Dec 31, 2015
Dear Runners,

The year 2015 has come to an end and we want to wish you a Happy New Year 2016!
We wish you especially health, love and success in your job/studies.
We, at Modulaatio Games, are looking forward to provide you with some more quality entertainment in the future!
Running with Rifles has been our first title and we are rather happy with the reactions overall (91% positive reviews on Steam speaks for itself - don't forget to post a review if you didn't yet, no matter if positive or negative).

Thanks for your support and keep running guys, you rock!
Your Modulaatio Games team
Dec 8, 2015
Hey Runners!

today, we release version 1.22 which is mainly a quick fix patch.

We also want to seize the occasion to let you know that this year again, indieDB has opened the votes for the "IndieDB Game of the Year 2015" award.
In beta, RWR was chosen as the Tactical Shooter of the year 2012 and 2013. Let's try to achieve more this year by voting HERE to get into the top100 !

Changelog for version 1.22:

  • fix: EOD armor commonness raised to 100% so that this time every designed EOD soldier will spawn with such an armor
  • fix: map11: flare_checkpoint vehicle points at the darkcat marker
  • fix: several map fixes here and there
  • fix: some newer rare weapons didn't be tagged as rare, thus cleaned from the world twice as fast as expected
  • fix: AI grenade usage bug fixed
  • fix: inventory view item layout bug fixed
  • maps: Railroad Gap map partially redesigned
  • maps: lowered the player ai compensation in the Frozen Canyon map to make it slightly easier in invasion
  • weapons: javelin ballistic tweaked
  • weapons: soldiers carrying javelin(s) now drop at least one on death
  • vehicles: collision model of the buggy extended, so that it provides slightly more bullet cover
  • vehicles: AI slot priorization order of the buggy exchanged. Now the gunner slot will be taken prior to the passenger seat
  • calls: buggy drop call price lowered from 350 to 300RP
  • dominance: raised max RP value from 1000 to 2000
  • misc: added a custom uniform for "general of the army" rank (mainly relevant for online invasion)

Also, to give you an idea what we are working on next:

Happy running!
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Oct 24, 2015
Hello Runners!

here is a "quickfix patch". Happy running!


  • weapons: Claymore blast radius raised from 5m to 6m
  • fix: 8x paratroopers radio call had become borked by dropping only 2 paratroopers
  • fix: now possible to make a radio call while being wounded after going prone
  • fix: harmless script error at resource unlock handling
  • fix: EOD group soldiers now all spawning with EOD armor
  • fix: flares can't be used on the map Frozen Canyon anymore, throwing one will just throw the flare object which can be picked up again
  • fix: BTX APC body collision model offset as it was too low and could not cross railroads properly
  • fix: AI driven vehicles can now cross the railroads without restriction as the collision model of the railroads changed to deck type without collision walls. That way, the AI don't see it as an obstacle.
  • fix: issue where Desert Eagles couldn't always shoot while prone
  • fix: bullets shot for achievements now tracked properly
  • fix: stun projectile (e.g. from Pepperdust) don't destroy the first stage of a vest anymore
  • fix: few map fixes here and there
  • fix: exploit where it was possible to duplicate equipment
  • fix: exploit where it was possible to skip the reloading animation
  • misc: Darkcat tank is not enterable anymore by soldiers from the faction which isn't owning it
  • misc: XP/RP for destroying the Darkcat increased
Oct 16, 2015
RUNNING WITH RIFLES - pasi.kainiemi
Hey Runners!

Woohoo a new patch! RWR has just been updated to version 1.2!

Besides an all new map, we added 2 new vehicles, a few new weapons and added the Final Mission II campaign map to the online cooperative Invasion. The much requested Steam Achievements and Trading cards are also in now.

For a more detailed changelog, scroll below.

Next, we will make a short map-making tutorial video as it would be about time to have some decent community maps! ;)

Happy running!

Changelog for version 1.2:

  • Steam: 45 achievements added
  • Steam: Trading cards added
  • gameplay: encumbrancy of rare weapons increased (from average 10% to 50%)
  • gameplay: camouflage suit added to dominance resources
  • vehicles: vulcan tank added (minigun mounted tank type)
  • vehicles: Buggy added (fast combat transportation)
  • vehicles: Pigeon P5 bullet protection slightly decreased
  • vehicles: Jeep bullet protection slightly increased.
  • vehicles: patrol ship mortar increased sight range
  • calls: Buggy drop radio call added
  • weapons: microgun rare weapon added (now for real!)
  • weapons: javelin anti-tank weapon added
  • weapons: Benelli M4 suppressor rare stealth shotgun added
  • weapons: Kriss Vector rare stealth weapon added
  • weapons: TOW now slightly protects the user from incoming bullets
  • vest: EOD armor added (very effective vs. smaller explosions)
  • maps: new "Railroad gap" desert theme map added in invasion and quick match
  • maps: Frozen Canyon added to invasion map rotator (experimental)
  • maps: Frozen Canyon added to dominance map rotator (experimental)
  • maps: small fixes here and there
  • items: added camouflage suit also to quick match and dominance
  • items: 3 new valuables added
  • online: weapons sight range modifier handled server-side also in invasion
  • online: client faction in official invasion servers is now set to Brownpants
  • fix: overlays fixed on Mac
  • fix: camouflage suit now consumes on death
  • fix: tank call disable/enable with anti-air emplacement bug fixed
  • fix: workaround for badly built wall geometry with elevated ground
  • misc: hotkey channel support added for global/faction/squad/screen
  • misc: prisoner model for prison break side mission
  • misc: you can now blow the horn as a driver of some vehicles
  • misc: graycollars are now more visible in the mapview
  • misc: added missing base names and capture zone boundaries to the mapview for dominance
Jun 10, 2015
Hey Runners!

It has been a while since the last update but we needed some time for us and our families to be back in business with full energy! :)
Sorry for those who waited for the achievements, the support is there but the actual achievements aren't implemented yet as it would have need some more time for testing but don't worry, it will come in the next update!


  • DE/FR/ES translations added (launch the config tool to choose your language)
  • loading screen hints added
  • fixed PSG-90 sniper rifle using the wrong visual model
  • few weapon models reworked
  • Copehill down map (Final Map I) added in the dominance map rotator
  • added secondary machine pistols (mini Uzi, Steyr TMP, AEK-919k)
  • added binoculars (will slightly increase the sight range)
  • added microgun rare weapon
  • added a vest Type I, it has one less layer of damage, which means it can absorb 1 bullet, the next one will put you in wounded state. It has a bigger movement penalty and is in dominance only
  • vest Type II has a slight movement decrease
  • added camouflage suits (no protection but gives the AI harder time to detect the wearer)
  • added 2 news miniboss (gray, brown) visual models
  • fixed a bug where you could shoot through walls while being prone
  • explosions don't overall go through 1 stage of vests anymore. The bigger the explosion, the more vest stages it consumes.
  • steam achievements support (the actual achievements are not yet implemented! coming soon)
  • map fixes here and there
  • minor fixes
Apr 17, 2015

  • Linux: fixed vehicle tracking issues in campaign when continuing an existing campaign, fixing cargo vehicle deliveries
  • map view: fixed frame overlay being rendered behind the background occasionally
  • menu: added port forwarding note in Activate server screen
  • Mac: fixed init_match.xml being looked for in wrong location, causing Final Mission 1 AI commander to function in a unintended way
  • vehicles: humvee has slightly higher acceleration
  • maps: some minor fixes
  • campaign: some extraction points moved to not being extracted accidentally
  • Dominance: added server side overrules for potential client side sight range and camera modifications
  • AI: fixed a bug with bot behavior to jump back and forth between guarding and beginning to approach an already manned deployed weapon when area under open fire but enemy not detected

This Sunday at 6pm UTC, we'll have a pure PvP classic event on {SAS}Beerdrinkers!
We will try to break the record of 64 players by making a 64v64! Let's hope this won't turn into a complete mess and that the server can handle it! :)
As the event name suggests, there won't be any AI on the field, backdooring are allowed and the whole map will be capturable!
Apr 9, 2015
Hey runners,

we had a great week behind us with the release of RWR. We had a peak of 1391 simultaneous players and around 420 on the online servers and we are, as I speak, still on the front page of the Steam store, this is awesome!
We had to rent a few additional servers to make sure you guys can find a server to play.

Today we have mainly some hotfixes for you.


  • compatibility: different shadow camera setup for AMD APU based systems, fixes crashes/freezes
  • online: IP ban manager added
  • online: server name added in the network status data
  • online: a few potential crash situations fixed, thanks for the crashdumps guys
  • map12: fixed final mission 2 bug with script phase controllers not running after becoming defeated, effectively causing the wall to never come down
  • menu: added more visible button to enter the playground tutorial
  • menu: wiki button link pointed to manual section, button made bigger
  • badges: typo corrected in one of the kill streak badge texts
  • dialogue: corrected target character for commenting on hostile vehicle takeover

Important for server admins: Updating servers won't be required, 1.01 is compatible with 1.0.
Dear Runners!

Modulaatio Games is proud to announce that RUNNING WITH RIFLES has now gone FINAL!
We want to thank everyone who followed us in the Early Access stage and also those who supported us even earlier. It's been an awesome time with you guys!
This sounds like a good-bye but NO! We'll continue to work on the game, of course!
We promised you a ZOMBIE MODE and 1-2 new maps at least. Probably even more stuff
coming but we prefer not to promise too much! :)

Enjoy the game and thanks again!


  • gameplay: threshold value to trigger additional spawners reduced by 25%; means that a faction with high soldier capacity but low soldier count is now more likely to spawn several bots at the same time
  • maps: a few fixes here and there
  • lobby: some more playground text hints added
  • weapons: M107 Barrett muzzle velocity slightly increased
  • weapons: QBS-09 projectile decay time slightly increased
After a successful Early Access campaign,RUNNING WITH RIFLES is Now Available on Steam and is 15% off!*

RUNNING WITH RIFLES is a top-down tactical shooter with open world RPG elements.

In RWR, you join the ranks of an army as a common soldier, just like the thousands around you.

*Offer ends April 9 at 10AM Pacific Time

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