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We published the Gang Beasts 1.0.7 patch build in the last hour to address an issue with the Bull Mascot costume, we're also remaking our costume testing and debug processes to minimise and limit the scope for potential costume inconsistencies in subsequent builds.

If there are other issues that you want to flag with Boneloaf, please email

The only modification made in the 1.0.7 build is:
  • modified the bull mascot head to balance with other costumes
Gang Beasts - Boneloaf
The list of key modifications and fixes made in the 1.0.6 build are:
  • fixed a series of audio issues that stop music and SFX sources from playing in some contexts
  • fixed a series of online syncing issues that could compromise the stability of the physics simulations on numerous stages and some costume parts
  • fixed an issue that calculated the forces from headbutts and punches concurrently
  • modified the draw window to load the next stage in the stage sequence if the stage ends in a draw
Gang Beasts - Boneloaf
Information on Gang Beasts Train Update

Choo, Choo, the Gang Beasts Train update (build 1.0.5) is available now as a free download for PS4, Windows, macOS, and Steam supported Linux platforms (SteamOS and Ubuntu), the update has a new train stage (an industrial freight train transporting shipping containers on a precarious cliffside track), a series of miscellaneous costume sets (beef mascot, fire fighter, frogman, pirate, and rail worker), and numerous fixes for game issues and exploits.

Concurrently with the work on the 1.0.5 build we have also worked to standardise, optimise, and modularise the game structure to support making new content and systems for a series of planned game modes, specifically we have made a full review of the processes and systems for prototyping and testing new costume parts and stage geometry for the game, the work on standardising content and systems was necessary to configure the game for the playset and story game modes, to support more frequent content releases and bug fix patches, and to support other platforms and markets without negatively impacting work on other game modes and game content.

We expect to release examples of this work in the next significant content release later this year with a series of updated hazard escalations, stage variations, and new costume sets.
Information on support and planned content

Currently we’re making a full review of support and documentation processes to identify and patch game and server issues more efficiently and to make more information on supported platforms and planned content available through and the Boneloaf YouTube channel.

Please email if you have game issues or questions not currently addressed on the game FAQ page; please see the @MeatTelecom page on Twitter for server status and server maintenance announcements for the Gang Beasts Online Multiplayer Servers.

The list of key modifications and fixes made in the Train build are:
  • added multiple costume sets (beef mascot, fire fighter, frogman, pirate, and rail worker)
  • added train stage
  • fixed a camera stability issue when characters climb specific wall sections on the incinerator stage
  • fixed an issue making some ambient game SFX audible with the pause menu invoked
  • fixed an issue making the velocity of the subway train dissimilar in online game modes to local game modes (on the subway stage)
  • fixed an issue making the velocity of the turbine column dissimilar in online game modes to local game modes (on the vents stage)
  • fixed an issue that exposed the restart instruction in the pause menu for some game modes in error
  • fixed an issue that made jumping from a climbing posture fail to register in some contexts
  • fixed an issue that made the velocity of vertical wall jumps excessive in some contexts
  • fixed an issue when exiting from the local game menu in some contexts
  • fixed an issue with ambient occlusion on Nvidia GPUs
  • fixed an issue with character colour selection in local game modes
  • fixed an issue with the blur filter when invoking the pause menu from the score screen
  • fixed an issue with the costume parts tinting in error on the character customisation screen
  • fixed an issue with the implementation of the bridge structure collapse on the vents stage
  • fixed an issue with the syncing of light fixtures on the subway stage
  • modified climbing scheme to limit scope for wall exploits
  • modified collision detection performance
  • modified concussion timings
  • modified game camera to track ball movement in the football game mode
  • modified input references to support mouse input (press the left mouse button with the mouse cursor over a specific input reference to invoke the associated instruction)
  • modified menu implementation to apply image effect settings on the attract mode screen
  • modified menu implementation to explicitly lock input and disable UI SFX on loading and interstitial screens
  • modified online networking scheme to prevent exploits in online game modes
  • modified targeting hierarchies to target susceptible body parts when punching, kicking, butting, and grabbing
  • modified the costume saving implementation
  • modified triggers for contextual and random character emotes
  • optimised and stabilised miscellaneous costume parts and stage geometry
Gang Beasts - Boneloaf

The full list of key modifications and fixes made in the Valentines’ build are:
  • fixed an issue that made costumes draw irregularly (when scrolling through multiple custom costumes in succession
  • added a button reference / instruction for setting character or gang controller in online and local game menus
  • added haptic feedback support (compatible controllers trigger force feedback when taking punches, kicks, headbutts, and other blunt force injuries or when grip stamina is close to spent
  • added lighthouse stage
  • added support for restarting the current local game from the in-game pause menu (restarting from the pause menu in a random game session with load a new stage, not the current stage)
  • added Valentine’s themed costume parts
  • fixed an issue that could force UI text and other information off screening some context
  • fixed an issue that could make the wrong networking message show in error in some contexts
  • fixed an issue that erroneously rendered sections of the exterior negative space on incinerator as white
  • fixed an issue that erroneously set the menu context to the costumes menu if the game start timer is cancelled and the back instruction is submitted from the local or online menu
  • fixed an issue that made the game stall or exit if a client running on an Ubuntu OS is in the game session
  • fixed an issue that malformed the rendering of the disconnection error character graphic
  • fixed an issue that prematurely exposed menu input from the opening logo screens
  • fixed an issue that stopped the selection of head costume parts in some contexts on the costumes menu
  • fixed an issue that triggered the associated character to headbutt when the input for duck / slump is used to exit from the in-game pause menu
  • fixed an issue where members of the same gang can be separated in error in the gang game mode
  • fixed an issue with football game scores incrementing when the ball collides with a goal (if the game ended in a draw)
  • fixed an issue with SFX samples triggered on the last stage persisting to the menu when a game session ends)
  • fixed an issue with the balloon screen showing rows for players not in the current game session in some contexts)
  • fixed an issue with the decrementing numbers starting on a low value (in the local and online game menus)
  • fixed an issue with the fire implementation on incinerator rendering over in-game messaging
  • fixed an issue with the railing colliders not syncing erroneously on chutes
  • fixed an issue with UI information for the current menu or screen failing to dismiss when transitioning to a new menu or screen
  • fixed online syncing issues with some costume parts
  • modified balloon screen to give more contextual information (balloons won in past stages fade onto screen concurrently with the screen blur transition, balloons won on the current stage inflate in place)
  • modified football UI size for legibility to standardise with other UI sizes
  • modified menu camera parameters, menu UI, and transition timings to make standardise immediacy of menu transitions
  • modified messaging colours to standardise in-game messaging
  • modified session win confetti to pass through character and stage geometry
  • modified the character colour palette to support 12 colours (blue, brown, green, lime, magenta, orange, pink, purple, tan, teal, and yellow)
  • modified the football game mode to add a golden goal mode if the game timer ends without a winning side
  • modified the glass implementation on elevators to optimise for concurrent glass breaks
  • modified the local and online menus to disable costume and colour selection when a game session request has been submitted to the game session matching service
  • modified the number of voice sets associated with NPC enemies on waves (to standardise voice sets for NPC enemies
  • modified the tolerances for left analogue stick input on menus to improve menu item selection
  • removed modal from input mapping menu to standardise menus
To read the full post associated with the Gang Beasts 1.0.4 build, please see

For support please email
Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut - (RPS)


Aw, hey! I’m so glad you came. You know, I was saying to Alice, just a second ago I was saying to her: “I hope our favourite listener drops in” and now look here you are. That’s great, that’s so nice. YOU’RE nice. Ha ha. Have a drink. No thank you, I’ve had twelve. Look, there’s Adam. Watch out though, he’s gabbing on about Overcooked and those Jackbox Party Packs But never mind, Alice is outside by the paddling pool, talking some chumps into a game of Jelly Stompers. I also think she has a copy of Deadly Premonition with her for some reason. Brendan? He’s in the kitchen, probably boring somebody about Gang Beasts. Best stay here. With me, the Electronic Wireless Show. (more…)

Dec 15, 2017
Gang Beasts

There's a folder on my PlayStation 4 that's reserved for the really good stuff. It's where Towerfall Ascension sits alongside Nidhogg and the brilliant compilation that is Sportsfriends. It's where I head when friends are around, when I want a guaranteed good time, and ever since creating it there's been a little slot reserved for Gang Beasts, that party game par excellence. I've been waiting on it a fairly long time.

You've already played Gang Beasts, I'm sure. Whether that's at one of the many game events where it's been a fixture since 2014, where you'd follow the sound of laughter until you found four people huddled around a monitor knocking merry hell out of one another. Maybe you've already got it on PC where it's been out in Early Access for a good few years. You likely know the deal already; pissed-up jelly babies go at each other across a series of stages until only one stands as the winner.

Now it's finally out on PlayStation 4, familiarity hasn't really dimmed its brilliance. Played with friends, Gang Beasts is a drunken hug of a game in which you're fighting the controls as much as you are each other. You're never really in charge of a fight in Gang Beasts - don't expect this particular fighting game to turn up at EVO, or to be the subject of in-depth YouTube tutorials - and instead my only advice is that you give yourself over to its chaos.

Read more…

Gang Beasts - (Alice O'Connor)


Round up your chums for a spot of adorable ultraviolence, as the wonderful Gang Beasts has launched out of early access. Gang Beasts is a multiplayer arena fighting game where players will hurl each other off the tops of speeding trucks, out windows, and into industrial grinders, grabbing and grappling in physics-simulated fisticuffs. Pummel your pal into exhaustion, hoist them up, go to throw them out the arena, but they recover in time and grab onto the edge and somehow fling you out… it’s brutal and it’s funny. And it’s properly out now. (more…)

Gang Beasts - Valve
Gang Beasts is Now Available on Steam and is 20% off!*

After a successful Early Access, Gang Beasts is now fully released! Gang Beasts is a silly multiplayer party game with surly gelatinous characters, brutal slapstick fight sequences, and absurd hazardous environments, set in the mean streets of Beef City.

*Offer ends December 19 at 10AM Pacific Time
Gang Beasts

Hysterical multiplayer brawler Gang Beasts is coming to PlayStation 4 on 12th December, just in time for family arguments this holiday season.

According to the official PlayStation blog, Gang Beasts will arrive with new modes like "clumsy-yet-brutal two vs two soccer matches", a four-player co-op horde mode and various customisation options.

Gang Beasts sees players take on the role of Beef City thugs, going toe to toe in a variety of challenges (mainly: punching, kicking and humiliating each other). You can hurl your foes from fearsome heights, into fiery incinerators and hazardous machinery. Just the fun kind of violence everyone needs after a filling Christmas dinner.

Read more…

Gang Beasts - Boneloaf
We have written this post to summarise current and recent development work and to give more information on launch content for the game as we are still a number of weeks from publishing the next Steam build.

We plan to start testing the next build (build 0.7.0) from next week and have scheduled support from Babel, Coatsink, and Double Fine to help with the identification, documentation, and fixing of a small number of persisting issues preventing the release of the next Steam build (and to facilitate and optimise testing cycles).

The 0.7.0 build has a glut of fixes and modifications made to optimise, standardise, and refine gameplay, menus, messaging, networking, matchmaking, menus and other UI, interstitial game screens (hint screens, loading screens, and score screens etc.), the following is a summary of key game content modifications in the coming 0.7.0 beta build with information on the work left to finish before the full launch of the game.


The minimum limit for private online sessions was set at 4 players for testing when support for private online sessions was published in late September (concurrently with the move to Multiplay's server architecture), a limited number of issues surfaced with the matchmaking process during the Steam Free Weekend stress test and also in October but Coatsink have been aggressively addressing these issues and we expect to lower the minimum concurrent player limit for private sessions from a minimum of 4 to a minimum of 2 in the 0.7.0 beta build.

We expect to talk with Double Fine, Coatsink, Multiplay, and other partners later this month to make a full review of current server provision and capacity, please email if you frequently have issues connecting to online servers in the 0.7.0 beta build (for reference support for private online sessions replaced the private server tool in September as the private server tool is not compatible with current client builds, support for the private server tool will be reviewed later this year).


The game has been localised for 7 languages, the supported languages in the full release build are Brazilian Portuguese, English (UK), US English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, (the UK English and US English localisations share most strings) with a small number exceptions that we expect to have localisations for soon, support for other languages will be added post launch. For reference we currently expect localisation support to be the 0.7.0 beta build and we will post information on other planned localisations to the FAQ section of the site as we confirm support.


We're currently working on localisations for input references (for keyboard, mouse, and officially supported game controllers) but still need to standardise the UI for input mapping sequences with the rest of the game. The lack of support for mapping mouse button inputs is a temporary issue and we current expect this to be fixed in the next 0.7.0 beta build.

For reference support for VR touch controls is planned to come with full VR support next year.


We have made multiple passes on the climbing implementation and supporting geometry to make climbing less difficult and more immediate in recent builds in preparation for a last pass on stages to add specific support for complex structures (examples of complex structures are the small billboard structures on roof, the buoy structure on buoy, the truck body work on trucks, and the turbine on vents), for reference some section of complex will have a lower targeting priority than expected until this work is finished.


We need to set explicit spawn patterns for game mode configurations to balance gameplay and modify patterns to fit the selected game logic, specifically we need to implement set spawn patterns, for example gangs spawn patterns need to be on opposing sides of the selected stage (in 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, or 4 vs 4 gang mode games).


We have finished work on the geometry for launch stages (excluding a small number of superficial modifications and props), stages identified as launch stages have had passes to optimise performance, standardise colour schemes, and address gameplay issues, the stages with significant modifications made to geometry are billboard (new billboard sign and catwalk structure), chutes (lowered catwalk and modified pipe works), grind (new meat slurry implementation, new pipework, new articulated grinder implementation, and new catwalk), subway (new scene with modified hanging lights, staircase, prop, and platform geometry) and trucks (new truck geometry and some minor cosmetic modifications).


We have transitioned to Cinemachine procedural camera framework and are currently working to improve support for user modification of the single player camera, group tracking, geometry clipping, camera bias, lerping, and dampening etc. but are seeing significant improvements over the previous camera system. We are also working to standardise the presentation of player information and the post stack implementation (specifically the default parameters for graphics setting).

For reference the issues with settings and resetting inputs, graphics, and other menu settings is being addressed and is expected to be fixed in the 0.7.0 build.


We are working on minimising the steps and time it takes to configure and start game modes and game sessions, and on exposing more support for game mode customisation, we are also experimenting with a longer window for identifying draw states. We are also working on making character, costume, and gang / team selection less confusing in the game mode configurations screens.


We have been working on exposing more costume customisation parts and the UI and flow of the costume customisation screen, we have also been working to fix physics stability issues and gameplay exploits associated with specific costume parts. We have also exposed an additional four character colours and made multiple passes to improve colour and colour tints (and minimise clashes with the colours for non-character geometry).

Thank you

Thank you for staying with us we push to get to the full launch of the game, we're working on some fun holiday content for next month, and are excited that the full game will be out soon.

If you have questions, please comment on this post or Tweet @boneloaf. We plan to make a post with information on testing for the 0.7.0 build later this month with any additional information we can give on the next builds and full release content.

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