Krita - boud
by Boudewijn Rempt, Krita Maintainer

It has been a long time since Krita Gemini has had an update. I wanted to let everyone know what has been going on. The last Krita Gemini released happened in 2014 and a lot has changed! We owe everyone an explanation.

First let’s go through the past 4 years…

When Krita first appeared on Steam, we had created two special versions of Krita: Krita Gemini and Krita Sketch. This was not done by the Krita Foundation, but rather by a company called KO GmbH. I was one of the founders of this small company.

The company was mainly founded to work on Maemo and Meego, the new mobile linux based operating systems championed by Intel and Nokia. When Nokia quit, we tried to focus on Krita, but in 2014, KO GmbH went under. There was too little income, and we were too much geeks to be good at sales. KO GmbH handed the Steam account over to the Krita Foundation for a consideration in euros.

In 2015, we released Krita 2.9. It turned out to be very challenging to port Krita Gemini to the Krita 2.9 codebase, because Krita 2.9 could show more than one image in a window, and Gemini was from the ground up built on the assumption that there would never be more than one image per windows. And that was not all. I was out of a job, and Krita did not generate enough income to support me.

I took the step to become a freelance Qt developer. My day job no longer was related to Krita, but outside jobs with things such as Plasma Phone and smart thermostats. In the evenings and during my commutes I tried to keep up with Krita, but I couldn't find the time to port Gemini to the 2.9 codebase. There also wasn’t enough time to keep up with the Steam community. I felt really bad about that. The more time that went by the worse I felt.

In the second half of 2015, we started porting Krita to the latest version of our toolkit, Qt 5. That was a lot of work all by itself, and I found a sponsor ready to allow me to work on that for three months. Now, in addition to the problems we already had, the technical solution we used to display the image in tablet mode in Krita Gemini became impossible.

The Krita Foundation next sponsored another Qt developer to port Krita Gemini to the next version of Krita's codebase and the next version of Qt. We spent a couple of thousand euros on that, which is a large amount of money for us. Our budget is really tiny!

The developer, who used to work at KO GmbH failed to make it work, and we had to conclude that Krita Gemini as a two-in-one application with a tablet gui was dead.

2016 arrived, we had a Qt5 based Krita 3.0, but no replacement for Krita Gemini. At that time, I was still working on smart thermostats. By mid 2016, I was burned out, trying to subsidize my work on Krita through a hectic day job. I failed, and hard. And it was getting harder and harder to contemplate Krita on Steam. I decided to at least halt the lifetime DLC, since it was clear we weren't giving people value for money.

Then came 2017, which was the year the tax authorities descended on us., and it was clear the Krita Foundation would have to stop doing anything that looked like sales, including Steam, so we had to transfer Steam again. By the end of the year, we had recovered, and could start looking at the future. However, all knowledge of how to publish Krita on Steam had vanished. We had found a volunteer who was looking into it, but he was more interested in putting the training dvd's from the shop on Steam.

Now it's 2018. We have decided to put the regular version of Krita Desktop in the Steam shop and try to keep it updated. Similar to how you can get Krita on the Windows store. The funds that we collect from Krita Gemini will continue to go towards new features and bug fixes like it always has.Keep an eye out with future updates as we transition this page into our normal Krita Desktop application.

Again, I really want to apologize for the mess we've been through in the past years. We will do the best we can to straighten things out and be as transparent as possible.

May 31, 2016
Krita - boud
Today, the Krita project releases Krita 3.0. We've worked over a year on the port to Qt5, implementing animation support and much, much more. There is Instant Preview, which makes it possible to work on bigger canvases, there is an improved layer panel, new filters, g'mic now works reliably. It's a huge release!

You can get Krita 3.0 on steam by right-clicking your Krita Gemini entry in the software library, clicking on Properties and in the Beta tab selecting desktop30.

We will likely replace the current Krita Gemini 2.8 with Krita Desktop 3.0 down the road: with the port to Qt5, the tablet part of Krita Gemini broke irreparably. We spent a lot of time (and money) trying to rewrite it, but it needs a full redesign, and that will take even more time.
Krita - DraccoonStu
We've updated the desktop29 branch to the latest version.

You can read the announcement on the main Krita website :)
Krita - kritateam
The Krita team are happy to announce the release of 2.9.6, and this time we've even managed to release on and Steam at the same time! :D

The past month has been spent largely bug-fixing, but there are a few new features too!
  • New selection modifiers
  • Continuous transform and crop
  • Tool Options can now (optionally) be used from the toolbar

For more information, and some snazzy screenshots, check out the official annoucement.
Krita - kritateam
It's taken a little while (that and we forgot to make an announcement when we pushed an update previously...) but we're happy to announce that there is an update to the desktop29 branch. This took a little longer as we encountered some problems with a previous update and didn't want to release it until we had a chance to fix it.

Huge thanks to Kaffeesatzspringer for helping with testing the seat-of-the-pants "unstable" builds! <3 <3 <3

And the build-machine is already warming up as it gets ready for another release to be tested.

In this update:
  • [FEATURE] Various curve filters
  • [FEATURE] Create a copy from the current image (File menu)
  • [FEATURE] Configure memory-management (Settings -> Krita -> Performance)
  • [FEATURE] Fisheye Vanishing Point tool (Ruler Assistant Editor)
  • Improved handling of PSD files
  • loads of little tweaks and bug-fixes, including patching some memory leaks
Krita - kritateam
The "Krita Desktop 2.9" official release is now in "Betas"

If you would like to switch to this release, you can follow the instructions for enabling the 'beta' Beta, substituting "desktop29" for "beta".

Some problems have been reported in and fixed already, so expect to see some more updates coming in soon.

Any comments re this Beta, please post them in the Beta branch forum
Krita - DraccoonStu
With less than 12 days to go until the release of Krita 2.9, the latest Beta release (desktop29 under Betas) fixes a whole host of issues in the previous update.

Included in the update:
  • New Splash Screen by Tyson Tan
  • Lots of improvements to G'Mic integration
  • Fix for Genius tablets
  • Fix for Wacom Airbrush devices
Plus lots of other little bug fixes, including improvements in operation and performance.

More information can be found on the official announcement.
Krita - DraccoonStu
[UPDATE:] Link to recorded episode is live!
FLOSS Weekly Episode 324: Krita

Just a quick shout for anyone who missed the announcement on the Krita Twitter feed - Boud will be joining the LIVE Floss Weekly today (Wednesday) at 08:30 PST (in about 15min!)

We're not talking dentistry here; FLOSS all about Free Libre Open Source Software. Join host Randal Schwartz and his rotating panel of co-hosts every Wednesday as they talk with the most interesting and important people in the Open Source and Free Software community.
Krita - kritateam
There is now a new "desktop29" entry in "Betas", which has the very latest build of Krita Desktop 2.9 Beta 2 if you fancy trying it out :D

There are lots of nice features in 2.9 - the big change that you'll see is that now Krita opens multiple images in the same window and there are number of tabs above the canvas as you create new or open other images. It also allows you to open multiple different views of the same image. Under Settings->"Configure Krita" you'll see an option for "Multiple Document Mode" which lets you choose between the tabbed layout or sub-windows.

You will also see that there have been improvements in memory handling, brush response and shortcut handling.
A much more detailed list is available via the announcement on the Krita website.

If you want to try it out now, either:
  • Follow the instructions How to enable the Beta branch, substituting "desktop29" instead of "beta" - this will replace your Krita Gemini 2.8 installation with Krita Desktop 2.9, but will continue to take advantage of the steam cloud saving of settings.
  • Download the latest build of as an installer or ZIP file from - if you scroll to the bottom of the list you should fine the latest builds (currently krita_x64_2.8.91.2)

You may want to make a back-up copy of your current settings (just in case - though it appears to behave with the two installations) which can typically found in C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\krita. You can find this by navigating in File Explorer or by opening the resources folder using the Edit->Resources menu.

Hope you have fun, any questions/problems/suggestions, feel free to add them to the Betas forum or the Krita Desktop 2.9 Beta discussion.
Krita - Krita Team
We're thrilled that Krita received the Artist Choice award in the January 2015 issue of ImagineFX!

It's also been fun to see a lot of new visitors to from a related blog post on Creative Bloq

In the meantime, the team are hard at work on Krita 2.9 and we can't wait to show you the improvements :)

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