Rebel Galaxy - (Dominic Tarason)

Ever since its announcement last week, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw has been one of my most wanted games, dead or alive. Prequel to the grungy space-trucker sim Rebel Galaxy, Outlaw is more about fighter-scale dogfights, piracy and cockpits full of glowing lights and buttons. After watching an hour of it played and explained by Double Damage dev Travis Baldree I’m even more excited. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a couple fingers and see why I reckon this is the second coming of Wing Commander: Privateer.


Rebel Galaxy - (Dominic Tarason)

While I loved its space-trucker aesthetic and grimy rock soundtrack, Double Damage’s space combat and trading sandbox Rebel Galaxy never really grabbed me. Its prequel – Rebel Galaxy Outlaw – on the other hand, has my full attention.

Announced today, Outlaw puts the player in the cockpits of smaller, more agile craft than the first game (now with fully 3D flight), making it look and sound deliciously similar to DOS classic Wing Commander: Privateer. Below, an announcement PSA featuring snarky alien Sandar D’Truz, some more choice screenshots and some bite-sized gameplay clips.


Rebel Galaxy - Valve
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Rebel Galaxy - Valve
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Jun 15, 2016
Rebel Galaxy - travis
*Fixed an issue in non-english builds where components wouldn't properly appear on other ships as loot (i.e. Pirate Lords). Note that any existing ships in your universe will be unchanged, but new ships will properly get loot drops if appropriate (they're still quite rare). To 'clear out' ships, you can use a jump drive to jump to another solar system and back, which will repopulate the regions.

*Fixed some minor German translation issues.
Rebel Galaxy - Valve
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Rebel Galaxy - travis
Rebel Galaxy version 1.08 is now live for both Windows and Mac.

New Features:

*Multi-language support! You can now select your language from the launcher. Supported languages are-


Bug Fixes:

*A rare threaded sound related crash has been fixed.
*Various minor text fixes


*For all you achievement hunters, Pirate Lord events now occur more frequently past the first solar system.
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Rebel Galaxy - (John Walker)

I have always wanted a space game to play. The boundless stretches, galaxies to explore, the awe-inspiring magic of flying a spaceship – the concept sings to me like a siren. And yet, as I wade gleefully into the waters to follow the source of that melody, I drown every single time. Every single time the game is a mad mess of fiddling and worrying and menus and doing taxes and buying ore and achingly annoying combat of flying in crazed circles trying to get to an angle from which I can shoot spaceships that seem always able to shoot at me. Every single time it’s a chore, not a pleasure. It’s space shopping. I flat-out don’t want space shopping.

Yesterday Graham said I should look at last November’s Rebel Galaxy [official site], because it was from some of the Torchlight team. I remind myself of the screenshots, and say to him, “Is it strategy, Graham? IS IT?” He promises me it isn’t. So, is this the space game for me?>

… [visit site to read more]

Rebel Galaxy - travis
1) Saves do not generate backups unless the playtime is >10 minutes - that way people won't accidentally obliterate their backups if they get a corrupted save from Steamcloud or some other vector, and then hit 'new game'.

2) Many delivery missions have had their ambush ranges altered so you have more reaction time, and in some cases the number of opponents has been reduced

3) You can autodock by touching the station even if a cargo is nearby

4) Certain 'rack' ship scaffolding models have been reconfigured so that their targeting centerpoint is better located.

5) Fixed some incorrectly hostile traders in a mission

6) You can 'stealth-dock' at hostile Outsiders stations if you have a story mission on them (citizenry stations already allowed this) without having to fly off and wait for them to de-aggress

7) Fix UI diamond placement issue (need to show on jumpgates) for out-system dead drop missions

8) Quadrophonic/5.1 sound issues in some setups resolved (FMOD has implemented fix)

9) Made it 100% impossible to dock while dying

10) Rufus escort mission now always chooses an outpost, never a planet, & now uses the same path-checking code as other escort missions to ensure it doesn't pass too close to one. (Only affects newly-acquired versions if this mission)

11) (PC) Launcher can be skipped with SKIPLAUNCHER commandline option

12) in some rare drop-retrieval side missions where you can intimidate them into giving you the cargo, they'll properly count toward retrieval (Orion Slaves)

13) Fix for Blackgate sometimes using a different color badging setup.

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