No Man's Sky

The trailer for No Man's Sky Next arrived yesterday, and feel free to give it another viewing above before reading on because there's a lot to take in. Hello Games provided a rundown of what its fourth free expansion will contain, including the long-awaited multiplayer feature and third-person perspective, but it can't hurt to dive in deeper and see what other details we can wrangle out of the footage.

Here's a breakdown of everything we spotted in the trailer, as well as a few things we didn't see.

Co-op appears to be four players max

It appears as though the multiplayer or team cap may top out at four. The only thing I've seen Hello Games say in terms of numbers is 'a small group' or 'a small team.' The screenshots shown contain no more than four players, and the various trailer scenes show a total of four players at any given time (with one possible exception I'll get to in a bit).

This could mean your team is maxed out at four, but what's unclear is what happens if you run into another team or solo player? Or two other teams? Or, like, 10 teams? I assume we'll find out very soon after Next arrives, as dedicated NMS players have already begun planning mass meetups.

One of the players is a Gek

There are four factions in No Man's Sky: the Korvax machine race, the grouchy Vy'keen warriors, the Travelers (players), and the birdlike yet aquatic Gek. Except in the trailer, one of the players is a Gek rather than a Traveler. Or, at least is a Gek who is a Traveler.

That's pretty cool, and I'm curious to see if players can also choose to be Vy'keen or Korvax, and if it's simply a cosmetic choice that can be swapped at will or if it has some deeper impact on the game.

Underwater bases?

There were random structures that could spawn underwater in No Man's Sky, and players have been able to build bases underwater with some clever terraforming, but water would still fill all the chambers of the base. It's hard to tell from the opening scene in the Next trailer, which shows players swimming around near some underwater buildings, if those structures are player-made or randomized spawns.

There's also a frame or two where you can see a much larger structure that looks like it could possibly be a player-built base:

According to Hello Games "Bases can now be built anywhere on any planet." This is great since it sounds like we won't need to have to find a randomly placed habitable outpost to begin building, but I'm hoping it also truly means anywhere, including at the bottom of an ocean where you could construct an air-tight habitat.

Are those pilotable mechs?


So, near the end of the trailer there's a cool sight: one player and three big stompy robots. I'm not sure they're player-controlled, though—a car can be briefly spotted in the same scene, which I assume is driven by a player. So if there is a four-player team cap, and one is in a car, and one is running around on foot, there probably wouldn't be three more players piloting mechs at the same time. Unless you could have more than four players on your team, or if this shows a team of four encountering a fifth player. I don't know. I don't know!

Those mechs just might be extra-large sentinel bots (there's a small quadrupedal bot as well) on the lookout for anyone blowing up trees or stealing expensive resources. They might all be chasing the guy in the car for some infraction of the planet's guidelines (you can see a few standard hovering sentinels following the car, too). But it would be pretty cool if we could pilot those stomping bots around as a new exovehicle. And if not, I'd be surprised if some modders didn't make it happen in the future.

Portal pals

It's not clear how you'll be able to link up with your friends in the vast expanse of No Man's Sky. It may be as simple as inviting a friend to a session and having them appear beside you. If not, it could require using portals to crew up, which were dormant in the original game and only became functional in the Atlas Update. There's a brief glimpse in the trailer of a couple players strolling out of one.

NMS looks great in third-person

We've been able to see our ships in third-person perspective since the Pathfinder Update added a photo mode, but we could only use it while the game was paused. It made for some great screenshots, but it's exciting to think about running and flying around in real third-person mode in Next. It looks like some thought has been put into extra effects you wouldn't normally see while flying in first-person, like the wake the ship leaves when flying over the water.

(Also I think that pilot hit a tree.)

At last, ringed planets

The best planets are ringed planets. Scientists agree on this (probably), and so do I. I'm personally in favor of a mission to blow up our dumb boring moon and turn it into a sweet rocky ring around the earth. Please call your congressperson and help make it a reality.

Modders addressed the ringed planet shortcomings of No Man's Sky long ago, but it's still nice to see long-overdue official rings around planets. I'm interested to see what they look like up close: is it just an effect or are rings made of actual, mineable rocks?

Exterior freighter docking pads

Being able to dock on a freighter (and buy one) was introduced in the Foundation Update. But I sort of didn't care for the way you docked with them: fly too close to the entry port and you sort of automatically get sucked into the interior landing area, which is a bit of a hassle if you didn't intend to actually land.

At the end of the trailer, we see what appears to be a couple of exterior landing pads (I slowed it down in the gif above) outside the freighter with some ships parked on them. That feels a lot nicer than having to always park in the garage.

This little backpack dude lookin' around

I'm guessing this is just a cute animation of our suit's scanner, but this little pod attached to the player's backpack looking around is a nice touch. Like visiting an alien planet with a curious kid sitting on your shoulders.

What we didn't see much of

If there was a big disappointment at the initial launch of No Man's Sky for me, it had to do with the randomized alien lifeforms. Once you saw a few, you began to recognize the base parts and pieces they were mathematically cobbled together from, until each life form just became a familiar mix of limbs and beaks and claws you'd already seen dozens of times before. There just wasn't much magic to them, and when they were strolling around the randomized terrain on procedural legs, they often appeared clumsy, graceless, and completely artificial.

There's not a lot in the trailer showing off alien creatures. There are one or two in the background, and one scene lasting a few frames (slowed down above) with players attacking one of them. I'm hopeful there's been some work done on creatures along with everything else, and that we'll see some exciting and truly different lifeforms in Next. It's certainly not shown in the trailer, though, and not mentioned in the post on the official site.

"You can help friends to stay alive, or prey on others to survive." That's something Hello Games listed as a feature in NEXT, but it's hard to say how it will work or if any of it is included in the trailer. There are a few quick pew-pew spaceship scenes, but I can't tell if it's NPCs or players fighting each other. Certainly no face-to-face PvP combat is shown.

If you can prey on others to survive, does that mean you can take their loot? Their ships? Their bases? We don't know yet, but it won't be long until we find out: No Man's Sky Next arrives on July 24.

No Man's Sky - Hello Games
On July 24th No Man's Sky NEXT will launch as a free update for Steam. We are focused on development, but we know people are hungry for details.

Nearly two years ago our small team of friends, with a shared love sci-fi, opened up the universe of No Man's Sky for the first time. It was an innovative, weird and at times lonely game. I loved that, it reminded me of the science fiction books I grew up with. It was broad in a way that almost no other game is, but with four updates it has become broader and so much deeper too.

That will be even more true with the launch of NEXT, bringing a full Multiplayer experience. We can't wait for you to play, but hopefully you can see from the trailer this is a very new experience.

Here are a few things you might notice from the trailer...

  • Team up a small team of friends and explore the universe together, or be joined by random travelers.
  • You can help friends to stay alive, or prey on others to survive.
  • Tiny shelters or complex colonies that you build as a team are shared for all players.
  • Fight as a pirate or a wingman in epic space battles with friends and enemies.
  • Race exocraft across weird alien terrains, creating race tracks and trails to share online.
  • Character customisation allows you to personalise your appearance.

Visual Overhaul
  • The game is fully playable in third or first person, both on-foot and in ship.
  • Planetary rings and improved space visuals make space more beautiful than ever
  • Dramatically improved planetary terrain generation, ground textures, water and clouds bring the environment to life.
  • Significantly more detail added to ships, NPCs and buildings.

Unlimited Base Building
  • Bases can now be built anywhere on any planet.
  • Dramatically increased base building complexity and size limits.
  • Hundreds of new base parts.
  • Own multiple bases.

Command Freighters
  • Assemble and upgrade a fleet of frigates and command them from the bridge of your freighter.
  • Send your fleet out to into the universe, or deploy them to help you as you explore a specific system.
  • Improved freighter base building allows a truly custom capital ship.
  • Invite your friends aboard and take on challenging multiplayer missions from the Galactic Commision Station on your bridge.

This is an incredibly important update for us, but it’s also just another step in a longer journey, and we’ll continue to support No Man’s Sky in this way for the foreseeable future.

On behalf of myself, and the team at Hello Games I just want to say – Thank you. We are so excited to have made NEXT, and to continue to improve and develop No Man’s Sky, because of you, the community who play, explore and share this universe with us. It means so much to us.

We hope you enjoy this and what follows – and we look forward to meeting you out there! Our journey continues.
No Man's Sky - (Brendan Caldwell)

Quite large space jaunt No Man s Sky is getting an update next week that adds a “full multiplayer experience” to the game, allowing players to help and hurt one another across the procedural planets. No Man s Sky Next is the biggest update to the game since its release two years ago, say developers Hello Games. We ve already been told it was incoming but now we have a more solid idea of what you and your spacemates will be able to do, including better base building and frigate commanding. As you can see in the trailer below, it also lets you play in third-person, both in-ship and on foot. (more…)

No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky's NEXT update is its "largest update so far", so reckoned developer Hello Games earlier this year. It's due next week—Tuesday, July 24—and has a new trailer. Feast your eyes on that above first, and we'll discuss what's new below. 

NEXT brings with it NMS' long-requested multiplayer support, unlimited base building and, as you can see above, improved graphics. The space explore-'em-up is now fully playable in first or third person—both on foot and inside your ship.

"Team up with a small team of friends and explore the universe together, or be joined by random travellers," says Hello Games on the game's much-anticipated multiplayer. "You can help friends to stay alive, or prey on others to survive. You can build tiny shelters or complex colonies that are shared for all players. 

"Fight as a pirate or a wingman in epic space battles with friends and enemies. Race exocraft across weird alien terrains, creating race tracks and trails to share online. The character customisation allows you to personalise your appearance." 

The developer explains curious adventurers can now assemble and upgrade fleets of frigates, which can be commanded from the bridge of their freighter. You can then send your fleet out into the vast expanse, or use them to explore specific systems. You can invite pals on missions too, says the dev—all of which allows for a "truly custom capital ship." 

Hello Games describes its NEXT update as an incredibly important one, but also "just another step in a longer journey". If you fancy taking the next step with them, No Man's Sky's NEXT is due July 24. 

No Man's Sky

Hello Games has unveiled its first trailer for No Man's Sky's major, multiplayer-focussed NEXT update, which comes to PC, PS4 and - for the first time - Xbox One, on July 24th.

NEXT's flagship addition, of course, is multiplayer, which enables a small group to team up for bouts of planetary exploration, building, space combat, racing, questing, and more - all of which will be playable in both first- or third-person perspective. It'll be possible to bump into - or prey on - random players too.

That's a genuinely exciting, and very welcome, addition to what's a sometimes lonely game of exploration and expansion - but, speaking as someone who's been thoroughly ensnared by the strangely hypnotic meanderings of No Man's Sky as it's grown through multiple updates, I'm just as excited about some of the other new features briefly highlighted in the latest trailer.

Read more…

No Man's Sky

It will have taken two years for No Man's Sky to finally land on Xbox One, but when it does arrive you'll be able to cosplay as the Xbox console logo.

Pre-order the space-set survival sandbox at UK retailer GAME and you'll get a couple of bonus items, including the Xbox green XO Suit, a handy gun and 10k units of currency.

It seems like this offer is only available when pre-ordering the physical edition at GAME in the UK (there's no word on other outlets in other countries).

Read more…

No Man's Sky - (Natalie Clayton)

no man's sky header

Some folk sure held a grudge over No Man s Sky, huh?

It s two years later, and you d still be hard-pressed to find anything on that game not followed by a few souls still screaming at the void about lying developers . Not that I expect the conversation to change – first impressions leave stubborn stains – but, next month, No Man s Sky will finally let you fly with friends. Multiplayer is finally coming. (more…)

No Man's Sky - Hello Games

Hello Everyone,

We are busily working on No Man’s Sky NEXT but wanted to share a little news about our upcoming update.

Today we are letting people know that you’ll be able to play No Man’s Sky as a full multiplayer experience with your friends online in NEXT. We wanted to share our new cover art too.

We are also announcing the release date. No Man’s Sky NEXT is coming as a free update to Steam on July 24th.

We were delighted by the reaction to NEXT, even though we just shared the name so far, it means so much to see that people were already pumped about it. I am excited for new players to be able to play such an expanded game from the start, as well as surprising experienced players.

We’ve been playtesting multiplayer for the last 6 months, and the game has evolved into a very new experience that we think the community will enjoy.

You’ll be able to explore the universe with your friends, or bump into random travelers. You can help friends to stay alive, or prey on others to survive. Tiny shelters or complex colonies that you build as a team are shared for all players. Fight as a pirate or a wingman in epic space battles with friends and enemies. Race exocraft across weird alien terrains, creating race tracks and trails to share online.

That's always been the potential I think everyone could see in what we were making, it's been a lot of hard work, but thanks to the team and the community we are so glad to finally able to make it a reality.

Something I’ve learned is that I much prefer making games to talking about them. I avoid it as much as I can now, but I had to do my first interview in a couple of years with Inside Xbox to talk a little bit about NEXT, which you can see here:
This is an incredibly important update for us, our biggest yet, but it’s also just another step in a longer journey, and we'll continue to support No Man's Sky in this way for the foreseeable future.

Thank you so much,
No Man's Sky - (Alice O'Connor)

Colourful space explore-o-survival sandbox No Man’s Sky will add multiplayer with the free ‘Next’ update in July, developers Hello Games announced today. Spacemen will get to explore together, wander together, pootle together, fly together, race together, battle together, build bases together, bump into each other around space, and even murder each other if they’re feeling monstrous. Ah, time to dust off the ol’ spaceship and round up some pals for an intergalactic nature hike. (more…)

No Man's Sky

As we already know, No Man's Sky will get a substantial update this July in the form of NEXT. But today during an Inside Xbox livestream, Hello Games' Sean Murray confirmed that the update will usher in a feature many have been baying for since launch: fully-featured cooperative multiplayer.

While functionality has already been implemented to allow players to see one another as glowing orbs (but scarcely interact), this update will allow base building collaboration. You can team up with friends, and you can meet strangers as well. In fact, anything you can do in No Man's Sky appears to be possible with friends, from on-foot exploration to deep space aerial combat.

Murray didn't mention what a player avatar would look like, and nor were any other details about the patch revealed. If it's anything like previous No Man's Sky patches, there will be more. It's set to roll out on July 24, which will also mark the game's first release on Xbox One.

Upon release of the last major update last year, Atlas Rising, Chris wrote that while the game has improved, it still lacks "magic and mystery". For those still wanting more from the space exploration game, fingers crossed NEXT will prove satisfactory.


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