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What is Aragami: Nightfall?

Aragami: Nightfall is the first story expansion to the celebrated stealth-action game by Lince Works. Aragami: Nightfall is a new campaign taking place before the events of Aragami, which will provide you with new challenges and more complex scenarios for experienced players, as well as proving a crucial chapter in the story of Aragami, in which you will play the events that led to the awakening of Aragami.

In Aragami: Nightfall, shadow assassins Hyo and Shinobu go after the mysterious ‘Alchemist’ in one last mission to bring back a long lost companion. Play as Hyo and Shinobu and use new Shadow Powers in a story campaign that will put your stealth skills to test.

  • Play as Hyo or Shinobu in Aragami: Nightfall and uncover the fate of the last Shadow Assassins.
  • Try 3 new Shadow Techniques to help you fulfill your mission.
  • Play 4 new story chapters through winter valleys and decayed cities to stop a grim ritual.
  • Play the Aragami: Nightfall story campaign with a friend in cross-platform online multiplayer.

One more thing..
We are a small team here at Lince Works, and between Aragami and Aragami: Nightfall, it's been a fantastic journey spanning more than 4 years of our life. Even if it's not a perfect game, we are proud of it, and we believe we achieved our objective of creating a unique and different stealth action game, creating a world with its own mythology and characters, that will live for years to come in our minds and the memories of our players. Above all, we cannot wait to share this new episode in the world of Aragami with you!

Have fun :)
- Lince Works
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May 8, 2018
Aragami - xDavidLeon
Hi there, shadow assassins!

Ohh look at this... 1.6 GB patch for an almost 2 year old game? You are darn right it is!

Following our weird philosophy of keeping our investment in story-driven games, we bring you the Patch 01.09 for Aragami.

If you didn't know, Aragami: Nightfall, the story-driven prequel DLC to Aragami, 1 year in the making, is coming reaaaally soon (less than a month).

You can read a bit about Aragami: Nightfall on this blog post:

Or just go to the Steam page and add it to your wishlist to be notified when it comes out!

There will be a launch week discount available, so if you want to support us you know what to do. *blink*

Besides the new content, we've been hard at work with those pesky performance optimizations and bug fixes. These are way too long to list, so a summary would be something like this:

* ADD: Added "Auto Aim" option for the Shadow Leap mechanic. Can be toggled in Options menu. Life saver for players using controllers.
* ADD: Korean localization. No Gangnam Style emotes included, too late for that.
* FIX: Big performance improvements. Really.
* FIX: Lots of minor bug fixes and minor visual changes.

As always, there's different beta branches to roll your game version back to previous builds. Any issues, please let us know in the comments or in the forums... or even better, let us know directly on our Discord at

Stealthily loving you,
- Lince Works

Supernatural stealth game Aragami arrived in October 2016, telling a tale of an undead assassin with bold fashion sense who's summoned into existence by a young woman to lay a serious ninja smackdown on the oppressive Kaiho who have conquered her country.

It did pretty well for itself on Steam, where it's currently pushing 300,000 owners (it's also available on PS4), and yesterday developer Lince Works announced that a new expansion, Aragami: Nightfall, featuring new locations and two new playable characters, will be out "very soon." 

The Nightfall expansion will see two Shadow Assassins, Hyo and Shinobu, hunt down the Alchemist in an effort to bring back a long-lost companion, a tale told across four new story chapters recounting the events that led to the awakening of Aragami. The Steam page promises "more complex scenarios for experienced players," with three new Shadow Techniques and support for cross-platform multiplayer.   

Jody wasn't a huge fan of Aragami because of the way it forces players to use powers instead of giving them the option to properly stealth it out: "It's a very pretty game," he wrote, but "it just doesn't get what makes stealth fun." Hopefully the new characters, and their new abilities, will take steps toward addressing his concerns. A release date hasn't been set, but it's currently expected to become available in May.

Aragami - taj14

Hello every one,

Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work on a new expansion to Aragami. We’ve called it Aragami: Nightfall and it’ll be releasing very soon. To mark the occasion, we’ve created a trailer showing you what Aragami: Nightfall is all about.

As you can see, Aragami: Nightfall is a whole new story expansion to the game, with two new playable characters who have new moves and powers, all wrapped in brand new locations.

Take a look at Aragami: Nightfall’s Steam page for more info, and stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook accounts, as we will be showing more of Aragami: Nightfall as it’s getting closer to its release.

Thank you for all your support, let us know what you think of our expansion, and as always comment, your thoughts away!


Lince Works Team
Aragami - taj14
Hello every one,

Yes, we can't believe it ourselves - it's been one year to this date that Aragami hit the Steam Store. To say that time didn't fly by would be a lie. At the same time though, it feels like a lot of things have happened in those 365 days as well.

To us, Aragami was a success, as it allowed us to not only fulfil that dream of releasing a game, but also to keep our studio going. And for that, there is one person we can't thank enough, and that person is you. Yes, you, the person that took a chance on us and bought our game. Without your support, and the hundreds of thousands of others just like you, we wouldn't be able to be in the position that we are in now. So, from the bottom of our collective heart - thank you!

Now, it wouldn't be a birthday party without gifts. But this time around, the gifts are on us. So, to celebrate our anniversary, we are doing a little giveaway.

Now, for those that do not have our soundtrack or artbook, we have 5 of each to give away. All you have to do is comment on the below announcement with "Happy Birthday Aragami!" and we will choose winners at random. Afterwards, we will get in touch with the winners with some sweet, sweet codes. And to be fair on everyone, we will give you up until Friday midnight CET to do so. Please note - you have to have the game on Steam in order to use the codes.

Once again, thank you for all your support, feedback, criticism, and love. Without you, we wouldn't be able to do what we do. You are without a doubt the best community a dev could ask for. So go forth, be stealthy, and have some cake for us!


Aragami Team
May 3, 2017
Aragami - xDavidLeon
Hello everyone!

We are still hard at work to support and improve Aragami. This patch contains more than 100 minor bug fixes. The summary of the more relevant fixes is the following:

* FIX: Fixed missing Chinese localization characters.
* FIX: Fixed missing Hungarian localization characters.
* FIX: Mouse speed setting was being ignored.
* FIX: Starting the first level with Shadow Creation and Show Objective unlocked.
* FIX: Several Objective UI issues.
* FIX: Enemies could stay blinded forever.
* FIX: Losing the crouch stance after an aerial kill.
* FIX: Fixed fatal crashes related to particle systems.
* FIX: Stuns from a warrior's Light Shield could leave the camera misplaced.
* FIX: Final boss area attack could remain active in the last cinematic on multiplayer games.
* FIX: Options and skills menus persisting on top of cinematics in multiplayer games.
* FIX: In Multiplayer, players were moving while sitting.
* FIX: Enemies could get stuck on bridges.
* FIX: Warriors could unsheathe their sword twice in a row.
* FIX: Several issues when using shadow techniques on the final boss.
* FIX: Other minor fixes.
* FIX: Minor level editor fixes.
* MISC: Reduced AI memory usage.
* MISC: Improved final boss area attack performance.

As always, there's a Beta branch to roll your game version back to previous builds. Any issues, please let us know in the comments or in the forums.

- Lince Works
Aragami - xDavidLeon
Hi there,

We've released a minor patch to fix some minor issues.

* NEW: Added UI feedback when a multiplayer invite fails.
* FIX: Main Menu buttons appearing in wrong places.
* FIX: Final boss sync issues.
* FIX: Main Menu navigation issues.

Level Editor Changelog:
* NEW: Add fence props.
* NEW: Shadow distance increased when moon rotation is being updated.
* FIX: Loading a published level turned off lights.
* FIX: Loading Workshop items on Linux & OSX is now working.
* FIX: MusicBox bugfix.
* FIX: VIP now does not affect Score medals.
* FIX: VIP killed by shinen was breaking victory condition.
* FIX: Field of view issues on Take Preview Photo mode.
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Aragami - xDavidLeon

Hello everyone!

Today we have a big announcement to make! The Aragami Level Editor is officially live!

A Level Editor for a stealth game is a feature we've always dreamed about since playing the Tenchu 2 level editor in the 90s, so when we started working on Aragami, developing a level editor was a decision we were glad to make. It took us around 2 years to finally ship it, and after a few weeks of closed beta with some superb users we can make it public and share it with all players.

  • Design your own levels. Upload them to Steam Workshop. Share them with thousands of Aragami players.
  • Download hundreds of new levels and missions for Aragami.
  • Multiplayer support! Play any level with online multiplayer!
  • Hundreds of props to desing your own scenario.
  • Place and design your own enemy patrols.
  • 3 main objectives: Infiltration, Heist and Target Hunt.
  • 1 new enemy type: The V.I.P.! Hunt him down in Target Hunt.
  • 3 different locations: Graveyard, Forest and City.
  • 3 level sizes: Small, Medium and Large.
  • Different level variants: Pacifist, No Alerts and Time Limit.

We cannot wait what kind of levels the community will share in the following weeks, but in any case, the Aragami Level Editor marks the potential addition of hundreds of hours of gameplay to Aragami. So what are you waiting for? Design! Share! Play!

You can find the Aragami Workshop at:

You can read the Level Editor Guide at:

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