Gang Beasts - (Lauren Morton)

Silly wobble person fighting game Gang Beasts is going it alone, planning to self-publish future updates. Last year, Boneloaf’s former publisher Double Fine Presents was bought up by Microsoft, eventually saying that continuing to be a publisher after being bought by a bigger publisher “doesn’t make sense,” and calling the new structure a “complicated issue.” Looks like Gang Beasts will come out of the equation alright, as Boneloaf are planning some new updates for the game even post-publisher.


Gang Beasts

Colourful platform brawler Gang Beasts will continue to receive updates despite its developer parting ways with publisher Double Fine.

The acquisition of Psychonauts studio Double Fine by Microsoft last year left the future of its indie publishing scheme in doubt. Subsequent comments from boss Tim Schafer suggested the studio would call time on the initiative. Double Fine Presents publishing boss Greg Rice then left the company last November.

Today, in a new blog post, Gang Beasts studio Boneloaf said it was now taking on publishing duties itself as Double Fine Presents was indeed "winding down".

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Gang Beasts - Boneloaf
Hey everyone!

So, we wanted to let you know what’s going on here at Boneloaf. We have some information regarding Double Fine and us, and when the next Gang Beasts update is coming.

As some of you know, Boneloaf has been working with Double Fine Presents for some time. They’ve given us advice, they’ve given us splendiferous support, and most importantly, they’ve become friends and mentors to us.

We love Double Fine and they have been really fantastic to us. What Tim and his company built is pretty wonderful, but with Double Fine Presents winding down due to Double Fine's acquisition by Xbox Game Studios last year, we think it is a good time for Boneloaf to stand on its own... legs and publish Gang Beasts ourselves.

Anyway, that’s the news about Boneloaf and Double Fine. What about Gang Beasts? Currently we're testing build 1.13, the next release. Build 1.13 is made with Unity 2019.3 and includes a modified version of the wheel stage with support for online game modes and a series of optimisations and fixes for UI, audio, costumes, gameplay, and achievements.

We plan to make this build available for testing as a Steam beta next month. The 1.13 build will be released for supported platforms (Steam, Humble Bundle, PS4, Xbox One, and Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S) when testing ends. We are also working on new stages and costumes, more information coming soon.

Thank you for supporting Gang Beasts, stay Safe and Keep on Truckin’ \\o/

Gang Beasts - (Brendan Caldwell)

Hey you, I heard your breath smells like a fart. What are you gonna do about it? Fight me!? Excellent. I was hoping you d say that, because I ve put together a list of the 10 best fighting games on PC, and it would be fantastic if you came and had a look, gave your thoughts, and maybe elbowed me in the teeth while you re at it. Finally, a decent reader willing to dropkick me. Matchmaking is hard.

All right, let s take this outside, where the top 10 fighting games are waiting. How exciting.


Gang Beasts - Boneloaf
The 1.0.11/1.011 builds have a number of fixes that give parity between public builds for currently supported platforms and a number of gameplay, costume, UI, online, and input fixes.

Please see Gang Beasts FAQ page or email if you have specific feedback on this build or other questions about the game.

The list of key modifications and fixes made in the 1.0.11/1.011 builds are:
  • added a player list to the online pause menu
  • added build numbering to the settings menu (to help with support issues)
  • fixed an audio issue that stopped the puddle drip SFX from playing back
  • fixed an issue that allowed dropkicks to be exploited
  • fixed an issue that allowed goals to be scored when the game has ended in the “football” game mode
  • fixed an issue that could attribute "Big Head" and "Drop Kick" achievements to the wrong character
  • fixed an issue that could make the game unresponsive if a user disconnected when starting an online game session
  • fixed an issue that sent players to the online menu screen if the input for back is pressed multiple times when an online game session is loading
  • fixed an issue that still showed characters that have left an online game session on the session hosts online menu screen
  • fixed an issue that stopped the “Ground Floor' achievement from unlocking in online game sessions
  • fixed an issue where AI characters could unlock the "Safety warning" achievement
  • fixed an issue where characters could be removed outside stage geometry when grabbing falling meat on chutes
  • fixed an issue where players are kicked from online game sessions if the associated game controller is disconnected when joining servers
  • fixed an issue where the input label text for ‘the “gang” and “colour” parameters now showing as expected for online game session clients
  • fixed an issue with controller disconnection messages conflicting with server disconnection messages
  • fixed an issue with objects/props sticking on puddles on "subway"
  • fixed an issue with some audio setting not being modified by user settings
  • fixed an issue with the "Ground Floor" achievement unlocking in error (achievement should no unlock if the character is in a concussion or fall state)
  • fixed an issue with the game credits sequence not scrolling from the start of the credit roll
  • fixed an issue with the game score screen not showing in some contexts
  • fixed an issue with the game score screen reordering the current game statistics on screen
  • fixed an issue with UI information conflicting with disconnection messages
  • fixed multiple issues with costume parts not rendering as expected
  • fixed numerous issues with costume geometry
  • fixed syncing issues with some parts
  • modified "elevator" to stabilise elevator cables when broken
  • modified audio settings to make them fade in after the attract mode screen
  • modified audio settings to make them fade in after the attract mode screen
  • modified costume system geometry and database to support more combinations of costume parts
  • modified football to use a golden ball if the game enters extra time
  • modified the implementations for triggering the "Big Head", "Drop Kick", and "Self Storage" to limit the potential for accidental unlocks
  • modified the local game session screen to force characters into the set/join state (to stop late costume, colour, or gang/team modifications)
  • modified the maximum concussion length
  • modified the parameters for kicking inactive players to not kick absent players in private online game sessions
  • modified the public kick timer window from 30 to 60 seconds
  • modified the rendering of usernames for offscreen characters
  • modified the stage loading sequence to avoid exposing characters to the game camera before their costumes/colours are set
  • modified UI button references to not show in contexts where not needed
  • modified UK and US text label localisations for the ambient sound parameter from "Ambiance" to "Ambience"
  • modified waves mode to support the re-spawning of eliminated players between waves
  • optimised loading times for some contexts
  • removed the score screen from the "football" game mode
  • updated the input system to Rewired
Gang Beasts - (Natalie Clayton)

A lineup of 41 lesser-known indie darlings, party favourites, curiosities and old favourites have gone on sale this week. “Sure, Nat,” you cry, “you say that, but games go on sale all the time. What’s the big deal?”. Well, dear reader, if you’d give me time to finish, I’d explain that this is a charity sale. For the rest of this week, the big-wigs over at the IGDA Foundation have set up nice little charity fundraising event.

Until the end of the One Gamer Fund charity event, 50% of the proceeds from purchasing discounted games will be split between 7 particularly game-centric charities. It’s for a good cause, yeah, so why not take a look?


Gang Beasts - Boneloaf
We have been working to address a series of issues with the character costume system (the system that builds and renders character and costume geometry), the 1.0.8 build (released with this post) includes fixes for the bull mascot costume and other complex costume parts that have compromised gameplay in recent builds. The 1.0.8 build also addresses issues Russian players have had connecting to online sessions without a VPN. 

Please see Gang Beasts FAQ page or email if you have specific feedback on this build or questions about the game.

The list of key modifications and fixes made in the 1.0.8 build are:
  • added a confirmation screen that shows if input settings are modified
  • fixed a graphical issue that showed as a flickering at the front of the incinerator stage
  • fixed an issue where characters could sink into stairs on the towers stage
  • fixed an issue with the satellite dish supports on the roof stage
  • fixed issue where character geometry could pass though the fence on the alley stage
  • modified English language translation for left grab to left punch (to standardise with other languages)
  • modified font used for UI button references (for legibility)
  • modified geometry for a number of costume parts (for stability)
  • modified IP addresses used by the game session matchmaker from addresses block by Roskomnadzor/Federal Service for Supervision of Communication in Russia
  • modified opening logo sequence to support skipping of current logo
  • modified the bull mascot head to balance with other costumes
  • modified scheme for unlocking the “Safety Warning” trophy
  • modified the ‘long hair’ part to standardise with other costume parts
  • modified the camera tracking trigger volume on the containers stage to stop the camera from moving below the water
  • modified the costume customisation UI to only show currently available inputs
  • removed obstructions to the camera on the chutes stage
  • replaced baked lighting to fix issues with the arena stairs on the ring stage
Gang Beasts - Boneloaf
We published the Gang Beasts 1.0.7 patch build in the last hour to address an issue with the Bull Mascot costume, we're also remaking our costume testing and debug processes to minimise and limit the scope for potential costume inconsistencies in subsequent builds.

If there are other issues that you want to flag with Boneloaf, please email

The only modification made in the 1.0.7 build is:
  • modified the bull mascot head to balance with other costumes
Gang Beasts - Boneloaf
The list of key modifications and fixes made in the 1.0.6 build are:
  • fixed a series of audio issues that stop music and SFX sources from playing in some contexts
  • fixed a series of online syncing issues that could compromise the stability of the physics simulations on numerous stages and some costume parts
  • fixed an issue that calculated the forces from headbutts and punches concurrently
  • modified the draw window to load the next stage in the stage sequence if the stage ends in a draw
Gang Beasts - Boneloaf
Information on Gang Beasts Train Update

Choo, Choo, the Gang Beasts Train update (build 1.0.5) is available now as a free download for PS4, Windows, macOS, and Steam supported Linux platforms (SteamOS and Ubuntu), the update has a new train stage (an industrial freight train transporting shipping containers on a precarious cliffside track), a series of miscellaneous costume sets (beef mascot, fire fighter, frogman, pirate, and rail worker), and numerous fixes for game issues and exploits.

Concurrently with the work on the 1.0.5 build we have also worked to standardise, optimise, and modularise the game structure to support making new content and systems for a series of planned game modes, specifically we have made a full review of the processes and systems for prototyping and testing new costume parts and stage geometry for the game, the work on standardising content and systems was necessary to configure the game for the playset and story game modes, to support more frequent content releases and bug fix patches, and to support other platforms and markets without negatively impacting work on other game modes and game content.

We expect to release examples of this work in the next significant content release later this year with a series of updated hazard escalations, stage variations, and new costume sets.
Information on support and planned content

Currently we’re making a full review of support and documentation processes to identify and patch game and server issues more efficiently and to make more information on supported platforms and planned content available through and the Boneloaf YouTube channel.

Please email if you have game issues or questions not currently addressed on the game FAQ page; please see the @MeatTelecom page on Twitter for server status and server maintenance announcements for the Gang Beasts Online Multiplayer Servers.

The list of key modifications and fixes made in the Train build are:
  • added multiple costume sets (beef mascot, fire fighter, frogman, pirate, and rail worker)
  • added train stage
  • fixed a camera stability issue when characters climb specific wall sections on the incinerator stage
  • fixed an issue making some ambient game SFX audible with the pause menu invoked
  • fixed an issue making the velocity of the subway train dissimilar in online game modes to local game modes (on the subway stage)
  • fixed an issue making the velocity of the turbine column dissimilar in online game modes to local game modes (on the vents stage)
  • fixed an issue that exposed the restart instruction in the pause menu for some game modes in error
  • fixed an issue that made jumping from a climbing posture fail to register in some contexts
  • fixed an issue that made the velocity of vertical wall jumps excessive in some contexts
  • fixed an issue when exiting from the local game menu in some contexts
  • fixed an issue with ambient occlusion on Nvidia GPUs
  • fixed an issue with character colour selection in local game modes
  • fixed an issue with the blur filter when invoking the pause menu from the score screen
  • fixed an issue with the costume parts tinting in error on the character customisation screen
  • fixed an issue with the implementation of the bridge structure collapse on the vents stage
  • fixed an issue with the syncing of light fixtures on the subway stage
  • modified climbing scheme to limit scope for wall exploits
  • modified collision detection performance
  • modified concussion timings
  • modified game camera to track ball movement in the football game mode
  • modified input references to support mouse input (press the left mouse button with the mouse cursor over a specific input reference to invoke the associated instruction)
  • modified menu implementation to apply image effect settings on the attract mode screen
  • modified menu implementation to explicitly lock input and disable UI SFX on loading and interstitial screens
  • modified online networking scheme to prevent exploits in online game modes
  • modified targeting hierarchies to target susceptible body parts when punching, kicking, butting, and grabbing
  • modified the costume saving implementation
  • modified triggers for contextual and random character emotes
  • optimised and stabilised miscellaneous costume parts and stage geometry

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