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What is the best Western of 2015? The RPS Advent Calendar highlights our favourite games from throughout the year, and behind today’s door is…

Westerado: Double Barreled!

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You probably like action games. But which ones should you like best?! We’ve narrowed it down to 25, and then put them in the unimpeachably correct order. Read on for details of the best action biff-zap-collect-me-do gaming you can stuff down your trousers.

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Community Announcements - Lenc
Hi every one we just released a patch with the following issues fixes.

- Checkpoint added in murderer hideoutmap
- No aggro reaction from townlings when shooting murderer
- Bola switches to gun in a conversation
- Golden Buffalo ally will no longer be incorrectly destroyed in certain levels.
- Safeyard achievement will only be awarded when clearing graveyard when you accepted the Mourning Daughter's mission.
- Sheriff will now properly move to and from Rancher Bob's and the Buffalo Express.
- Track repairers are now removed when re-entering the level after finishing the mission.
- Bell now sits on his chair outside his ranch.
- Mansion Attack mission received several safety checks to prevent game-halting bug.
- Rancher Bob's buffalo will also be removed if the Buffalo Drive has been completed from the Beefhead Bull's side.
- Beefhead Bull Burgers are now more easily triggered.
- Jail breakout bug where the Sheriff disappeared is resolved.
- Various Gameplay Fixes
- Minor stability improvements

- Journal Grammar Error: "do the Banker doesn't".
- Broken Gunvo: Didn't end when he shoots you.
- Broken Gunvo: When drawing gun after the first hint he gives.

Buffalo Express Driver
- Infinite negotiation after Hat Delivery.
- Infinite Money Exploit after Carriage Protection for Banker.
- Not receiving money after confronting him ripping you off.
- Broken Gunvo: Checks blocked you out during negotiation for Hat Delivery.

Beefhead Bulls
- Options too long when hiring as Deputies.
- No option for fooling with Bob's hat.
- Beefhead Burger unlock made easier.
- Beefhead Burger conversation not being triggered.
- Broken Gunvo: If you robbed the bank, it assumed you did it with Beefheads and locked their gunvos.
- Broken Gunvo: No draw gun option at "Percussive Pete" just before hiring beefheads to protect the carriage.
- Broken Gunvo: If you had bought Bob's Buffalo, and then they ask you to lead the way to Rancher Bob's.

Generic NPC's
- Various broken gunvos for men and women.

General Store
- Getting your "old duds back"

Miss Store
- Gun purchasing/loaning problems.

Hattery Girls
- Broken Gunvo: "ah could use some hats" option at "is that all?"
- Broken Gunvo: After receiving a hat, options didn't always work.

Lt. Fort
- Several errors surrounding delivery of Hats and Buffalo, and progression through her missions.

Lost Miner
- Broken Gunvo: After having reunited w/ Miner's Wife and then tried to hire for the train tracks.

Miss Hatt
- Broken Gunvo: No gun option after receiving a hat.
- Broken Gunvo: Returning after Hat Delivery.

Miss Tress
- Drawing gun during first conversation allowed you to talk to her again and broke journal entries and locations she told you.
- Spelling Error: "commMotion".
- Broken Gunvo: after bringing sheriff to his former glory or rancher bob to beating the oil tycoon.

- Broken Gunvo: During Tyler Durden ending and drawing/holstering at various points.

Oil Tycoon
- Broken Gunvo: If Richard's Wife was still alive during Rancher Rustle.
- Broken Gunvo: If you said "ah've already got it" in response to the map mission.
- Broken Gunvo: After taking care of ranchers and getting a hint.

Ostrich Bandito Jose
- Skipped past to giving the mission if you left the gunvo, even if another bandito already gave you the mission.

Rancher Bob
- Stuck on "tell rancher ___ the good news".
- Bob's Hat not visible and purple square in journal.
- Didn't reward player with hat at end of missions.
- Broken Gunvo: After receiving Bob's hat.
- Broken Gunvo: No gun option when in the recruiting mission.
- Various other broken gunvos.

Rancher Cobb
- Broken Gunvo: After Buffalo Drive.

Saloon Owner
- Broken Gunvo: No gun options after killing everyone in the saloon.

- Spelling Error: "rangled".
- Location presented as "0" at Sheriff's.
- Broken Gunvo: No gun option at dead Rancher Bob.
- Added Response: If you bought the Buffalo from Rancher Bob.

Sister/Younger Brother
- Playing as the Sister, still refer to your Younger Brother as "sis" [removed].
- Broken Gunvo: No gun option from "the undertaker helped dig out..."

Track Workers (Gandy Dancers)
- Broken Gunvo: second line of text.

Train Master
- Broken Gunvo: When drawing your gun in the first conversation

Various Empty Variables
A bunch of "0"s in gunvos, caused by incorrectly named variables, routes that didn't set the variables or other errors, found in:
- Banker, Beefhead Bulls, Buffalo Express Driver, Hattery Girls, Native American Chief, Miss Tress, Oil Tycoon, Ostrich Bandito Juaroen, Rancher Bell, Rancher Bob, Rancher Rich, Sheriff and Women in Santa Anna.
Community Announcements - Lenc
Hey all,

After the release of the game we have been notified of some bugs. With this first patch we hope to fix a lot of the big problems encountered.

- Save corruption fail-safes added
- All achievements should now be achieveable
- A fix for the Rancher mission, you will now be able to progress past the dead rancher
- New fail-safes for AI related crashes
- Allies try to avoid shooting you or other allies
- Bola related fixes
- Wanted bandit related fixes
- Key Binding fixes (Q, Z & CTRL should now work, controller sticks tweaked)
- Sheriff should no longer break save files

The next patch we're working on is focused on smaller conversation & mission related fixes.

Have fun playing and please report any bugs you encounter!
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alec Meer)

Westerado: Double Barreled [Steam page] is an expanded and upgraded version of 2013’s free, Adult Swim-hosted, Western-themed RPGish revenge quest Westerado. It’s out now. >

Right, this is brilliant. If you like Westerns, if you like Red Dead Redemption, if you like roleplaying games which are based around choosing your behaviour, if you like whodunnits, if you like oddball life-or-death shooters, go get this, have a great time, be happy. If you need more convincing than that, then dammit pardner, saddle up and let’s do this.

… [visit site to read more]

Product Release - Valve
Westerado: Double Barreled is Now Available on Steam and is 20% off!*

Westerado: Double Barreled. When your family is murdered by a mysterious desperado, you set out into the world to take revenge. Take control of your own fate and that of others, all using your trusty shooting iron.

*Offer ends April 23 at 10AM Pacific Time

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