Mini Metro

Brilliant mobile phone game Mini Metro is getting a sequel of sorts. It's called Mini Motorways, and sees you laying down roads instead of metro lines.

Mini Motorways will launch first for iPhone, via subscription service Apple Arcade, this Thursday, 19th September.

After that, there's a Steam page for a PC version due in 2020.

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Mini Metro - Robert
We’re thrilled to announce our new title: Mini Motorways! The team has been hard at work on this game since early 2018 and we’re so happy that we can share the news with you all after so many months.

The success of our debut title, Mini Metro, took us all by surprise. As you know, we have spent time since its inception supporting it by adding more content, bringing it to new platforms, and improving the core systems (a fancy way of saying “fixing bugs”). It’s also been a hard title to follow up. We have spent a lot of time deciding what to base our next game on, and we decided on something else that a lot of people use every day – road maps.

We did a lot of work on Mini Metro in 2018, such as adding Creative Mode, the interactive game guide, and new maps. In between these updates we set aside time for members of the team to prototype ideas for how an interactive road map would work. In some concepts the roads drew themselves automatically and you carved arterial routes through them, in others you painted roads across the city and they “sprouted” small streets. We experimented with systems such as modelling the waves of commuters throughout the day, intelligent spline editing, and threading together interchanges. In the end we kept coming back to one of the concepts, Tiny Tileways, that our programmers Tana and Tom had put together. It was a neat and minimal design, fun to watch and interact with, and had a lot of potential for expansion.

We want Mini Motorways to be as good as it can be by the time we launch on Steam, and instead of rushing the integration, we’re taking the time to do it right and deliver a great game first time to you all. This time around, there will be no Early Access period as it should be pretty rounded out by then. You can check out our Coming Soon page and if you like the look of it, please add Mini Motorways to your Wishlist!
Jul 4
Mini Metro - Dinosaur Polo Club
Now stopping at Guangzhou, the capital of China's Guangdong province. It is the third-busiest metro in China, the fourth-busiest in the world, and it's now ready for you to test out your designs.

Other changes in this update are:
  • Saint Petersburg difficulty increases more gently.
  • Adding more than 100 stations in Creative mode will no longer crash.
  • Editing a line with no locomotives will no longer consume a spare locomotive.
  • Various achievement translation fixes.
Mini Metro

One of the greatest tricks of the tube map is to take something elbowy and dark, a place of body heat and sudden gusts and narrow channels and sudden crowds, and render it airy, spacious, clean and elegant. I can hold these two realities in my head whenever I descend: Victoria is both a place of visible overhead cabling and those cream tiles, many pulled away to reveal stylised whitecaps of grouting beneath, and a perfect white bead threaded onto a blue line. The map and the territory are happy to coexist here.

Mini Metro, which ate my weekend and I was happy to let it, encourages the two realities of the underground to mingle in new ways. The map is the territory. You start each game with a blank white space, perhaps bisected by a famous river or fragmented by a coastline, and then as stations appear you connect them with colourful lines. The stations come in a variety of recognisable shapes, circles, squares, triangles at first, and the lines you use to thread them together are railways, each with its own little carriages going up and down.

Passengers come next. These are recognisable shapes too, and your job is to get them to their destinations, triangles to triangle stations, circles to circles. The game doesn't need to tell you any of this, just as it doesn't need to tell you what the objective is. It is impossible not to want to grow these networks, bringing in new stations as they appear, chucking up new lines, spending your regular windfall of tunnels, carriages, interchanges on making things as neat as possible. The game doesn't need to tell you what to watch out for, either. It's obvious that if you leave people waiting too long, and if the numbers start to build up, a station is going to become congested. Lose one station and you lose the game. Your network has failed. Too inelegant.

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Nov 20, 2018
Mini Metro - Dinosaur Polo Club
We've got a new mode for you! Creative mode lets you take any existing maps and build your dream metro.

Here is what's new:
  • Add, delete, and reshape stations, as well as control how busy they get. No more circle stations everywhere!
  • Unlimited locomotives, carriages, and interchanges.
  • All lines start unlocked.
  • An increased per-line locomotive limit.
It's all up to you. Build your home town's network in meticulous detail, make a massive city with an equally large fleet of trains, or construct geometric patterns and record looping gifs.

We'd love to see what you come up with!
Aug 15, 2018
Mini Metro - naviverse
The next update has pulled into the station! We've added two features, one for experienced players and one for those new to Mini Metro.

  • Added challenge mode. Choose one of the existing achievement challenges and build your metro within the restrictions.
  • Added an interactive guide that explains the rules of the game and the basics of how to build your metro.
  • The alternate maps now unlock automatically if you've already reached the required score.
  • The per-line locomotive limit has been increased on maps with fewer than seven lines.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.
Jun 19, 2018
Mini Metro - Robert
Just a really quick update today: we've added rich presence support for the Steam Chat beta. So you can now see which mode and map your friends are playing, and how well they're doing!

Take a look here:

To find out more about the Steam Chat update, go here:
May 22, 2018
Mini Metro - Dinosaur Polo Club
This quick update tidies up a few issues.

  • High scores and time played are correctly recorded for alternate maps.
  • Unnecessary analytics and crash reporting calls have been removed.
Mini Metro - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 50% on Mini Metro!*

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Apr 25, 2018
Mini Metro - Dinosaur Polo Club
Get ready for a leap back in time as we revisit some iconic metro maps of the past!
  • London, 1960: Nearly 30 years since his revolutionary first map, Harry Beck created his last vision of the underground in 1960.
  • New York City, 1972: Inspired by the iconic London map, Massimo Vignelli produced this modernist interpretation of the MTA.
  • Paris, 1937: In contrast to the sleek modern design, the elegant Seine dances through Paris in this pre-war map.
Deliver 1000 passenger in normal or extreme mode on any of these cities to unlock their alternate maps.

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