The Banner Saga - (Nate Crowley)

An idea I m happy to see the back of, is the notion that graphics is a one-way sliding scale towards photorealistic perfection. While I m certainly fond of games that exhibit hyperbudget beauty along the lines of Metro: Exodus or Shadow of the Tomb Raider, I m equally – probably more – excited by those who eschew realism in order to utterly master a particular aesthetic. Often, this takes the form of homage. Think Cuphead s take on surrealist 1930s cartoons, or Void Bastards comic book style. For my money though, nobody s done it quite like Stoic Studio, the developers behind The Banner Saga.


The Banner Saga - (Malindy Hetfeld)

>Banners, then and now, are often a curious amalgamation of plain communication and naked aggression. They re well-known as heraldic devices, displaying a coat of arms to identify one side to the other on the battlefield, usually just before they were about to attack each other. However, they re also just a means of communicating who or what a place or thing belongs to. If you re shipwrecked, the flags on the boat responding to your frantic SOS can tell you where you are and who is about to rescue you. Even today, flags are used this way. Ships still use flag signalling to send messages without the need for radios. Warships still hoist battle ensigns, huge flags to stand out in the smoke and chaos of a pitched battle, showing that a ship is ready to fight, and which side it s on.

In The Banner Saga, every clan, including your own, has a banner that flies overhead as you travel. But there isn t as much talk about the clan’s actual, physical banner as there is about what it represents: forging unity from the lack thereof, creating a clan rather than fighting others, and the rite of passing on stories to later generations.


The Banner Saga 2 - 56Kaveman
Following issues are addressed in this patch:
  • Soundtrack files install to the correct location once more
  • Fixed illegible text in rewards message after battle
  • Fixed issue with the attack impact count changing when moving the hero in the Hakon/Bolverk battle
  • Fixed having to click quit twice for survival mode UX flow issue

Build number - 2.59.01
Nov 1, 2018
The Banner Saga 2 - 56Kaveman
In this update we fixed an annoying issue some players were experiencing seeing a green screen in place of cinematics. We also made under the hood improvements and balance updates, with additional fixes to localized languages.

Patch Notes:
  • Cinematics: Green Screen During Cinematics on some system configs is fixed
  • Ability: Inability to perform an action when Hit and Run triggers on a surrounded character has been fixed
  • Story: Story continuity fixes and improvements
  • Saves: Improved verification process for imported saved Banner Saga games
  • Misc: Other performance updates, fixes and improvements
  • Localization: Additional text fixes to some languages

Remember to complete your Saga in Banner Saga 3:

Build number - 2.58.02
The Banner Saga - (Malindy Hetfeld)

From the outset, everything in The Banner Saga seems designed to encourage you to be careful. As you lead your caravan towards safety, you try to keep people alive by rationing food, managing the number of your followers and weighing the dangers of the unknown. Anyone who has ever given a soldier in XCOM a custom name knows that it takes very little to get attached, and The Banner Saga builds on this by giving you plenty of chances to get closer to the people in your army.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - (Andreas Inderwildi)

The Vikings have long ago invaded the coasts of pop culture on their dragon-headed longships and carved out their own Danelaw in the realm of video games. In recent years, they ve grown even bolder, taking over most genres from RTS to RPG, classic point and click adventure to action, with an utter disregard towards distinctions between AAA and indie. They ve settled in Hellblade and Frostrune, Dead in Vinland and The Witcher 3, God of War and Crusader Kings 2, and of course, The Banner Saga trilogy. Luckily, it s easy to spot a Viking. Horned helmets, mead-filled drinking horns, bloody battle axes and grim miens are a dead giveaway. When in doubt, tempt the suspected Viking with loot, then wait and see whether or not they can resist the urge to pillage.


Jul 26, 2018
The Banner Saga 2 - 56Kaveman


Banner Saga 3 - the third and final game in the epic trilogy - is now available for download here on Steam! Continue your journey now that the end has come:

This community of fans is the most incredibly supportive and encouraging group of players we have had the pleasure to meet and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you’ve done to make this day happen!

View the new Launch Trailer, here:
Please share the news with your friends and family, on social media, and in your streaming channels. Enjoy the last leg of your epic saga.

On behalf of the entire Stoic team: Skål!
The Banner Saga - (Katharine Castle)

After waiting two long years for the final instalment of Stoic’s fantastical strategy trilogy, The Banner Saga 3 begins in the best possible way. It picks up where the second The Banner Saga 2 left off, and one of the first things you get to do is punch your scheming arch nemesis – who probably made your last moments of that second game a right misery – square in the face.

You can punch him so hard, in fact, that you can permanently break his nose for the rest of the game. It’s an immensely satisfying moment in a series that, up until now, has been more a war of attrition and bleak perseverance than anything else. Sadly, it immediately goes back to being a bit grim again, and pretty much stays that way until the credits start rolling. Is it the ending we’ve all been waiting for? Here’s wot I think.


The Banner Saga 2 - 56Kaveman

Our players have been hugely supportive throughout the development of the trilogy. Thanks to those of you who reported bugs, gave us feedback about performance and ideas for improvements. We’ve been listening carefully to all of you and are releasing a build for Banner Saga 2 (and Banner Saga 1) in preparation for the launch of the finale.

  • Volume Sliders: Added independent audio channel volume adjustment
  • Stats: Added a stats preview on the Hero Party selection screen.
  • Performance: Made several performance improvements.
  • Bugs: Several bug fixes are included in this build. Thanks for sending in bug reports!
  • Translation: We’ve added the Chinese language and updated the Brazilian Portuguese language, as well as added many other Localization fixes.
  • SDK: We’ve made various SDK updates and adjustments.

We’re excited that our launch date for Banner Saga 3 is quickly approaching on Thursday, July 26!

If you haven’t already, please put it onto your wishlist or pre-order Banner Saga 3 here:

Patch Notes for Banner Saga 2:

Following is a list of specific fixes made in Banner Saga 2, many additional incremental fixes have been made across both the foundational code base and game engine that do not appear in this list:
  • Folka’s Champion ability leads to unexpected behaviors from protected Hero
  • Camp music cut off abruptly
  • Some SFX are audible during the Tutorial while the sound is muted
  • In certain instances game does not detect final saves from Saga 1
  • Floating text is not displayed properly at the two last strikes of "Bloody Flail" ability
  • Language setting is being reset to English in certain situations
  • Mogun is missing from Bolverk's caravan in chapter 9 when the game has been imported
  • Slag and Burn ability causes large amount of internal errors impacting performance
  • Letting Survival summary roll over after losing final battle causes survival game end before all reloads are depleted
  • Missing UI element in main menu after losing the final battle in Survival
  • Attacking strength of the king while King Guards are alive may cause softlock
  • Game is locked on Oddleif's turn at the beginning of second fight against the King
  • Rest icon is selected without user input
  • Horseborn Cantref, Javeliner and Canary become invisible for a brief moment at the end of their attack animation
  • Tooltips are not displaying on World Map
  • Supply Barrel popup description appears after the player moves mouse from it
  • Travel sequence does not start in Chapter 8 when attempting to depart from the town
  • Survival - Several partially transparent images overlap each other on Results Banner
  • Rupture ability does not cause wounded allies to explode
  • Skulker is able to finish his turn on occupied square
  • Dredge Direguard - Soft-lock after hero is damaged by Drumfire ability
  • Camp - The Crest image is missing
  • Chapter 11 / Eyeless Battle - Crash after the battle board is loaded in certain circumstances
  • Crash in the beginning of Chapter 11 in certain circumstances
  • Backbiter Champion is missing graphical assets
  • The game freezes on launch in certain circumstances
  • Tooltips of objects are duplicated after certain steps
  • Language buttons don't change the language and continues keep the selected state in certain
  • circumstances
  • Part of Eyvind's hair sometimes disappears
  • Black screen in various moments during the play
  • Tapping the screen results in an unexpected camera behavior
  • Missing subtitles in some languages during the cutscenes
  • The game language cannot be changed in certain circumstances
  • Rest and End Turn actions cannot be performed in certain circumstances
  • The game difficulty cannot be changed in certain circumstances
  • The font size is too small in certain places of the game
  • Battles / UI - Statistic values higher than 9 are clipped
  • Tutorial Battle - Misleading tooltip description
  • Tutorial Battle - Inconsistency between a tip in English and all other languages
  • Survival Mode - Heroes that were not recruited can be assigned to slots in the party
  • Survival Mode - Loading time is excessively long in 30+ wave
  • Survival Mode - Last entry on Global scoreboard displays inconsistent data

Build number - 2.55.47
DEFCON - (Alec Meer)

An entirely objective ranking of the 50 best PC strategy games ever made, now freshened up to include everything from 2017 and 2018. From intricate, global-scale wargames to the tight thrills of guerrilla squads, the broad expanse of the genre contains something for everyone, and we’ve gathered the best of the best.

The vast majority are available to buy digitally, a few are free to download and play forever. They’re all brilliant.



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