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Transferring real-world environments into our games universe is always a challenging process. For example, there are many technical and practical limitations which exist, many of which are related to the games' world scale of 1:20. To help us create an immersive experience that allows players to drive in the most realistic environment possible, we use several development tricks; one of these techniques is creating and placing distinctive landmarks in addition to local architecture, which can be natural or man-made structures.

Today we are focusing on showing you urban landmarks which can be found in our upcoming American Truck Simulator map expansion for Washington state. These can all greatly differ in shapes and size, from smaller statues of prominent figures to large bridges spanning across the state. Local experts will know many of these landmarks instantly, and we are sure you will be quick to recognize them in the blog comments below.

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American Truck Simulator - Timmy the Duck Thief
The Steam Awards 2018 are over and the results have been revealed. Earlier this year, it was a nice surprise to see that we had made the first round of voting. Euro Truck Simulator 2 was nominated for the Most Fun with a Machine category, among so many other fantastic and popular titles and developers nominated. We know this wasn't possible without our devoted community.

We may not have taken the title this time around, but every vote made for us by our community was in our eyes the biggest award. We appreciate every one of you for your continued support throughout the years, and to us, YOU are the champions!

We would like to congratulate all those who received awards this year, especially to the Rocket League team who won the 'Most Fun with a Machine' Category. You may still remember our cross-promo effort from a few years back ːrloctaneː

From all of us here at SCS Software we would like to thank you once more for your vote. We are already looking forward to this year's Steam Awards for 2019.

As a token of our gratitude for your support, and to fuel some speculation we all like so much ːhmmː, we want to leave you with this before-and-after teaser image of a project we have currently in the works.

American Truck Simulator - Timmy the Duck Thief
After the content-loaded updates from previous months, 1.34 is a relatively small maintenance update serving primarily to introduce new content prepared by our vehicle department. The next big things planned need more time in development, and we anticipate 1.35 to be a lot juicier. Still, we believe these new additions will please players of both of our games. The limited scope of this update is also the reason why there wasn't an Open Beta. So what do we have for you?

American Truck Simulator receives one of the highly demanded additions to the game - buyable log trailers! Our traffic report sources for Oregon shows a large convoy inbound for the wood transport companies, with a high chance of traffic jams on the forest roads, so be careful out there. As an alternative route, we can recommend OR-140, which is now prolonged all the way to Nevada. And if you're still worried about driving in Oregon, we recommend visiting the Tonopah city, which has been completely refreshed.

To enjoy the 1.34 update, make sure to OPT OUT of beta branches and your game will be automatically updated on Steam.

  • Buyable Log trailer
  • Tonopah city refreshed
  • Another segment of OR-140 (Oregon map expansion required)
  • Timezone areas fixed - Malheur county, OR (Oregon map expansion required)
  • Numerous little map fixes and world polish added
Euro Truck Simulator 2 got a new update too, read about it here.
Mod alert

As with any update, due to the changes, a number of mods may need some work to catch up!
American Truck Simulator - Timmy the Duck Thief
The New Lunar Year is knocking on the door. The time of festivities is here and we're celebrating it with you in our own special way. We have updated the Chinese Paint Job Pack for Euro Truck Simulator 2 with a brand new Year of the Pig cabin paint job! This is the second free addition to this DLC which follows the Year of the Dog theme from last year.

You can take the opportunity to purchase this DLC as a part of the ETS2 Lunar New Year bundle!

This isn't the only important event:

Anniversary Bundle is also available to boost American Truck Simulator Anniversary celebrations. Here you can find all the content released for ATS at a very interesting price! You can also visit SCS Software e-shop to get ATS Premium T-shirt as a part of a special limited Anniversary offer.


We're also currently streaming!
Euro Truck Simulator 2

Which radio station do you tune into? Is it Heart in the UK, or BBC Radio something or other? Is it Z100 in New York, or KIIS FM in Los Angeles? (I had to Google those.) Or, is it Truckers.FM?

I know what you're thinking: 'There's a whole radio station for truckers?!' But it's even stranger than that. It's actually a station devoted to virtual truckers, who tune-in via virtual cab radios while thundering down Truck Simulator roads.

In your ear, Truckers.FM sounds like the real thing. It has regular presenters with scheduled shows running right around the clock. There are adverts, just like on the real radio - there are even traffic reports! There are interviews, competitions, shout-outs - all the things you'd expect. Even jingles.

Read more…

American Truck Simulator - Timmy the Duck Thief
American Truck Simulator celebrates three years this upcoming weekend, which we have decided to commemorate with a special stream (and maybe something else which we'll reveal in this stream) focused on its history and development progress. Unlike other streams, this will be focused solely on ATS - and we offer you a chance to participate in it! There's a topic on our forum where you can submit your questions related to the history of American Truck Simulator, from its very beginning to this day.

As well as answering your questions, you can look forward to seeing our CEO Pavel Šebor, moderator Alex Blackman and some of the ATS developers. And who knows, maybe we'll show some future projects we haven't talked about yet or even give away some Steam codes - so make sure to be there!

You can watch us on Monday, 4th February, live from 16:30 UTC (17:30 CET). From either of our official streaming channels.

This will be also the first stream in our newly equipped studio. Sure, we hosted a number of streams last year, which were highly popular according to views and your reactions. However, these were broadcasted with a temporary solution, as we were testing different kinds of equipment and arrangements.

Right now we're finishing the first stages of building a brand new studio setup - as you can see from these photos - which will allow us to start streaming again, although you can expect more advanced adjustments to our setup in the future.

The whole idea of streaming is still new to us - so don't be shy to tell us your wishes and preferences. Who would you like to see and what kind of broadcasts would you prefer? Tell us in comments or on our forums!
American Truck Simulator - (Jay Castello)

Freewheeling haul ’em up American Truck Simulator will be expanding into Washington State sometime this year, allowing players to explore from evergreen forest to concrete cargo port, and to travel under the ever-watchful eye of Seattle’s Space Needle.

Here s a teaser trailer, though it has nary a truck in sight:


American Truck Simulator - Timmy the Duck Thief
In a recent blog post, we have teased you with a batch of screenshots from an upcoming map expansion for American Truck Simulator. At the same time, we promised an official confirmation of the State, which most of you have actually managed to recognize very fast. This was very satisfactory for us, as it's a validation of our effort to bring our virtual worlds closer to the real world.

Washington State will be another destination on US soil. The choice of this territory was logical and henceforth linked to our endeavor to cover the West Coast and create a solid bridgehead for future expansions. This step also opens whole scenic coastal US 101 route. Its northernmost territory will, of course, be part of the Washington DLC and you can grasp the opportunity to drive it all the way from south to north or vice versa. We've tried it already and it's great!

Like every US state, Washington has its own soul and feel. We have focused on typical landscapes, settlements, industry, cities, and ports. Everything we've done so far exceeds our expectations and we have added an authentic experience from Washington hauling. Gradually, until the release of map expansion later this year, you can look forward to more WA-themed dedicated blog-posts and articles accompanied with screenshots mapping the development progress.

Meanwhile, be sure to add American Truck Simulator - Washington to your Steam wishlist!
American Truck Simulator - Timmy the Duck Thief
A new year has started and it's time to plan a new season of our travel calendar. We would like to be even more active in traveling the world and visiting gaming and transportation industry expos and events. Ever since we built our custom SCS Sim Trailer, the impact factor that we can deliver on the various shows has grown massively! Being on the road allows us to meet many of you from our community and cross paths with a wide range of industry representatives which can lead to new and exciting opportunities.

Everywhere we visit, we are always met with positive responses. Especially if we bring along our Sim Trailer, we always have a lot of visitors interested in trying our games on our motions seats or wanting to meet up with our On The Road crew. And we love meeting you! That's why we thought it would be a good idea to inform our fan base in advance and to share with you our tentative events calendar.

And for 2019 we have a quite the list of 'to-visit' events. Keep in mind that some of these events are still being planned, and it may be that changes are made to our schedule. We cannot make it everywhere with the Sim Trailer, there are just too many places to go, packed too tightly in the calendar. We expect to organize some of the shows in partnerships with our friends from the transportation industry, but anyway, a core team from SCS should participate in all the events listed below. Keep an eye on our blog and social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram and FB) and we'll keep you updated.

Check out our current schedule below, we might be travelling to an event near you!

Last year we also enlisted the help of some of our local fans willing to help us on some of these events. We think it's a great way to connect with a few of our most loyal fans and offer them a very unique (and also paid) experience.

If you would like to become a part of our crew for a weekend, please let us know. Successful candidates are 18+, native speakers of the region of a given event, have great social skills, they should be knowledgeable players of our games and active members of the fan community, ideally with a history of involvement with our betas, or perhaps recognised creators from the modding community.

If you are free for two days of your time, have the skill and the passion to become a "roadie" and become embedded into our crew, please get in touch with us by mail on
American Truck Simulator - Timmy the Duck Thief
The holiday season is a time of rest for most people, but for the logistics industry, it is the busiest time of the year. The International Gift Delivery event on World of Trucks saw the community unite to bring much needed assistance to the North Pole and deliver gifts on both sides of Atlantic.

A large number of our fans took up the challenge and dedicated their time over the festive period to delivering Christmas cargoes. In the first 48 hours, you had delivered over 250,000 cargoes! People actually noticed quickly that with each 250K milestone, a new hanging tree accessory was granted to players who had reached their personal contributions, which provided another boost to motivation. It's no wonder that you were quick to reach the 1 million cargoes delivered community goal, and went even further. The rate of deliveries completed even had Santa in North Pole shocked! Thank you to every single driver who contributed to the event, and to those who really went the extra mile. It really brings a huge smile to the faces of the SCS team to see how much you enjoy these events.

Here are some interesting stats. By the way - the distance of in-game kilometers/miles driven as part of the event could get you from Mars to Sun and back! Pretty impressive, right? ːplanetː


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