Hey Runners,

Today it's once again update-time! One of the main focus of this update is "Man vs. World" balancing, as we saw a bunch of people showing interest in the gamemode but unfortunately it being too hard for most to even pass the first stage. We enjoy hard difficulty ourselves but surely there are ways to make it more accessible to everyone! Therefore we added a new casual difficulty setting which reduces the accuracy of the enemy as well as adding a new self-healing item which is specific for this gamemode - the bandage!

You can't find it in the armory, it's a enemy soldier loot drop. Make sure to keep your eyes open to not miss them, they can easily decide the outcome of the campaign! You'll also find them in the hard and veteran difficulty modes, just at a lower drop rate.

Next, we took the first steps into implementing some of our upcoming usability improvement plans to help (new) players get into the game more easily.
One part of it is the backpack design which didn't always make sense in it former state. We found out that especially new people were confused about the abrupt speed and accuracy penalty for having e.g. 1 extra weapon in their backpack and not realizing where the penalty comes from, leading to the decision to tweak the encumbrance system.

Now the accuracy and speed penalties increase linearly as you can see in the following chart where you can compared the old (1.64) and the new (1.65) ways.
As for a typical example, when you carry an extra stock weapon in your backpack such as a M16A4, in 1.64 your moving speed was reduced by 20% and your accuracy by 15% (respectively the dotted blue and red lines). In 1.65, the speed penalty would be 10% (blue line) and the accuracy 0% (red line) as it just starts to kick at 20% encumbrance.
Therefore having an alternative weapon in your backpack and nothing else would only affect your movement speed by 10% but not your accuracy. Having more items in the backpack will affect your movement even more and the accuracy will start to reduce too.

Visually, your character will have a visible small backpack on his back once the encumbrance reaches 20% and a big backpack once the encumbrance reaches 50%. We also added a backpack HUD icon with the encumbrance percentage below so that you won't have to check your inventory to get that information.

For online players, profile passwords have been another source of confusion since forever, and we're now switching to another mechanism that avoids a manual password input while achieving the very same thing by utilizing Steam. For new players or profiles on servers, you no longer need to come up with a password, instead you just pick a username and get into the game. For old profiles, the game requires you to supply the password once more after trying to join with the existing username, or, if you have used the "Remember me" option the game will automatically feed it.

In the last update (1.64) we added some new experimental netcode techniques which should help with synchronization issues some people have, especially when their network performance tends to fluctuate. We were rather cautious about those additions, therefore we didn't apply them as a default setting but only optional via command line. During the last 3 weeks, we activated the mode on some official servers, which ran surprisingly smooth without causing any issues that could have come along. We've now made the netcode mode the default setting for all servers and clients.

For Pacific, we've optimized some maps to avoid certain crash issues due to RAM consumption, and made a variety of gameplay changes.
Most of these gameplay changes are 'quality of life' for weapons - raising the effectiveness of certain firearm classes,
or reducing the performance of some of the incredibly powerful weapons. Additionally, commonness of some of the extremely-rare guns has been raised,
so that they might be encountered slightly more often. The player's version of the Sentry Vest has been nerfed (the enemy AI remains the same),
and there is also 1 new weapon variation - a rare Type 99 Light Machine Gun outfitted with a Scope.

Changelogs v1.65:

  • maps: few modifications/fixes here and there
  • gameplay: backpack system revamped - accuracy and movement speed are now decreasing linearly by increasing encumbrance
  • weapons: commonness for elites to spawn with the M202 FLASH as secondary increased by 30%
  • weapons: Lahti L-39 now semi-auto with a 44% increased rate of fire and damage boosted by 25%
  • weapons: Buckshot Bess reloading speed increased by 25% and amount of projectiles increased by 50%
  • weapons: AA-12 FRAG slightly re-balanced - less spread when not moving, 12% blast radius increased
  • weapons: deployable mortar AI sight range decreased by 15%
  • weapons: TOW AI sight range decreased by 20%, player sight range increased by 10%
  • equipment: Claymore carrier is not forced to walk anymore
  • equipment: "Bandage" item added (Man vs. World gamemode only)
  • vehicles: decreased the DarkCat tank HP by 33%
  • Man vs. World: casual mode added - reduced enemy AI accuracy and high amount of bandage item drops
  • Man vs. World: low amount of bandage item drops for hard/veteran difficulty
  • deathmatch: added Copehill Down map to the map rotator
  • sounds: added more distinct sound effects on bullet character impact
  • sounds: stabbing an enemy now always plays a distinct sound when the hit connects
  • sounds: Desert Eagle shot sound reworked
  • fix: bug were soldiers were stucked on roofs of refinery tanks or churches fixed
  • fix: bug where Claymores didn't explode in Man vs World mode
  • misc: fuel barrels lethal explosion radius increased from 3 to 4m
  • misc: new "president" rank added for extremely high ranks - XP requirement is 10 million
  • online: changed password mechanism for official servers when playing through Steam; manual password no longer needed for new profiles, old profiles need to give it once more
  • character: added some animations specific to being without weapon
  • network: experimental mode to avoid out of sync and rubber banding due to unstable lag applied on all hosts
  • modding: added walk_footstep_interval and run_footstep_interval for character files, by default 0.45 and 0.3
  • modding: use class weapons can do vest equipment "untransform" for own vest repair with untransform_count set greater than 0
  • modding: added ability to enable character_spawn/die/kill events from game/server to script, see
  • modding: update_inventory xml command can be given untransform_count to do vest repair for the given character, see
  • modding: stab_receive sound key added in character
  • modding: stab_hit_any sound key in weapon, happens with any colliding stab/melee regardless of outcome

Changelogs v1.65 (PACIFIC DLC):

  • maps: removed one radio jammer location from Peleliu Airfield.
  • maps: optimized Guadalcanal and Peleliu Airfield
  • gameplay: adjusted weights of weapons in accordance with the new backpack mechanics
  • gameplay: reduced the RP avialable to AI Sentries, which should reduce their ability to spam call-ins
  • gameplay: reduced the frequency of AI using calls slightly
  • gameplay: restricted firing arcs on PT Boat Oerlikon Guns to prevent gunners from killing eachother
  • weapons: Type 99 Light MG with SCOPE variation has been added
  • weapons: added prone reload animations to Sentry MGs.
  • weapons: raised Flamethrower ranges slightly.
  • weapons: changed name of M1 Garand Field Modified Launcher to M1 Garand 60mm Launcher
  • weapons: M1 Garand 60mm Launcher - cost raised from 175 to 250, damage from 2.0 to 1.5, lowered rate of fire
  • weapons: adjusted accuracy of M1 Garand 60mm Launcher and Type100 Grenade Discharger while overencumbered
  • weapons: raised commonness of M1 Garand 60mm Launcher
  • weapons: raised commonness of Type 98 LMG, Type 11 LMG, M1919 Stinger, Thompson w/100rnd Drum, Type97 AT Rifle and Type 2 Machine Pistol
  • weapons: reduced magazine size of M1917 'Mobile' from 250 to 200
  • weapons: Type 96 Trench sight range from 1.5 to 1.6, recoil from 0.15 to 0.14, cost from 300 to 425
  • weapons: raised commonness of Type96 "Trench"
  • weapons: raised rate of fire of bolt-action weapons by 10% across the board
  • weapons: recoil recovery of Type 44 Carbine from 1.4 to 1.6
  • weapons: M1A1 Thompson recoil from 0.375 to 0.365
  • weapons: raised kill probability of M1911 and Officer variant from 0.8 to 1.05. Reduced kill-decay-start from 0.2 to 0.11
  • weapons: raised kill probability of Type 14 Nambu and Officer variant from 0.55 to 0.65. Reduced kill-decay-start from 0.275 to 0.25
  • weapons: all Pistols now change in faster, enabling them to be brought out more quickly in an emergency
  • weapons: reduced recoil of Type100 Folding Stock from 0.28 to 0.25, raised kill probability from 0.47 to 0.5
  • weapons: M1 Carbine and C96 Carbine cycle time from 0.15 to 0.135, cost from 8 to 15
  • weapons: M1919 Heavy MG and Type92 Heavy MG kill probability from 0.5 to 0.675, kill-decay-start from 0.4 to 0.6, AI sight range to 1.05
  • weapons: raised commonness of M1919 Heavy MG deploy and Type92 Heavy MG deploy being carried by AI
  • equipment: reduced the effectiveness of player's Sentry Armour against small-arms (no change to AI version). Players will also be stunned on their 2nd last layer of armour
  • equipment: increased damage of Demolition Charge from 15 to 24
  • sounds: added a new sound for the Stinger LMG
  • fix: optimized RAM consumption on a few maps that could cause a crash
  • fix: fixed bug with Binoculars' XP requirement.
  • fix: fixed M1 Garand Field Modified firing over cover issues
  • misc: adjusted cascading of secondary weapons in armoury
Greetings Runners!

In the first major update for 2018 we'd like to introduce you some tasty additions to the main game as well as for the PACIFIC DLC! On top of that, the game will be on sale until April 2 which is the date of the third anniversary of RWR, woohoo! :)

To start off, we adapted the "Man vs. World" mode into a campaign playable as 2-player cooperative. It continues to be an unforgiving perma-death mode but having a mate to join you on your adventure could make you feel more comfortable and you'd have someone to revive you in case you are wounded. We highly suggest playing this mode with FoV enabled (veteran mode) as it adds a lot to the excitement and also requires more tactical approach to not get surprised by the enemy.

Over the years, the community has constantly provided us with interesting suggestions and a lot of them have made it into the game. Also, the modding community got bigger, especially since the implementation of Steam Workshop and even more since we have a Discord server with a modding channel which makes it easier and faster for modders to help each other. Therefore we decided to include the community even more in the game development by starting a "community box" contest. This box is similar to how the gift box works, but with goodies provided by community members. There has been a lot of submissions but only a part of it made it into this update. We have no doubt that there will be more community boxes in the future!

This big roll-out for Pacific will focus on the battle of Peleliu Airfield! As have all our Pacific maps it was researched well to represent it in a historical demeanor; we laid out all the major iconic structures and the shape of the island relative to real maps and photos. It is available in both Quickmatch and Campaign.

Alongside the map is being introduced several all-new gear pieces, both weapons and items, which when combined fortify the player into virtually a "walking" bunker. Of course, the AI makes use of all this gear as well! And so being introduced is also an all new "mini-boss" adversary, the "Sentry" Soldier! Similar to RWR's EOD armoured troops, the Sentry is a tough, thickly armoured adversary (and occasionally an ally too), and in Pacific, alongside his heavy Sentry Armour, he always comes equipped with a hip-fired Heavy Machine Gun.

Last but not least, we've fixed the popular "RUNNING WITH THE DEAD" mod which had some nasty crash issues due to some recent vanilla updates. Ultimately we didn't just fix those but also put some work into the mod overall. As a mod should be something coming from the community, we'd invite every motivated modder to join the team and continue the project as we unfortunately don't have much time left to sustain the continuation of this mod. New maps would be something great we'd like to see worked on for the mod. Feel free to join Discord to discuss it with us and other modders!

The updated mod should be uploaded a couple of hours after the 1.64 vanilla release, thanks for your patience!

We'll also set up 2 new servers in mainland China to host DOMINANCE (PvP) and most likely a RUNNING WITH THE DEAD mod server. Those will still be experimental servers.

Happy Running,
Osumia Games

Changelog v1.64:

  • gamemodes: "Man vs. World 2-players coop" added
  • gamemodes: "Man vs. World" single player mode difficulty slightly decreased
  • invasion: changing player faction to Brownpants in official invasion
  • items: community box added. Similar to the gift boxes but with modding community provided goodies
  • resources: flare added to the supply squad
  • maps: small fixes here and there
  • AI: navigation network resolution for some locations increased
  • AI: sight range of the mortar reduced by 12%
  • AI: fixed squad command boost for faster reaction while fighting
  • AI: ability to disable vehicle avoidance behavior
  • AI: tweaked steering a tracked vehicle
  • AI: fixed a case of AI squad ending up on wrong seats in a vehicle i.e. leader not driving
  • gameplay: EOD soldiers now carry only stun grenades, which they are themselves immune against
  • weapons: MGL Flasher/Milkor reload animation speed up by 30%
  • weapons: Taser added - wounds the target at closer range. Only available in the community box
  • weapons: Tracer added - secondary consumable weapon shooting a sticky dart that calls a missile on the target. Only available in the community box
  • weapons: Flamethrower added - similar to the Pacific one with slightly more range. Only available in the community box
  • weapons: AA-12 Frag added - automatic shotgun with explosive ammunition. Only available in the community box
  • network: optional experimental mode to avoid out of sync and rubber banding due to unstable lag
  • vehicles: spawnpoint disabled text now only shows for own faction vehicles and enemy if the spawnpoint is for players
  • vehicles: tanks are about 12% faster but have smaller acceleration
  • vehicles: Mustela fast TOW mounted mini-tank added. Only available in the community box
  • items: fixed an issue with weapon and carry item transform chain loops
  • menu: changed how aspect ratio affects menu size

Changelog v1.64 (PACIFIC DLC):

  • maps: new map available in Campaign and Quickmatch - Peleliu Airfield. Situated near end of Campaign, just before the final mission
  • invasion: changing player faction to USMC in official Pacific invasion
  • AI: new AI Soldier type added - "SENTRY" - he is a defense-focused soldier equipped with a hip-fired Heavy Machine Gun and very strong body armour
  • AI: all Veteran AI soldiers are slightly more accurate
  • items: Sentry Vest added - a highly protective vest available to all at the armoury
  • items: Veteran Vests: -0.1 Hit Success to -0.125 (wearing the vest now grants slightly more resistance)
  • weapons: Browning M1917 'Mobile' added - heavy Machine Gun carried by AI "Sentries" of the USMC forces. Slow firing, but powerful, and fed by a 250-round belt
  • weapons: Te-4 Light Machine Gun added - an aircraft MG dismounted and carried by AI "Sentries" of the IJA forces, with high rate of fire and a 69-round drum magazine
  • weapons: Ho-104 'Mobile' added - a very rare, dismounted aircraft MG - a .50 Cal HMG carried by AI "Sentries" of the IJA forces. Powerful, but very slow rate of fire
  • weapons: greatly lowered XP requirements on the Thompson 100-rnd Drum, M1919 Stinger, and Type 98 LMG
  • weapons: slightly raised velocity of Type 98 Light Machine Gun and M1919 "Stinger"
  • weapons: lowered damage of Sniper Rifles against armoured vests
  • weapons: raised damage and drop-off range on the Type 96 "Trench" variation
  • models: new Imperial Japanese uniform for very late war maps, used on Peleliu, Iwo Jima, and Downfall. Only affects the default uniform set
  • gameplay: fixed issue where Type 97 Anti-Tank Rifle was far more common on IJA Snipers then the regular Sniper Rifle
  • gameplay: fixed an issue with some Sniper Rifle damage ranges being shorter than regular Rifles
  • gameplay: raised the frequency of AI calling in reinforcements
  • gameplay: tweaked ordering of vests in IJA's armoury to properly follow the unlock progression from right to left
  • vehicles: adjusted volume of tank treads
  • animations: adjusted length of hip fire recoil animations
Dec 21, 2017
Greetings Runners!

Today we're releasing the last of 11 major updates in 2017. Just recently many people noticed how unintentionally easy it had become to crush soldiers with tanks, unfortunately friendlies as well, which lead to lots of teamkills and thus irritation when fighting near tanks.

To remedy that, the character-vehicle collision has been tuned for tanks back more what it used to be but also the AI now attempts to get out of the way of vehicles to avoid those unintentional teamkills. Seems to work out pretty well from our tests!

There is also the option to activate a speed limiter when driving a vehicle by holding down walk key which will slow down the vehicle to be on the safe side. It has been there for a while now but obviously it's a bit of hidden feature right now - now you know right? :)

Another change we made is regarding XP loss on death: in fact we entirely removed it unless it's a teamkill or a suicide. The XP loss was a serious slowdown for new players who tend to die a lot when they first play the game, hence some people even had more XP loss than gain which could be frustrating when still reaching for the first ranks and learning basics. For veteran players or players with higher ranks in general, the XP loss didn't have much of an impact though.

In the last couple of days we set up new official servers in China and yesterday in Brasil, all of those should be considered experimental at the moment yet from our first feedback from players the China servers are doing well. For the Brasilian one(s), we're counting on the South-American community to populate the server(s) and report!

2017 is coming to an end and it has been another pleasantly successful year for Osumia Games. We even sold 17% more units (not counting in the Pacific DLC) than the same period last year which was also a very good year for us given the launch itself was back in 2015. The growth of the Chinese player base on Steam surely helped boost the numbers!

2018 will hopefully start like 2017 ended, with an overall happy community and we can't wait at Osumia Games to provide you some new content in Vanilla but of course now also in the Pacific DLC!

Merry Xmas holidays to everyone and a happy new year!

Osumia Games

Changelog v1.63:

  • campaign: added an extraction to Fridge Valley from Keepsake Bay, as Vigil Island might be too hard as only second map option when starting at Keepsake Bay
  • maps: few fixes here and there
  • weapons: overall MG weapon type adjustment (avg. of 10% accuracy, 20% kill proba improvements among other individual tweaks for some MGs)
  • weapons: pulldown of the TOW projectile decreased from 2 to 0.5
  • fix: Stoner 62 was only available in the campaign and not in invasion
  • fix: fixed key names in key config menu and tutorial text injections when using certain keyboard layouts
  • general: no more XP loss on death, only on self-kill
  • dominance: small balancing changes in the map Railroad Gap
  • ai: bots now attempt to move aside from incoming vehicles
  • config: relayout
  • network: fixed a vehicle related crash when joining a server having loaded a campaign in specific state
  • tools: Inkscape extension ( now compatible with newer versions of Inkscape

Changelog v1.63 (PACIFIC DLC):

  • weapons: Ho-Ha MG sight range increased by 20%
  • vehicles: Ho-Ha speed/HP/acceleration re-balanced
  • vehicles: pillboxes re-spawn time increased from 180 to 300 seconds
Dec 8, 2017
Hey there!

RUNNING WITH RIFLES version 1.62 is out! As another fine tuning update, this time we worked on improving vehicles, boats and tanks in particular, along with vehicle "ghost" rendering when occluded by other visuals and some new particle effects. Another rare weapon has also been added in campaign and Invasion, there can never be enough of those!

Boats behave more smoothly with beach areas now, having a larger range how far into beach you can steer and moving slower when in partial contact with ground. Tracked vehicles such as tanks now allow finer rotations while in motion and the so called "neutral steering" behaves more reliably - appears the AI drivers think highly of these improvements as well. Additionally, the AI can now handle straight driving better (surprisingly difficult if you think about it) with much less zigzag from side to side.

Additionally, we have some new vehicles for the Pacific DLC as shown in the picture; an armory boat for the IJA and one for the USMC. Those can be pretty handy when landing at a beach without any static armory far and wide.

We also added a new armored transport vehicle for the IJA: Type 1 Ho-Ha. It's a relatively fast half-track with 3 mounted MGs that are covering the front part of the vehicle. It has been added as a radio call as a counter-part of the USMC LVT-4.

Changelog v1.62:

  • boats: speed and acceleration made to drop when in contact with beach
  • boats: extended range to stay alive when in contact with beach
  • vehicles: tweaked collision handling when broken
  • vehicles: improved tracked vehicle steering control when switching between accelerate and reverse while turning
  • vehicles: tracked vehicles now have a short window for smooth rotation when in movement
  • vehicles: added ghost rendering
  • vehicles: added marker_offset support for offsetting player and squad member markers
  • visuals: improved beach - land transition area
  • visuals: added smoke particle emitter for vehicles under 25% HP
  • visuals: added custom effects/sounds for some blast projectiles when hitting a vehicle
  • visuals: fixed vehicle "Spawn disabled" text color
  • inventory: fixed narrow item background frame rendering
  • lobby: reduced loading time when processing individual maps for quickmatch menu
  • ai: fixed bug with leaders not calling for medic when wounded
  • ai: improved vehicle steering, less zigzag now
  • ai: fixed vehicle weapon slot indexing for sight range
  • ai: overall higher sight range for AI vehicle gunners
  • invasion: official invasion servers set to Graycollars as player faction
  • weapons: very rare Stoner 62 added (LMG with scope)
  • weapons: mesh based weapons no longer show ghost visual over character
  • modding: added support for vehicle and terrain tags in hit type projectile sound effects
  • modding: added support for vehicle tags in projectile particle effects

Changelog v1.62 (Pacific DLC):

  • invasion: official pacific invasion servers set to IJA as player faction
  • weapons: AN/M2 "Stinger" commonness from 0.0001 to 0.05
  • weapons: Type 98 commonness from 0.0001 to 0.05
  • vehicles: Higgins Armory boat for the USMC added
  • vehicles: Daihatsu Armory boat for the IJA added
  • vehicles: Type 1 Ho-Ha transport half-track for the IJA added
  • calls: Reinforcements - Type 1 Ho-Ha radio call for the IJA added

Happy Running!
Nov 16, 2017
Hello Runners!

Today we bring you an update, which is for the most part about fixing stuff for the initial release of the PACIFIC DLC.

Changelog v1.61 (Vanilla):

  • vehicles: fixed reverse speed limiting
  • modding: vehicles - added individual tire visual control with index keyword
  • modding: vehicles - added character_leave_request_mode keyword, possible values any, friendly, none
  • general: removed a few unnecessary savings and profile loads at start of match
  • maps: few fixes here and there
  • maps: lowered max pixel error for terrain lod handling to preserve full quality near beach areas
  • bug: fuel barrel debris meshes expect a texture but no texture is given; ogre/opengl shows weird yellow/black checker texture when texture is missing
  • visuals: added some margin for disabling water rendering to prevent water disappearing in certain cases
  • ai: fixed a case of medic healing without request
  • ai: added bots to request for a medic when wounded with a random time delay
  • config: added option for using OpenGL on Windows
  • config: added a resort to launch the config in OpenGL if there's a DirectX related error
  • game: if there's a video mode or DirectX device name related issue when starting the game, config will run after dismissing the error dialog
  • campaign: fixed back to main menu button in continue as new campaign menu to actually say back to main menu and go to main menu and not campaign selection (different campaign implementations are not compatible)
  • dominance: fixed certain stages crashing

Changelog v1.61 (Pacific DLC):

General Bug Fixes:

  • translations: several fixes here and there
  • fixed southern tip of Saipan beaching landing craft
  • fixed climbable netting on island5 attack ship
  • fixed a building collision on Downfall
  • fixed foxhole at Bougainville
  • corrected Type 98 Autocannon Deploy price and xp requirements - 200 RP, 5k XP , 1 max carry
  • fixed flamethrowers not giving a weapon name when killing players
  • fixed Saipan pillbox placement
  • fixed Saipan in IJA campaign starting with 2 bases
  • added Type 2 Model A prone animations
  • IJA at USMC Guadalcanal now surrender when final base is lost
  • fixed M1903A1 Sniper not being unlockable by the IJA
  • fixed Bougainville campaign map not showing faction colors
  • xp of Veterans increased, may now spawn with all listed weapons
  • Corrected faster Type 11 LMG reload while prone

General Changes:

  • PT Boat gunners and driver have shields
  • Daihatsu driver protected by frontal shield
  • vehicles: friendly units (only) can now be pulled out of a tank and pillbox
  • added more armories and stashes to all maps
  • map views more transparent
  • adjusted Small Wrench animations
  • added vehicle spawn points on maps
  • added morphine to briefcase unlockable list
  • bayonet variants no longer unlock in the armory
  • removed artillery calls from USMC on Guadalcanal until Phase 6
  • made Veteran and Banzai vests droppable (30 second lifetime, only visible to player who dropped it)
  • USMC Guadalcanal enemy counts tweaked
  • maps: added more fortifications to The Heights objective on Downfall
  • maps: ambient color tweakings (e.g. brighter nights)
  • invasion: added the gold bar item in the armory
  • ai: banzai charger behavior tweaked and improved
  • smoothed and improved various animations
  • added a check for being hidden in vehicles that it'll deny stabs and close range weapons
  • made all reinforcement calls require a 3-block radius where no enemies are allowed
  • vehicles: added character_leave_request_mode vehicle parameter, options are "friendly", "none" and "any" - applied to combat vehicles/pillboxes
  • vehicles: AI will leave stationary weapons when the base swaps to the enemy faction
  • Flamethrower Flame: gravity from 25 to 21 (should have a higher arc now, allowing it to fire more easily over certain cover.)
  • Banzai (player vest) Layer 1 speed reduced from +0.18 to +0.15, Layer 2 speed increased from +0.12 to +0.2, hit success decreased from +1.5 to -0.35, detectability increased from +1.5 to +2.5
  • Banzai (AI troops) Layer 2 speed increased from +0.15 to +0.225, hit success decreased from +1.5 to -0.25, detectability increased from +1.5 to +2.5

New Content:

  • translations: Russian language added
  • ANM2 'Stinger' Light MG (rare) added
  • Type 98 'MG-15' Light MG (rare) added
  • M1928 Thompson w/ Large 100-round Drum (variant) added
  • M2 Carbine w/ Bayonet (variant) added

Weapon Balance:
  • 5-Inch Gun projectile no longer affected by gravity
  • Small Wrench repair amount increased from 1.0 to 1.5
  • Large Wrench repair amount increased from 1.5 to 2.0
  • Morphine weight reduced from 2 to 1, max carry increased from 2 to 4 depending on rank, price increased from 5 to 10
  • M1 Garand Field-Modified Launcher price increased from 50 RP to 175 RP, radius increased from 3.5 to 4.5, and damage increased from 1.5 to 2.0
  • M12 Trench Gun single reload reduced from 0.82s to 0.7s
  • M1928 Thompson reload time increased from 1.80s to 2.0s (new animation)
  • M1A1 Thompson reload time reduced from 1.80s to 1.34s (new animation), kill probabiliy increased from 0.6 to 0.65, kill decay start time decreased from 0.23 to 0.22
  • M1918A2 Bar crouching accuracy increased from 0.68 to 0.75
  • Type 11 recoil reduced from 0.182 to 0.165
  • M1 Garand + bayonet variant velocity increased from 120 to 125
  • M1903A3 kill decay start time increased from 0.2 to 0.5, sight range increased from 1.0 to 1.10, crouching and over wall accuracy increased from 0.915 to 0.925
  • Type 4 "Garand" recoil reduced from 0.3 to 0.28
  • Type 14 Nambu + engraved kill probability increased from 0.525 to 0.55
  • Type 38 Rifle + bayonet variant kill decay start time increased from 0.1 to 0.3, sight range increased from 1.0 to 1.10, crouching and over wall accuracy increased from 0.915 to 0.925
  • Type 96 LMG + bayonet variant kill decay start time increased from 0.35 to 0.4
  • Type 99 Rifle + bayonet variant kill decay start time increased from 0.2 to 0.4, sight range increased from 1.0 to 1.10, crouching and over wall accuracy increased from 0.915 to 0.925
  • Type 100/44 Bayonet price reduced from 50 to 20
  • M2 Flamethrower fuel capacity increased from 150 to 175
  • Type 93 Flamethrower fuel capacity increased from 125 to 150, jet fuel arc set the same as M2 Flamethrower
  • all sniper rifles view range increased from 1.7 to 1.725
Good day, Runners!

Woohoo the DLC is finally there, waiting for you!

The idea for Pacific initially rose before the release of Running with Rifles on Steam, thus in the beta phase of the game. 3 modders and fans of military history games who all made solid mods for RWR (Overlord, Running with Trench Foot, Running in the Trenches...) decided around 2 years ago to work together to bundle their talents in a common project, that's when the Pacific project started.
Some time later, after we at Osumia Games got informed about the ongoing project, we decided to develop it together to make it a DLC-worthy project.

The Pacific DLC has been translated to all the same languages as RWR except for Russian which is still under work at the moment. It should follow in the next few days!

Here's the changelog for RWR 1.60:

  • visuals: fixed flare particle offset
  • visuals: fixed looping particle effect lighting color handling
  • servers: penalty manager cleanup
  • character: fixed an issue with ending up between wall and ladder when climbing down ladders from a fence or wall
  • character: added a little bit of rounding when colliding with a box corner for easier steering (mainly for ai)
  • ai: fixed chat comments related to specific weapons and vehicles
  • ai: changed separation steering behavior when in ladders and very near to higher rank soldiers
  • ai: added optional method of steering suitable for tight spaces, only applied to specific areas like the ships in Pacific
  • ai: tweaked how simulated areas handle squads to preserve vehicle personnel
  • ai: fixed vehicle weapon "reset" handling
  • menu: changed load menu savegame sorting
  • modding: fixed an issue with handling material and shader script overloading
  • modding: added support for difficulty presets in package_config.xml
  • modding: fixed various issues with destructible fences
  • modding: added load=campaign3 style launch parameter for instant savegame loading
  • modding: added map_config=map_config_test1.xml style launch parameter for picking settings from a different map config file
  • modding: added update_camera XML command for doing camera runs like Pacific trailer, requires debugmode and free camera mode

RUNNING WITH RIFLES:PACIFIC (DLC) - Steam announcement trailer:

Happy running,
Osumia Games
Greetings Runners!

We've got some great news to share with you guys today! After having to postpone the release date of the DLC, we now have better news for you; the release of the PACIFIC DLC is right around the corner, just a bit more than a week to wait and you will be able to play as the United States Marine Corps or the Imperial Japanese Army in 2 brand new campaigns set in the WW2 Pacific theater.

We just finished a trailer that we will add to the medias of the Pacific Steam store page. You can also find a version on Youtube and for those who like the theme, we also provided a video of the official RWR:PACIFIC theme to please your ears!

RUNNING WITH RIFLES:PACIFIC (DLC) - Steam announcement trailer:


Happy running,
Osumia Games
Konnichiwa Runners!

The Steam page for RUNNING WITH RIFLES: PACIFIC DLC is now up and open!

We have often been asked about the price tag; it will be around 66% of the price of RWR vanilla, which will be e.g. 9.99 USD for the US people.

In the two campaigns included in the DLC, you jump back in time to the Pacific theater of World War II,
to witness the epic clash between the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) and the United States Marine Corps (USMC).

The DLC features 7 brand new maps, tons of weapons and a number of unique vehicles all created based on actual WWII events and equipment.

The DLC will be released during September, safe to say we're on the finish line here with development now. The exact release date will be announced during the following weeks.

Today we also have a vanilla update coming out. The shadow rendering has been revamped for higher quality options, most other changes are various minor but nice tweaks here and there or added support for features required by Pacific which could also turn out useful for mods; see the changelog below.

Changelog v1.54:

  • maps: lowered RAM consumption in Moorland trenches
  • maps: the 2 radio jammers in the map "Misty Heights" (map14) have a significantly longer respawn time (60 instead of 6 minutes)
  • maps: some fixes here and there
  • menu: added Pacific link button in the lobby main menu
  • visuals: added shadow quality options
  • visuals: reduced character base voxel size a little bit
  • visuals: fixed destructible static object mesh material handling
  • visuals: fixed particle emitters starting emitting at an old position in certain case
  • visuals: added support to use particle emitter script position value as an offset
  • visuals: changed cord rendering to suit larger shadow texture sizes
  • visuals: fuel barrels are now destructible
  • vehicles: spawn point vehicles now show "spawn disabled" if spawning is disabled by movement, enemy proximity or theft
  • vehicles: fixed an issue with turret aiming when turret is not positioned at vehicle center
  • campaign: fixed an issue with map and campaign completion achievements for connected clients
  • campaign: added initial 50 RP to players
  • dominance: "islet of Eflen" map resources were missing, which caused server crash/restart when the script loaded the map
  • online: disabling Add to serverlist now also disables master server connection; useful especially for LAN
  • loading: map files are no longer parsed for header data when loading into a campaign, quickmatch or online, reducing some loading time
  • ai: a squad leader using a stationary weapon disbands the squad now
  • ai: fixed ai commander issue with organizing final attack when last base is uncapturable
  • character: character no longer dies when colliding with a moving vehicle he's entering into
  • character: character no longer goes prone if trying to shoot while reloading when carrying a weapon that requires prone to shoot
  • modding: changed how auto-spawning vehicles are removed before respawning to help with a case of having faction specific stationary weapons
  • modding: added show_target_marker option to calls
  • modding: added initiation_comment and radio_view_text to calls
  • modding: added support to tag a call to be used as reinforcements drop call by the bots, even if the call rounds do not spawn soldiers, with a tag named as reinforcements
  • modding: added support for vehicle health based particle effects with event_key="health" and value attributes
  • modding: added support to prevent vehicle driving based on health with min_health_to_steer in vehicle control tag
  • modding: added blast_damage modifier for vehicles, and blast_damage_threshold
  • modding: extended support for character-vehicle collision handling with vehicle attributes max_character_collision_speed and max_character_collision_speed_on_normal
  • modding: added ai parameters: force_as_leader, uses_vehicles, max_squad_size_to_pick_static_vehicles
  • modding: added support to reload particle scripts live with reload.txt method
  • modding: added make_vehicle_hit_sound keyword to projectile blast results
  • modding: match end view now adjusts table column size to fit faction names
  • modding: added support for dock platform walls to use can_go_around_start and can_go_around_end flags for ai navigation, useful when merging platform walls
  • modding: added projectile parameter can_be_detected_by_footmen
Jul 5, 2017
Hey fellow Runners!

Here's a quick bug splat update! The new FoV visualization introduced two weeks ago had some occasional but drastic performance issues and random white blinking happening from time to time, those should be in a better shape now.

During the Summer Sales, plenty of new faces appeared on Discord (more than 200!). We got some great feedback and community interactions, keep 'em coming!

To celebrate the growth of our Discord channel, we’re organizing a PVP event this Thursday evening European time. The game mode will be announced later!

Here’s the change log for 1.53’s tweaks and fixes:

Changelog v1.53:
  • maps: minor changes here and there
  • invasion: player faction swapped to Greenbelts
  • dominance: "Islet of Eflen" (known from team elimination) map added to the map rotator as capture and king of the hill mode
  • dominance: default PLAYER_AI_REDUCTION changed from 2 to 3.
  • dominance: added mobile armory to the "Copehill Down" map
  • dominance: fixed the deploy_gl resource to not deploy anything
  • dominance: adding TOW in armory
  • dominance: adapting the price of deploy_gl, deploy_minig and TOW resources
  • deathmatch: FoV enabled on default
  • deathmatch: minor resources tweaks
  • fix: vulcan and mortar tank now don't spawn on a reserved slot anymore
  • fix: fixed several item specific backwards crouch and walk animations
  • fov: adjusted claymore detection offset in FoV mode
  • fov: optimized FoV visualization some bit
  • fov: fixed FoV visualization causing white blinking occasionally
  • AI: fixed regression with boats travelling on ground occasionally when simulated i.e. far away from players
  • HUD: changed how vehicle hover-over info works: now shows "stolen" when operated by other faction than owner, and spawnpoint vehicles show "disabled" when spawnpoint not usable
  • modding: added USABLE_FOR_COVER for vehicles
  • modding: added VISIBLE_HEIGHT for items, goes to the main tag weapon, carry_item, etc.
  • modding: added PLAYER_AIM_TO_CROSSHAIR character parameter, 0 or 1
Jun 24, 2017
Hello everyone!

Good to see that you guys are still out there and running, and for those who aren't yet, make sure you grab the game while the price is hot. Right now, we indeed have the highest discount we've ever had on Steam!

Also right on time for the Summer Sale, we've got an exciting update for you guys.

First of all, we took another look at the field of view (FOV or line of sight, if you will) feature, and added a new field visualization aid for it as the PvP mode Dominance confused some players with its suddenly disappearing and reappearing enemies and items. It'll still do that, obviously, but now you'll have a much better idea where the seen and unseen regions are thanks to the visualization. You can enable/disable it in Options > Quality and performance options; by default it'll activate for Dominance only. The effect is rather taxing in terms of performance, so players with an older system might want to skip this one.

Speaking of Dominance PvP, we've updated the RWR Demo with the ability to play online by joining official Dominance servers! It's just like full version, apart from XP and RP limits.

With the FOV visualization in place, it made a lot of sense to also change the character behavior so that it'll turn to face the direction of aim and sight - previously you basically saw the character turn only when actively shooting or moving. It doesn't change gameplay too much in other modes but for Dominance it can help you understand where the enemy players are looking at and thus tell you if they see you or not - that's pretty important!

Hope you started well in the Summer,
Keep running,
Osumia Games

Changelog v1.52:

  • characters: added live aiming, changes character behavior in various ways
  • visuals: added optional FOV/LOS field visualization, by default on for gamemodes with fov rules, can also be useful in regular gameplay; not recommended for slower PC's
  • vehicles: mobile armory respawn time decreased from 5 to 3 minutes
  • weapons: ARES Shrike rate of fire increased by 6%
  • weapons: PAW-20 projectile blast radius increased by 20%
  • maps: minor fixes
  • dominance: modified version of Moorland Trenches added to the map rotator with 3 new sub-stages
  • dominance: some balancing tweaks
  • misc: social media buttons (Discord, Facebook, Twitter) added to the game menu
  • modding: fixed free cam in debugmode so that roll doesn't occur
  • modding: added a vehicle flag for non-destructible on collision with terrain (destroy_on_top_hit in physics tag, by default 1, destroy_on_top_hit_time in physics tag, by default -1.0 meaning insta, top_hit_tracking_time in physics tag, by default 2.0)

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