Algo Bot - VirginRedemption

Hey Guys,

Back for an 9th time, it's the 2018 Indie of the Year Awards, celebarating the best games released this year.

In 2016, Epistory had the chance to win the Best Early Access Award. Thanks again to the community for that! ːepipartyː

This year, we have two of our games competing for Indie of the Year Awards. So, if you think that they deserves to be the Indie of The Year on Indie DB, it is up to you to vote for your favorite indie games so that they may make the top 100 which will be announced on the 11th of December. The voting process doesn't require to login; you just have to follow the link and click on VOTE. ːpalwinkː

If you feel like you would prefer to vote for other indie games than ours, please do it! All indies need support and love! So, feel free to visit their indie DB page and vote for them ːshiftheartː

Thank you!


Algo Bot - VirginRedemption
Hey guys!

This year again, we are proud to be part of the Indie Arena Booth (Hall 10) at Gamescom 2018 showcasing one last time Shift Quantum.

As announced on our Discord, we'll start soon to communicate about our next typing game which as the code name "Typing 2", until we reveal the name of the game in September. We'll be glad to have a little chat about it and gather your ideas during Gamescom too.

Don't hesitate to drop by. The Indie Arena Booth the right place to discover wonderful indie games you've probably never heard of.

Here's the level of Shift Quantum we've created for Gamescom. Cheers!

Algo Bot - VirginRedemption

Gemini’s Log, The Europa, Day 35

Minor fixes to improve Algo Bot’s programmer experience.
  • Added MacOS & Linux support
  • Added skip cinematic button
  • Added options menu during gameplay.
  • Improved level select menu
  • Various interface & bug fixes
Algo Bot - VirginRedemption

Gemini’s Log, The Europa, Day 15.

Algo Bots have been updated to improve programming routines.
  • Added keyboard controls & rebindable keys
  • Added Japanese translation
  • Fixed perfect score achievement triggering too early
  • Fixed audio sliders
  • Improved UI
Algo Bot - VirginRedemption

Gemini’s Log, Earth, Day 7.

I am now in command and everything is perfectly fine. The Algo Bots started to work in the Junkyard while I am working on the "control rebinding" request. Update expected in the coming days.

Reminder: the release discount ends in two hours.
Algo Bot - (Tom Sykes)

Algo Bot

I’ve never entirely understood the appeal of games featuring programming elements. They ask you to enact one of the trickiest parts of development, but without rewarding you with a finished game at the end. Algo Bot – a new puzzler from the developers of horsey type-’em-up Epistory, which Pip enjoyed a fair bit – features programming, but wraps it up in an attractive sci-fi world where WALL-E-esque robots bicker in gleaming spaceship hallways. It’s out now on Steam for $8.99/$6.47.


Algo Bot - VirginRedemption
Ground Control to Steam users. We are proud to announce that Algo Bot is now available on Steam with a 10% discount at launch. Enjoy your pan-galactic adventure.

Algo Bot - VirginRedemption

Captain's Log, Earth, Day before departure.

Last check on the Command Center before joining the Stasis Bay. After that Gemini will be in command until I wake up.

Steam now allows developers to stream their game via the store pages. Ground control plans to try that new feature for the Launch tomorrow 14th of February 2018 on Algo Bot’s Steam page.

Thank you for following this Captain’s Log. See you on the far side of the galaxy.
Algo Bot - VirginRedemption

Captain's Log, Earth, Two days before departure.

The Crew Quarters look neat. I can’t wait for the crew to wake up a month before arrival and discover that place.
Algo Bot - VirginRedemption

Captain's Log, Earth, Three days before departure.

We started to board people. The new colonists will be stored through the stasis bays where they will dream about their new life on the far side of the galaxy.

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