Grand Theft Auto V

GTA Online's latest weekly update adds seven new Issi-sporting, Italian Job-style races. In no particular order, the Repeater, The Issi Job, the Goal, the Sidewinder, the Turbine Trouble the City Jumper, and the Paleto Palace races all offer double RP and GTA$ and are described by Rockstar as such: The Southern San Andreas racing circuit has been hijacked by Britain's fiercest export since Hugh Harrison—the Weeny Issi Classic. Pilot the pint-sized star of The Vespucci Job against 29 other battle-scarred racers across seven all new tracks designed to put your compact automotive skills to the ultimate test.

After its recent double RP and GTA$ showing, GTA Online's Prison Break heist offers similar spoils this week. Likewise, its Humane Labs Raid and the Doomsday Heist Act 2's The Bogdan Problem finale get the same treatment—the latter of which will net you $2,375,000 all told. Which is a good return for not too much effort.  

I was a wee bit hard on poor Simeone last week, but I stand by what I said: his Contact missions are guff. Lamar's, on the other hand, are a bit more sophisticated, a bit more fun, and are this week's boon. Funeral Party launched with GTA Online— it's a good laugh, and is one job I'm particularly looking forward to trying again.

Similar to last week's discounted properties, Facilities are going for 40 percent less their normal cost; while Hangars and Executive Offices have 50 percent off. You'll need the former to take on the aforementioned Bogdan Problem—whose returns you might spend on any one of the vehicles listed here

I reckon the best shout there is The Avenger, but the Valkyrie chopper is an equally worthy investment. At 30 percent off, they come in at $3,351,250 and $2,653,350 respectively. If you fall short, here's how to make money in GTA Online

Oh, and mind look out for your World Cup-inspired bonus. It should be in your Maze Bank account by now. 

Grand Theft Auto V

Not to rag on Simeon too much up there in the strapline, but his GTA Online Contact missions are pretty guff. The prospect of netting double RP and GTA$ to carry out his string of tedious carjackings is neat, but, honestly, probably not enough to motivate me. I'd rather be robbing banks. Lucky for me, a selection of GTA Online's heists are also subject to the same offer.

From now through June 18, all three stages of The Fleeca Job, all five stages of The Prison Break, and the Doomsday Heist: Act 1's Data Breaches finale are all in-line for double money and experience. 

There are no new vehicles in this week's update, but there are a range of vehicle discounts—my favourite of which is the Back to the Future flying Delorean-aping Imponte Deluxo. With 25 percent off, it's on sale for $3,541,125, or, if you complete its Doomsday Heist preparatory missions, $2,662,500 at trade price.

On the property front, Facilities are 40 percent off; while Hangars and Executive Offices are 50 percent less their normal price. You'll make money in GTA Online whichever way you see fit, but I'll always vouch for the latter as the best way to earn fast and vast amounts of cash in free play. 

Assuming you signed in before yesterday, don't forget to do so after Thursday, June 14 to snag your $250,000 of free GTA money. Check out this week's GTA Online update in full via the Rockstar Newswire

Grand Theft Auto V

The FIFA World Cup 2018 kicks off next week, which GTA Online is celebrating with a GTA$250,000 giveaway. Sign in between now and June 11 to register, and return after June 14 to net the complimentary windfall. "All GTA$ will arrive in your Maze Bank account no later than June 18th," says Rockstar. 

This week's double RP and in-game money is tied to all Transform races, including the seven new tracks added today. As posted by GTA Series Videos, here's a single lap of each—named Plane and Simple, Size Matters, Evolution, Twister II, Canal Crosser, The Grotti Circuit and Tug Life.

Vehicle discounts this week include the amphibious Blazer Aqua for $1,228,920; the Ocelot XA-21 hypercar for $1,662,500; and the Tron-like Nagasaki Shotaro sports bike for $1,557,500—all with 30 percent discounts. 

You'll need to complete a round of Deadline to unlock the latter, which is good fun when played with three or more players. For my money, the Shotaro isn't quite as entertaining in free play, though. And for that money, even with a discount, I'm not sure it's worth it.   

Detailed info on GTA Online's seven new Transform races can be gleaned from this Rockstar Newswire post.  

If you can't afford any of the above, learn how to make money in GTA Online.

Grand Theft Auto V - (Alice O'Connor)

Though many new vehicles added to GTA Online are ridiculously expensive and bristling with turbochargers and missile launchers, treasures for crimefolks who grind or buy all that microtransaction cash, this week’s update has added a car for the rest of us: a knock-off Lada which can even be customised with cardboard body kits. The Rune Cheburek is cheap, it’s cheerful, and I’ve had a whole lot of fun driving my rusty new crapmobile around Los Santos. (more…)

Grand Theft Auto V

Last month, I met the GTA 5 modder bringing The Avengers to Los Santos. JulioNIB's esteemed Grand Theft Auto projects include Ghost Rider, The Flash, Iron Man, Dragon Ball Z and The Incredible Hulk—the latter of which he's now upgraded to devastating effect. Following the super villain's recent foray into Fortnite, Julio has also brought Thanos to San Andreas. 

By virtue of the Infinity Gauntlet's reality stones, here's the purple juggernaut turning things into water, transforming objects and humans into animals—such as whales, monkeys and pigs—and causing general chaos on the streets of Los Santos:

Likewise, here's Thanos calling meteors from above to combat his five-star wanted level:

Check out Thanos in other equally compromising situations via this playlist

Chris first wrote about JulioNIB's GTA 5 Hulk mod back in 2015. It's now been upgraded to v2 with new powers, animations, sounds, and effects. More on this work-in-progress venture can be read here, however here's the Hulk 2.0 in typically peace-shattering form:

More on JulioNIB's creations can be found on his GTA X Scripting blog, his YouTube channel and his Patreon page

For more player-made projects, check out our list of the best GTA 5 mods.

Grand Theft Auto V

Martin Madrazo, aka GTA Online's most entertaining contact mission-giver, brings his eponymous 'Dispatch Services' to the open world crime sim this week. Likewise, two new cars enter the fold, as do a typical wave of vehicle and property discounts. 

In short two to four-person bouts, Dispatch Services missions let players carry out hits for the cartel leader across the city. "Infiltrate LSPD holding cells or launch an assault on Merryweather HQ as you seek to silence a few names on Madrazo's hit list," says the latest Newswire post of the limited-time double experience and GTA$-boasting assignments. 

I jumped in earlier with a random player, where we assassinated 30 or so baddies on a Vinewood Hills estate. We were in and out in five minutes and were rewarded $20,000 and 4050 RP each for our troubles.  

Elsewhere, this week's update brings both the Lampadati Michelli GT classic sports car, and the RUNE Cheburek sedan. More information on those can be gleaned from their dedicated wiki pages, but know that they'll set you back $1,225,000 and $145,000 respectively. 

For me, the pick of this week's vehicle discounts is the Pegassi Tezeract at 25 percent less its recommended value. Otherwise $2,825,000, it's on sale for $2,118,750 and is my own favourite ride at the moment. I'd consult Adam's fastest cars in GTA Online list for a more comprehensive overview, though, and I'd also check out his money making guide while you're at it. Bear the latter guide in mind when considering taking the plunge on a half-price Hangar—the highlight of this week's building discounts. Check out the full sale this-a-way

Lastly, Smugglers and Gunrunning Sell Missions are subject to double RP and GTA$ this week (bunker research teams also have 2x speed boosts)—as are Motor Wars and Trap Door for another week. Despite its flaws, I've warmed to the latter.

Grand Theft Auto V

Alongside December's Doomsday Heist, GTA Online introduced Blonded Los Santos 97.8 FM—a Frank Ocean-hosted radio station, that marked the game's first new music in over two years. Now, it appears Rockstar is lining up some new beats by way of techno DJs Tale of Us, The Black Madonna, Solomun and Dixon. 

As reported by Resident Advisor, The Black Madonna's official Twitter posted the following collaboration flyer which lists the above acts, Los Santos and "Summer 2018."

Italian duo Tale of Us published a similar post on Instagram, while Rockstar followed up last night with the following tweet.

I'd suggest there's a link between that second minimalist flyer design and the minimal techno genre of music, but perhaps I'm being overly romantic. Rumblings within the GTA Online community suggest a nightclub update is on the horizon, but whether this is true or not remains to be seen. 

I last saw Tale of Us in Glasgow in August 2016. Captured by thecandleman, here's a snippet of their set and a taste of what we might expect in San Andreas:

Grand Theft Auto V

A modder who goes by the name Dropoff recently discovered something very interesting hidden in the data of Dark Souls Remastered—an early prototype of the Upper Cathedral Ward map from Bloodborne. Dark Souls was released in 2011, four years before Bloodborne, while Dark Souls Remastered debuted just this month—but another modder, Lance McDonald, said it's not new work.  

The data was stored in the "m99_99_98_00" file, which is what attracted attention, according to Kotaku, since the "m99" designation typically indicates a file used for testing—and where unused or leftover stuff can sometimes be found lying around. The level design found in Dark Souls Remastered isn't an exact match to what ultimately appeared in Bloodborne, which McDonald believes indicates that the level was actually prototyped during Dark Souls development, years before Bloodborne. 

What really makes the whole thing weird is the presence of notorious Grand Theft Auto 5 degenerate Trevor, who takes a tour through the map in the video above. Dropoff said he was able to extract and import the level data into unnamed "3D software," which enabled him to open it in GTA5. From there, it was a simple matter of taking a tour of the place and filming the results. It's obviously not the most compelling GTA map of all time, but as a historical curiosity with a double-twist of strangeness, it's tough to beat. 

Dragon Age: Origins

Why does this one tiny thing have to be so annoying? That's basically the subject of today's PCG Q&A, where each of the PC Gamer writers discuss their petty grievances with the games they otherwise enjoy. These range from how resolution options screens work to the quality of ladders in games.

What minor flaw in a game makes you madder than it should? It can be a specific thing in one game, or an issue that recurs across a bunch of the games you've played. In our case, we picked things that crop up regularly in the games we play. Well, regularly enough that we decided to complain about them here. 

We always like to read your answers in the comments, so please do share them with us. 

Samuel Roberts: Bad ladders and dialogue that stops halfway through a sentence because you triggered more dialogue

Every ladder in GTA could be my last. As summed up nicely in Chris's round-up of the best and worst game ladders and the gif above, GTA's ladders feel like a 50/50 punt. It's a very easy death. That's generally fine with me, because you don't spend much of the game climbing them, really. But there's one mission in the Online heists where you have to climb to the roof of a building in order to pick off targets with sniper fire, and the journey back down those things is far scarier to me than being shot at by NPCs. 

The finale of the heists should've just been climbing down fourteen ladders in a row without dying. It's the most heart-stopping set piece GTA could possibly muster. 

My other choice is dialogue—either from an audiotape or an NPC who's talking to you—that's cut off when you activate a new bit of dialogue. Either you never hear the rest of what you were being told, or you have to start an audiotape again. This is so minor, though, and I want you to know I'll somehow be okay if no one ever solves this.

Jody Macgregor: Arbitrary party size limits

There's a mod for Dragon Age: Origins that lets your dog be an active party member without having to kick out one of the fully voiced companions. It's essential. Don't make me choose between my dog and my videogame boyfriend, that's cruel and also Alistair might cry. Same goes for Shadowrun: Dragonfall, which is one of the best RPGs around but makes you choose between all of its cool characters and the one who is a bit boring but happens to be a hacker. It's a cyberpunk game, as if I'm going to leave behind Hackerman. Let me bring them all. 

I don't care if the fights are longer or it makes some of them trivial, I just hate having to play favorites with my imaginary friends. Some of our nostalgia for old school RPGs is misplaced, but having your entire party available all the time is one thing I do miss about them. I will fight for my right to parties of six or more characters.

Philippa Warr: Birds I can hear but not see

Whatever else there is to say about BioShock Infinite, it sure as hell has a bird in it that you can see.

I get that adding birdsong feels like just another tool for making a forest feel normal rather than a dead space filled with trees which don't move in the breeze correctly. But if you are accustomed to walking in actual woods or forests or being outdoors, loud birdsong with zero visible birds really highlights how artificial and strange the digital space is. There are, of course, tech limitations and time limitations to factor in. Those elements (and others) mean that it's often not worth a developer trying to fill these spaces with life when you can use a shortcut like birdsong to imply life. I get that. But it breaks the spell of a space so completely for me that I find it disproportionately aggravating. Give me a blackbird or a bluetit or SOMETHING!

Wes Fenlon: When the title screen tells you to press a certain button to continue, but you can press any button to continue

Look, this doesn't matter at all. But it's common, especially in console games, to say something like "Press A to Start" (or "Press Enter to Start"), as though that's the only acceptable input. But then any damn button will do the same thing! Don't lie to me, game. You're being sloppy! Don't you even know what your own commands do? Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. And it's rampant! There's a whole Giant Bomb wiki page dedicated to pointing out the inconsistency.

Jarred Walton: Hard 60fps (or higher) framerate caps

Some of you are probably thinking, "Wait, that's not a minor issue..." but the truth is, much of the debate about framerates beyond 60fps is exaggerated. There, I've said it. I have 1440p 144Hz G-Sync and FreeSync displays, and 4k 60Hz G-Sync and FreeSync displays, not to mention plenty of 60Hz fixed refresh rate displays. I hate it when a game limits me to just 60fps, or even 144fps (eg, PUBG), but does it really matter? I've been playing Dark Souls Remastered, locked in at 60fps and 4k, and if I have FRAPS running I get angry at the developers for putting in that limit. But if you took away the framerate counter in the corner and just had me play the game, I'd likely never notice. (Note: 30fps caps are a completely different matter—I can and will notice choppiness at sub-60 fps.)

Chris Livingston: also a button thing for me

Press E to open this crate. Done looking inside the crate? Then press Escape to close it. But why? If I tap a key to open something, be it a crate or some menu or the inventory, I should be able to tap the same key to close it again. In game where you're constantly looting, opening, scavenging, scrounging, and inventory-ing, especially in a game where you control your character using WASD, it's annoying to have to move not just your finger but your entire hand to close something that you just opened a moment ago by just moving your finger. Open and close. Same key.

James Davenport: Clicking too many times on a resolution menu without back and forth selection arrows

The graphics menus in all games need little arrows beside the resolution settings. In the long term, it's an inconsequential touch. I'll only ever change the resolution if I'm playing on a new computer, or if new drivers screw up my existing settings. But when I do need to mess with the resolution and all I can do is click on the resolution name to change it, I'm going to get impatient and click one too many times. And I'm going to get impatient every time I try to land on the resolution option I need. 

I suppose part of the problem is personal, but I wouldn't ever have to confront my issues if there were just back and forth selection arrows to jam on. It's less of an issue with modern games, but I still wonder how many minutes of my life have been spent clicking one too many times in nearly inoperable graphics selection menus. I could've used that time to write a bad screenplay or get better at making sandwiches. We'll never know. 

Grand Theft Auto V

Starting today and running through Memorial Day, which for those of you who don't live in the US is May 28, Rockstar is offering double GTA$ and Reputation in GTA Online's Motor Wars, Bikers, Executives and Other Criminals, and Trap Door modes. Discounts on a number of vehicles, including cars, helicopters, and what appears to be a main battle tank, are also on the table, and all Executive Offices, Office Garages, and Biker Clubhouses are marked down too. 

The Memorial Day weekend itself (May 25-28) will also see a few "choice vehicles" returned to action, including the LCC Sanctus, the Vapid Liberator, and the Western Sovereign, all 25 percent off their regular prices. For players who prefer to ride the waves, all yachts and yacht modifications are half price, courtesy of the good folks at DockTease. 

And finally, this week's Premium Race is the Raton Race, locked to Deluxo, with GTA$ for the top three finishers and triple RP for everyone who takes part. The full GTA Online Memorial Day event schedule is posted on the Rockstar Social Club. 


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