Community Announcements - Kimiko
Happy holidays! The Steam Winter Sale is here and we're taking part by offering Tabletop Simulator for 50% off the original price! This is the highest discount we've offered on Steam to date, so be sure to take advantage of it while it's here!

We're also happy to announce that all of our DLC are also on sale, so be sure to check them all out as well.

Tabletop Simulator 50% off:
Mistfall 30% off:
Euphoria 30% off:
Cosmic Encounter 20% off:
Superfight 50% off:

Community Announcements - Kimiko

Welcome to our final update of 2015! It’s hard to believe how fast this year flew by. We’ve made some great improvements in this update and we hope you enjoy them.

Our next DLC Mistfall by NSKN Games is now live! This is a beautiful game that can be played with 1-4 players. That’s right, you can play this game solo! You can get Mistfall with a launch discount of 30% off for the next week!

We’ve also added a new Global Chat, Custom Tiles (with double-sided images) and fast mod loading is now on by default.

Special thanks to The Limey Dragon for helping us troubleshoot the Linux version of fast loading mods.

We at Berserk Games wish you all a Happy Holidays and hope you enjoy the rest of 2015.

See you next year!

Mistfall DLC
  • Mistfall is a fully cooperative adventure card game set in a dark fantasy realm of Valskyrr.
  • Only the host needs to own this DLC.
  • 1-4 players can play for a whopping 90-180 minutes of game time!
  • Current launch discount is 30% off.

Superfight - The Red Deck
  • The Red Deck is now available for Superfight for $1.99
  • The Red Deck adds one hundred really terrible and likely offensive cards to Superfight.

Global Chat
  • Our IRC chat has been changed to #TabletopSimulator on GeekShed
  • If you want to join the channel outside of the game, you can go to and be sure to enter in #TabletopSimulator as the channel name.
  • When you login to Tabletop Simulator, you will now be in the global chat.
  • Everyone who has Tabletop Simulator open can communicate with one another.
  • This will make finding people to play games with much easier and more of a community feel.
  • You can type /help in the Global Chat to bring up a list of commands you can do.
  • When you join a server, all your in-game chat will be in the Game tab, but you can still chat with other people in Global Chat.
  • There is also a separate Team tab that will show up once you join a team.

Multi-threaded Mod Loading
  • Loading mods is much faster and doesn’t hard lock the game.
  • Loading mods should be much more stable, especially on Mac.
  • Fixed issues with using certain resolutions on image files.
  • Fixed issues with textures at certain distances to the camera.
  • As this is a major overhaul of how we handle loading, let us know if you run into any issues.
  • You can toggle between new and old loading using /threading in chat (default is threading).

Custom Tiles
  • Easy-to-use tile maker with box, hex, and circle as shapes.
  • Just give an image for the top and bottom of the tile and you are good to go.
  • You can control the thickness of the tile.
  • You can also toggle whether they should stack like chips.
  • Transparency is not supported. Use Custom Tokens if you need transparency.
  • Tiles are initially sized to fit the 2x2 grid, but can be resize like all game objects.

  • Notepad and Rules have been combined and is now called Notebook.
  • Added a confirmation notice when the delete button is pressed.
  • This can be accessed by clicking the Notebook icon on the top menu bar.
  • The size of the Notebook window has been slightly increased.
  • When nothing is selected, the other tabs are grayed out.
  • Clicking on the Notebook will automatically default to the Rules tab so you can access it right away.
  • Fixed issue with typing in the rules always scrolling to the bottom.

  • Notes have replaced the old Notepad where you can type things to show on screen in real time.
  • Instead of opening up Notepad (which is now gone), all you do click the “Edit Note” button on the bottom right of your screen to bring up the Notes area. You can now type in the selected box.
  • The other button gives you the option to hide or show the Notes individually for those of you who wish to have a clean screen.

  • Improved the accuracy of the download progress bar.
  • Rotation snap points have been optimized.
  • The last window you drag will always be on top.
  • Added tooltips for the calculator and counter.
  • Pasting link to PDF in the Tablet search bar will now load it correctly.
  • Doubled max character limit per chat message.
  • All objects now flip like cards except dominoes.

  • Fixed issue with Gizmo and Snap tools not hidden for non hosts.
  • Fixed texture issue with changing from DLC to default games.
  • Fixed issue with custom objects not sizing properly in infinite bags.
  • Fixed issue with mods not finishing loading.
  • Fixed the old black texture bug.
  • Fixed issue with cut pasting a custom object quickly with thread loading on..
  • Fixed issue loading old text tools.
  • Fixed issue with Tablet getting stuck when releasing your mouse off the screen.
  • Fixed issue with Alt Zoom being covered by other players hands.
  • Fixed issue with objects exploding for a split second for clients when first loading.
  • Fixed issue where Promoted players couldn’t load .json save files.
  • Fixed issue with objects in infinite bag showing through in the hidden areas.
  • Fixed issue with infinite bags not being able to be picked up when a deck of cards is in them.
  • Fixed issue with Tooltips clipping into Alt Zoom.

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Community Announcements - Kimiko

Welcome to The Scoop, our regular community update for Tabletop Simulator and Berserk Games!

Dev Chat

Happy Holidays! Can you believe how fast this year has flown. It's amazing how far Tabletop Simulator has come since the initial Early Access phase in 2014, to our big launch in June 2015, til' now! We're looking forward to seeing what's to come in 2016!

Our last Update v6.0 was a big one as promised which included the new DLC Euphoria, the 1st expansion to Cosmic Encounter - Incursion and The Orange Deck for Superfight! In addition, the update added in Custom Hand Placements - where you can move the seat colors around to wherever you want, Rotation Snap Points - where you can have objects snap turn a specific way when you place them down, a new Text Tool - where you can write text on locked objects, and just a lot of improvements in general. We also added in Infinite Bags - so you can place on object in and only that one object will continually come out of it until you reset it and add in a different object.

In Update v6.1, we expanded on the Infinite Bags, so you can now take any custom object and turn them into your own Infinite Containers! This update also included an experimental "Fast Loading Mods". To enable fast loading mods, type /threading in chat. What you'll see is a drastic change in how the mods load. You can also move your camera around while it's loading. This currently only works on Windows and Linux and we hope to get it working for Mac as soon as possible!

We've got one more update coming before the end of the year, so you can look forward to some more improvements and features before the holiday break!

DLC News
If you missed it, we recently announced our partnership with Victory Point Games and NSKN Games and we're excited to be bringing their games to Tabletop Simulator as official DLC! Both of these games will be our first DLCs that you can play solo, so we're very excited about that!

Darkest Night by Victory Point Games!
1-4 Players | Ages 13 & Up
~2.5 hours
Defeat the Necromancer and save the kingdom in this one to four player cooperative fantasy game, Darkest Night.
The Darkest Night DLC will also include the optional 1st expansion With an Inner Light.

Mistfall by NSKN Games!
1-4 Players | Ages 12 & Up
~90-180 minutes
Mistfall is a fully cooperative adventure game set in a fantasy world of mystery, eldritch powers and high adventure.

The Red Deck for Superfight is expected to be released in Tabletop Simulator in our last update, so be on the lookout for it!

Future Updates

We value our community's feedback and over this past year we have implemented a lot of features and suggestions that you guys have given us. And we're still listening! Please continue to post your suggestions on our official forums. Here's a teaser of what we'll be working on for future updates.
  • Custom tiles - Different from the custom tokens, you'll be able to create custom square, hex or round shaped tiles!
  • Notebook - The notepad will be joined with the new "rules" window. If you still want some "real-time" notes on screen, that will be a separate on-screen entity.
  • Double-sided tokens - Not just for tokens, but also the new tiles and figurines as well! This has been wanted for quite awhile, so we're happy this is finally coming to pass.

This will be the last issue of The Scoop for 2015, but more info will be in our December 2015 Newsletter later this month. You can subscribe here if you'd like to get it each month!

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Community Announcements - Kimiko
Tabletop Simulator is 40% off as part of Steam’s Exploration Sale! You can get TTS, plus all our DLCs at a discounted rate.


What’s this? A patch on a Wednesday?? Since it’s Thanksgiving for us silly Americans, we decided to get a small update out before the long weekend as a bonus to fix some previous issues and even added a new feature!

Custom Infinite Bag
  • You can now turn any custom model into an infinite bag.
  • This differs from the loot bag as only one object can be placed at a time.
  • This will not show what object is in the bag like the in-game infinite bag.

Fast Loading Mods (Experimental)
  • This is a loading system that we initially added but had to revert due to various player issues.
  • We’ve hopefully fixed the loading issues on Windows.
  • Until we get more feedback, this is disabled by default.
  • To enable fast loading mods, type /threading in chat.
  • This is currently only available for our Windows and Linux users.
  • This will not persist after opening and closing the game.
  • If you had issues before, please try it out and give us feedback to help improve this.

Text Tool Improvements
  • Added color wheel so you can change the color of the Text.
  • Added trash can so you can easily delete individual 3D Text.
  • Trash can added to side menu to delete all 3D Text.
  • Added option to make Text bigger or smaller.

Infinite Bag Improvements
  • Fixed issue where objects can’t be placed back into bags.
  • Fixed issue with initial loading for bags with custom objects inside.
  • Fixed issue with stacks & bags not going in infinite bags.
  • Fixed issue where custom tokens went through the table after pulling from bags.
  • Added Infinite Bag model to Chest Menu.
  • Fixed selection bugs with infinite bags.

DLC Improvements
  • Euphoria - Fixed messed up tiles.
  • Euphoria - Replaced loot bags with infinite bags.
  • Euphoria - Added additional snap points to make things more smooth.
  • Added Superfight mat for Insider players on table.

  • Easy snap points added by clicking on unlocked objects.
  • This makes the snap point automatically go in the center of objects after placing them where you want.
  • Password text field is now selected so you can type passwords in automatically.
  • Updated Chest icons for MIsc and Tools.

  • Fixed orange colony marker being missing in Cosmic Incursion DLC.
  • Fixed loading custom content on Linux, had to revert to the old loading method.
  • Fixed loading card issues on the Mac version.
  • Fixed being unable to delete saves, workshops, and saved objects.
  • Fixed aspect ratio issue on Custom Tokens.
  • Fixed issue where promoted players couldn’t load .cjc files.
  • Fixed issue with Custom Hands not loading on a custom table with an image.
  • Fixed issue with sticky objects grabbing object below.
  • Fixed issue with clipping player names on tables.
  • Fixed UI animation on pointer mode slideouts.
  • Fixed UI Point Mode anchoring for clients.

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Community Announcements - Kimiko

This is a HUGE update and we hope you enjoy all the new features and goodies we’ve added. Like the new infinite spawner! Put an object in and now you can see what’s in the bag and only that object can be in it. Expect to see some cool animation effects on it in the future. Special thanks to Vermilion Wlad for making this for us.

Old DLC saves will no longer work, due to our revamp of downloadable content. Sorry!

This update is so long we had to cut this intro message short - So have a
Happy Autumn and Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate!

New DLC - Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia
  • Euphoria is available for $7.99 and only the host needs to own it.
  • Euphoria has a launch discount of 30% off!
  • This is a 2-6 player game at approximately 1 hour play time.
  • Find out more & purchase the physical copy on Stonemaier Games’. website

Cosmic Encounter DLC
  • The first expansion of Cosmic Encounter - Incursion is now available for $2.99.
  • Incursion adds a 6th player, 20 new aliens, and a rewards deck.
  • Cosmic Encounter has been revamped with a new layout and cool new side tables.
  • You must already own the Cosmic Encounter Connector DLC to play Incursion.

Superfight DLC
  • The Orange Deck is now available for $1.99.
  • The Orange Deck adds one hundred really geeky cards to Superfight.
  • You must already own the Superfight DLC in order to use this deck.
  • Superfight’s price has been lowered to $7.99 and only the host has to own it.
  • Those who had purchased Superfight before the change will be getting The Orange Deck for free.

Custom Hand Placement
  • In the Zones menu, there is now an option for “Hands”.
  • Clicking on this will bring up the placement of the current card hands.
  • Right click on a color to change it which is great when you need a color to be in a different spot than default.
  • Clicking on a color will delete that card hand.
  • Dragging anywhere will create a new card hand of whatever color you are current set at.
  • The player name will follow where the card hand is placed.
  • You can have multiple card hands of the same color - the name will only show up on the first creation.
  • This is great for private deck searching or keeping cards in the middle hidden from certain players.

Rotation Snap Points
  • Added rotation snap in the “Points” section of the side menu.
  • You can now customize where objects should be pointed.
  • Place down a rotation snap point and use the arrows to point where you want the object to be positioned.
  • This will make building games with more intricate placement much easier.
  • Check out the following gif to get a quick look at how it’s done!

  • A new Gizmo tool has been added to the side menu.
  • This tool is familiar to those used to modeling programs.
  • This enables you to move and rotate objects to precisely get things how you want in your scenes.

Loading Mods Improvements
  • Greatly improved the loading of custom content.
  • Fixed some texture issues when loading custom content.
  • Fixed weird texture resizing issue.
  • Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the above issues fixed for our Mac users, but we are working diligently to get this completed in a future update.

Text Tool
  • New Text Tool added to the side menu.
  • You can use it to type text on any locked object.
  • This is good for when static objects need to be named, but you don’t want to use the name/description boxes.
  • There will be additions/improvements added to this in the future.
  • Check the following gif for a quick overview of how it works.

Improved Rules
  • Rules have been improved to add different sections.
  • By default each player can see the rules tab and their specific color.
  • Teams can view each other’s tabs.
  • You can change the color of your personal tab and rename it whatever you’d like.
  • You can create new tabs by clicking Add New, then click on it and click the Visible button at the top to change its color.
  • This allows you to have multiple “pages” for rules, private notes, team notes, etc.

  • Something we know you all wanted has been added - a bowl.
  • This is just a generic, wooden bowl and can be found in the Misc folder in the Chest.
  • You can put all kinds of things in this bowl - coins, chips, blocks - whatever you’d like!
  • This is an exciting new feature, and we hope you can make use of your brand new wooden bowl! ;)

UI Improvements
  • Optimized the UI for vastly improving the scrolling of the Workshop, Save, Load and Saved Object lists.
  • Moved player name section over to the top right.
  • Moved the rewind button next to the top menu bar.
  • Side menu has been moved up to where the player names were.
  • Added Gizmo and Text Tool buttons to side menu.

  • You can now stack custom tokens. Just check the “Stackable” box.
  • Improved Calculator sequence so you can add numbers up just as you’d expect.
  • Improved the sounds for custom board objects.
  • Increased the size of snaps points for better readability.
  • The 2D Pointer is now default. You can switch back to the 3D Pointer in the Configuration menu
  • You can now slice custom cards that is not like the default template of 10x7. In the custom deck menu, you can change the width and height of the template.
  • Improved Custom chip stack thickness when a collider is provided.
  • Ambient Occlusion has been added to the Configuration/Graphics menu. Just look for SSAO, which adds soft shadows to the scene.
  • Improved the visibility of object highlighting.
  • Expanding a save now works with bags, chips, dice, and tokens.
  • Added sounds to all boards when picked up.
  • Improved default camera position for colors.

  • Fixed collision issue with right click grabbing multiple objects.
  • Fixed issue with custom mass values being reset to defaults.
  • Fixed issue with non see-through Hidden Zones not working for everyone.
  • Fixed an issue with certain objects not stacking.
  • Fixed fog highlight color.
  • Fixed issue with the 3d hand holding offset.
  • Fixed issue with some graphics settings not persisting when exiting to the main menu.
  • Fixed issue with custom boards not being hidden by hidden areas.
  • Fixed issue with zooming far away on the Tablet.
  • Fixed issue with objects falling through each other when loading.
  • Fixed issue with the bag bugging out with auto raise off when pulling objects out of it.

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Community Announcements - Kimiko

Welcome to The Scoop where we keep you up to date every other Friday on what's going on with Tabletop Simulator and Berserk Games!

Giveaway & Sale

Can you believe it? We now have over 5000 mods on our Steam Workshop! Who would have thought we'd get to that point? To celebrate, we're doing an awesome giveaway! We're giving out 10 keys of Tabletop Simulator! Anyone can enter - even if you already own the game. This is a game you want to play with your friends, so spread the word and enter HERE!

If you can't wait, this is a great time to get Tabletop Simulator while it's on sale for 33% off on Steam! You can get either the individual or the 4-pack (buy 3 get 1 free) for a great discounted price. This is part of the Steam Machine Promotion and ends on November 16th!

Dev Chat

Update v6.0 is going to be a doozy! This update is going to have a lot of new tools to make your game creations even easier! We were hoping to get it out today, but we figured an extra week will make this update even better! Here are some sneak peak images of what you can look forward to.

As you can see, the layout has been changed a bit and for good reason! Can you guess what those extra tools on the side menu stand for?? This is not the final iteration, as we still have some other things we're working on, so don't be surprised if you see other changes when the update is released!

DLC News
In next week's update, there will be some nice changes and additions to the DLCs! We are now contracting the services of a few community members to help us create these fabulous official games. Special thanks to Goldensly, Aabra and Lucky Seven for their services!

First up is the release of Euphoria by Stonemaier Games!

2-6 Players | Ages 13 & Up
~60 minutes

A dystopian cityscape awaits your leadership as you make strategic choices to construct markets, enhance allegiances, and expand control in this thematic dice worker-placement game.


Next is the 1st expansion to Cosmic Encounter - Cosmic Incursion!

20 New aliens
Rewards Deck
6th player

Over the years, alien empires have risen and fallen. The Vacuum has failed to eliminate the Zombie, the Virus has spread far and wide, and the Loser has turned defeat into victory. 50 different species have tried to conquer the galaxy, and each have made their mark on the universe. Their warring has not gone unnoticed.

In Cosmic Incursion, the exciting expansion for Cosmic Encounter, 20 new alien races explode onto the galaxy! Players will face the sticky terror of the Fungus, scratch their heads at the perplexing Magician, and shudder in fear as the Locust consumes their planets in one gulp.

Cosmic Incursion also makes the Cosmos even bigger, adding a 6th player to the game. Finally, as if that wasn’t enough, Cosmic Incursion introduces a new variant to the game – the reward deck, which offers exciting new cards such as kickers and rifts to those aliens who ally with the defense.

And not just that! Cosmic Encounter Connector itself has gotten a makeover with a new layout, customized end tables, a nifty 'Cosmic' table for all the game pieces and a lovely new background.


And last but not least, Superfight has also gotten a makeover with a better layout, extra boxes that you can grab the decks from if you want to use them and the ORANGE deck will be available for purchase!

In the next issue of The Scoop, we'll announce some new publishers we'll be working with!

Future Updates

We value our community's feedback and over this past year we have implemented a lot of features and suggestions that you guys have given us. And we're still listening! Please continue to post your suggestions on our official forums. Here's a teaser of what we'll be working on for future updates.

Since v6.0 is such a big update, I'll go ahead and mention a couple things that you can look forward to NEXT WEEK!
  • Text Tool - You will be able to write text on locked objects, boards and the table.
  • Token Stacking - You will be able to stack those custom tokens!
  • Custom card hands - Everyone has wanted this one for a long time, so this is a great addition! You will be able to customize hand positions wherever you'd like.

There is so much in this update, so be sure to stay tuned next week to see what's all to come!

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Community Announcements - Kimiko
Tabletop Simulator was chosen to take part in the Steam Machine promotion, so you can now get Tabletop Simulator (and the 4-pack) for 33% off the original price!

This sale ends on November 16th.
Oct 30, 2015
Community Announcements - Kimiko

Welcome to The Scoop where we keep you up to date every other Friday on what's going on with Tabletop Simulator and Berserk Games!

Dev Chat

Happy Halloween! Our next update v6.0 will be a bigger one, so it may not be out for another couple of weeks. We'll see how the next week fares! We've got some exciting stuff for you though and we think you'll be happy about what we've got in store.

I'd like to welcome Brian to the team as our newest programmer! He does both programming and art and has worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic and The Banner Saga. We're already seeing some great productivity with him on board in this first week!

This past week we got some cool things added to Tabletop Simulator like the Calculator, the ability to choose whatever color you want for the Vector Drawing Tool and various improvements to Promoted Players. There were also a ton of improvements we made to the overall platform, so we hope that you are enjoying the changes.

DLC News

As announced this week, we have partnered with Stonemaier Games to bring Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia to life as our next official DLC! We look forward to working with them and seeing what the future holds. Stay tuned for more info.

We'll be bringing the 1st expansion (Incursion) to Cosmic Encounter Connector sometime in November. It will include 20 new alien races to play and an additional person will be able to play (up to 6).

We have 7 other confirmed publishers that we'll be working with and we'll announce them as we finalize everything and decide on their first game.

Future Updates
We value our community's feedback and over this past year we have implemented a lot of features and suggestions that you guys have given us. And we're still listening! Please continue to post your suggestions on our official forums. Here's a teaser of what we'll be working on for future updates.:

  • Precise positioning - This will be great for designers when you want to move pieces around. We're adding a special tool 3D modelers will be familiar with when you need that precise movement, scaling, and rotating.
  • Optimized UI scrolling - For those of you with hundreds of mods, saved games and saved objects, this is for you! This will be smoothed out extensively (finally!).
  • UI Improvements - After we get things more optimized and improve the overall quality of Tabletop Simulator, we'll be working on making the UI a bit more user-friendly and updated. Yes, we improved on the contextual menu, but there are still a lot of things we can do, especially with there being so many controls to manage and all the little things you can play with. TTS has become more of a designer's platform over the past year, so we'll be working on a UI setup that you will be more familiar with (and easier to use).


Are you in need of some dice towers? Check out Eugee's Dice Towers in our Steam Workshop!
He made a variety of different ones, but I kind of like the pink "minimalist" one. It works out great! Just be sure to lock it down first. There are 12 different ones to choose from and they all work a bit differently, so be sure try them out. If you are looking for some other ones, just search for "Dice Tower" in the Workshop to see what you can find!

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Community Announcements - Kimiko
We’re excited to announce our partnership with Stonemaier Games! We’ll be bringing Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia to digital life as our next official DLC!

A dystopian cityscape awaits your leadership as you make strategic choices to construct markets, enhance allegiances, and expand control in this thematic dice worker-placement game.

You can check out Euphoria here: and purchase the physical copy here:

Stay tuned for more info! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for up to date developments.
Community Announcements - Kimiko
Happy Halloween (at least in a week), so you will see the halloween images on the main menu.
This week we have a brand new, working calculator in the Tools folder! We’re going back old school here.

Another requested feature is being able to change colors when drawing, so the Vector Tool has gotten even better with this update! The nice thing is that you have even more colors to choose from than the standard 8, just choose from the color wheel and you’re good to go.

Promoted players can now load up their own Game saves and Workshop mods, which means they can do almost everything the host can do other than player administration!

There are all kinds of great improvements and fixes in this update, so please read on below to see everything. Enjoy!

  • Added a realistic “old school” style calculator for all your calculating enjoyment.
  • Works just as you expect with all buttons functioning.
  • You can find this in the Chest -> “Tools” folder or the “Tools” game mode.

Steam Portrait Icons
  • Added Steam avatar icons next to names on top left.
  • Clicking the Steam portrait will bring up the overlay to view their profile.
  • This makes it easy to add players to your friend’s list.

Cosmic Encounter DLC Improvements
  • Improved setup by enlarging the table and fixing spacing for a more comfortable feel.
  • Blue ships have been tinted a little lighter.
  • Updated table graphic to be more centered and the text slightly faded.
  • Space background and loaded alphabetized cards will be coming in the future.
  • Expansions will also be coming in the future.
  • Cosmic Encounter buy page has been added to our website. (

Vector Tool Improvements
  • You can now change the color of your vector drawing tool.
  • You no longer have to change your seat to get a new color.
  • A new color wheel will show up when you hover over the Vector menu item.

Promoted Player Improvements
  • Promoted players can now load and save Workshop and Game files.
  • Promoted players have access to almost all host functionality besides player administration.
  • The host can promote a player by clicking on their name and selecting “promote”.

Alt Zoom Improvements
  • Clamp size of object now fits to the screen.
  • Alt zoom size is consistent across all camera distances.
  • Fixed objects clipping off the screen.
  • Fixed objects slightly changing size when mousing over them.

Object Manipulation Improvements
  • Held objects now rotate around a pivot point instead of their position, so tokens placed on a card for example will remain in the proper spot when rotated.
  • If you wish to spin multiple objects in place then rotate them while not holding.
  • Flipping and rotating when not holding them objects will ignore collision allowing you to flip a mat and keep the pieces on top.
  • Improved the smoothness of manipulating objects that you aren’t holding.
  • Object can be picked up with slight tilts to their axis which fixes some collisions issues.
  • Fixed a lot of clipping issues when grabbing a group of objects that are overlapping one another.
  • Fixed height variation when holding objects at strange angles.

General Improvements
  • Added new “Tools” menu in the Chest to separate some objects in the Misc folder.
  • Icons have been added to the Control Scheme for the controllers and keyboard.
  • Separate sliders for Music and the Mp3 have been added, so you can differentiate between the main menu music and the Mp3 Player.
  • In the Host Permissions, there is a new “Digital” checkbox in which the host can enable/disable all of the digital items from interaction.
  • When the Table Flip host option is unchecked, the button on the top will be grayed out.
  • If the game is set to “None” when a save is loaded it will now use the name of the save file in the Server Browser.
  • Improved Digital Counter when holding down plus and minus.
  • Box selection cap has been raised to 64 objects.
  • Objects smoothly move into a bag when dropped on it.
  • Improved distance checks for certain actions like right click and pan camera.
  • Improved Local File Support - You can now place files in Image and Models folder and directly reference them by name and extension. You can read more about this in our Knowledge Base.
  • NOTE: This will not work in online play unless the players are manually given these new files.

  • Fixed issue when stacking two pieces together, one with auto raise and one without causing bottom piece to go flying when picked up.
  • Fixed issue with objects clipping into the table when you hold and flip them.
    Fixed color tint not sticking when objects are stacked.
  • Fixed some issues Steam portrait not working correctly.
  • Fixed issue with bags being able to go inside themselves when dropping multiple objects.
  • Fixed issue with hover highlight not working on named tooltips consistently.
  • Fixed issue with Controller camera / mouse being stuck moving (HOPEFULLY).
  • Fixed tablet washing out at certain angles.
  • Fixed potential save issue with objects flying to a destination like dealing.
  • Fixed grabbing not working on all selected objects when sticky grabs objects.
  • Fixed issue with deselecting not working correctly when grabbing a non selected stack.

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