The Emerald Tablet - sekaipro_chris
Hello everyone.

The developers discovered a major bug in the game where having Winnie equip the Final Count Down Device skill will cause the game to freeze. An updated build has been pushed to Steam to address this issue.

In addition, a MacOS build has also been added to the game for non-PC users so if you were on the fence about picking up this game, definitely give it a go today!

Update: Another issue was discovered regarding Dylan's skill "The Last Stand" which couldn't be used more than once which could only be fixed by restarting the game. The game has been updated to take care of this issue.

Also, there was a mistake when uploading the MacOS build which has been fixed as well.
The Emerald Tablet - sekaipro_chris
Thank you to everyone for your patience! We're very pleased to announce that The Emerald Tablet is now available on Steam. The team at {uni} worked very hard to make this all happen and bring their wonderful game to overseas users.

In celebration, the character designer, Rio has also prepared this celebratory piece of artwork featuring characters from The Emerald Tablet!

The Emerald Tablet is also on sale with a 25% discount from now till the 23rd of December so don't miss out on this wonderful game!

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