dear players!

A new batch of Twitch rewards is here - so are the weapons of the future. These will surely boost your arsenal.

Are you already a Twitch Prime member? Your gift bundle awaits. It provides four powerful futuristic guns of "NeoN Punk" series - one for each class.

Redemption instructions
  • Step 1: Link your Warface and Twitch account here.
  • Step 2: Enjoy your Twitch Prime Loot! Your loot will be available next time you log in to your linked Warface account.
  • Note: You can only claim your loot on a single platform (PC My.com, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One).
  • If you’re not a Twitch Prime member, you can sign up for a free trial.
Light it up!

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