Armello - [LoG] yosafbridge

Hey folks!

We missed posting that hotfix 7 notes, apologies! But here is a new hotfix for y'all.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an bug where you can create a Ghost from entering and quickly exiting a Multiplayer lobby.
- Fixed various a bug that related to various rare NMA's resulting in players being stuck in Combat. This bug also could be seen as the King not using dice.
- Fixed an issue where players adding DLC keys for things like Geek or Twitch Dice wouldn't see the DLC til after a game was completed.
- Fixed a bug where the Amethyst Ring wasn't correctly applying +2 Magic for burning Rot when equipped to Bandit Clan heroes.

Known Issues
- Steam Player profiles cannot be viewed (we've got another fix we're still testing, we've fixed multiple times but still no luck!)
- Rare NMA occuring when players leave a game.
- If players change their Dice Skin it will deselect their Signet or Amulet selection and put it to random.

Thanks again for all those who have submited bug reports!


Lisy & the LoG crew
Armello - [LoG]Lena

Greetings again!

I'm pleased to let you know that the Third Anniversary Pride's Destiny Dice Event is Live on Steam now!

Again, thank you to everybody who has been with us, through ups and downs, in the past three years!
One little thing worth mentioning - this event has double drops. Yup, double the chance to get that special dice!

Event's details can be found in our previous post.

As usual, enjoy the game and let us know what you think!

<3 Lena & The LoG Squad

Armello - [LoG] WordSlice


It's the week of Armello's third anniversary and what a huge three years it's been. To take a trip down memory lane, check out our old updates website here. To celebrate this glorious occasion, the Pride's Destiny Dice Event is kicking off this week on Friday the 7th of September!

Hit the queues and hook up these deadly Rot-scaling dice, and roll like The King.

Start: 12:00am Friday, 7th of September PT
End: 11:59pm Thursday, 13th of September PT
How: These dice have a small chance of dropping after completing any game that yields a regular drop. If you obtain a chest from playing a game, you've got a chance that chest will come with an extra event dice.

Please Note: It's important to note that you can obtain multiple sets within the event, but you are not guaranteed a drop. These dice are rare. If you get multiple sets, look out for your pals and share 'em around!

As always, let me know if you have any questions!

<3 Darcy & The LoG Squad
Armello - [LoG] WordSlice


Here's another scrumptious little hotfix right from the codery oven. A sincere thank you for your patience and bug reports.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a rare NMA occurring when entering combat with the King
  • Fixed a bug where players can remain with 0 health.
  • Fixed a bug when queuing for a public multiplayer game then accepting an invite to a private game, a ghost of you would be left in the queue (it would be cleared when the ghost didn't ready up).
  • Fixed a bug when playing a card on a creature that's just about to move would cause the card to be stuck in Waiting.
  • Various Server improvements have been applied around lobby behaviour.

Known Issues
  • Strange Games and Fury Friday are not behaving correctly, it has been delayed for the time being.
  • We are currently investigating an issue where spirit stone victories may not trigger correctly, awarding the victory to the prestige leader
  • MAC players may have disconnect issues or failure to connect issues if they have Armello open across multiple sessions e.g. 3 hrs plus.

As always please hit us up if we can help with anything!

<3 Darcy & the LoG Squad
Armello - [LoG] yosafbridge

Hello and welcome!

We've got another hotfix for you that was released earlier today to fix some issues with our Dedicated Servers. Thanks again for those who've sent through any bug reports!

Bug Fixes
- Fixed NMA caused when a player kills a Creature when another player is drawing cards
- Fixed bug where if a player disconnects at a specific time, it can cause other players turns to fall out of sync
- Fixed bug when ending turn at the last second causes NMA

Known Issue
- Accepting a Private Game invite while inside a Public Lobby Queue will leave a "ghost players" behind. This ghost will be kicked if it doesn't ready up and won't remain blocking queues.
- The Steam Profile view in the Summary Screen is currently broken.
- Strange Games & Fury Friday currently disabled as they do not work. We will be hosting a special even to celebrate their return.

Lobby Woes
We've been thoroughly testing the lobby system however, if you run into any weirdness please head to the main menu of Armello then click Options > Send Feedback and send us a report detailing what went wrong so we can track the cause.

Happy gaming folks!


Lisy & the LoG family.
Armello - [LoG] WordSlice

Hello and welcome!

A hot little hotfix is out and about as of a few hours ago, and this specifically to address bugs with the new Dedicated Servers for the most part. We're getting close to comfortably leaving the Dedicated Servers on indefinitely, which is exciting. We'll be running some more tests this week so hopefully you can't even tell, but please report any weirdness you encounter!

ICYMI Dedicated Servers are...
a format of multiplayer, where players connect to an external server to host multiplayer games. Previously, our multiplayer servers have been Peer to Peer, meaning you would connect directly to other players and there were no external servers whatsoever. This old format made NMAs and game breaking bugs more likely, so we're in the process of introducing a complete rearchitecture of our multiplayer systems to a Dedicated Server format.

We now have the ability to turn our new multiplayer tech on and off in the build seemlessly.

General Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue when continuing a saved game a "DLC unowned" error would pop up

Dedicated Server Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where players would create Private game lobbies but get an endless loading spinner
  • Fixed an issue where AI weren't able to choose King's Declarations
  • Fixed various NMA's related to the card draw phase which would result in the game falling out of sync. The NMA could occur in various places throughout the game.

Known Issues
  • NMA can occur if you hit End Turn just as your turn is about to expire
  • If player leaves the game during your turn from a poor internet connection (not from Quitting the game) you may notice your next turn you're unable to do anything (the server is waiting for the player to return but the timer is still going).

As always please feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.

<3 Darcy & the LoG Squad
Armello - [LoG] WordSlice


Short and sweet, we got some fixes for you hot out of the codery oven.

Bug Fixes:
  • Banes once again correctly attack after dungeon spawn
  • Spirit Walkers now correctly do not play their attack animation when destroying Banes.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would not load if a user's Steam name contained certain special characters.
  • Drop Counter has returned to Multiplayer screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Commendation screen shows the count down timer to be 0 (even though it is counting down).
  • Fixed an issue where the Commendation screen will still wait for 30 seconds even if all other players have left

Known Issues:
  • May rarely get a 'do you want to recruit AI' prompt on Hero select
  • Skins do not appear transparent when stealthed (Local Player issue ONLY)
Armello - [LoG] yosafbridge

Hi all,

Thanks for getting in touch with us! We have the hottest of fixes for you!

Bug Fixes
- Reinstated the Invite Friend function in Private Multiplayer

Known Issues
- Daily Chest counter is missing from the Multiplayer lobby (it keeps reverting!)
- Banes currently do not attack after being spawned from Dungeons, we have a fix but needed to thoroughly test before releasing.
- When you're a Spirit Walker, cleansing a Bane will play the wrong animation.
- Intermittent Bug Sender spinner never saying done (but actually sends).


Armello - [LoG] yosafbridge

Hail Armellians!

Our good friend Darcy is off sick, so I'm here to claim the glory and announce the July update, the sixth update for the year is live! I hope you’re excited! Make sure your Armello client is up to date and jump on in there to access the latest juicy bits.

If you want to cut to the chase and check out every single change we’ve made, you can find the patch notes here.

"Forget those jewel encrusted twigs. A good blade should hurt just to look at."

A reliable weapon never goes astray, and I'm sure this sword will come to be extremely useful... when you're broke. As it looks, this item is common in the the Item deck.

Leave no weakness unexploited. Etiquette demands you demonstrate mistakes. Viciously.

Your relationship with the Wyld means nothing if you have a cunning plan.

As always please hit us up on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit if that's up your alley and we'll see you soon.


<3 Lisy & the LoG Squad
Armello - [LoG] WordSlice


Well, well, well. Here we are, a little late but here regardless. The July Update beta just went live! This build will feature the news cards, and will have a little more than what initially meets the eye. The new Collection won't kick off until the full launch on the 31st, instead we'll be running double drops of the current collection, Skeeve's Curiosities.

This beta will include our Dedicated Servers! Be sure to hit us with your feedback and discuss the differences

How do I get in there?!
All you have to do is navigate to your Steam Library and locate Armello and do the following...
Right click Armello -> Properties -> Betas -> Select the open beta from the dropdown menu

This will download the beta version of Armello. Please be mindful that changing back will cause you to redownload the base game, if you're conscious of your downloads.

Please and thank you, you glorious individuals. Our QA team are the best of the best but anything can happen, so please be patient with us if you run into some weirdness. If something goes wrong, please submit an in-game bug report through the pause menu!

Edited: 26/07 PST
Known Issues
  • With the new server infrastructure, latency may fluctuate
  • An odd text string may appear when loading into the main menu for non-English languages
  • Rare NMA that may have to do with secret quests, we're currently investigating, send logs if you can!
  • If a queue fails to ready up the players will need to exit and queue again

Double Drops!
Where there was one, there will instead be TWO chests. This bonus applies to the three chests that you can earn daily, and not to Skeeve's freebie. Soak up that scrumptious loot and hopefully you catch yourself an Abbott's Eye in the process!

As with everything, chat it out with us and each other! Keen to hear your thoughts.


<3 Darcy & the all powerful LoG Squad

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