Jan 5, 2019
Interstellaria - coldricegames
Holidays are over, back to work! I have a few minor bugs to clear up from the last patch. More as time goes on.

-Fixed a bug where png/sprites weren't loading from mod folder
-Fixed a bug where the stats of a crewmen were being swapped in the UI
-Fixed a bug where tooltips were displayed for ships not on screen
Interstellaria - coldricegames
I bring to you the first of a series of patches for Interstellaria. This initial patch will allow for the basic modding and editing of the game, as well as several critical bug fixes.

I set out updating interstellaria for the first year and a half after release. Sadly, the games faults were too much and it didn't perform very well. I was not generating income to continue work in game development, and I had to instead focus on my full time job. I had failed, and was considering giving up. I put together some little small demos here and there to try to get back into game development, but ultimately was not hopeful in securing funds.

Surprisingly I had been contacted a few times the last update here and there by people who did love the game. I appreciated that despite its many flaws, they enjoyed the experience. Its because of you I began working on a new project (which is still very early in development) as well as "slow boating" updates on Interstellaria, much of which involved overhauls of deep outdated systems. This patch, and future patches, are for those fans who appreciate the universe I built and honestly inspired me to try again.

-MODDING - all items, ships, races, weapons, traits, and enemies are editable via XML. You can either directly edit them, or place an edited copy in the "mod" folder and it will automatically load. placing PNG's in the mod folder will also be loaded at run time for custom graphics.
-Added a popup when you try to travel, and you don't have navigation manned or engines with energy
-You can now equip items, use medpacks, etc... regardless of how close you are to the ship
-Crewmen harvesting resources will now automatically return to the ship when none exist
-The game will give percentage update while loading a level
-Updated the tutorial text
-Increased the EXP gains from crew using stations
-added a slight "background" to tiles to give resources, stations, etc.. a more background appearance
-Added new "frame" graphics similar to orginal UI
-Did more to prevent the UI from overlapping when it shouldnt
-Sped up map travel
-Added some Effects with the ui
-The game alerts you when you pick up items during combat
-Reloading option added to crewmen controls, where a crewmen will reload, and come back to where they were
-Changed some of the placement of text alerts
-Text alerts will now time out on their own
-Adjusted/added/removed various alerts in the game
-Adjusted the cost of hiring crew
-Crewmen now move quicker
-NPC's with no use are darkened and places in the background
-Updated the way resolutions are handled in game to prevent cutting off the UI at certain resolutions. Also supports those users who are editing the resolution manually in the settings file
-Removed some stat tracking features of the game
-Adjusted collision
-adjusted the spawn rate and speed of enemy ships

-Fixed a bug where the game generates an infinite number of items
-Fixed a bug where the "dino" kill didn't register for the mission
-Fixed a bug where the oloke quest didn't trigger properly
-Fixed a bug where a crewmen would arrive at a resource, animate that its harvesting, but actually do nothing and be stuck
-Fixed a bug where you couldn't land on asteroids
-Fixed a bug where you couldn't land on abandoned stations
-Fixed a bug where Equipped guns sometimes show up blank
-Fixed a bug where you can click the minimap through the trade screen
-Fixed a bug where the pause button was clickable through the UI
-Fixed a graphical issue on sakari windows
-Fixed a bug with hot keys triggering while typing in names
-Fixed a bug where closing a menu also deselects your current crewmen
-Fixed a bug where the "no power" text would persist
-Fixed a bug where the game would crash if it can't find the correct dialogue
-Fixed a bug where station icons were visible through menus
-Fixed a bug where repair sounds didn't trigger, or triggered too many times
-Fixed a bug where repair plates didn't work
-Fixed a bug where sometimes hiring didn't work
-Fixed a bug where the game would crash while a crewmen was fighting, but then boarding the ship
-Fixed a bug where flying enemies didn't properly collide ceilings
-Fixed a bug where drop points on new Terra didn't trigger
-Fixed a bug where crewemen wouldnt spawn on the station they were using when you load a game
-Fixed a bug with giant enemies and the way they attack
-Fixed a bug where the starmap moves around while using other parts of the UI
-Fixed a bug where you could click the "land" button through the UI

Dec 21, 2016
Interstellaria - coldricegames
Only some bug fixes for today!

-fixed issue where menus could go up past top of screen
-fix an issue where items could stack more than their max stack
-fixed and issue where clicking menu buttons didn't close that menu
-fixed a bug where releasing shift when naming a ship or a crewmen will cause a double letter to show up
-slightly adjusted the efficiency of pathfinding in preparation for a future update
-fixed a bug where items might be invisible when selling a ship, making it unclickable/usable
Interstellaria - coldricegames
It's been worth the wait folks! Promise! new Interstellaria patch is live!

The new UI should be a LOT easier to work with for everyone. Things are much more clear, multiple menus can be opened at once, and more importantly the UI behaves better with different resolutions than the previous version.

In addition to the new UI, there should be a few new NPC's to talk to, some new items hiding throughout the game, as well as a new ship purchasable early on. It's all very exciting!

As the developer I would also like to address and apologize for the length of time it took to complete the patch. A lot of people are surprised to discover that Interstellaria is a solo dev project - just me (coldrice). As you can imagine, there is a LOT that goes into a game, and that's a LOT being done by a single person. I work a regular full time job and support a family as well as making games, so my progress is not quite as fast as bigger teams. It's not an excuse however! It just means it takes me a bit longer to get things turned around to where I want it. I make Interstellaria because I love Interstellaria, not really for any other reason.

An additional factor to the delay is the extent of the update. The original plan was a superficial/readability update for the UI. Instead, the entire UI system was taken out and replaced with something far more flexible. This should make it easier to extend, or if needed easier to remove bugs. Hopefully you guys like it!

Thanks for holding on guys!
Interstellaria - coldricegames
I'll keep it short and sweet for ya'all - new beta build uploaded! Should address a large swath of issues people found in the previous build. This also brings us incredibly close to deployment! Hooray! If you're eager to try out the new UI you can opt into the beta at any time from your steam library.

PLEASE BE AWARE - opting into beta can have your settings or save files DELETED. I would recommend either backing up your save files if you are interested in trying the new build!
Interstellaria - coldricegames
For those of you guys who have been waiting for an update - well it's here! There is a new beta build uploaded and ready to test. You can opt into beta at any time.


There is a slew of bug fixes, as well a few new features. There is still more underway, but it should feel a lot more stable than the previous build. Apologies for the delay, between a few game development related events stretching from FEB - MAR it was difficult to get anything uploaded to you guys!
Interstellaria - coldricegames
Coldrice here! I wanted to fill everyone in on the progress towards the next Interstellaria patch. Last update I mentioned it'd take a while. It's actually taken longer than expected. Let me fill you in on why, and how to test it today!

Originally the next patch was planned as a UI reskin, and focus a bit more on other areas. As we began delving into the reskin we instead decided to TOTALLY renovate the UI and the way it functions. This renovation should allow for easier and more intuitive use AS WELL as making bug fixes and future additions a lot easier. I am very excited with how things have progressed on the coded end of things with the new UI. Due to the scope of doing this, it has taken a number of months... but we're almost there!

So much more information in a much more simple format. Windows can be dragged, and multiple windows open at the same time. So many more neat additions that can't be listed here, but will be listed when the patch finally goes live!

If you're not wanting to wait, and are interested in trying it NOW NOW NOW it's actually already been live on the beta branch! You can right click "Interstellaria" in your library and then hit "properties." from there hit the betas tap, and swap to beta branch from there.


Opting into the beta WILL delete your save files! You can drag your saves out of their folder, and then back in, if you'd like though.

Interstellaria - coldricegames
Very excited to bring you guys another build. Remember, I do my best to read/consider feedback regularly so don't be afraid to post in the steam forums! I may not be able to implement all ideas due to conflicts, scope, or balance, but I do read them all!

-This is a bit more of a bigger mechanic. Levels you visit will now stay saved for 20 minutes, and will respawn after that. It may increase in the future, but I'd like to see it played first before I change it.

-Bashien Flash Gun
-Suna Seed Dart
-Kaidun Dynamite
-Kursha Stun Prod

Several maps will change over time now, with more to come.

New Random Event

The prices of all the crew guns have been adjusted

Pathfinding should feel a lot "quicker"

-Fixed a game crash in a human space encounter
-Fixed a bug where ships would "flip" nonstop during combat
-Fixed a bug where crew would try to face an enemy on a ledge and then fall off it
-Fixed a floating resources
-Fixed a bug where crewmen would not be entertained by leaving the ship

Now what is to come:

There will be a slight gap in updates in the next month with some bigger things on the horizon, so I wanted to warn the players ahead of time!

*I have additional content which I am very excited about, but do not want to itemize here until it's complete.

*New/Shorter Tutorial

*Overhaul of UI

It is mostly UI and Tutorial will take a bit longer than past updates. It's asked about a lot, and it's just one of those things that is a bit more time consuming but has been on our radar!
Interstellaria - coldricegames
First, thanks to everyone who stopped by our display at PAX in Seattle last weekend! It was great to be able to talk to players in person as well as show the game to new people. Don't worry, it wasn't all play time. I have some new things for everyone!'

-All crew guns have been "normalized" to match the game progression. This means that many weapons had their damage output reduced, some increased, and many didn't change.
-Re-balanced the costs of ships, and some stations
-Crewmen will continue traveling to a point instead of stopping/going when you click the same point multiple times
-Reduced the chance to get items from destroying enemy ships
-Adjusted the chance to have stations damaged, fires, or hull leaks
-You now travel faster on the star map
-Added an Anoa Long Gun
-Guns use their bigger sprite when being purchased

-Fixed a bug where hotkeys were enabled while renaming ships or crew
-fixed a bug where installing guns could cause a crash
-Fixed enemy ship repair rates being WAYYY too fast
-using your scroll wheel to toggle through your ships should no longer freak out when said ship is also shaking from an attack
-Disabled fast forward when taking off, should curb most issues with taking off and automatically responding "yes" to leaving crew behind

Interstellaria - coldricegames
Here's the low down for what's new!

-Quest log now starts at the most current quest item
-Crew hunger/sleep/bored cooldowns have been extended. As a result they take longer to need food or sleep or entertainment.
-As a result of the above fix, medical stations heal slightly faster
-new trait - radioactive (turns your crewmen green, very very slightly damages a crewman sometimes)
-new Lighting bolt gun, somewhere out there
-Other crew will come to the aid of a crewmen in combat within 2 or 3 tiles, unless being specifically moved by the player
-Mouse wheel support added for the various menus. Everything should work smoothly, but if I missed anything let me know.

-Fixed a bug where enemy ship armor repair amounts were much too fast/high
-Escape now closes menus properly
-Fixed a bug where sell all sold all but 1
-Nano pods should no longer continue while paused
- Fixed a visual bug with boarding ships
-Fixed a bug where, on Trenzalore, a single rank insignia was floating around
-Cargo pods no longer overlap each other causing issues.
-You should no longer get popped out of your ship when a ship station is on the edge of the ship
-death beams should no longer be mislabed when they drop off an enemy ship

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