Revolution Ace - Mysterial
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some Battle Chains challenges from being removed from the Global list when their completion limit expired.
  • Added a new enemy type that can appear in the random stages.
Revolution Ace - Mysterial
Our second game, Golem Gates is out now on Steam Early Access!

A couple videos showing off the gameplay:
May 8, 2017
Revolution Ace - Mysterial
-Fixed an issue that could cause unplayable challenges to be left in the Battle Chains browser indefinitely.
-When uploading a Battle Chains game to the global list, you can now choose how many players can complete your challenge before it is removed from the list. (Previously, this was always 1)
-A Perk Respec button has been added to the perk display in the Armory. Using this reduces your level by 1 but resets all your perk choices.
-Fixed a bug that caused poor performance in the main menu on certain systems.
Revolution Ace - EpicQuest Games
Apr 18, 2016
Revolution Ace - EpicQuest Games
Apr 11, 2016
Revolution Ace - EpicQuest Games
Revolution Ace - EpicQuest Games
Revolution Ace - EpicQuest Games
We are having a giant sale this week to promote Revolution Ace.
Jul 13, 2015
Revolution Ace - senpai studios
-Increased weapon damage
-Online server back up and running
Apr 28, 2015
Revolution Ace - Mysterial
We have made a few changes to improve the experience for new users a bit.

-Simplified the tutorials
-Players now start with the second weapon slot and air to air missiles

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