Dec 19, 2014
Hey runners!

0.99 is now available in Steam, also with Mac OSX support!
To celebrate the addition of a new platform support, we've also added RWR in the Steam Holiday Sale with 33% discount! Effectively this can get you RWR still with the in-dev phase price, go go go!

To us, 0.99 marks the spot when we consider feature development, and largely content too, complete for what comes to the single player/small scale coop campaign. From this point on, only minor changes will go through into that part of the game, some vehicle texture work, more AI dialogue, tweaking map and campaign win moments, things like that.That means that the campaign is becoming complete with 9 regular maps and 2 special maps for final missions, with the very final mission being introduced in this update. The other major addition this time is the faction specific vehicle models for APC, tank and jeep.

Other than those, there have been several fixes, some new support added for stuff specific to the new final mission, and new stuff for modding.

We're pretty new to Mac OSX, so the support shall begin with Mac OSX version 10.9 Mavericks, based on early tests 10.10 Yosemite works as well. We will be looking into options on how to get the earlier OSX versions supported in the near future.Talking about future, what's next then? Possibility for remote profiles / profile sharing and online Invasion teamkill penalty mode have been hot topics lately, which we will be working on for the next weeks targeting 0.99.1 update still on this year's side. Minimodes development continues as well, as does the usability tweaking.

Here the changelog for version 0.99:

  • vehicles: faction specific jeeps, apcs and tanks added
  • vehicles: added vehicle parameter designated_squad_as_driver_only, defaults to 1
  • ai: basic support for designated combat vehicle protector; uses normal combat driving logic vs the fleeing logic
  • maps: general fixes here and there
  • maps: final mission 2 map added for campaign, not for online invasion
  • sounds: promotion and achievement sounds added
  • achievements: updated tracking to include new vehicles
  • effects: tweaked how surface effect is saved/loaded in regards to loading screen alt-tabbing in fullscreen and default matches
  • campaign: '-character with campaign savegames no longer fail
  • campaign: if game is saved & quit after having lost a map, the match is now restarted when continuing
  • campaign: final mission extraction marker tweaked
  • input: being in vehicle without firing possibility no longer shows line of sight or aim helper, same for being weaponless
  • input: mouse sensitivity range increased
  • input: fixed not being able to shoot sometimes after dying with inventory open
  • hud: items on ground are no longer inspected when in vehicle, water, not ground, or dead
  • hotkeys: more hotkey slots added
  • Steam: join game issue fixed
  • Linux: changed a bit how the scripting component connects to RWR, making it more similar to Windows; should work better with closing itself if the game process ends abruptly
  • modding: added xml command to set soldier objective and move target
  • modding: character experience_blasts_multiplied to cause blast damage times blast results against characters
  • modding: push value added for blasts, defaults to same as damage
  • modding: added vehicle parameter allow_character_leave_request to deny pulling out soldiers from specific vehicles

    Here is a small reminder about the indieDB of the year 2014. There are around 36h left to vote so please help us to get some more votes and feel free to share the link, it just requires a single click on "VOTE" left to Running with Rifles and you don't even need a login!
    Let's win this! Because why not... ;)

    Link to VOTE:

  • ai: vehicle navigation tweaks
  • ai: no longer throws grenades at enemies in water
  • ai: fixed preventing throwing grenades at skydiving enemies
  • ai: entering a vehicle with a large squad with no slots for everyone, the guys to be left without seats do not hump the vehicle anymore while others are entering the vehicle
  • ai: fixed some corner humping
  • ai: potential fix for a medic bug, the one where an lmg medic decides to dive over the wounded instead of saving him
  • items: TOW resource added
  • items: items now collide more accurately with vehicle collision boxes
  • items: increased space margin for deployment building
  • minimodes: teddy hunt crate is automatically spotted for both factions when the crate spawns, making it visible in map
  • minimodes: no more double countdown when a playlist comes to an end
  • minimodes: substage logic now switches off when the substage ends, avoiding after match score notifications
  • minimodes: team deathmatch scores now feature a scaling factor based on player count
  • minimodes: initial Rattlesnake Crescent adaptation for minimodes
  • invasion: completing the last map loops back to first with a countdown timer again
  • campaign: enemy weapon delivery counts now live over map changes
  • campaign: final map set to start at night time
  • campaign: final battle extraction helicopter now attracts some AI near the extraction area
  • online: fixed leaking backpack visual
  • maps: Keepsake Bay ladder fixes
  • maps: Moorland Trenches Suburbs spawn points had vanished, now back again
  • maps: Vigil Island tweaks
  • maps: loot crates placed here and there in most maps
  • mapview: click to respawn -hint now shows only when respawn timer has expired
  • spotting: friendly territory enemy vehicle spotting enabled
  • controls: crosshair hit detection improved; objects (including walls) behind platforms no longer capture aim target when standing on platform
  • characters: dropping or swapping a weapon now updates the underlying pose/animation
  • weapons: deployed weapons offset AI sight origin a bit to see over obstacles
  • vehicles: unified winter vehicle stuff, easier maintenance
  • effects: improved surface effect performance
  • effects: surface effect is now saved at alt-tab before the texture render target is lost, and loaded when returning to game
  • UI: fixed some 4:3 video mode menu layout issues
  • radio: changed using radio when in jamming conditions to something more sensible
  • objects: added static_object specs, basically allows creating different sorts of destructible objects, like crates
  • rewards: healing a wounded unit now gives a RP reward on top of the already existing XP reward
  • HUD: Major and Lieutenant Colonel images exchanged
  • audio: soundtrack now starts when reaching an extraction point in campaign, predicting loading screen
  • audio: smoother soundtrack fading when game updates are not even
  • audio: weapon shot sounds tweaked
  • Steam: Join friend's game support added

  • ai: commander does some proximity demand checking when assigning soldiers to defense; effectively, calling reinforcements in a poorly defended friendly base now assigns the new soldiers to defend in that base, unless a player takes control of the soldiers
  • maps: fixed several map bugs
  • general: fixed crash at exit
  • items: sandbags made less responsive to impacts
  • items: fixed C4 key helper shown for other people's C4 when hovering over a deployed C4
  • balancing: impact grenades now make 80 damage (before 100), and normal hand grenade 30 (before 40). The HP of a jeep lower from 100 to 80. Sandbags now have 165 HP to sustain 2 impact grenade hits.

  • menu: fixed leaky create account / login panel, doh
  • gameplay: overpacked speed modier decreased, and exposed
  • hud: koth timer display added, minimodes timers show too
  • minimodes: fixed double winner report
  • deathmatch: minor tweaks with itemsmaps: some minor fixes from issues from the unifying work done for 0.98.5
  • maps: spawnpoints increased in the map used for deathmatch, some other minor tweaks
  • maps: minor tweaks in Moorland Trenches for minimodes

  • ai: driver now shouts "get out of way" when someone's in front of the vehicle in speed
  • ai: some driving related tweaks
  • online: fixed vehicle shown in incorrect orientation briefly initially
  • online: geoinfo.xml is now also used on Windows dedicated servers, if the file exists
  • online: new experimental PvP(vE) focused game mode with short objective based scenarios, currently known as minimodes; work in progress
  • all vs all deathmatch: bullets no longer go through shields
  • all vs all deathmatch: "taxi" requests are no longer handled with shooting at a vehicle
  • campaign: removed capacity increasing vehicles from neutral faction; could lead to stabby brown soldiers in 1st final map
  • general: fix attempt made at last base having no spawn points and match not ending when countdown ends
  • gameplay: fixed "hey wait up" being said continuously
  • weapons: some unlockable primary weapons changed to respawnable
  • weapons: xm25 tweaked
  • hud: show team scores in play view for minimodes
  • maps: several tweaks here and there
  • ui: fixed stats view / log for other than 16:9 video modes
  • ui: join menu login / create account panel added
  • cli: fixed command line server address and port to use correct settings, also pre-fills username and password digest if available from earlier
  • modding: servers can now provide custom hotkeys in custom map configs, similar syntax as with custom hotkeys

  • servers: major structural changes with scripts
    * please use start_*.php entry scripts to start gamemodes, bat files use them too
    * various server related settings are now provided as *.example.php files in the RWR package: RWR will try to use similarly named files without ".example" infix first and resort to using the example files - setup your own settings in the files without ".example" and RWR updates will never overwrite your settings again

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Sep 13, 2014

  • gameplay: in-air spawn height adjusted
  • gameplay: fixed enemy weapon deliveries not working after being removed from stock until map change
  • gameplay: fixed some online bugs with vehicles that utilize locking, like cargo truck
  • gameplay: remote detonable grenades near a respawning vehicle now get removed
  • gameplay: enemy anti-air emplacement not prohibiting usage of air drops in fixed
  • gameplay: added short celebration time after winning a map, AI shoots in air
  • gameplay: wounded soldiers no longer contribute to capture force
  • gameplay: fixed squad size not reaching maximum value when capped
  • gameplay: last base capture timer restart bug fixed
  • maps: 1st final battle map added
  • maps: racing mod map and assets added
  • items: new valuable items added
  • items: riot shield can now block one blast, only second blast will cause the stun
  • items: support for resolving the origin item from transform chain in order to attempt respawn with the original item
  • weapons: 2 new (rare) weapons added
  • vehicles: vehicle-vehicle collision handling improved
  • general: pause functionality (SP only) added
  • general: campaign and quick matches save with different names by default
  • general: squad chat key added
  • general: savegame loading handles vehicles properly now
  • general: saving without weapon made the previous weapon put back to hands when loading; could be used to duplicate rares - fixed
  • general: surrendered enemies show no longer as battle alert in map view
  • general: removed neutral faction reports
  • online: server mode tag field added
  • online: player squads added, the tag input field is in profile settings in menu; set squad tags same to form a squad; syncs marker color with small variations
  • online: potential fix for a delivered cargo truck continuously being reported as delivered again, when the cargo truck can no longer respawn
  • online: fixed online profiles not saved at map change
  • visuals: squad player and Steam friend player markers added
  • visuals: improved arm orientation handling in animations
  • visuals: player markers redesigned
  • visuals: valuable item icon style matched with rest of items
  • visuals: soldier/commander head icons for radio bubbles
  • AI: AI can now attempt to dive to safety from grenades
  • AI: some bots not alerting the area when shot at with a suppressed weapon fixed
  • AI: bots not remembering where they were shot at from when shooter is beyond sight range fixed
  • AI: when fighting, bot turns no longer face to last known enemy when not seeing the enemy
  • AI: fixed the occasional guarding ai duck dance bug
  • chatlog: squad chat filter option added
  • chatlog: radio chat messages no longer popup at left top when in chatlog/statsview
  • statsview: sorting functionality added
  • campaign: final battle unlocking support
  • campaign: first maps in campaign are a little less friendly-boosted
  • campaign: last maps in campaign are a little less friendly-nerfed
  • campaign: the enemy faction indices are no longer randomized on each savegame load
  • quickmatch: new settings added
  • quickmatch: possibility to pick initial commands from a user defined file; no range checks, start that 10k AI match if you want
  • usability: ladders now have backside visuals
  • rewards: base capture gives also XP reward now
  • rewards: side base capture gives slightly bigger XP and RP rewards
  • rewards: promotion gives slightly bigger RP reward
  • achievements: tracker ranks now require delivering hidden cargo pickups
  • performance: non-nvidia + opengl character rendering optimized
  • menu: host/join server error message event bubbles show in menu now
  • menu: menu music and ambient sound fx volume controls added
  • linux: fixed some black decals on opengl
  • compatibility: mac stuff added
  • usability: unaffordable items in armory are no longer draggable
  • usability: added a different cursor in inventory for hovering over draggable items
  • usability: option to fade out speech bubbles when hovered over with mouse
  • modding: quick matches can now be made to start a script at match start, could be used to enable things like cargo truck deliveries and whatnot in quick matches
  • modding: added active property for commander ai command
  • modding: added attack_target_base_id property for commander ai command
  • modding: added backpack_weight_capacity modifier for vests; could have a rare vest that enables arsenal mode
  • modding: calls are now reported to script, making a variety of call-action bindings possible
  • modding: detectability factors added in character specification
  • modding: detectability modifier added for vests
  • modding: exposed fire_open_min_time, using_cover_min_time and using_cover_max_time AI parameters
  • modding: update_base XML command added, can be used to control base ownership from script
  • modding: default squad config parameter added for character
  • modding: drop_count_factor_on_death parameter added for weapons, projectiles and carry items
  • modding: time_to_live_out_in_the_open added for weapons, projectiles and carry items
  • modding: bases now have a new field "key", gets name assigned to it if left empty; can be used when defining starting bases for factions with start_game
  • modding: camera fov field added
  • packaging: rwr_server is now included in game releases; SteamCMD could be used to keep the files updated
Jul 10, 2014

  • maps: ninth map, Black Gold Estuary, added
  • general: removed anti-air from quick matches; can't know which faction is to have the AA as only one can have
  • character: wounded now falls down properly when crawling over an edge
  • character: character now visually says spotting of a target
  • menu: campaign menu clean up
  • menu: added confirmation for save game deletion
  • menu: added loading screen and menu soundtrack
  • menu: possibility to reconnect without going to lobby first
  • inventory: inventory UI made to support scaling better
  • mapview: chatting in mapview now works again
  • usability: when control helpers are enabled, pickup key is shown with on-ground items
  • usability: deploying sandbags and weapons now automatically align placement with overlapping elements in front
  • usability: mod key + pickup key puts an item straight to backpack
  • campaign: unlockable items now stay in stock for 4x longer time
  • campaign: armories accept bringing in enemy weapons, 5th will make the weapon available in the armory
  • campaign: map specific AI-player compensation parameter added,
    Moorland Trenches made tiny bit easier this way - mostly affects heavily populated online
  • campaign: hidden vehicles added, can be delivered to armories for a reward
  • weapons: rare flashbang launcher added
  • online: fixed respawning on reconnection without a weapon in hands recreating the previous weapon regardless if it was rare
  • online: "-character now allowed in server name
  • config: config now offers choosing which monitor to play in, Windows only
  • hotkeys: pressing hotkey picks up a player id when pointing at a player
  • Steam: Steam integration work began; player's public SteamID is shared in online, friends IDs are queried; can be used for tagging in 0.98
    Jun 5, 2014

    *campaign: added ability to play with any faction
    *campaign: enemy faction order is randomized
    *campaign: added campaign mod support and list
    *ai: added ability to use cover deployment items
    *mapview: player and vehicle movement made smoother, troops distribution is now visualized as clouds rather than numbers
    *mapview: squad driver command marker added
    *mapview: base alert markers are now bigger and centerized
    *mapview: items are no longer inspected on ground at mouse cursor when in *mapview
    *mapview: AI chat is no longer shown when in mapview, nearby player chat gets redirected to radio message list
    *scoretable: scroller added
    *awards: old badge awards are no longer counted, but the notifications are still *shown; campaign comes with ranked medals & titles granted by reaching given goals
    *stats: some new stats added
    *weapons: added rare/unlock weapons AA-12, Desert Eagle (+gold), Claymore mine
    *weapons: physical recoil of the deployable minigun and MG set to 0.0 to avoid wandering on shooting
    *targets: added AA weapons emplacement in campaign for enemies, denies air drops for other factions until destroyed
    *targets: water tank, mortar ammunition crates added
    *vehicles: minor bullet exposure reduction of soldiers sitting in a jeep (raised the top of the collision mesh by 0.2)
    *vehicles: mass of the dumpster raised
    *special crates: removed ability to spot them
    *chat log: visual improvements
    *calls: calls now support spawning soldiers from specific soldier groups; paratrooper calls ensure one medic
    *elite soldiers: accuracy and sight range increased
    *maps: several minor tweaks and fixes
    *sounds: a few reworked weapon sounds
    *particles: slightly reworked particle effects with textured explosion debris
    *general: larger horizontal panning factor for less wide than 16:9 aspect ratio resolutions
    *general: a few crashes fixed, mostly related to servers
    *modding: some ai parameters exposed
    *modding: grenade based items can be spawned non-activated now
    *modding: overlay mods can now be declared to take over campaign script handling, enabling overloading campaign with custom logic or other overlays
    *modding: generic xml command result class added
    *modding: faction resources command result class added
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