Tooth and Tail - NoRepro [dev]

While Andy has shifted his daily focus to streaming development of Pocketwatch's next game (Monday-Friday on the Pocketwatch twitch channel), Tooth and Tail shall live on! EELuminatus (you might have seen him playing with Lizards or advertising his mods) will be working on Tooth and Tail patches from now on. A new season has begun…

Ladder Reset

Some players started to feel lonely on the top of the ranked ladder, some wanted to experience the thrill of fighting their way up, again - so we put everyone back to the bottom. Happy climbing!

If the ladder reset hits you just before you managed to complete the ranked achievements: No worries! We just happened to add alternative ways to get them…

Alternative Ways to Obtain Multiplayer Achievements

Some achievements required players to win (lots of) ranked games, which could make them very hard to get. Now there are alternative ways to unlock these achievements, all possible in unranked and offline matches against 1-2 CPU opponents.

  • Agitator: Win a 1v1 against a medium CPU.
  • Rabble Rouser: Win a 1v1 against a medium CPU.
  • Militant: Win a 1v1 against a hard CPU.
  • Firebrand: Win a 2v1 against two medium CPUs.
  • Hero of the Hungry: Win a 2v1 against two hard CPUs.
  • The Great Provider: Win a 2v1 against two brutal CPUs.
  • Fury of the Feast: Win a 2v1 against two ruthless CPUs.
  • Deadbones: Win a 1v1 against a ruthless CPU in less than 5 minutes.
(You can only get these achievements on generated maps, not on editor/workshop maps!)

Multiplayer Balance Changes

As a result of mods made and tested by the community, a couple of multiplayer balance changes is coming with this patch. Probably the most important changes in a nutshell are: Toads, Moles and Landmines get nerfed; Chameleons, Boar and Drumfire Cannon get buffed; Snake poison wears off outside territory, but slows down enemies while it lasts.

Now, here are all the juicy details:

  • Daze - Only slows down movement (slowed down the whole simulation, including attack speed, before). This change makes mines less crippling in fights.
  • Focus Fire - Can be used for a structure (group), e.g. for letting only your Balloons focus the incoming Badger (not the pigeons) or making your Drumfire Cannon shoot directly at the opponents’ Mill (not the Pigs).
  • Mole - 2 DPS, 3x crit (from 3 DPS, 2x crit), same power against structures, less against units.
  • Toad - 7 HP, 3 damage, 6x crit (from 8 HP, 4 damage, 4x crit); structure crit only affects one tile, in the center of the explosion (applied crit to all structures in the aoe, before); aggro 3 tiles from own position (has been 2 tiles from rally point). They lose some of their power, but now they go after Lizards even if they are unattended.
  • Chameleon - 36 HP (from 30 HP); 0.25s stealth entry time (from 0.5s)
  • Skunk - 28 HP (from 32 HP); cannot target Commander (could target Commander, before)
  • Snake - poison is cured 5s after last attack regardless of territory (used to be cured only inside own territory and lasted forever outside territory); poison slows down movement (Daze)
  • Boar - 6x damage against structures (from 2x damage against structures)
  • Badger - 60 HP (from 65 HP)
  • Fox - 24 HP (from 25 HP)
  • Barbed Wire - slows down movement speed by 80% (from 75%)
  • Landmine - 4 HP (from 8 HP); 3s Daze duration (from 2s Daze duration), but only slows down movement, not attack speed
  • Balloon - does not target Commander if enemy units are nearby (within a radius of 8 tiles)
  • Artillery - 28 DPS (from 20 DPS)
Tooth and Tail - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 85% on Tooth and Tail + Monaco!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time
Tooth and Tail - EELuminatus
The community had a blast with the last 2v2 ("Bizarre") Tournament, and the next one is happening this weekend!

Date: March 9th, 2019 1:00 PM EST
Organized by: PremiumBow426 and Delthius
Streamed on:
Challonge (signup, teams etc.):

Featuring old and new players, random and custom maps, and meat for the victors!

Come and watch or, if you want to join, hurry and ask on the Discord server!


Top 3:
1st - Gentle Pork (Arbuz Budesh & ChipFromSpace)
2nd - The Splitters (Duchu & Earus)
3rd - Arctic Assault (Jakobi & JetEriksen)
Tooth and Tail - NoRepro [dev]

Andy Schatz, creator of Monaco and Tooth and Tail, is streaming development of Pocketwatch's next game over on the Pocketwatch Twitch channel. Code-named Bowhead, it's a top-down open world Action RPG with some Monaco-esque visibility and stealth.

Don't forget to follow the Pocketwatch Creator page here on Steam, our Twitter, and the Twitch channel or join our very active Discord channel for updates.

See you on stream!
Tooth and Tail - NoRepro [dev]

Save some room after your holiday meals, you'll need it for all the meat in this patch! Sweeping balance changes, as designed and requested by the community -- including Moles that are built from warrens (instead of individually) and Landmines that apply a Daze effect. The Level Editor is now live and custom maps are playable online and offline. And new multiplayer features like Neutral Cabins guarding the campfires and healing water for those nasty multiplayer burns. Incoming!


The Level editor we used to create the Story Mode hubs is now available for making multiplayer maps! Custom maps can be played online via Steam Workshop (Steam only) or offline (all platforms except PS4).

Build the balanced map you've always dreamed of and say goodbye to the whims of RNGesus!


Massive changes to some core design incoming! High level players have long complained about Campfires creating too much imbalance and reducing player choice. So we made them into cabins that have a neutral defender that must be killed before claiming!

Campfires are now Cabins

When I originally designed the campfires, this is always what I intended for them to be: civilian pigs holed up in cabins out in the wilderness that you kill and cook on a spit. The cabin resident has a gun that shoots once per second for 3 damage. Once the cabin is destroyed, you must still spend 60 food to light the campfire. Campfires can be extinguished and re-lit just as before.

Change your Deck size

You can now battle with up to 9 unit types, or as few as 1! Try out vs battles with the original 3 units we designed the game around: squirrel, ferret, and bullet hive.


Water heals in multiplayer - 1 HP per second, even outside territory.
Super Random Decks - Random decks now choose 1 tier 1 unit and then fill the remaining slots with entirely random selections.

Balance Changes

Some sweeping changes to unit balance, as researched and tested by our community! Aside from the headline Mole and Landmine changes, one subtle but interesting change is that short range units now also have a slightly shorter aggro range, preventing them from getting pulled and sniped quite so easily.

  • Mole- Now spawns from a single tile warren, which can be built anywhere. Up to 3 moles can spawn from the warren, like any other Tier 1 unit. Mole Warren has 25 HP. Mole now has 14 HP, 3 DMG, 6 DMG to structures (was 21/2/5). Aggro range is 3 (was 4).
  • Lizard- 8 HP (was 7). Aggro range of 3 (was 4)
  • Squirrel- 0 second cast time, 1 second cooldown (was 0.25, 0.75). Removed movement freeze (was 0.25 seconds)
  • Toad- 8 HP, 3 DMG to all affected units, 12 DMG to structures (was 7HP, 12 DMG to target, 3 DMG to AOE, no structure crit). Aggro range of 3 (was 4)
  • Chameleon- 8 DMG/32 HP (was 6/40). Stealth Entry/Exit time is now 0.5/0 seconds (was 0.25/0.25). Aggro range of 2 (was 4)
  • Skunk- 32 HP (was 29)
  • Snake- 0 second movement freeze after attacking (was 0.25)
  • Boar- 110 HP (was 100)
  • Fox- 20 DMG per shot (was 24)
  • Balloon- 14 DMG/20 HP (was 15/30). Visibility of 12 tiles (was 10). Fires every 2 seconds (was 3)
  • Landmine- 8 HP, 18 Single target DMG, 2 DMG AOE (was 5 HP, 12 AOE DMG). Explosion radius 2 tiles (was 1.75). Activation time is 0.25 seconds (was 0.4) Applies a 1 second daze to all affected units that reduces attack/movement speed to 60%.
Tooth and Tail - NoRepro [dev]
Hi friends! Today marks the one year anniversary of Tooth and Tail's launch! A heartfelt thank you from me and the rest of the crew to all of our amazing, passionate fans.

(artwork by the amazing Glorious AyyFB)

To celebrate, Mishi and Delthius are hosting a one year anniversary tournament TODAY at 3PM Pacific on Mishi's twitch channel. I'll be entering for the first time, and I'm expecting to get crushed! I'm super rusty... because... second daughter was born two weeks ago, so I've been away from work for a little while. I'm just EASING back into things now, but just to let you all know, I'm working on improving our modding tools. Have some patience as my schedule is still a touch spotty, but I should start streaming some of my work again soon on the Pocketwatch Twitch channel.

Don't forget to drop by the tournament, and follow us on twitch for more development news! I'm working on a new game too!

-Andy Schatz, Studio Director
Pocketwatch Games

^(follow me and the company feed on twitter too!)
Tooth and Tail - EELuminatus
TnT is almost a year old, and members of the community (TheGentleman and Delthius) have plotted a celebratory tournament! 🎂

It is organized via Discord: - in order to sign up, enter the Discord channel, head over to #tournaments, and give the pinned announcement there a thumbs up!

Date: Wednesday, September 12, 2018, 6pm EST / Midnight CEST
Format: 1v1, Open bracket, randomized/shuffled seed, single elimination, Bo3 with Bo5 finals (pocketbot cup format)
Caster: Delthius, streaming at
Brackets/Challonge link:
Tooth and Tail - NoRepro [dev]

HUGE Story Mode patch -- we've now got a Standard, non-random campaign and leaderboards! Players can choose to play Standard, Random, or with a Custom Seed.

When playing Standard, you can compete on leaderboards for time and score! Rank on the leaderboard is determined by your time in hundredths of seconds, plus the total food value lost over the course of the mission, minus your net worth at the end of the mission. Scores where your final net worth exceeds the total food value lost are displayed with a "+" before them. Leaderboards didn't make it to the PS4 build this patch, sorry!

If Story Mode isn't what floats your boat, there's also some balance changes and a major revision to map generation. Have fun!

Balance Changes
  • Squirrel - 0.25 second movement freeze after shooting (was 0.4)
  • Toad - 7 HP (was 8). Primary and AOE damage is now centered on closest tile when targeting 2x2 structures
  • Chameleon - 40 HP (was 38)
  • Snake 28 HP (was 30)
  • Falcon - 1.2 seconds of firing, 0.8 second cooldown (was 1.5 seconds and 0.5 seconds)
  • Owl - 40 HP (was 50), no longer stop moving over enemies
  • Barbed Wire can now hit stealthed Chameleons
  • Landmines can now hit stealthed Chameleons
  • Structures no longer heal if they are not in your territory
  • Territory now symmetrical on all sides of mills and fires, resulting in larger territory
New Features
  • Story Mode Standard and Random Seeds.
  • Standard Story Leaderboards
  • Map generation now adds ramps around spawn to prevent high ground within 3 tiles of spawn farms
  • Map generation now takes water into account when assessing fairness
  • Map generation now compares natural expansion distances when assessing fairness
  • Map generation changed to create more organic shapes around bases instead of fortress-like topography
  • Map fairness variables added to map generation xmls
  • Single Player Balance updated to current multiplayer stats
Bug Fixes
  • Story Mode - Meat will no longer spawn inside rocks
  • Repeating sound bug fixed
Tooth and Tail - Valve
Play Tooth and Tail for FREE starting now through Sunday at 1PM Pacific Time. You can also pickup Tooth and Tail at 55% off the regular price!*

If you already have Steam installed, click here to install or play Tooth and Tail. If you don't have Steam, you can download it here.

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time
Tooth and Tail - NoRepro [dev]

With a big patch in the rearview and a couple of big patches on the horizon, it was time for a small balance patch with a few quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

Balance Changes
  • Gristmill starting health reduced to 7.5 HP (was 22.5). Added a 1 second sell timer
  • Campfires must now be stood upon to build them. This allows you to build moles and landmines next to them without having to build them.
  • Unit collision radius reduced to 0.4 tile radius (was 0.5) - this was done to improve retreating -- units in the rear don't get pushed back quite so much. You may notice units will tend to bunch up a little more!
  • Squirrel - 0.4 second movement freeze after shooting (was 0.25), 0.25 second cast time, 0.75 second cooldown (was 0 second cast, 1 second cooldown)
  • Mole - 21 HP (was 20)
  • Chameleon - 38 HP (was 36)
  • Falcon - 16 HP (was 15)
  • Snake - 30 HP (was 28)
  • Balloon - 3 second reload, 15 damage per shot (was 2 second reload, 14 damage per shot)
New Features
  • Streamer Mode option removes the button hints from the bottom of the screen while spectating or watching replays, and hides the match progress bar behind the match time
  • Holding the analog stick in a direction during menu navigation will scroll more quickly

Bug Fixes
  • Targeting highlight in 2v2 fixed
  • Increased frequency of stormy and hail weather types in multiplayer
  • Discord Rich Presence fixed on Mac
  • Decreased VRAM usage
  • Looping campfire/machine gun sound after match end fixed

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